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lyrics passed me a notethankingme effusively she wanted the
to take the opportunity ofthankingour regal patroness our coprodders
it i conclude by sincerelythankingall the organisations and individuals
letters received from violet [censored: surname]thankingus for the garden token
head teachers appendix iii 8thankingthem for agreeing to participate
well can i begin bythankingyou for inviting me to
would like to begin bythankingthe clerks for their tremendous
want to join me inthankingandy for his substantial work
election i join colleagues inthankingfor their service senior friends
on behalf of the parliamentthankingthem for their substantial contribution
for all the committee inthankingthe staff and the clerks
the parliament staff and inthankinghim for his contribution over
i want to finish bythankingthe people who really created
i thank mr russell forthankingme for my first answer
i want to end bythankingall of you for the

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