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not so busy at workthankgoodness 19 wednesday looking out
virus but it was discoveredthankgoodness and did not transmit
dig out tents today finethankgoodness boys along to help
and that all fell apartthankgoodness ehm and then the
take a bit of understandingthankgoodness for happy memories i
sheena wellington mrs margaret ewingthankgoodness for that ian jenkins
idea the sector has changedthankgoodness for that the voluntary
january i think they shouldthankgoodness for this wee desk
sowens instead of milk butthankgoodness i never got that
fredericton for the first timethankgoodness i was getting claustrophobic
so now it s overthankgoodness it s the last
the convener once again ithankboth our witnesses for their
no more questions i willthankboth our witnesses on behalf
yes the convener good ithankour witnesses for their attendance
that concludes our questions ithankour witnesses for their evidence
further questions from members ithankthe witnesses for attending today
to it the convener ithankthe witnesses for coming along
has clarified that matter ithankthe witnesses for coming to
be any more questions ithankthe witnesses for coming today
12 45 the convener ithankthe witnesses for giving us
of houses the convener ithankthe witnesses for their attendance
is considering the convener ithankthe witnesses for their evidence
a useful session i alsothankthe witnesses for their offer
other areas the convener ithankthe witnesses for their written
tight timetable this morning ithankthe witnesses for their written
that definition the convener ithankthe witnesses whose evidence has
further witnesses who are waitingthankyou for attending the committee
beaumont oh betty thank godthankgod boyter you re gaun
no angert beaumont oh bettythankgod thank god boyter you
thank you presiding officer ithankirene oldfather for securing this
and another one thank youthankyou and another one thank
one f1113: mmhm another onethankyou and another one thank
saying thank you thank youthankyou applause the deputy presiding
aye rowland oh thank youthankyou because i too oh
thank you john m087: wellthankyou christian for these these
nicht sir and thank youthankyou exits martha they re
thank you and another onethankyou f1114: here you go
f1113: thank you very muchthankyou f1114: there you go
what do you say f1126: thankyou f1125: thank you put
away dod oh thank youthankyou he kisses her on
hands again beaumont thank youthankyou it taks ae man
by our lanesome thank youthankyou jack ach havers man
shaking his hand thank youthankyou jack and if there
for erm linguistic analysis sothankyou john m087: well thank
strangers good samaritans thank youthankyou juan and mercedes don
brilliant see f943: thank youthankyou m944: there you go
galegoera espainera ere ez delathankyou presiding officer i thank
say f1126: thank you f1125: thankyou put the milk back
thank you and another onethankyou thank you and another
well and saying thank youthankyou thank you applause the
deana deana aye rowland ohthankyou thank you because i
andy good nicht sir andthankyou thank you exits martha
tucks them away dod ohthankyou thank you he kisses
shakes his hands again beaumontthankyou thank you it taks
we re by our lanesomethankyou thank you jack ach
whilie confidentially shaking his handthankyou thank you jack and
utterly complete strangers good samaritansthankyou thank you juan and
m944: [laugh] brilliant see f943: thankyou thank you m944: there
you all well and sayingthankyou thank you thank you
i want a bite okaythankyou thank you very much
need the scissors f1113: ohthankyou thank you very much
mum f1113: one to methankyou thank you very much
a bite okay thank youthankyou very much f1114: you
let me off with my-thankyou very much f1141: thank
one to me thank youthankyou very much pat it
scissors f1113: oh thank youthankyou very much right now
you f1114: [sniff] [exhale] f1113: thankyou very much thank you
thank you very much f1141: thankyou very much that s
the issue the convener ithankadam ingram for his comments
fraser yes the convener ithankalan fraser and jim kinney
the convener bristow muldoon ithankcolleagues for electing me as
legacy paper the convener ithankgil paterson i think that
indicated agreement the convener ithankmalcolm chisholm and his officials
is another issue convener ithankmaureen moore for answering my
indicated agreement the convener ithankmr mccormack again for attending
arguments constructively the convener ithanknicola sturgeon and margaret smith
wildlife quality the convener ithankrobin harper very much for
