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an pull it wis surprisinthaysgot in seein thays wir
surprisin thays got in seeinthayswir baith steamin bit the
cuid be first usually thoughthaysjuist got pished an stairted
schools for corporal punishment thaythaysthey thays used more to
corporal punishment thay thays theythaysused more to indicate two
the high scuil it furstthayshudnae got on it aw
seemed tae take tae alasdairthayshudnae liked it it furst
hudnae got on it awthayswur baith in the same
sumhin it wis only aifterthayshud left the scuil that
wis daein the wurld tourthaysr aw intae an wis
thay were aw pished anywaysthayswere baith gien the strap
the best o scuil palsthaysbecame the best o gay
tae pay fir it saethaysdecidit tae get a cairry
in her office aifter thatthaysbecame the best o pals
naethin much really an thenthaysbaith got taken awa tae
pub in the centre sothayscuid be near the action

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