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miles of straight and undulatingterracesfor the cultivation of almond
balls ponk ponk below cafeterracesset in a sub tropical
undulating streets incised into fertileterraceswhere citrus fruits olives figs
lush citrus plantations occupy theterracesabove the bird haunted banks
carob and citrus crops theterracesare worth far more sold
fruit exportation citrus from theirterracestomatoes from valencia bananas from
south west has ancient cultivationterracesstriping its sides and is
a kitchen overlooking the oliveterracesmy eyes traced the stairs
or from the open archedterracesoverlooking the sea luis salvador
these were among the decorativeterracesthat hayde talked earlier about
matter these stones on theterracesthe trees themselves the fruits
in lang strips an hillterracesawa up till e fit
are traces of small cultivatedterracessince it seems unlikely that
time we paddled past incanterracesbeautiful mountain scenery and eventually
of deeply green leaves oliveterracescontour the mountainside as high
mostly now dominates the ancientterraceswhich survive on either side
curvilinear pattern like the ancientterraceswith moorish style houses all
a great series of stoneterracesbuilt for vegetation nitrogenous root
was being cleared the distantterraceshad the appearance of an
courts the swimming pools theterraceswhere we sit with a
temples houses and the agriculturalterracesnecessary to sustain them this
another agricultural complex of walledterracestopped by the remains of
bedroom looks across incredible texturedterracesconstructed stone by stone by
stone house on the fecundterracesseemed to dream the lives
maize and corn on theterracesbelow when you climb breathless
here a large arena ofterracesspread out from a spine
names and place names avenuesterraceshills crescents and lanes have
mountaintop down directly to theterracesbehind us again we set
a headland on the seaterracesabove the cove every day
rocks were shaped for buildingterracesfanned out far above and
figure darted away down theterracestowards the torrente man or
our way down through moreterracesand ruins at the foot
turns round dizzying drops throughterracesof tea rising up into
trace of linearity in theterraceswhich spiral round the rock
buy up wonderful properties andterracesfor next to nothing which
along the contours of theterracesall the way down to
main square and on theterracesresting we wandered through the
to join me in reconstructingterracesharvesting almonds preparing the earth

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