indicated agreement the convener ithankthe clerks for the tremendous
committee rev iain murdoch ithankthe convener and members of
browne scottish retail consortium ithankthe convener and the committee
and easter ross ld ithankthe convener and the committee
summer months once again ithankthe convener of the justice
report the presiding officer ithankthe convener of the social
2000 171 the convener wethankthe executive for the information
are available the convener ithankthe minister and mr henderson
more work the convener ithankthe minister and officials for
job the convener i alsothankthe official report i cannot
indicated agreement the convener ithankthe petitioners for attending the
indicated agreement the convener ithankthe petitioners for their attendance
its maximum potential the convenerthankyou and welcome to your
it to you the convenerthankyou are there any questions
objectively and impartially the convenerthankyou before members of the
allan wilson cunninghame north labthankyou convener for giving me
issues 15 30 ross finniethankyou convener for that encouraging
team andrew normand crown officethankyou convener i am accompanied
davidson north east scotland conthankyou convener i declare an
community care mr frank mcaveetythankyou convener i introduce bill
campaign against hunting with dogsthankyou convener it was indicated
has taken place derek feeleythankyou convener the convener i
every available avenue the convenerthankyou do members have any
go into that the convenerthankyou dr monteith mr monteith
now members yes the convenerthankyou for attending today s
ask me the convener ithankyou for presentation you appear
already been lodged bill swannthankyou for that correction convener
s remaining homes the convenerthankyou for that excellent presentation
nation s health the convenerthankyou for that introductory statement
answer any questions the convenerthankyou for that statement for
answer any questions the convenerthankyou for the written evidence
better to brainstorm the convenerthankyou for your clear and
respond quickly the convener ithankyou for your evidence the
robertson including airdrie the convenerthankyou for your helpful presentation
parliament convener ladies and gentlementhankyou for your invitation liz
local authorities the convener ithankyou for your statement and
russell permanent secretary scottish executivethankyou for your welcome convener
single housing budget the convenerthankyou i think cathie craigie
has been completed the convenerthankyou i understand that the
have to say the convenerthankyou i will kick off
women and children the convenerthankyou item in private the
for the sqa the convenerthankyou mr tuck for returning
item 6 the convener okaythankyou nick the new economy
shown 11 00 the convenerthankyou perhaps mr egan would
environment and farming the convenerthankyou robin harper only a
a success story the convenerthankyou stewart stevenson i would
from the police the convenerthankyou that concludes discussion of
in that work the convenerthankyou that was extremely helpful
an important issue the convenerthankyou that was interesting and
answers this morning ron tuckthankyou the convener does the
they could operate dr jacksonthankyou the convener the marriage
expect from it the convenerthankyou the policy memorandum states
the main treaty the convenerthankyou very much for that
such a way the convenerthankyou very much for your
with hard work the convenerthankyou very much for your
ratify the treaty the convenerthankyou very much i invite
this individual issue the convenerthankyou very much john farquhar
would be useful the convenerthankyou very much that has
the organic sector the convenerthankyou we move straight to
are asked questions the convenerthankyou we move to questions
more detailed information the convenerthankyou we will discuss the
go do it the convenerthankyou you have raised some
scheme has unfolded the convenerthankyou you indicated that the
hair come back in againthankgod but eh i ll
1 friday we are backthankgod cath kids move down
rich man found him selfthankgod for every one that
you know it s fortunatethankgod for that that i
obviously it was er wethankgod for the the help
breists war a thochtie fullerthankgod fur thon sighed isie
m815: [laugh] [laugh] m816: stuffthankgod i can walk to
hellish bends that lay aheadthankgod i fastened that belt
all manly man my joethankgod i know when i
bonus off their staff sothankgod i left when i
hill at 11 o clockthankgod i m not paying
pal and someone else altogetherthankgod i ve got my
of the kirk and notthankgod in my school principal
