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[tut] [cough] m608: [inaudible] thetestsm636: tests on- in any
m608: [inaudible] the tests m636: testson- in any sense and
how many a mandatory drugtestsand b drug tests at
drug tests and b drugtestsat reception were carried out
throo a fer dibber dabbertestsaye tests o a a
fer dibber dabber tests ayetestso a a kind yon
was given some s-s- someteststhat were evidently not very
them but some of thetestswere evidently quite unpleasant and
and b non reception drugtestshave been carried out on
targets for reducing positive drugtestsamong inmates in scottish prisons
public about specific devices ortestscarried out by or for
there was clear evidence fromtestscarried out by the registrar
difficult to imagine how objectivetestsof need could be carried
data that would be obtainedteststhat were carried out by
on whether that programme oftestswill be carried out in
s had about 4 bloodtestsat different times and when
doctor who after many bloodtestsdecided it was low blood
many voluntary physical co ordinationtestsfor those suspected of driving
whether voluntary physical co ordinationtestsfor those suspected of driving
proposals relating to the variousteststhat are applied by local
mention the value for moneyteststhat have been applied to
still applies today free eyetestsand tv licences free personal
mary i hope the eyetestsgo well so that s
a a sorts o differenttestsefter he wis finished he
efter a twa three weeteststae makk siccar ye re
o mars efter pucklies oteststhey liftit the boxie s
links and language measures statisticaltestsfor both local and non
in the hospital having othertestsf889: uh huh f890: an
going into hospital for sometestsi was only in for
for pupils caused by nationaltestssimplify the standard grade and
are given standard basic medicaltestssuch as the orthomolecular deficiency
sense that the regimes fixestestsand so on that have
metropolitan authorities in england howevertestsshow that it was not
census into question previous censustestsshow that people are very
system of 5 14 nationaltestsgiving teachers and children more
the offer prior to thetestshe asked the teachers to
money saved by scrapping nationaltestsand abandoning the preparation of
adjunct or alternative to nationaltestsat s1 and s2 level
school scrap the current nationaltestsfor 5 14 year olds
was given all manner oftestsin there for a few
can carry out a fewtestson me i m feeling
notes that transport research laboratorytestsdemonstrated a significant increase between
associated with participation in thetestsfurther notes the actions of
to continue there are threetestsfirst are we physically up
she had failed like threetestsi actually did feel sorry
wis big business noo thetestswar inno three pairts bluid
correlation between participation in thetestsand the development of subsequent
more scientific area that thetestsmay not distinguish between the
rate that one gets fortestswill be different from the
got a a sort otestshe wis telt tae pit
got them to do twotestsone was just sort of
out of 41 in thesetestsand the bottom 6 children
participated quite willingly in thetestschapter 4 discussion conclusion recommendations
affect the delivery of servicestestshave shown that a question
arms folded there were yearlytestsand a report had to
to explain because er thetestsi did were only to
said that the the labtestswere not showing anything but
what the results of thesetestswere s1w 34942 michael russell
scottish executive whether liver functiontestsare available to patients of
to deceive people in psychologicaltestsany more m944: ah f943:
belford down in evening moretestspassed tonight 7 thursday have
s all right and thetestshave proved negative give him
examination techniques quizzes and mocktestshave recently been added the
drivers tested have failed suchtestss1w 17683 irene oldfather to
as a result of theteststhat have been conducted to
the minister referred to theteststhat have been done i
x rays brain scan examinationstestshad already run up a
wi i winner on estestson the go tae inject
bill stands one of thetestsfor serious crime is that
there will be large scaletestssouth of the border which
authorisation and on the rigorousteststhat should take place before
amended agreed to section 38testsof materials the convener amendment
republic of ireland we conducttestson the sample ourselves the
1 surprisingly in the vocabularyteststhe mean total combined score
leevin donor the cross matchteststaen frae the health profiles
wrongdoers even then though thetestsunder subsection 3 would apply

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