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retarded m944: but th- th-th-but f943: retarded means like
did you f978: well th-th-ehm you know we get
okay over here look f1114: th-f1113: oh look what th-
little lamb f1112: no ith-i th- i think one
f1112: no i th- ith-i think one o my
cause you d an th-th-s- they all expected you
it was dangerous because th-th-some of them forgot to
like retarded m944: but th-th-th- but f943: retarded means
january did you f978: wellth-th- ehm you know we
f828: cause you d anth-th- s- they all expected
on it was dangerous becauseth-th- some of them forgot
stupid like retarded m944: butth-th- th- but f943: retarded
inside the cart okay f1114: th-th- the chickens go hide
the cart okay f1114: th-th-the chickens go hide the
er th- yes there areth-there are some tremendous er
th- f1113: oh look whatth-what they doin here f1114:
still [inaudible] m017: well erth-yes there are th- there
like m944: yeah connections andth-f943: yeah m944: this guy
m944: how do you knowth-how did you know about
suck m944: no no noth-that s the way i
spell it m605: i meanth-i think the most positive
m605: but cause i thinkth-in in the context of
m605: ehm but i meanth-it s not it s
think it ll i thinkth-m605: it s not gonna
m741: yeah m605: yeah butth-so i put this argument
a sudden m741: yeah m605: th-that s what i m
m741: mmhm m605: ehm andth-the job of the tutor
m605: right m741: ehm butth-they they ve been an
m762: er erm [laugh] ith-i superstition and also just
mean f963: mm m762: ith-it s not easy you
mm mmhm yeah mmhm m762: th-some people argue that jazz
right mmhm mmhm m762: soth-that kind of thing erm
[laugh] right m762: i ith-that s all very interesting
so yeah mm m762: yeahth-that was my idea that
it really so yeah m762: th-there are more than just
m762: but you know ermth-they came to england that
yes m1055: mmhm f1009: erth-certainly in the seventies one
ayr m1163: er nineteen eightyth-four aye m608: and what
yes erm er yes theseth-[inaudible] m608: or poems to
f1144: [laugh] f1143: and erth-not long ago a call
huh f965: er people liketh-the faces you know they
one er m608: mm m078: th-the language that angels speak
are called er fa i-th-the the same word for
for me m1174: well theth-the thing with er radio
[click] [inhale] and there areth-there are singular nouns er
huh m1078: erm but erth-there was nothing well cabbage
m734: er i mean yeahth-they are both musical but
literary sense but you knowth-they re more essential er
find that a difficult erth-thing er not working for
very moment er we launchedth-this book the eejits er
then er you could addth-this one er m608: mm
er what about er ifth-two people were living together
read them ehm i meanth-[exhale] the thing about it
ehm what is taught ehth-in in language in in
on here ehm m741: isth-is this a paper in
mmhm mmhm f1143: and ehmth-one o the staff there
ehm but what we- we-th-the main kind of impetus
yes f643: ehm and [tut]th-there was one or two
down [laugh] and ehm butth-they re funny words oh
no not quite that butth-they used to be ehm
ehm [inaudible] ye know andth-they used to out on
you sit down okay f1114: th-f1113: right f1114: this- f1113:
this mum f1113: mmhm f1114: th-f1113: that s the noise
that that s cute f1114: th-f1113: what s that f1114:
watch you dinna fall offth-f1114: use the pie you
what s jess doing f1114: th-he s sleeping in the
turn no f1114: i usedth-i used [squeal] [laugh] f1113:
goin f1113: he s upth-in his house see f1114:
goes there f1114: no noth-the sheeps go wet f1113:
go to your beddie f1114: th-yes whee f1113: are you
s competition erm but ermth-a manx [laugh] a manx
yes uh huh f965: ermth-and conkers you did when
m954: erm well i meanth-i suppose you know it
f1037: so erm no ith-i think erm i do
in particular erm but yesth-maybe oh certainly in terms
girl flat it s ermth-one of my friends from
more obviously doric speaking ermth-the area became f606: mmhm
erm all of that kiplingth-the english classics i had
know probably the last ermth-the last ten years or
ve been seeing you knowth-the other night at erm
erm you know there sth-the sense of of that
if these are erm durableth-this one is this one
s engaging the kids butth-we have erm so here
s i think that sth-an impression that is even
own thing and i thinkth-as i an i hope
uncomfortable i think he toldth-[censored: forename] he told once or
english words i didn tth-didn t think english was
m804: how long do youth-do you think you ve
that i don t quiteth-i don t quite think
f631: mm f634: eh ith-i i think there was
f806: yeah i don tth-i think i m going
a script or not ith-i think if i m
i don t know ith-i think it will be
gonna pick f1155: i thinkth-i think that [laugh] i
noo f1104: [inaudible] f1103: ith-i think the big freeze
was very obvious but eventuallyth-i think the people were
absolutely fine and i thinkth-i think they came third
i think so and ith-i think you re right
don t know m1070: ith-i think you went somewhere
f806: [tut] mm f807: ith-it s be- i think
i am f1151: just ith-saying i think therefore i
think well blimey that sth-she s certainly nae a
and they met and ehth-that eh and i think
or y- or i thinkth-that that s where the
[tut] eh [click] i thinkth-there is an interest in
know i don t thinkth-there s enough done at