on a90 back by 6pmthankgod more snow frost evening
down the radiator maybe butthankgod nobody could hear us
time we have to saythankgod people are prepared to
sea of pre pubescent anarchythankgod sighed the infant teacher
here no we hereabouts shouldthankgod that things in our
gave utterance to her thoughtsthankgod the union put a
by the auld rail linethankgod they fand her or
go along to collect familythankgod we are all together
an me chink chink chareethankgod we re surrounded by
was just about to sailthankgod we won there in
subject is to be raisedthankgod you hae the name
make it here yet ithankmembers very much i have
cannot look after myself ithankthe committee very much the
aboot we hae much taethankthem baith for in bringin
that we have made ithankthem very much perhaps when
revived language in the homelandthankye very much f606: [audience clapping]
older you do not f1024: thankyou f1023: need as much
everything i want today f1122: thankyou f1121: how much do
we wanted much more quicklythankyou for attending this morning
fowre o yous this efterninnthankyou sae much me and
go m1146: sorry okay f1054: thankyou so much duncan that
get their views and saythankyou very much before we
smiled and waved and saidthankyou very much by now
come wi ye f1101: [note: to chemist]thankyou very much bye f1102:
mmhm f1112: they do f1111: thankyou very much f1112: some
ll make something else f1114: thankyou very much f1113: you
f1114: and another feet f1113: thankyou very much f1114: [inaudible]
managing f1142: i like sayinthankyou very much f1141: really
orcadians would agree [laugh] okaythankyou very much f948: [laugh]
yeah good that was itthankyou very much f950: okay
tae other okay m865: okaythankyou very much f951: it
remarks were made to themthankyou very much for helping
pour entendre ces petits motsthankyou very much for listening
message from an older personthankyou very much for my
those of the previous witnessthankyou very much for taking
e 16 dear joan arthurthankyou very much for the
wallace north east scotland conthankyou very much for the
f1141: that s okay f1142: thankyou very much for this
[laugh] f1074: mmhm f606: wellthankyou very much i think
[?]you think?[/?] m903: mmhm f606: sothankyou very much i think
challenge for languages day applausethankyou very much i will
yo- is your money f1121: thankyou very much it s
teenie turns to jim teeniethankyou very much jim she
i think on that notethankyou very much [laugh] m954:
that we change our thinkinthankyou very much let s
clerks the deputy presiding officerthankyou very much mr david
raither nae think aboot itthankyou very much my pork
did you hear [censored: forename] saythankyou very much [note: speaking to baby] was
gallie south of scotland conthankyou very much presiding officer
okay there it is f1121: thankyou very much so is
parliament soon enough f785: okaythankyou very much thanks m055:
that s right [laugh] wellthankyou very much that was
in the future david mcletchiethankyou very much the first
[?]ting[/?] f1121: one pound fiftythankyou very much there s
the person would be toldthankyou very much your services
no here hahn is deidthankyou very very much for
west of scotland snp ithankthe committee for a very
lifeline services mr hamilton ithankthe minister for her very
noisy and very informative ithanktony forry for organising it
was very brave of youthankyou an she leaned forward
hair looks very nice f943: thankyou [laugh] it was pink
at a very high costthankyou mr mccormack you are
s very good o youthankyou now there you go
to finish your tea teeniethankyou ronnie it s very
to the team i alsothankthe deputy presiding officers george
have this opportunity and ithankthe presiding officer for agreeing
of hindsight i have tothankthe presiding officer for preventing
tricia marwick i stand correctedthankyou deputy presiding officer the
debate presiding officer but ithankyou for allowing me to
policy the deputy presiding officerthankyou for your brevity can
of order presiding officer ithankyou for your letter of
bill the deputy presiding officerthankyou minister please wind up
alex neil central scotland snpthankyou presiding officer for letting
that in mind tricia marwickthankyou presiding officer i draw
grahame to respond angus mackaythankyou presiding officer i would
highlands and islands snp ithankyou presiding officer if you
highlands and islands snp ithankall concerned for the opportunity
not resist doing so ithankdavid mundell for this opportunity
will take this opportunity tothankthe committee and spice for
association of convenience stores ithankthe committee for the opportunity
