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can be shown how informationaltextsare often written in present
to produce their own informationaltextsby reshaping this information this
access knowledge successfully from informationaltextsinvolves teachers in providing strategies
of genres such as informationaltextsthey will have to make
this shows however because persuasivetextsare characterised by the fact
buy more vegetables today persuasivetextsare usually written in simple
reports explanations instructions discussions persuasivetextsarguments are associated with functional
of manner carefully firmly persuasivetextstake a position on an
inconsistencies and contradictions in assizetextsalthough a fairly full record
a number of reasons assizetextsare difficult to use and
final problem with interpreting assizetextsis that they provide only
of the features of assizetextsthat provide cautions about their
of the unit interpreting assizetextsthe first weights and measures
customary allowance revision of assizetextsthese definitions provide much of
the problem is that assizetextsturn out to be quite
context 2 focusing on authorstextsa talking about texts this
read or written about classroomtextsby scottish authors often include
write through guided focus ontextsin class those of authors
authors and also their owntextsthe reasons for this focus
multiplicity of authors and theirtextsthere is an argument for
authors texts a talking abouttextsthis familiar activity involves the
1960s when specific authors andtextswere mentioned in examination papers
the introduction of model genretextsand discussion of their features
go on to convert shorttextsfrom one genre to another
discussion of cohesive elements intextsgenre jigsaws with discussion of
independent construction having examined specimentextsin the chosen genre and
the contexts in which thesetextsare studied and the tasks
the depth and complexity oftextsstudied and the techniques of
fertile area for comparison oftextsstudied in english and allows
marriage in two of thetextsyou have studied experience though
the language features of thesetextsand they can be shown
how grammatical features operate intextsenables teachers to help pupils
certain language features operate intextsis constantly being reinforced by
specific language features operate intextsis to compare two different
refers to particular features intextsneed not demand that pupils
language features found in instructionaltextsuse of simple language that
highlighting sets of features ontextsusing cloze or sequencing activities
is to compare two differenttextswhich have some features in
which weather features but variedtextswould also work for the
suggest that they compare twotextsfrom the same or different
tense compare the following twotextsthe first is part of
in fiction and non fictiontextsfrom the earliest stages often
reading and writing non fictiontextsin 5 14 terms reading
and 7 1 discussing fictiontextsin the classroom reading for
g therefore however nevertheless thesetextsare found in many contexts
authentic language development through thetextschosen for study the contexts
taught as it arises intextswithin specific contexts including the
see one of my prescribedtextsa complete shakespeare costs 90
and to read stuff prescribedtextsbut at the moment i
not one of the prescribedtextsi hope we get to
everything but not [laugh] prescribedtextsi read newspapers and i
syllabus in scottish literature withtextsprescribed for the session and
comet corpus of modern englishtextsa text collection project based
scots the scottish corpus oftextsand speech the scots project
created a corpus of biblicaltextsas well so there will
ehm a corpus of dramatictextsfrom glasgow eh and that
in my corpus of dramatictextsin glasgow there were no
works even just in literarytextsand fourth language is too
variety of factual or autobiographicaltextsand media resources with literary
corpora are more than literarytextsand more than collections eh
how language functions in literarytextsarising from their sense of
education that wider scottish literarytextsbecame accessible but gey few
new female perspectives into literarytextsfair mary brings to us
country the study of literarytextsin the foreign language opens
while the study of literarytextsrequires the student to show
as a medium fur literarytextsthe scots leid is gauntae
not be restricted to literarytextsthe student interested in grammar
texts is necessary the sixtextsare then guillotined into six
older classic texts including scottishtextsbeing neglected in the process
the range of older classictextsincluding scottish texts being neglected
a complete set of wholetextsis necessary the six texts
thi form o thi scottishtextsin thi higher still program
hus thi majority o itstextswrittin in english in this
subject in thi curriculum thitextsyaised ur regularly scrieved in
of those they teach authentictextsin reading the teaching and
personal imaginative writing non fictionaltextsinvolving functional writing and reading
a as kind of readingtextsor mm m1174: erm i
the reading and writing oftextswhether we introduce a sequence
and extensive reading and providedtextswhich could be used to
recommendation summary and conclusion discussiontextsare usually written in simple
can relevantly be expressed discussiontextsthe purpose of a discussion
point of view unlike discussiontextswhich consider both viewpoints advertisements
strategies for involving pupils withtextsas has already been implied
on his life c presentingtextsasking pupils to prepare a
the process of writing informationtextsby pupils in schools can
groups at the computer wholetextscan be transformed by pupils
pupils to interact successfully withtextson a regular basis setting
constraints of different types oftextspupils can be asked to
story scrambled recipes using longertextspupils can explore how punctuation
and pupils can then exploretextstogether discussing the impact of
this focus by teachers ontextsare a to provide a
vocabulary and typography rewriting oftextswith a focus on the
is being created in writtentextsand how it is being
most english and scottish writtentexts[click] [inhale] the french influence
the ongoing creation of writtentextsfor definite purposes rather than
farm text in the sampletextsin the database written by
of both written and spokentextsin the language of scotland
century when new vernacular englishtextswere being composed then written
students can carry out usingtextsin our experience at stella
current issues as using informationtextsinto print 1996 scottish language
in a number oftextswhich they have been using
thing but modern poetry academictextsbible in church it s
a range of modern prosetextshaving found the text the
a look at two moderntextsin scots now the children
