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of drug trafficking human traffickingterrorismand threats to national security
order to detect acts ofterrorismor similar threats to national
proceeds of crime associated withterrorismthat accounts for my reference
against humanity are defined andterrorismdoes not generally fall within
recognise that the proponents ofterrorismand crime are no respecters
can help the fight againstterrorismand crime because we recognise
eu in tackling crime andterrorismas the minister said in
am executive debate on antiterrorismcrime and security bill uk
the fact that crime andterrorismneither know nor respect national
need to tackle crime andterrorismon an eu wide basis
inter governmental the fights againstterrorismorganised crime crimes against children
racial discrimination through murder andterrorismand ultimately to genocide all
a clivver chiel auld patterrorismmurder bairn rape hid aa
world poverty and thereby againstterrorismthey are the scotsmen and
step forward in combating internationalterrorismand international criminal gangs access
mcgugan s1m 2464 1 antiterrorismmeasures and the european convention
clear that the fight againstterrorismis being dealt with effectively
the nature of the internationalterrorismthat we are trying to
the model provided by theterrorismact 2000 which set out
area for example under theterrorismact 2000 and the criminal
criminal civil protection or onterrorismor to the multi disciplinary
11 september the causes ofterrorismand the need to break
the short answer is thatterrorismsuch as was tried in

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