i take this opportunity tothankthe minister and his officials
scotland have set it ithankthe parliament for the opportunity
i take this opportunity tothankwinnie ewing for raising this
of the committee s timethankyou for the opportunity to
is brief bill swann wethankyou for the opportunity to
petition jackie baillie dumbarton labthankyou for the opportunity to
opportunity to say a bigthankyou to everyone in the
right to use it ithankirene for today s debate
lab i would like tothankirene mcgugan for initiating this
s poems into gaelic ithankirene mcgugan for making this
i too would like tothankirene mcgugan for the debate
scottish language i want tothankirene mcgugan we hear that
highlands and islands snp ithankirene oldfather for getting this
us and for scotland ithankirene oldfather for lodging the
west of scotland snp ithankirene oldfather who is the
to patients irene mcgugan ithankthe minister for her answer
in ayrshire irene oldfather ithankthe minister for his answer
follow that welcome development ithankfergus ewing for giving the
welcome today s statement ithankmalcolm chisholm and the care
first minister donald dewar ithankmargaret curran for her welcome
we welcome the recommendations andthankthe committee for its consideration
sure that george lyon willthankthe minister for that welcome
f1103: you re welcome f1104: thankyou f1103: right haud on
cakes going in f1126: [inhale]thankyou f1125: you re welcome
should write the welcome andthankyous in that rather than
officer and to members ithankfergus ewing for securing the
officer sir david steel ithankmembers for the honour and
for you f1114: [inaudible] [?]a pillow[/?]thankf1113: i ll make something
f1113: the big yellow chutethankyou and there s a
ain s going there f1113: thankyou another one f1114: er
the pieces one there f1113: thankyou another one f1114: that
that there you go f1114: thankyou f1113: oh wow push
want to see the fimblesthankyou f1113: there you go
juice you wanted f1114: yesthankyou f1113: there you go
f1113: there you go f1114: thankyou f1113: what s that
there s scissors f1113: okaythankyou f1114: here s another
go there we go f1113: thankyou f1114: i do the
another ghost f1113: another ghostthankyou f1114: in a big
yes there you go f1113: thankyou f1114: in the balls
yes f1113: that s itthankyou f1114: [inaudible] f1113: now
you hold the kitten f1113: thankyou f1114: it s a
there we go i f1113: thankyou f1114: mum you do
one is going there f1113: thankyou f1114: next one going
next one going there f1113: thankyou f1114: next one going
f1114: there i go f1113: thankyou f1114: [sniff] [exhale] f1113:
f1114: er the piecie f1113: thankyou f1114: the next one
oh is that his feetthankyou f1114: yes f1113: okay
one going there mm f1113: thankyou here we go where
you go f1113: a minutiethankyou like this game the
here s a bit f1113: thankyou what will i make
the colour this [inaudible] f1113: thankyou who s that f1114:
here you go mum f1113: thankyou you helpin mum f1114:
forget a ve you taethankan oot he loupit on
yeah [laugh] that was awesomethankm1048: [laugh] erm f1049: you
you re not mrs beaumontthankthe lord for that lilian
rita uncle jim could youthankthem for me it was
the printer also as athankyou 10 notelets will be
written evidence for which ithankyou after your introduction i
respect good night then andthankyou again i feel quite
meetin gied us back saethankyou aince mair jim we
and for answering our questionsthankyou also for your succinct
that i would write andthankyou and did but you
mrs beaumont no let methankyou and forgie me for
reasonably possible miss goldie ithankyou and hope that drinking
soon deal with it sandersonthankyou and the upshot mr
you and dad f1107: awthankyou aren t you a
done for me goodbye marthathankyou as well you ve
was in april mr monteiththankyou at the end of
haven t written sooner tothankyou because i ve had
i said they wouldn tthankyou besides apart from the
would try to write andthankyou but just in case
they aa began yon nothankyou caper till i wis
him a kiss angelica ohthankyou dod it s risky
really nice o you formallythankyou dod you re a
yeah mmhm m964: or twothankyou erm f965: no we
m1078: [pours coffee from cafetière] f718: mm [takes coffee]thankyou f1077: but er oh
aye i want to saythankyou f1101: aye granny must
you mm aw [inaudible] [kiss]thankyou f1104: [?]got for you[/?] mummy are
i get that pillowcase pleasethankyou f1104: is that a
put that on the bedthankyou f1104: this is my
will ye [kiss] [kiss] m1108: thankyou f1107: oh you re
oh big doll f1111: ohthankyou f1112: and little doll
is stapler for you f1111: thankyou f1112: and that s
