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l shew yeir twa sleevesthegitheran tak ye hame ti
ah sal shew yeir sleevesthegitheran tak ye hame ti
ah sal shew yeir sleevesthegitheran tak ye hame ti
ah l shew yeir sleevesthegitheran tak ye hame til
wul shew yeir twa sleevesthegitheran tak ye hame til
wul shew yeir twa sleevesthegitheran tak ye ti the
wul shew yeir twa sleevesthegitheran tak ye til the
leeved blyth an weill contentthegithera wee whyle eftir thay
thay hae aince been blyththegitheran wi a geyan sair
the perr o thaim badethegitherblyth an mukkil content til
an me war sae blyththegithergin ah leeve ah wul
hir wi a blyth hertthegitherthe princess an the reid
warm lat us be blyththegitherthis ae nicht the morn
traivlar a tass o wynethegitherwul mak us blyth an
if you just rub themthegithera bit mair cause i
never a maik tae rubthegithera maik was a half
never a maik tae rubthegitheraye f1041: that s right
never twa maiks tae rubthegitherf1043: oh two i suppose
afore ye can rub themthegitherwe re back tae well
v await thair a theirthegitheradv together theik n thatch
there the day adv todaythegitheradv together theik v thatch
there the day adv todaythegitheradv together theikit a thatched
guidfaither war aye argie bargieinthegitherae day thay war sittin
o thaim stertit ti warsilthegitheran here whyle thay war
an his sairvant gaed outthegitheran whan thay haed wun
the twa laddies grew upthegitheras richt cronies an thay
an as thay sat tharethegitherbi the ingil speikin the
inby the big ferm houssthegitherdid thay no cuik an
thay wad hae a danderthegitherin the muinlicht she wes
lang or thay war crakkinthegitherlyke auld freins sae that
in the clachan thay leuchthegitherowre a whein auld tales
yin til hir ain lipsthegitherthay wheipil the notes dwynin
an siller thay gaed hamethegitherweill pleised eftir that bit
thay maircht on this gaitthegitherwi hir styterin ahint him
content happy eneuch tae bethegitherbit efter aw there wis
hae spent aw oor daysthegitherin mukkil content an we
his queen in alba bydinthegitherin mukkil content but the
the morn we wul speakthegitheran sae she did but
jackie and wullie jackeson workedthegitherfrae morn till nicht for
the morn we l speakthegithersyne aince mair the yungest
title tent attention thae thosethegithertogether the morn tomorrow the
the morn we l speakthegitheryou an me she climbs
t thegither had their dennerthegitheran were the best o
you an me ll deethegithergin it s life thegither
year the animals chaav tthegitherhad their denner thegither an
yon s intimate fin harnsthegithermell thochts sweeled thegither sharin
harns thegither mell thochts sweeledthegithersharin the same shell the
thegither gin it s lifethegitherwe ll leive staun up
hou we maun be brochtthegitheraince mair guid fowk the
a hantil guests ah brochtthegitheraw ma cronies loud yammerins
deil an me is brochtthegitherface ti face pit him
brocht the sun an rainthegitherthey hae wrocht magic again
that that brocht the societythegitherye know includit hugh macdiarmid
time canna make them baiththegithercan we f1104: no might
brither an they baith drewthegitherintae a wee huddle an
but ma they baith criedthegitherma opened her mooth tae
baith the lads traivelt onthegitheron the ae horse an
an ulster for tae bringthegitherthe policies in the baith
ll gie ye them baiththegitherthe prince wis fair blythe
that haes bund us baiththegitherthe spring is aye the
town and slew them baiththegitherthey thought to lye in
presentit the twa horsemen yokitthegithera guid whylie ti shi
the tinks re giein owrethegithera ll gar the twa
twa spent soumars that hingsthegitherafore gaun doun the war
dunlop efter a guid bickerthegitheran anither swallae or twa
him she wes fair cruppenthegitheran bent in twa wi
twa or three or fowerthegitheran eerie sicht wi neer
