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playwrights workshop in the traversetheatrecharacters eilidh moula s kimmer
first performed by stellar quinestheatrecompany traverse theatre edinburgh 13
stellar quines theatre company traversetheatreedinburgh 13 march 1997 characters
prospekt marx opposite the bolshoitheatreafter getting 3 of my
our way to the bolshoitheatrethe bolshoi is a gorgeous
cold great treat our freetheatrevisit the bolshoi opera company
opera in the real bolshoitheatrewhich i would have liked
the bolshoi is a gorgeoustheatrewhich in gold and red
the ballet in the kremlintheatreor the opera in the
design in the bertold brechttheatrethe comic opera in berlin
o ae door it saidtheatrea across the corridor theatre
theatre a across the corridortheatreb roon the corner wis
ben the corridor ootbye thetheatrehis thochts racin he spied
we were in a youththeatrean we went an performed
of shakespeare s own globetheatrewhere plays are actually performed
by the absence of atheatreor by the absence of
the absence of a nationaltheatrethere is no effective general
scottish theatre and the nationaltheatreand by taking what the
do better by funding scottishtheatreand the national theatre and
we were given things welltheatretickets all the time for
of my money went ontheatretickets and we always had
be rather difficult to gettheatretickets in moscow so that
in funding for the byretheatrea 92 per cent increase
marilyn livingstone s1m 2055 byretheatrelodged on 27 june 2001
tommy sheridan s1m 2055 byretheatrelodged on 27 june 2001
is being revived by kayostheatrecompany a youth group from
increase for the royal lyceumtheatrecompany and a 60 per
the demise of the scottishtheatrecompany in 1992 the advisory
performance by the 7 84theatrecompany in the parliament on
winter there was a travellingtheatrecompany in the town and
white s1m 2357 scottish nationaltheatrecompany lodged on 24 october
hear there was a travellingtheatrecompany that came here mrs
in warsaw by the scottishtheatrecompany where it received standing
such as the royal lyceumtheatrecompany which have suffered over
increasingly moved towards performance andtheatredrama and has extended her
and original drama for thetheatrethere is vitality of language
intend to be involved nationaltheatre4 michael russell south of
the delays to the nationaltheatreare unfortunate i welcome his
the establishment of a nationaltheatrebecause of the erosion of
building for the slovak nationaltheatrebut for reasons best known
will to introduce a nationaltheatrefor scotland as pledged in
will tae introduce a nationaltheatrefor scotland as pledged in
economic disadvantage establish a nationaltheatrefor scotland based on an
childcare facilities establish a nationaltheatrefor scotland expand the role
inextricably thirled haein a nationaltheatrefor scotland is regairdit by
linked and having a nationaltheatrefor scotland is seen as
complementary resource 6 a nationaltheatrefor scotland should be established
to campaign for a nationaltheatrefor scotland the campaign has
steps to develop a nationaltheatrefor scotland the fruits of
educational challenge for a nationaltheatrein any country the proper
baseline for any future nationaltheatrein scotland that is why
a basis for a nationaltheatrein the years to come
basis for a proper nationaltheatrein the years to come
we ve got the nationaltheatrenoo but it s no
the estaiblishment o a nationaltheatreo scotland consideration by the
the establishment of a nationaltheatreof scotland consideration by the
had to delay the nationaltheatreproject we have had to
jakob disease dangerous cargoes nationaltheatreracist attacks secretary of state
s commitment to a nationaltheatreremains firm however it will
the background of a nationaltheatrewhich can provide a focus
someone other than the nationaltheatrewhy don t we use
the board of the nationaltheatrewill be announced s1f 2315
a director for the nationaltheatrewould not the first minister
or the last a nationaltheatrewould presumably be concerned with
a theatrical performance by thetheatreof tuesday which is a
statement of commitment to thetheatrein scotland can i make
welcome his commitment to regionaltheatreparticularly to theatres such as
effective general commitment in thetheatreto scotland s indigenous culture
build on scotland s regionaltheatrecreutzfeld jakob disease 5 dorothy
at the expense of regionaltheatreit will build on scotland
the proper function of thetheatreis to reflect the cultural