a second f1112: [?]my goodness[/?] f1111: thankyou f1112: my milky pop
you give mum the stickiesthankyou f1114: eh another one
there look on your troosersthankyou f1114: mum i ll
t give me a bagthankyou f1122: erm mummy [sniff]
then here you go f1124: thankyou f1123: oh oh oh
right here ye go f1124: thankyou f1123: you re mixing
like f1126: [tut] that onethankyou f1125: nae the hale
and [censored: forename] f1133: aye f1134: thankyou f1133: oh do na
your snack do you saythankyou f1142: aye mum i
i squealed [inaudible] m642: ahthankyou f643: er [laugh] [laugh]
hollywood nae that i wouldthankyou for a job in
to waste now goodbye lilianthankyou for all you ve
against their own conclusion ithankyou for attending and for
and my reaction fiona hyslopthankyou for bringing the matter
ains f1102: i will saythankyou for [censored: forename] for from
having the role of sayingthankyou for coming good night
other way i ask myselfthankyou for coming if we
balance of probabilities christine grahamethankyou for explaining that my
manners mr rowland we mustthankyou for giving up so
last and all was calmthankyou for helping out today
members iain mcmillan cbi scotlandthankyou for inviting cbi scotland
s scotland i will startthankyou for inviting us along
first good afternoon mr elliotthankyou for returning so promptly
afternoon mr tuck i alsothankyou for returning to the
on the phone firstly ithankyou for sending joseph the
for their contribution muir russellthankyou for showing such courtesy
uk media market andrew wilsonthankyou for that evidence i
adam north east scotland snpthankyou for that kind remark
to write before this tothankyou for the cheque you
please paint me [note: picture inserted here in original] [note: picture caption]thankyou for the painting westbank
a note for mike livingstonethankyou for the use of
[inaudible] need big big [?]seas[/?]thankyou for this mum f1103:
back for a second weekthankyou for your answers good
is all for this morningthankyou for your attendance and
not being on the agendathankyou for your attendance meeting
is interesting i have tothankyou for your kind letter
any case i want tothankyou for your loyal friendship
their places good morning andthankyou for your patience we
again we will do sothankyou for your time today
lord we honour you wethankyou for your word to
in triumph they laugh lizziethankyou georgie i ll tak
workin at the toolies nothankyou georgie so that s
been posted on the websitethankyou gil item 2 on
able to chuff away seethankyou harold percy says oh
that s the brush f1111: thankyou have i to dry
and he had to nothankyou himself out of his
an introductory statement robin harperthankyou i am happy to
your succinct submission alex eastonthankyou i am sorry that
on the invalid table nothankyou i don t want
not having coffee deana nothankyou i don t want
nature s nipples clean offthankyou i grumbled even though
appropriate or suitable phil galliethankyou i have a series
three that was good blaststhankyou i m noticin twa
o the cost teenie nothankyou i m part o
yours that s yours f1111: thankyou i thought we spoke
give way sarah boyack nothankyou i will not take
the bucket for mam pleasethankyou in the bucket m1098:
[toys banging about] here s your carthankyou [inaudible] it s your
all bless you f1126: [sneeze]thankyou is it my one
year s support george lyonthankyou is the first minister
for parliament mr tom mccabethankyou it is right to
now f1104: oh f1103: butthankyou it sounds like somebody
seven year aul zyxw georgiethankyou jim jim no but
no nothin oan the sidethankyou just ma bag o
mcneil greenock and inverclyde labthankyou kay ullrich as i
computer s crashed quite gonethankyou kieren for observing that
mither father sternly as offendedthankyou kindly mistress i bid
mm f1104: [kiss] f1103: awthankyou [kiss] was you giein
this calendar year mr mcgrigorthankyou lastly this may sound
got to say please andthankyou [laugh] f810: [?]handsomely[/?] and
s somebody that s- m942: thankyou [laugh] m939: [laugh] f940:
go out gradually beaumont quietlythankyou lilian you have saved
to kiss it better ohthankyou love you m1096: [kiss]
aye just eight months [laugh]thankyou m1010: aye aye f1011:
bit off ta dah f1089: thankyou m1090: and i hold
m1090: mine no f1089: minethankyou m1090: [laugh] [laugh] [giggle]
a [?]clue[/?] for you f1093: thankyou m1094: and where can
now yay f1093: yay [clapping]thankyou m1094: can i have
ve done your one f1093: thankyou m1094: i m nearly
cup are you done f1093: thankyou m1094: now f1093: now
m doing this ain f1093: thankyou m1094: what s this
