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jui shiuan 13th century 50thertiethrie the day chang kuo
ang kuo fan 19th centurythertiethrie the day mair as
yin hid aboot twintie orthertiemaws follaein ahint it an
thrie the day mair asthertieyear haes stoured by me
hunder mulberry trees an fulliethertieacre o guid rice an
debt ti the tuin othertiefive thousan roubles ah dinna
alive we uised ti haethertieor fortie officers at oor
twantie an ah m nothertieyit masell whit years an
auld ir ye chebutykin methertietwa laughter fedotik ah l
me throu the stour forthertieyear awa frae hame the
s been wi us forthertieyear natasha but she s

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