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the hostal es port wheretennisballs ponk ponk below cafe
baggy black trousers and whitetennisshoes his knotty veiny arms
sixes we were playing withtennisballs and got a sunburnt
to get them in ehmtennisballs as well f940: aye
at aw tae substitute atennisba awa an hae a
football with a tanner batennisball providing the means of
but geordie is dribbling histennisball faster than andy can
is kicking a very oldtennisball furiously against the school
way was played with atennisball when i was in
fair david stood like atennisnet while the ball of
he plays football she playstennism1007: participate in a game
with an experience of tabletennisat belmont camp school meigle
with him and how aretennisdancing riding more life than
the buildings the gardens thetenniscourts the swimming pools the
wear when you re playingtennisf1005: it s the bootleg
it f1122: it s atennisgame f1121: mmhm there s
older people with half pricetennislessons or whatever the flavour
house events like a housetennistournament planned for next saturday
we had a choice oftennisit was crazy it was
while tidying up at thetenniscourt at arbuthnott the lord
guest martina navratilova on thetenniscourt he refused to give
a causal aquaintance made attennisor on the bus will
see whether our rally intennisterms can be shorter than
i hope your colitis andtenniselbow subside mum is your
still want me to playtennisand ride with him and
an kills recordit tae impresstenniscoort intrigues gowf neth misty

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