tither lyke twa auld freinsthegitheran on the mornin o
the holm twa hafflin lambsthegithercrappt the grass wi ne
may god grant us langthegitherforbye a tiff or twa
twa grains ll ever bydethegitherilkane will think itsel unique
whaurby twa dream elements gangthegitherintae ane an displacement whaurby
juist graund here we irthegitherjuist oor twa sells juist
twa eebroos that near ranthegitherlike a hairy oubit bappy
or the twa haufs comesthegithertae be fair tae scots
romance entertainment boys ain yarnthegitherthe twa macnabs mak veeve
gossips put twa and twathegitherthey saw her biding here
twa gaed doun the braethegitherti the mains whaur they
the taes twa bodies birlthegithertwa pair o airms entwine
got it on the bankthegitherwi twa guid seatroots that
the twa o s heldthegitherwi velcro an in the
wul see us lauchin fouthegitheragain the forenicht yestrein we
in daith we wul bethegitherin the lair but nou
shona wul git on brawliethegitherit s the luckie man
sae nou we l gangthegitheroor howps o victorie wul
we wul hae a confabthegitherthe princess leaves the puddok
we wul hae a confabthegitherthe puddok sat doun on
at sae ye wul saethegitherthe yungest lassie an the
workable in oor times pitthegither27 90 sae mony voices
hogmanay o 1966 jim pitthegithera baun fur a hogmanay
wyce as ten fowk pitthegitheran hes gied uz a
pit you aff religion athegithereven though he doesna smell
tale is in fact pitthegitherin spite o the prologue
day thai pit thair powsthegitherjohn hed ti be set
they hid pit their harnsthegitherthe nicht afore ower the
ye pit aw yer sledgesthegitherwi the ropes aw intermi-
whaur ye drink an whathegitherglesses clink drawn heid tae
the writers o the fowkthegitherhe speirt at them whaur
wad be mairrit an leevethegitherin the whyte houss whaur
burst throu the gantin doorsthegitherintil the haa whaur it
her breist an ye drawthegitherwhaur had ye gotten sic
sauf for us ti bydethegitherwhaur we are here the
we l hae a crakthegitheranent yon unco business gin
we l speak oor hertsthegitherbanquo a l dae that
l be settin up houssthegitherin the palace ah howp
l hae a lang crakthegitherpuddok ah m gey forfochen
much if they were tiedthegitheran that has come intae
yeast that warks it aathegitherintae the final brew it
three words that we rinthegitherintae yin amerso bein yin
copywriter dowe intae the sunsetthegitherthe return of john macnab
war gaun ti be happythegitherbut ma god weeps ma
heids war be in puttenthegithercounsel wes be in gien
ye ar they war ayethegitherin life an noo they
they war wyvit sae thickthegitherit tuik ten meenits an
ay they war fair thrangthegithernatalie an miss vining thon
thick they war that thickthegitherpepper ye dinna tell me
them an the halflins cooryinthegitherwi fear an cauld war
a rickle o steens heldthegitherwin spit bit they war
ll hae to pull yerselthegitherdeil tak it you ll
embro an ar retourin hamethegithergif ye ak bauld lik
the hame they hae biggitthegitherguid luck tae the newly
moula faither grit yeir teeththegithertry an think whit ye
the perr haed settilt dounthegitherat the castel as suin
lat s sit oorsells dounthegitherfor a meinit an no
an chen da lowtit dounthegitherin thenks for his meikle
claes an they aa gaedthegitherti set theirsels doun i
s toun rowtin out aathegitherthey gaed strecht for the
haed supper an drank whuskiethegitheran haed a richt guid
the prognosis o their jyninthegitherwisnae guid the fertileezed eggs
an impromptu ceilidh we hidthegitheralang wi s brither in
three braisse monkeys aa stukkenthegitherane hid its hauns clapped
bin oot o hid athegitherbut ah wiz chist fine
an her brither hid sleptthegitherdis da dis neil ken
saxth birthday they hid grownthegitherfin daisy d bin aa
ower muckle wine an poetrythegithersyne they hid thir wee
years she hid mary seatonthegitherthey said prayers read poetry
