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sc- school dinners so itendednot to eat them f718:
the jetty where charles meachertendedhis steam engine but still
f632: mmhm f646: and shetendedto wear thon thi- you
stylistic range although thematically hetendedto concentrate on heads heads
recent investigations into language havetendedto concentrate on phonological variation
policies although the debate hastendedto concentrate on three or
were few in number andtendedto be snapped up by
a compulsion for laundering thattendedto wear out washing machines
through the licensing process theytendedto have larger portfolios consisting
that some authorities operate havetendedto tackle larger hmos and
teachin as well and wordstendedto come in from er
anything not connected with dairyingtendedto be neglected they shouldna
because of the locations premisestendedto be reasonably priced there
mm f965: but the- theytendedto be thought of as
our consumer base has nottendedto be in the cheap
to female acquaintances although shetendedto be more diffident towards
towards me or [censored: forename] itendedto get the more violent
things such as psychological counsellingtendedto gravitate towards me or
and the writers of historiestendedto move towards the elaborate
from lower working class backgroundstendedto control their children for
the the kerrs apparently weretendedto be left handed the
if they married young theytendedto stay according to mabel
members were called lames theytendedto stay at home studying
missed m830: but i vetendedi ve been f829: you
past present or future andtendedto put passives under none
act legislation to date hastendedto use scottish ministers although
seven chairs but the legstendedto fall off when you
that we- that was thattendedto be how they played
in other words burns hastendedto be an extra sometimes
fergusson burns scott and galttendedto follow ramsay s spelling
paul stollard local authorities havetendedto apply the benchmarks without
on the other hand wetendedto move together quite a
occasionally phoned board members hetendednot to use the chairman
influence of zen philosophy havetendedto use as few words
gaelic speaking and erm itendedto use gaelic all the
was thinking of m1008: wetendedto use the expression truanting
scottish ministers themselves which hastendedto be modelled on the
in the past the patterntendedto be a day of
the the people called kerrtendedthey did and f1009: oh
thorough but they have oftentendedto focus on children and
recorded the lowest scores childrentendedto pronounce swyte as swit
of other legislation we havetendedto be suspicious of such
got home safely so itendedto be maybe as i
champions such as jack dempseytendedto retire at 31 years
how he used it ittendednot to be used to
could be grown in wiselytendedallotments or gardens in urban
i m saying that modstendedto be more sort of
uh huh yeah it alltendedto be the big depar-
reason for unmet need peopletendednot to approach social services
to important passages which havetendedto become worn out and
did the national governing bodiestendedto go around the 32
there was artificial light peopletendedto go to bed early
you know i i itendedto incorporate that kind of
streets at crossroads the voicestendedto mute their songs as
done maliciously but the sqatendedto think that it knew
f1041: in fittie we weretendedtae add es tae aathing
almond trees proliferate in welltendedorchards with only occasional olive
erskine s grave so beautifullytendedby mrs elsa [censored: surname] a

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