increase for the dundee reptheatrea 24 per cent increase
remember to check out thetheatreroyal the citz student discounts
well appointed large and moderntheatretogether but i was rather
modern 1961 conference hall andtheatrewhere we ll see the
lady nods across her startertheatrevisit puddles on pavements mirrored
scotland upon which a futuretheatrecould be built the first
a future session on thetheatrein the afternoon here and
yet eh and the thetheatreculture in scotland is in
assurances from the executive ontheatrefunding interruption i am trying
ullrich tommy sheridan s1m 3715theatrein scotland lodged on 17
2002 donald gorrie s1m 3715theatrein scotland lodged on 17
of the way in whichtheatreis presently organised in scotland
you realise why reading cinematheatreare so popular in the
curvaceous sloping wynd near thetheatreand met an old woman
with several gross of oldtheatreprogrammes and catalogues to unremembered
tuesday which is a mixedtheatregroup of the cerebral palsy
which is used as atheatrewhen the politicians don t
it was called the littletheatrewhich meant that it was
don t mean the empiretheatrei mean [laugh] the british
b roon the corner wistheatrec abody wis gaun aboot
tae a show at thetheatrefar the star wis a
an there wis jist aetheatrein use brian tuik his
her kist ane wis atheatreposter showin the actress on
ony mair for an bytheatretelevision literature or poetry syne
longer produced for and bytheatretelevision literature or poetry then
playing at angels in thetheatrewould ever by the bye
fyvie as jonsar eck passedtheatrea for the third time
advise on plans for thetheatrean a timetable tae launch
advise on plans for thetheatreand a timetable to launch
now great scope in thetheatrefor extending and upgrading the
artistic director of the bruntontheatremusselburgh for making the suggestion
heritage for many people thetheatrenow provides the only opportunity
option and that for atheatrestaff nurse living in penicuik
wee side chaumer the operatintheatrecomputer an here his early
here till saturday to newtheatretonight with commercial from huddersfield
exhibition of hersel at thetheatrebut she had to tak
may care striding towards thetheatresalvador and watislaw vyborni had
institute to a packed lecturetheatresome had brought chocolate cake
aware that many in thetheatrecommunity are concerned that the
reticent muscovites into participatory streettheatrean english girl was persuaded
show the range of britishtheatreand afterwards i bumped into
about to be taken intotheatreto have her appendix removed
in the toun s anatomytheatreahint the auncient cathedral a
has a hundred seater lecturetheatreand there s there s
in scots at the citizenstheatreas a teenager and i
sloped upwards like an anatomytheatreawaiting the dissection of a
suddenly found themselves in atheatreeventually maclaurin restarted the conversation
be teen doon tae thetheatrein a trolley naething tull
a festival at eden courttheatrein inverness young people from
only 10 minutes late thetheatreis a grand stalinist building
one under resourcing in scottishtheatreleading to a drain of
explanatory notes reference to atheatreproduction is valid there might
memory is sharing the tivolitheatrestage as a double act
doubled as hall and minitheatrethere was even a faded
aw the time in thattheatreaw kinds of different groups
my era o the tivolitheatreaye immaculate in tartan jaiket
in the entire school thetheatremanagement very generously included them
macbeth in russian at thetheatreof the soviet army we
to go out to thetheatrewith natasha and pascal in
between blows silver and orangetheatrethis time ordinary chairs very
no other reason except thetheatreapart from art and the
love affair from the aquatictheatrebeneath my balcony the womb
glass window of the operatingtheatredaniel felt his whole life
fur entertainment veesits tae thetheatreelectric shocks tae jolt ye
balance of musical and straighttheatrei attended the bursary concert
urban eclogues joanna baillie stheatreof the passions the experimental
the waning moon enter thetheatreof the starlit sky on
not yet have entered thetheatreof the window frame above
will be aware that scottishtheatres current problem is with
feel like selling you anythingtheatreattendants who would let you
death certainly this stunning coastaltheatrehas inspired innumerable love affairs
st lawrence seaway open airtheatreopen air restaurants with gawdy

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