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formidable babushka in thick rimmedthicklensed spectacles [censored: forename] thinks she
who wears those square lensedthickrimmed glasses and lives off
s got these really nicethickrimmed glasses that i would
large and formidable babushka inthickrimmed thick lensed spectacles [censored: forename]
boil 3 minutes or tillthickadd 2 3 cheese slices
4 med courgettes cut intothickslices ½ tspn oregano or
¼ pint cold water 2thickslices bread small onion 1
long french loaf into 1thickslices not cutting right to
present from bill two inchesthickand twelve inches long it
a ring about three inchesthickhad been made looking like
continued those spectacles are inchesthickour murderous cyclist now peered
snow which is lying inchesthickround about here very nice
f1040: thick m1042: aye f1041: thickchunky f1043: quite thick f1054:
was a thick one [inaudible]thickf1043: maistly they were hand
f1041: thick chunky f1043: quitethickf1054: or colours or patterns
still tae sit wi athickgunsey an a thick jaicket
a thick gunsey an athickjaicket an lowp up an
did they look like f1040: thickm1042: aye f1041: thick chunky
yes no it was athickone [inaudible] thick f1043: maistly
green the wattirsyde gress thickthickthe sauchs i the gairden
verra thick they war thatthickthegither pepper ye dinna tell
ye this they war verrathickthey war that thick thegither
green green the wattirsyde gressthickthick the sauchs i the
that is about an inchthicka substantial aggregation of such
were a good half inchthickand not as big as
[censored: forename] aboot half an inchthicko felt f643: nine nine
complained that a three inchthickpaperback was impossible to prop
a squaar o 1 inchthickwid a certain number o
was the minister and worethickglasses as he was very
cropped dark hair an kinnathickglaisses an cairriet a leather
ink and iron teachers andthickleather belts it all comes
minnie wis bloomin shod inthickleather button up buits wi
very strict and kept athickleather strap in her desk
bagpipers knee deep in sheepthickpurple heather but sweetie it
on father s knee thethickrough khaki of his uniform
knee length breeks an athicktweed cap ruggit doon ower
aye it s a greatthickf1043: i think it s
were knittin an they werethickf1054: mmhm f1041: [inaudible] f1043:
the aye f1040: the greatthickjumpers that they used tae
[inhale] f1040: was a greatthickm1042: whaur s yer gansie
mayonaise 1 tomato pureé 2thickcream 1 teasp worcester sauce
a bowlie stannin full othickcream she speert fit it
cream only leaves it toothickno pepper as peppery enough
yolks whisk double cream tillthickwhisk whites to soft peaks
minnie s hair wis asthickan roch as tibby s
hair however was grey butthickas a sheep s fleece
quine eleyven year auld withickblaik hair pued back in
wide feathery hat ontae herthickblaik hair sally bruce hid
wi hir bonnie heid othickblek hair an hir gled
boy with a tangle ofthickdark hair reaching down over
they were hairy coarse shortthickhair covered wi it i
80 s with her longthicknow greying hair and ethnic
hair reaching down over histhickwoollen ganzie had emptied his
an the trees war thatthickthat never a stern cuid
cloths underneath the standing stonesthicktrees like mushroom clouds loomed
nae danger the island isthickwi aw sorts ay trees
e winter ye nott athickgunsey as weel as yer
the winter as i scrapedthickice off my car windows
winter snaw flew its feathersthicksmoorichin the hale rannoch moor
feet high an aboot asthickas a tree jonsar says
floor despite the two feetthickposts that had been sticking
on ma feet an mathicksocks on i paddlet ben
waves rush to my feetthickwith the silt of stars
in roll pastry out ½thickcut into circles bake
fault the chef with thethickcut lips made a hero
his legs are short andthickand dirty and sun burned
even in the vernacular asthickas two short planks if
abuin the wattir war uncothickin thaim war a littil
them they war wyvit saethickthegither it tuik ten meenits
arms aren t half asthickas my daddy s they
struggled to chime through thethickair after two months of
lyin yin the air isthickwi tension but can he
air noo an aan saethickye d a thocht be
paper cups the crowd throngedthickand heavy round the square
mallorcan cotton the paper isthickfrench paper ordered specially for
in a paper pyockie twathickshaves o breid an butter
fell ben the nicht inthickcauld flakes till the grun
tbsp brandy sherry rum tillthickfrothy over warm water spoon
o ma great aunt seemthickas butter ah d spreid
no f1117: it s toothickand bushy she s got
she was no spring chickenthickas pig shit too no
cause you re obviously toothickto realise you can t
the lenses which were toothickto snap and flushed the
my arms around his bigthickhairy neck and breathe sorry
standin there wi the bigthickrope pooin mah troosers doon
widden chair wrappin the bigthickrope roond mi young sandy
through the wa a bigthickwa like that john we
the hey parks wad bethickan sweet wi simmer girse
wis aafa hait wi athickdownie on e bed an
tae hyter hame wi athickheid aa bit jock dow
invested that wis wi greenflythickinfested but as a went
october wi nae mune anthicklaich cluds maskin the stars
enormous bed wi an enormousthicklookin downie bit it turnet
wintit tae be in ethicko things wi e students
ma right haun which wisthickwi solid gold then pressed
for that as athing wisthickwi stue fin it came
roon her neck an athickworsit scarf wi matchin mochles
hot fish liquor stirring untilthickadd the rest 2 pour
