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leids an natiouns ar reassertintheirselsthey ar threapin for their
leids an natiouns ar reassertintheirselsthey ar threapin for their
the mains an there settheirselsdoun rankit bi their ages
the quair maister hed rankittheirselsin twae raws east an
mak obedience afore they rankittheirselsout in twae lang raws
bi a novice they divertittheirselswi aa the sichts as
d walk roon govan bytheirselsblood brother tammy killed his
new that they should learntheirselsf785: mmhm m055: but other
mmhm m055: cannae speak ittheirselsi dinnae think there s
an his grandfaither had surpassedtheirselsin her honour the brew
they canna weill fend fortheirselsyir meinister hes this bit
steikit the yett an laidtheirselsdoun ti rest neist mornin
brae ti gar them busktheirselsti get the dictamen neist
mither an son baith settheirselsdoun an the auld maister
bade the brithers aa settheirselsdoun i the cloud gaithrin
aa gaed thegither ti settheirselsdoun i the haa ben
frae their chairs an satetheirselsdoun i the simmer hous
trig wee chaumer an settheirselsdoun the owrancer tuik the
ll hae tae think firtheirselsan if they cannae they
hear things frae the ladstheirselswhit are ye cried andrew
people that can read themtheirselsthere s nae other stories
their brodstaff leir an bletherintheirselsinti the street they wir
whan ye made a contacttheirselsbein an growin tungs whaur
pupils throu language tae valuetheirselsan their ain beliefs while
sooner had the yanks bytheirselsd ye ken whit he

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