cheek f1095: another cheek ohthankyou m1096: [laugh] f1095: missed
[exhale] [sniff] f1097: you finishedthankyou m1098: [exhale] f1097: wonder
this one for you f1105: thankyou m1106 : it s a
f1054: wow that was fabulousthankyou madge [inaudible] what does
dorothy grace elder glasgow snpthankyou malcolm for outlining matters
up with what members saythankyou meeting closed at 12
about centralising control mr davidsonthankyou minister for clarifying a
let them out again yesthankyou mr ah mr ah
following is the simultaneous interpretationthankyou mr morrison that concludes
give way sarah boyack nothankyou ms sturgeon those concerns
there you go f1124: herethankyou mum i didn t
m1108: mm f1107: ooh m1108: thankyou mummy f1107: you re
i ve come round tothankyou my brother is o
ye made it up yourselthankyou my lord maclaurin looking
they are friends to himthankyou my lords cullen bowed
standing in the same placethankyou naza an linda [congregation clap]
entering with two coffee cupsthankyou neil he hands them
man i see a manthankyou noo that s that
look f1089: cool m1090: mmthankyou now [?]i'll just put, tie it on[/?] f1089: what
[inaudible] [inaudible] f1111: okay [?]turn[/?]thankyou now while that s
bottom of the stairs yesthankyou nurse and bring the
b t m she saysthankyou nurse she is still
ve found it for methankyou okay what have you
it to consider miss goldiethankyou public petitions languages the
there you go mum f1101: thankyou put it in the
okay i done it f1117: thankyou right f1118: now i
that for you f1093: [laugh]thankyou right it s your
for me didn t youthankyou right you choose something
the parliament is unstinting wethankyou sir david as well
scottish council of jewish communitiesthankyou sir david it is
the night service answering machinethankyou so saying she hung
to speak elaine thomson ohthankyou sorry i have lost
it here it goes f1095: thankyou ta [computer printer] wait a
like tae say walcome andthankyou tae ony new members
right [child noises] f1099: come onthankyou that s a girl
m1096: there you go f1095: thankyou that s enough m1096:
for you f1121: [inaudible] wellthankyou that s lovely [inhale]
give way sarah boyack nothankyou the conservative amendment seems
of her speech cathie craigiethankyou the interest from across
your behalf beaumont na nathankyou the nicht i mean
f1123: there ye go f1124: thankyou there cause just cause
volunteer peter would you mindthankyou there was a a
carrying a can of cokethankyou this is the life
i would like to saythankyou to all members of
the msps and a particularthankyou to our interpreters applause
alec noticing him i llthankyou to unhand my fiancé
fitt do you say f1142: thankyou [um] f1141: watch you
jennifer she wouldn t saythankyou unlike birkie i know
that s the next piecethankyou wait till we see
better f1089: that s finethankyou want to do your
do you say tha- f1122: thankyou we don t need
m608: [inhale] that s greatthankyou well cheers f643: cheers
adenoids have been seen tothankyou what a wimp i
i have the spoon pleasethankyou where s the sprinkles
brush and bla- brush somebodythankyou will you go and
16 43 tommy sheridan ithankboth the minister and the
minister mr jack mcconnell ithankdavid mcletchie for giving advance
we have the jannie tothankfor henry bein a minister
consideration at stage 3 ithankmembers the minister and the
out the first minister ithankmr russell for thanking me
fishing areas mr swinney ithankthe first minister for his
for scotland miss goldie ithankthe first minister for his
south of scotland snp ithankthe first minister for that
and excise ms curran ithankthe first minister for that
management board nora radcliffe ithankthe first minister for that
consideration of this item ithankthe minister and all his
s amendments michael matheson ithankthe minister and congratulate him
and warrant sales bill ithankthe minister and his officials
their hard work i alsothankthe minister and his staff
and upper nithsdale snp ithankthe minister for acknowledging the
north east scotland con ithankthe minister for allowing her
tender criteria george lyon ithankthe minister for clarifying that
should not be excluded ithankthe minister for expanding on
north east fife ld ithankthe minister for fulfilling the
the profession janis hughes ithankthe minister for her comments
south of scotland snp ithankthe minister for her statement
kenneth macintosh eastwood lab ithankthe minister for his concession
for grampian lewis macdonald ithankthe minister for his reply
nursery schools alex neil ithankthe minister for his reply
morrison western isles lab ithankthe minister for meeting me