move slowly until varnishy andthickmelt and brush over bird
heat do not boil untilthickpotato stuffing for goose 3
tae mak the dyke asthickan strang as they cuid
a wechty pleat near asthickas a shelt s tail
burn wis steirt up sthickas aidle but whiles we
like there used to bethickas bison wandering historical plains
an sheriffdom cam notandums inthickas flauchts o snaa aweill
she thought he was stupidthickas porridge desperately he looked
a social work file asthickas the london phone books
as close as ever asthickas thieves mrs macdonald commented
1943 as a ymca thethickbrambles cling to the site
aas as she smeared athickbuttery substance over her lips
to a person as beingthickdense cloth headed wooden headed
angus as foustie meaning athickfloury morning roll fustian is
dost simply as a flatthickloaf with the earliest recording
cling to his dreams throughthickand thin his complexion revealed
linger to prod them throughthickmitts and old men peering
down through a miasma ofthicktears forgetting that he wouldn
put the glitter on quitethickin a solid block a
es wis e plantin ralethickan graan for shelter ere
see wis a pair othickbloomers awa doon aneath her
degree he thocht ti hisselthickfauldit wis ma beddin i
saturday it was chicken onthickpasta tubes [censored: forename] had fish
s fibreglass slabs about 3thickand the buildings are double
1 5 rainfall 3 16thickweet mist for the hale
put in mixture and 1thickbake in moderate oven for
utmaist crueltie mak ma bluidthickclag aw springheids o peitie
down in the cab thethickwreak of a million sweaty
for aw the waws isthickshe s waukent me mair
so ye kept aw thethickyins see so once ye
if his tongue was kinnathickhis hands were richt eager
the ankles were concealed bythicksupport tights in subdued lighting
heavy legs the streets werethickwith shops selling pullovers cardigans
of his chair they werethickwith stour bessie the servant
were knitted in a coarsethickworsted yarn called wheeling wool
onto stream feinted vellum hillsthicknibbed oaks blend into fine
oak door leading into thethickwalled warm interior there was
beets didna clink on ethicklayer o needles some aal
steps each one making histhickflesh judder the impact of
his seat like a prizefighterthickset and bluff in stature
with open ribs for bakingthickbere meal bannocks another kind
supplied with clean white sheetsthickcotton towels and bedspread monogrammed
would think of a athickfruit cake with lots of
hilo hawaiian was lined withthickknotted banyans the roots of
just had a piece athickslice of loaf spread with
rattling pulmonary system would bethickwith carcinogenic diesel fumes that
lub of the loch isthickwith echoes only a toad
the kitchen the place wasthickwith smoke and flames coming
the bottom of sheer cliffsthickwith vegetation and from the
a pleasing red with athickyellow band in the centre
5 6 rainfall 2 16thickan fule is the haar
atmosphere under the gallery wasthickand oppressive knight himself was
f643: so the wall wasthickand the kids was here
bar he was reading athickbook he was wearing a
no bats was also circumventedthickcardboard dinner mats grasped at
and i was on thethickend m608: uh huh m642:
and kennedy blood was notoriouslythickfurthermore at the creation of
was further diminished by athickpall of tobacco smoke and
more appear they all wearthickclothing george appears he shouts
the pages would become sothickthey had to be photocopied
ken the way we speakthickthey say aye you re
rather unsucessfully ower yon extrathickbloomers nae much winner she
gang forrit a forest thisthickis nae place for stravaigin
eastern merker the maid sthickairms raxxed up abeen her
mother and her child tinythickglassed windows admitted a minimum
10 15 it s affathickfog fule an weet wither
wur berries an cherries isthickis micht be seen silence
wur berries an cherries isthickis micht be seen thur
yur wrapped up in athickwooly jumper an yi feel
than the girls crudities athickbearskin rug the flickering light
the window shaded by athickcrocheted curtain he introduces me
a doze fleein flying fleetinsthickcurds that form on the
of action within minutes athickgrey red pall obliterated the
the mornin ere s athickhaar oot comes the sin
first xv fellow a realthickhead i ll call joe
right out the strap isthicklike the sole of a
gloamin he wan til athickmirk shaw he gaed in
a kynd o mean blinndthickskinned beiss no a richt
oh nobody he gulped athickslug of lager some girl
oh that s a reallythickwelsh accent but it could
on day ferrly gets worsethickmist blawn intae us like
or ae day in thethickderk forest neirhaund the mukkil
temp 0 4 ere isthickfog the hale day lang
that how we got thaethicksheets up there f643: that
s beyond belief cast mythicksark fae underneath sunday 16th
meltin toffee it patty sthickcreamy milk that the bruce
s kain it s brawthickkail though the cogie s
making it fine and maamiethickand smooth the word is
have thought look at thesethickkids [laugh] this is why
weeds but not roots ofthickweeds once this is done
ivied oak and rhododenron bushesthickand dank the statue squatted
stop work maamie of broththickand smooth maan must maiden
and weird pointed hats andthickblack moustaches the crowd shrieked
one hand and cups ofthickpeat flavoured tea close by
the second time that thisthickdocument in front of me
for working butter buttermilk breidthickrelatively soft oatcakes ca canny

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