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was mostly calves that weretetheredon the baikie especially when
especially sheep and calves weretetheredoutside much more than in
the clank of the beaststetheredin their stalls the soft
or three of them betetheredon the same baikie withoot
evidence today only a largetetheredpig which squealed by the
on barbit wire i mtetherednoo bit sweet s the
of course the friesian wastetheredin which case bondage enters
my nichts an days mytetheredlust steers at his will
dog today my mind istetheredchasing its own tail can
the fleet of rusting trawlerstetheredto the quay back home
michie s thoughts were stilltetheredto the swan revelation it
as sin a hooded falcontetheredto a post talons hidden
flying coffins a horse untetheredwhisks his tail by a
that tell of milk cowstetheredin the fields and having
behind the barking of atethereddog yes she says you
pucklies o the dauncers wartetheredtae the middle powl bi
aboot lambin time could betetheredtoo sometimes wi a knocklesnorum

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