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holyrood was put out totenderand advertised in the european
holyrood was put out totenderand advertised in the european
blinndin nicht hap up thetenderee o peitie an wi
blinndin nicht hap up thetenderee o peitie an wi
by caledonian macbrayne in itstenderin conjunction with a private
executive whether caledonian macbrayne stenderin conjunction with a private
in any way with thetendermade by caledonian macbrayne in
433 tender inquiries issued 30tenderbulletins and held three consultation
to tender or apply totenderfor public service obligation air
2000 officials responded to 433tenderinquiries issued 30 tender bulletins
has ever been asked totenderor apply to tender for
information in respect of thetenderor revised tender submitted by
of the tender or revisedtendersubmitted by fcam ii expressed
contracts are currently out totenderin relation to the holyrood
packages still to go totenderin relation to the holyrood
still to go out totenderin relation to the holyrood
contracts are currently out totenderin relation to the holyrood
sae sweet and words saetendergentle man my gentle lover
authorities having the opportunity totenderfor repair work how can
will have the opportunity totenderfor the repair contracts and
authorities by putting out totenderthe contracts that the local
on my knee warm andtenderas he can be who
on my knee warm andtenderas he can be who
a did not submit atenderbid and b submitted a
announced in december 1999 andtenderdocuments were issued in may
cook fowl with veg untiltender2 joint place in pie
mins add apple cook untiltenderdrain thoroughly mash dry fry
04 and that we wouldtendera new contract from april
contract was put out totenderif so when to whom
stock add veg simmer tilltender1 hr press through sieve
tspn mixed spice simmer untiltendercrumble topping tblspns sr
putting the work out totenderangus mackay i shall answer
his ilkie bairnhood ploy atendersprig o scotia s stock
syne yeir goums gits uncotenderan aw yeir teeth an
s teeth sing love metendermurray helen innes yelled the
exists in the north westtenderassessment process the assessment showed
that she will halt thetenderprocess and that she will
consortium s complaint about thetenderprocess for scotland s trunk
in scrutinising the matter thetenderprocess has been shrouded in
of the flaws in thetenderprocess legal challenges were subsequently
karen whitefield s1m 1544 calmactenderprocess lodged on 16 january
base quantities applied in thetenderprocess on which the court
when to whom invitations totenderwere given and why the
i put out to competitivetenderii not put out to
hockey player ever at thetenderage of 21 and plays
learning by 1870 at thetenderage of 24 he had
it was an early atenderage to learn these things
not put out to competitivetenderand iii let on a
should be put out totenderi know that the convener
medical services put out totenderover the last five years
put baby oil on histenderparts of course i did
not be put out totenderwithout full consultation with trade
areas of ambiguity in thetenderdocuments mean that there is
hours or until meat istenderstirring occasionally remove from the
requires to go out totenderfollowing european commission directives regarding
infrastructure in ayrshire invitations totenderfor that project went out
nicotine rush made her hearttendermellowed out some she went
will now go out totenderover the summer the scottish
was made clear at pretenderand quality meetings that large
indicated that has greatly distortedtenderprices it was made clear
in lightly salted water tilltendercut into small joints of
reinstating the service within thetendercriteria george lyon i thank
did not comply with thetenderdocumentation and why each such
and unable to win othertenderwork inevitably that will lead
scots language can be powerfultenderearthy or humorous and the
of target issue dates fortenderfor the remainder or the
alone they cosset you withtendertone o the lasses bake
were to succeed with thetenderwhere would the discussions that
i think i need totenderat the moment is the
there s like a firetenderbelonging to the wd m608:
in the draft invitation totenderfor clyde and hebrides ferry
the decision to proceed totenderfor four operating companies was
home lay too raw andtenderto the piercing touch of
not since my tits gottendersome time back and i
and mirrors about how thetenderwas assessed there are real
and your kiss was awkwardtenderand sincere yes passionate potentially
published on the 25th thetenderwas i believe announced on
the field rough tongued andtendermothers ewes nudge birth bags
s ower late speak aetenderwurd ti me thorfinn glares

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