scotland and fife con ithankthe minister for providing me
end of this item ithankthe minister for rural development
amendment 59 phil gallie ithankthe minister for that i
that is encouraging and ithankthe minister for that if
revised ms macdonald i genuinelythankthe minister for that reply
site mr harding i willthankthe minister for that reply
not practical david mundell ithankthe minister for that reply
receives it ms white ithankthe minister i have spoken
end of this item ithankthe new deputy minister for
work pay mr gibson ithankthe new minister for social
of contributions today and ithankdonald gorrie for his kind
in this process today ithankhim for his comments the
least a geographic distancing ithankmr egan for coming today
into other venues i alsothankthe interpreters for facilitating today
are debating today i alsothankthose members who have contributed
are no further questions ithankmr elliot especially for having
questions alastair dempster sportscotland ithankthe committee for giving us
john scott ayr con ithankdavid mundell for securing this
highlands and islands con ithankfergus ewing for giving me
south of scotland con ithankthe petitioner for an excellent
north east scotland con ithankthe snp for addressing this
older people ms curran ithankjohann lamont for introducing another
highlands and islands snp ithankdavid mundell this has been
nicola sturgeon glasgow snp ithanknurses midwives and health visitors
north east scotland snp ithankthe committee for addressing the
contribution to the debate ithankdavid mundell for lodging the
age in dog years ithankall members who have been
for that proposal and ithankall the members who signed
agenda of the committee ithankcommittee members for supporting my
of affordable rented housing ithankcommittee members for their attention
2 of the bill ithankkeith harding and members of
will leave matters there ithankmembers for attending meeting closed
128 permanent friends and ithankmembers for that i would
the committee s hands ithankmembers for their attention we
world finally i want tothankmembers for their contributions to
hear that george macbride ithankmembers of the committee for
the admissibility of amendments ithankmembers of the press and
of a bill members canthankpauline mcneill and christine grahame
concession in writing i mustthankthe many members dennis canavan
overseas i would like tothankthe parliamentary press corps members
wind up the debate ithankthose members who spoke in
so that will be idealthankalison for checking with the
for coming along i alsothankall the parliament staff for
all its parliamentary stages ithankangus mackay for the work
over the past few weeksthankauntie maggie for me will
the narrative i have tothankcharlie collins for advice on
in the bin however ithankcolin campbell for kindly gifting
opposition msps mr mcaveety ithankelaine thomson for her question
excellent one i must especiallythankelsie [censored: surname] my secretary for
present for their efforts ithankespecially the voluntary sector groups
remains only for me tothankeverybody for their kind wishes
be a long meeting ithankeveryone for their attendance i
and i would like tothankeveryone involved for their patience
care mr frank mcaveety ithankfergus ewing for raising the
the ships we hae taethankfor fish an chips like
think i have her tothankfor that i think i
ken wha i ve tothankfor this it s that
the writers o itchy coothankguidness for the authors o
the day s scots speakersthankguidness for the writers o
frae the scots language dictionariesthankguidness for writers the likes
aunt maggie last week toothankher for me i hope
ve to go in andthankher for your your sweeties
pursue his career elsewhere ithankhim for his work and
when the ogre calls tothankhim for returning it the
that is eminently sensible ithankhim for taking the committee
the matter for which ithankhim he mentioned the publication
weeks ago for which ithankhim we have received a
behalf of the committee ithankjohann lamont for convening it
where i was heading ithankjohn swinney for his intervention
argyll and bute ld ithankjohn swinney for making available
north east fife ld ithankkeith harding for seeking to
providing free personal care ithankkeith raffan for supporting that
wilson first i want tothankken for his report mr
your litter tray she wouldnathankme for that and nor
was roger barrett wouldn tthankme for this eulogy and
longest section we must alsothanknan for organising the team
as a complete surprise ithanknora radcliffe for her extensive
all we can only humblythankour benefactors for safe guarding
laughter phil gallie first ithankpauline mcneill for her comments