out the sang see linkinthegithercannie the canntaireachd ay weill
on mount mislippen ay meetingthegithercomin o the speirits see
it s ay bin usthegithernae fair tae him nor
see the gullie men yokethegitherpensells smoor the sun ay
ay we ll wheech awathegitherwe ll bigg a hous
for in time they camthegitheraa the same an the
boatie the day aa exiledthegithercome teet at the geans
we ll aa gang inthegitherfor yir rewaird whan shi
tae slaw doon stoppit aathegitherfur hauf a meenit sic
tae pu the boat aathegitherher ae lang blaik pigtail
laughin keeps us aa girlsthegitherif ye couldnae laugh ye
weather provost an pensioners snappedthegithersklaik claik it s aa
hae till aa three steensthegitherstaun the charter room has
dee aa thrie o sthegitherwe howp bonnie fechter at
caller is fresh caa dthegitheris mixed or brought together
him tae her they laythegithera lang fyle the chiel
a lang an blythsum lyfethegitherwi aw ma hert she
lang and while we rethegitherwi naebody else by i
door for thrie fower monththegitherbut the wather turnt fair
sultan cried aw his advisersthegitheran got thaim telt that
m1010: just aw the sledgesthegitheran it went doon ye
the whiles when we meetthegitheraw for me her smiles
at it hauddit hiz intimmersthegitheraw the rodd ti gaitsgill
whan we r in companiethegitherbut for aw for sum
thaim gat on that weillthegithereftir aw that the keing
he would sew them awthegitherf606: mm m691: so ye
stane dykes connekkit it awthegitherin a maist pleisand mainner
this lassie be in yokitthegitherin halie matrimony aw thair
to beth we re awthegitherjist dae nuthin right door
birds had left us awthegithernae rival answered him nae
auld men nithert an cruppenthegitherwi the cauld aw thair
oor fortuin in the warldthegitheran whitever the tane sal
o lariks he nou myndedthegitherthai cawed out in tammas
but the r nae leevinthegitherthe wey we ir nou
but the r nae leevinthegitherthe wey we ir nou
lat s hae a dramthegitheran nae ill feelin they
hae ti set up houssthegitherin yir mither s pailace
tae tae hae two wordsthegitherthat mean something a bit
s great tae hae gathertthegitherthe furst an earliest works
it no yestrein we spakthegither1st murderer it wes sae
him string sae mony wordsthegitherat yin go an he
been sae weel they mellthegitherthe stooshie rages ben braemar
naitioun lik scotland is sowthertthegitherbot the r ane ill
ye r gaun aboot cruppenthegitherlyke a wee auld man
oot wi an wad cooriethegitherfur warmth an fur mair
me tae the watter frontthegitherwe wad cockle hunt he
puddok whit coud we daethegitherye wad want me ti
tae joseph afore they camthegithershe was fun tae be
afore the three glesses clinkedthegithertae the toast here s
age we ir growin auldthegitheryou an me we maun
born in ae village schuledthegitherthey d roam the hills
wurfs yowlin wi sturt howdertthegitheran breinged owre ti the
a richt chaunce ti bethegitherbi oursells here ma haudin
placket they wir that stappitthegitherhe d ti squeeze in
men set ablow him camthegitherti pey their respecks ti
oot ti the waitin sklimmarthegitherwi the gowden baw that
on his doctor s bagthegitherwi a snap leave her
a tynin o cultural diversitythegitherwi a tynin o sma
ah im nithert an cruppenthegitherwi cauld ah feel ah
how did ye get itthegitherwi her in the end
she clappit her mochled haunsthegitherwi pleisur see arthur see
tae bring teacher trainin bodiesthegitherwi publishers an students at
an the bodie wes haudditthegitherwi strang batter the bell
singil swallae an jyne usthegitherwi the cord o licht
gang oot in the boatthegitherwi the net we micht
the tae weemin stertit greetinthegitherwi their airms roon each
life an noo they rethegitheragain in daith puir sowls
they will share their lifethegitherthe fower sainins the lord
linn they cooriet doon chitterinthegitheran glowerin inno whin buss
emily an bulldug gray clappitthegitherhe wis skateboordin doon the