in modern languages b comparingtextsone useful way of enabling
its own small sample oftextsand produces fast results students
our students at present thetextsare stored on the sesll
from increasingly dense and complextextsat higher level students are
m1174: when we re writingtextsspeaking yes i mean everyone
writing a joint construction oftextsthis process of the teacher
study different types erm multiculturaltextsf807: mm yep f806: yes
an emphatic tone talking abouttextscan also involve the introduction
happening apparently in icelandic [laugh]textsi was talking to a
teacher s role in makingtextsand tasks accessible is vital
in exploring the language oftextsother than through teacher pupil
english teacher endeavours to bringtextsto life by creating an
take enthusiastically to searching fortextslocating a suitable text and
how these created effects intextsfor example in relation to
projects or dissertations based ontextsfor these the longman miniconcordancer
he made between the varioustextsinevitably some of these choices
give experience of these intextsor we allow the class
rocking the nation these aretextsthat are in a contentious
being represented in these thesetextsthat we we we ve
these earlier collections and thetextsthey presented that governs our
you re getting these latintextstranslated into scots and the
manuscripts not only do thesetextsvary between themselves they also
you re getting these frenchtextsyou re getting these latin
audio taping readings of shorttextsby scottish writers in poetry
and photocopies six different shorttextsif possible on a common
has to be curbed sincetextsmust be short enough to
is implicitly associating older scotstextswith obscure and unreadable language
is explicitly associating older scotstextswith obscure and unreadable languages
and scottish english and continentaltextsand readers but i ll
well as english language settextshave been abandoned in higher
and english in in yourtextsi imagine people do it
scottish rhetorical tradition of canonicaltextsof chiefly english literature combined
by derewianka is exploring howtextswork primary english teaching association
degrees yit in scottish schuilstextswrittin in standard english ur
which the language elements oftextswill be explored will vary
class to meet them intextsand then provide an input
different groups or by additionaltextsor assignments to be tackled
of scots in rendering classicaltextshas a long tradition gavin
system we must have scotstextsin primary school rather than
the kist anthology 1996 oftextsin scots and gaelic for
might consider the following manytextscan be presented in two
and juliet and the twotextsmake for interesting comparisons in
attempts at independent construction oftextsteaching genres two examples from
thematic analysis of two sciencetextsthen in the evening i
the original complete set oftextsa team which misidentifies a
but certain advantages of settextswere gradually recognised in the
standard grade advances optional settextswere included with some initial
need to know from informationtextsthrough for instance having them
rather than in in thetextsand erm er the latest
more formal ones than persuasiontextse g therefore however nevertheless
there is more to descriptivetextsthan adjectives the density of
record facts and concepts fromtextsand also learn to produce
must also bring life totextsby structuring active and social
and how it functions intextsjim crinson s excellent work
in their sense of howtextswork because such activities create
flick through generally well knowntextswhat resulted was a refracted
on the web world widetextswhich can be legally photocopied
can chew and that mytextswill take decades to analyse
range and variety of newtextsencountered scottish works were regularly
less and less [inhale] newtextsin the rapidly evolving middle
of new reference books andtextsrevealed to him a vigorous
respond to a variety oftextsand in so doing achieve
you know creeping into thetextsat any point particularly in
the summit in 17th centurytextscalled scornivar sgurr perhaps if
this is frequently seen intextsfor young children where the
discussed primarily as printed wordtextsin an attempt to further
reconstructed on a par withtextsin anglo saxon or old
audiotape readings of all printedtextsin the anthology made by
to unlock the meaning oftextsin the subject guide for
complexity in technical and advertisingtextsis not caused solely by
sae steept in aa thetextso robert burns for burns
discovery of meaningful patterns intextsthe question of explicit knowledge
in mid primary meet exploratorytextsthere is a locus for
involved in working with fictionaltextswhich mainly involve the 5
covering their backs because thetextsof the earlier definitions at
curriculum i believe that scottishtextsgenerously defined have important advantages
to make sure that suchtextsare available only to our
its conflicts and characters suchtextsare mainly by 20th century
skills at readin and interrogatintextswritin skills are addressed tae
where depth and complexity oftextsand critical analysis have been
receiving end of her sulkytextsand no one sulks quite
to examine a number oftextsand try to discover the
been the increased availability oftextsas previous speakers have shown
sophisticated visual presentation of printedtextshas assumed much greater importance
and edito- editing of gaelictextsi m completing my edition
a cycle of sermons spokentextsinitially composed by the bishop
the selection of ballad folktextsnot always selecting the items
huge databanks of quotations fromtextsof all types this enables
fitzpatrick et al 3 ortextsof power that advantage dominant
either one of the longmantextsor one they have selected
big chunk of university relevanttextsso i was oh f809:
an archive of computer readabletextswas suggested as well as
with the use of modeltextsyet this is really a
khan s sarcophagus inscribed withtextsfrom the queen until she
had mastered all the standardtextswith attention and respect harvie
see any need for academictextsor the bible to be
about mairriage syne an thirtextsdiv talk about mairriage they
what happens when people translatetexts[click] [inhale] if you re
this distinction involve separating thetextscould this lead to a
but it does have basictextsand criticisms i should manage
central shakespeare and other classictextshave traditionally been taught alongside
become clear that the survivingtextsincorporate early revisions and that
metrics and stylistics and annotatedtextswhere possible the material is
tales is to see baithtextsas concerned wi ideas o
thaim as commentaries on ithertextsou hae aaready seen hou
example f948: ehm [inaudible] academictextswould be [tut] what like
aye shawed whitwey monie sictextsgaes agin the tradeetions o

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