think you should darling causeth-there s quite a lot
thing like that but ith-i never thought on it
in govan and it sth-that s one thing i
notion of the thing theth-the only the thing i
f1018: well well the otherth-the other thing about when
more german than anything butth-the thing about aberdeen doric
do they make these onth-on big cook little cook
a corpus an an anth-some of these you ve
yeah m954: there s thisth-there are these edinburghs there
off haven t they soth-there were all these people
f978: i know i supposeth-these halls are still used
lot of people bou- gotth-these padded suits very warm
mm universals uh huh m017: th-these things are dealt with
course all these irish navviesth-they couldnae go back to
all these people an liketh-this an i was goin
jigsaw m1092: well they reth-who these f1091: that s
planes and all these flyth-ye know that type of
get into these figures butth-ye know the earlier point
so we went along andth-i i mean loads of
of it and and ith-it looks great i mean
mean place you know andth-there is that you know
f963: [inhale] no i meanth-there was a lot of
m608: mmhm m635: i meanth-they m636: mm m635: just
there f1115: that s oscarth-eh no na like that
and of course eh ehth-eh this dispensation lasted till
eh when we went upth-no f637: when you went
d never heard the wordth-or the phrase eh gey
mmhm [inaudible] f1054: eh toth-that s us been roond
the other one of ofth-that type of of eh
uh huh f1039: an ehth-the children an family an
all the time m1106: yeahth-the eh now it s
s eh another example theth-there s three o us
still has it but ehth-they met there and also
one eh sandra for toth-to throw was it to
m1020: no no i thoughtth-were on that eh the
down eh m1094: i needth-[?]you're to dae that.[/?] f1093: you re nearly
look carefully at those becauseth-all subject areas their contribution
yes m017: serious development becauseth-civilisation is really based on
mm well maybe it sth-f978: because there s more
to stirling royal infirmary becauseth-f-f- henceforth there wouldn t
heritage uh huh f828: ith-i kinda feel guilty because
industry and workplace links becauseth-it s amazing the the
used m608: mmhm m194: becauseth-it s been it wasnae
your your fictional reverie becauseth-rebus if you look it
f640: because it was somethingth-that i could hang on
or whether it was becauseth-the chap was a prisoner
why f1107: because jess spilledth-the ink and then she
but also because of courseth-the notion of the higher
entertained him in the bedroomth-the other day [laugh] because
of it because she sheth-was more interested in the
both the frameworks because obviouslyth-we will want them to
but i haven t eventh-really thought about this coming
f965: and i thought ohth-that was my first appoi-
d some marvellous times theth-the things you thought up
i thought in this oneth-you see the insane you
go but then of courseth-and the torches in yer
of course yeah yeah f963: th-there is a sort of
and of course the peo-th-this caused resentment with the
was that secondary f963: butth-it was badly it was
came on f963: mm f965: th-penguin biscuits sponsored a programme
you have that f963: hadth-that sounds familiar [inaudible] f965:
were were bad you knowth-that was the attitude f963:
ll blame you anyway f963: th-there s there s a
admit it now f963: yesth-there was no way of
figured it out f963: wellth-they weren t geared to
respect him a lot butth-he s he s a
greek thomson a lot ofth-the stuff round pollokshields was
maybe more on in theth-there s not a lot
[laugh] m608: [laugh] f643: butth-there was quite a lot
way of it but allth-only m608: mm f643: as
huh f1077: mm mm withth-that nut underneath that you
re completely full f746: yeahth-that s annoying mm f745:
the language that angels speakth-which is the m608: mm
mm mm [laugh] look atth-your hands they re covered
horses went you know ayeth-i ve just found what
kerrie i went up toth-register her birth an the
do was we went alongth-this first back street and
ago we went over toth-visit my granny when she
lucky you get one whereth-the ink has dried m608:
m608: aye m194: and thenth-they would come off and
s shopping yes f1023: butth-they don t speak they
a wee bit look f1104: th-does this bit go there
a little bit m1108: okayth-f1107: okay there you are
f1122: fairy liquid i needth-f1121: so there s loads
saying that there s oo-th-it s got the same
is there anything else m1022: th-that s all i ve
look f1111: what is f1112: th-that there look f1111: oh
it was quite funny causeth-the bbc were there and
flat over there somewhere anth-the plumber who did some
to link it up toth-there is a dad though
there are links like thatth-there is no meaningful history
that s by the byth-there is that sense that
really three three three modelsth-there might be more i
in this f718: mmhm m017: th-there now appears to be
just about to mention thatth-there s a particular bbc
doing your star m1106: mumth-there s a storm the
and they re buying causeth-there s no like [inaudible]
got the general public andth-there s no such a
cuppies there s one hereth-there s one f1121: that
mmhm m1174: in the paperth-there s set prices if
s become not just acceptableth-there seems to be a
there was a bit ofth-there was a bit of
was staying with us andth-there was m635: [inaudible] there
standard imperial english we haveth-we have everything in there