park first syne wauk doonthegithermyne ye maun tell naebody
as they share this cupthegitherthey set doon the wye
bore the dunts an cloursthegithera day apairt wis sair
i wis sair fashd getherinthegithera team o byllies an
birks blythely sweyed sax yearthegitheran aixe replaced their reeshlin
club members tae gae upthegitheran check tickets i asked
id but ah gethered maselthegitheran efter a rejuvenatin dram
the ends o the wirethegitheran haundit the scran tae
thirty sax teeth wis dirlinthegitheran his hairt wis playin
hoo the first pair gotthegitheran let nae sceptic tell
s just they get onthegitheran that s it but
dwam geordie crinched his teeththegitheran tried tae wauken up
lat me hear ye haiverinthegitheranent teitils an honors for
an community leids gets taenthegitheras leids o scotland for
see an touk the drumthegitherding the bells see an
the ceities o the keingrykethegitherin uth skuils an uiniversities
an that f1144: just hinginthegither[laugh] f1054: yeah f1143: but
sidieweys an squaashed the hoosesthegitherlike a bairn s lego
s gae awa an wurkthegithermasha nikolai lovovich ah wush
an the land bund thrangthegitheron the cairtes as they
brither an sister wha laythegithertay cleck the lan bit
them got on jist finethegitherthey keepit rabbits an moosies
wu an them hed gottenthegitherthirty unce o syboe threid
we sweir we ll deethegithertho for honour an for
at torness cantit the twenesthegithermirren wes stamagasted thon s
be laid in the moolsthegitheras she booed forrit tae
ll jaunt tae embro tounthegitherguidsakes my frien i widnae
lauchin bairn the wirkin cheilthegitheror alane dauchled tae watch
the kirk that sabbath drawnthegithertae the place bi the
grun frae their first nichtthegithertae their walk tae the
saw it three weemin vrochtthegitherin a crew stappin a
we ll git oan weelthegitheradam thinks we ll git
you maudlin jist pull yourselthegitherquine she stands i ll
and ye imagined their bodiesthegitherand then ye didna want
hospital café steerin their coffeethegitheryer da says ye needit
that s tint they studethegithera meenit lattin the thocht
chairms as they snugglt upthegitherin ane anither s airms
they turned aff the beachthegithershakkin aff crummles o san
danders up and lockit tichtthegitherthey fairly made the feathers
margaret fund them raw nakitthegitherin their faither s hoose
pangit the herrin stappin themthegitherbi size aawye abune wis
to try and put themthegitherf1104: well i need a
withoot you we ve beenthegither14 year long pause you
profeshiouns eftirwarts whanivver we camthegitheras growne men the ban
boyter we stand or fathegitherharry fall what s about
the hilt fan we jinethegitheror leav t weel alane
the years we ve beenthegithershe s learned to frame
hoo we used to playthegitherweel i stayed here to
awa the day s fasheriethegithermalcolm moves to go followed
wuid spend the hail daythegitherup i the wud retourin
there and just cobble thingsthegitherif i see something interesting
five souns monieplied see mellitthegitherthe lord taks pleasance o
snaadrifts o clouds slide saftthegitherin archetypal simmer weather far
jin han zhou fifteen kingsthegitherskailt fiftie year o stushie
wis the grit held itthegitheragin the dreich onchancy warld
a gairdener wis scrapin leavesthegitherinno a boorich arthur nodded
thrie nines twentie seiven yearthegithermaks the thrie stentit age
gan to the dogs athegithershe empties her glass and
well you re just hinginthegither[laugh] f1145: or just no
up i the wud retourinthegitherit lowsin tyme a kan
yon s intimate fin harnsthegithermell cerebral bree sharin the
the beds were that closethegitheryou didna ken if you
glen big hoose ey wentthegithera gweed lot mebbe for
masel hate often binds fowkthegitheras ticht as love whyles

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