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don t think air commanderthatcherhas ever got over the
mines that was before margaretthatchergot her fuckin fingers [inaudible]
for the canadian national anthemthatcheris an idiot and if
the racist remarks of margaretthatcher20 years ago cathy jamieson
most disgraceful measures that thethatchergovernment introduced was the breaking
pleasure while thinking about maggiethatcheralmost a week later i
to dine with mrs margaretthatcherthe prime minister at 10
aye m1182: em under margaretthatcherand since then the government
used to vote for margaretthatcherin scotland a lot of
its gravest crisis since margaretthatcherwas in power when a
braying yah who thinks dragonessthatchers decisions have been vindicated
hospital can identify wi thatthatcherwumman beats me there s
the sort of policies thatthatcherand her little stooge major
someone likely to follow mrsthatcheras conservative party leader the
united front oh ye kenthatcherwad back them tae the
saw he s very antithatchermoderate labour to sdp i
the recent conversion of mrsthatcherand her government from cobalt
ecosse c était les annéesthatcheret il n etait pas

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