happening and and so thatth-yeah there is that and
you know the girls andth-hannah and all that saying
were kind of you knowth-they were very concerned about
on or whatever you knowth-they would have to know
the best i didn tth-ye know i had never
just the average story ith-you know i ve written
of your grades that sth-you know that s the
on the bbc scotland asianth-you know their asian stati-
quite close but adjacent soth-all the unst ones they
i hate turning hate turningth-my brakes f1097: oh look
f1091: you gaun to doth-well look try putting the
look fitt s that inth-wriggling here fitt s that
well it hasn t gotth-gone very far so far
well it like this isth-like would you say bitch
into the cases noo wellth-that has to go in
london if they re pregnantth-well a couple of them
and then the person holdingth-well everybody else would scatter
situations and f1150: yeah f1151: th-a- the girl that i
like [inaudible] f1148: like yeahth-f1149: and then how many
be m959: yeah although ith-the amount it costs now
yeah m954: but i ith-what always annoyed me it
again don t you youth-yeah m816: ye always do
f809: uh huh f810: liketh-they had great plans like
up and they re gointh-come up uphill round a
re not in they seemth-f1187: they seem to be
they wouldnae hear us butth-it turned out i told
was so embarrassing this collegeth-the questions they were like
was ha- no no noth-the two the they f643:
s ridiculous it s patheticth-they actually f1037: it s
it m635: mmhm m636: andth-they had had a sort
over beside the bubbles tonightth-they re learning to swim
that s absolutely right noth-they ve got one or
that s right which werenath-they werena metalled oot they
spruced up in that wayth-they will start to change
government wants people to whatth-what they re doin is
re delighted to be hostingth-it s our first f606:
re changing it now butth-the basic system is you
as it was but thenth-her son came in and
f1102: i- f1101: but ith-i ve got a feeling
beryl semi precious stone butth-it s actually a persian
is just a social dialectth-that s removed but of
own school but for cookeryth-we had a cookery room
bunch of flowers f1112: butth-you help me dress my
car and then m959: mmhmth-through skye aye f958: you
ve very very struck byth-the way in which people
the way and [inaudible] f1077: th-i suppose it was popular
mixed in f1118: how doesth-[inaudible] [inaudible] little bittie f1117:
or [inaudible] [laugh] m642: ayeth-that s what happened i
you become a specialist ofth-about that particular pin you
placing request for me soth-as you may or may
coo is obviously [audience laughs, and someone answers 'on the loo'] onth-aye you got the the
right next to the riverth-do you mind the blue
room itself where you watchth-f1023: a main room i
[clapping] can we make herth-f1103: right fa you gaun
you are not a winnerth-f1117: am i not f1118:
relatives in scotland do youth-f689: we d i we
mind and get it intoth-is that you trumping f1118:
less you ll pee andth-[laugh] that that was the
political choice or do youth-or is it tokenism or
do you call a seiseth-the m1007: seise m1055: the
m816: was to you seeth-the the plan was to
some o them an allth-wh- wh- you ve never
food into the vase whenth-when you ve got new
a teacher no [laugh] m1019: th-it was the other one
have had one accepted tooth-this is not in any
nana and papa i wouldth-f640: didn t exchange gifts
m do- m1110: i mth-i m doing this f1109:
and at the same timeth-i was goin to the
our email boxes and ith-looked at them once and
tae hit i cannae mindth-that game mind o that
this pile here ooh f1122: th-that s another printing i
no i can remember thatth-that s right aye no
young as i say atth-that time in the youth
certainly going to be ith-the common thread that runs
i see thomas crashing intoth-this mam f1109: oh is
f1116: [inhale] no what sth-f1115: does he dae the
he will not f1112: noth-he will pull out the
he s got black redth-no he s got black
green street aw that areath-and then it was away
then find more m1098: ohth-aye f1097: that s a
a good idea and thenth-can get this microphone aside
then ye d say ohth-it s trawlermen it s
sort of writing down allth-which is the process isn
she said m1000: aye m999: th-so if she was speakin
exhale and and so soth-that that balance is something
of this so most ofth-the money that comes to
he s driving and heth-jess is trying to deid
bag we took hame faeth-oh watch that that s
have to go and m816: th-that s apparently the what
like cup cakes f1037: de-th-that s just abs- f1038:
can we phone in chineseth-that s that s f1049:
bun in the oven m1004: th-that s that s the
my [exhale] my views areth-that that it s something
analogous with the aiblins sth-that we we we get
this bit f1125: goes hereth-f1126: this this bit goes
like rubbish schools that tookth-[laugh] m1048: [laugh] [laugh] f1049:
the box m1096: [child noise] getth-f1095: get the box m1096:
the k- [inhale] k- f1089: th-is that the queen the
shaken by the throat heth-reverts into his natural speech
or supposedly remember kind ofth-magic teapot or something f718:
should be going to churchth-the church is meant for
the pupils enjoy learning andth-the teachers enjoy delivering and
horse to both the jewsth-to both the jews and

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