mackay yes pauline mcneill ithankphil gallie for putting this
throughout scotland des mcnulty ithanksarah boyack for that intervention
european parliament familiarisation programme ithanksimon watkins for his work
the burns federation i alsothanksouth ayrshire council for the
to access the committee ithankthe clerks for their work
we hold for it ithankthe committee clerks and officials
in scotland in particular ithankthe committee clerks for their
behalf of us all ithankthe committee for hearing our
and tonic mrs warrington ithankthe committee for inviting me
clark i would like tothankthe committee for letting me
report i would like tothankthe committee for their support
in the voluntary sector ithankthe councils for voluntary services
behalf of the committee tothankthe executive for its response
we have already written tothankthe judges for the time
gie yorkshire thanks for hotpotthankthe men o lancs but
citizens in scotland i alsothankthe national osteoporosis society for
for their attendance i alsothankthe official report and i
brought to our work wethankthe sector for that the
the official report and ithankthe sound operator for fixing
parliament before the election ithankthem for their contributions particularly
aunties mary maggie uncle nelsonthankthem for their kind wishes
that many scottish prisoners wouldthankus for doing that i
come intae the warld wethankye for the delicht she
wad hae dispatched me anthankye for yer kindly thocht
her faither an mither wethankye lord for the love
before the debate i alsothankall the other large and
refreshingly direct report i alsothankall the voluntary and community
of the report i alsothankall those who gave evidence
all in september i alsothankour current clerks and those
i would also like tothankthe officials in the justice
of the executive i alsothankthe representatives of the law
cathie craigie s i alsothankthese brilliant signers who are
three general points first ithankage concern scotland which as
sail into the sunset ithankall my colleagues and friends
source of community leadership ithankall the volunteers and workers
that are in between ithankall those who were involved
health care team and ithankand pay tribute to the
gorrie central scotland ld ithankandy kerr and kate maclean
committee i should like tothankbill [censored: surname] and his janitorial
take that on board ithankcathie craigie and winnie ewing
to working with him ithankeveryone who contributed to the
i ve come round tothankhim eh m come in
good of him i mustthankhim when i send out
i would especially like tothankjessica princeton who is in
power of this parliament ithankjohn swinney by withdrawing his
1953 acknowledgements i have tothankmr bob brown mr george
we will conclude there ithankmr normand and the rest
kay ullrich i want tothankmy fellow msps who attended
over egging the haggis ithankmy lov d my honour
committee and of course ithankour marvellous clerking team the
we are time constrained ithankpat cairns and alex easton
that in a moment ithankthe business managers of all
ministers and deputy ministers ithankthe clerks the scottish parliament
into the voluntary sector ithankthe committee clerks past and
in committee linda fabiani ithankthe member i get the
deeply grateful in particular ithankthose who work in my
mannie a snochterin eeseless craturthankye bogie watter i ve
veggies oot nor wid ithankye fur a bit o
ain parlour an i llthankye tae mind yer manners
beasts an their weeminfowk wadnathankye fur sennin them hame
to a screen we canthankour lucky stars that that
ta ta good bye andthankye maybe more tramps came
one and had written tothankthe judges mr j [censored: surname]
e her a chance tothankme he rubs his hands
msp an gree d taethankhim fir his efforts michael
met him at his doorthankhivens yer hame archie jean
his senses an tellt himthankyer lucky star ye re
all was sadie he dthankye fur that carolanne if
s licht abuin his heidthankguidness he thocht whit a
the organisers would like tothankthe british academy the linguistics
johnny ah there he isthankthe lord johnny carrying a
to explain why we shouldthankthe healing rain but look
19th march finally a fewthankyous to bill [censored: surname] and
the scottish people will notthankany party that attempts to
homer s crutches he maythankor down the brae he
where corruption has no yetthankthe lord made ony headway
as tho the horse widthankye fur t the kirk
publication the secretary read outthankyous from 2 christmas card
a ludge shae cuidna einthankhir gydes afoir bein mairched

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