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of a push in thesethingsa bit backward in coming
it wis decided tae leavethingsaleen these people should be
tae eh adhere to thesethingsan m1017: yeah m1014: [inaudible]
an ye got aw thesethingsand f638: but when ye
tend to think about thesethingsand have realised that a
ha- grow these vegetables andthingsand look after these f963:
and so pip steals thesethingsand then he apologises to
don t all these differentthingsand there were wee rhymes
an dogs an that thesethingsandrew ll again he ll
to be sensible about thesethingsandrew wilson exactly mr mcconnell
they don t understand thesethingsanymore f606: they don t
where there okay all thesethingsapply but that that the
he he has all thesethingsare absolutely true m1007: yes
know half the facts thesethingsare always mair complicated the
scottish literary studies all thesethingsare arts council fundit the
other towns beaumont the waythingsare at the moment these
uh huh m017: th- thesethingsare dealt with eh in
sure that none of thesethingsare floatin aboot in the
in aboot these bricks forthingsare gettin in a fix
could be d- m816: thesethingsare serious m815: don t
i i never saw thesethingsas compartmentalised separate and one
know and eh these weethingsaw stuck in yer mind
feeling that all these beautifulthingsbelonged to and had been
tender age to learn thesethingsbut i think it was
clause you will ken thesethingsby experience james follows this
i m gonnae call thesethingsby what they re meant
persons but things though thesethingscan hae bairns that also
remind the court that thesethingsdid not occur by chance
erm these things erm thesethingseh do speak a sort
same question so all thesethingser were completely concurrent until
m078: so on erm thesethingserm these things eh do
stage play and some miscellaneousthingsexploring these areas you know
now they have all thesethingsf1023: yes yes i did
stop thinking about these exactthingsf1150: [laugh] locked up because
mmhm m954: about all thesethingsf606: yeah and you als-
and we can discuss thesethingsf606: yeah m954: erm i-
and these wee silver ballthingsf631: mmhm f689: so they
ye f638: all these daysthingsf637: but john see nooadays
aye we played aw thesethingsf638: played rounders and sk-
include unlucky charms in thesethingsf963: [laugh] [laugh] f965: because
out there and do thesethingsf963: yes yeah mmhm mmhm
germanic mythology and all thesethingsfor for you know m762:
ve got tae keep thesethingsgoin m1146: yeah f1143: an
and we can have thesethingsgoin round and round our
they all got all thesethingsgot thingmibobbed in the blitz
walls with these fiddling littlethingshe asked in the fourth
duncan doesn t plan thesethingshe loses his temper sometimes
squid an prawns an siclikethingshe tellt o these an
but so all these otherthingsi did i i trained
all these memories flood backthingsi don t remember remembering
i was scanning all thesethingsi had left them and
speak to people about thesethingsi just i find it
if she could think thesethingsif she had that kind
you can deal with thesethingsin a really clich├ęd way
elderly labour have blocked thesethingsin england people can t
master ann saw all thesethingsin him but she also
they put these silly metalthingsin that hold them f826:
know we lost all thesethingsin the blitz f632: [laugh]
to land none of thesethingsis reported with surety but
victor and m811: these warthingsis that f812: the you
things they sell on thesethingsit s always the most
muck up o all thesethings[laugh] f1049: [laugh] no [laugh]
is quite duff for thesethings[laugh] f965: oh i wou-
is quite passionate about thesethings[laugh] [laugh] f1150: is he
mining and and and differentthingslike that erm so these
and do all these mathsthingsma brain doesn t work
firmly these bib and bracethingsmake everything so obvious says
these issues are complicated andthingsmust be right and although
their interest and that thesethingsoccur in the case o
i mean these massacres andthingsoccurring you know ordinary soldiers
these f963: yeah m762: wonderfulthingsone about erm treasure island
will wish to examine thesethingsonly at a later stage
taught her but were thesethingspower and if so what
eh to put these twothingsright so i had that
t have any of thesethingsshe was a bad silly
medieval castle all of thesethingssituated in a fictive landscape
and all these kind ofthingsstuff and then they d
it s one of thesethingsthat always happens just at
or how do explain thesethingsthat are wrong with the
i m reading these otherthingsthat f746: mm f745: i
keys oh well these arethingsthat happen when you re
these two one of thethingsthat i would suggest that
of these sort of evocativethingsthat m762: that s right
these are the sort othingsthat s eh that s
it s one of thesethingsthat society has deemed necessary
these you know these newthingsthat they fold ower an
keeps an eye on thesethingsthat we are running slightly
there were these sort ofthingsthat were expected of you
i don t believe thesethingsthat you know she would
but i these are notthingsthat you were aware of
got a lot o thesethingsthe way they are cause
drift in an oot othingsthese days peggy bitterly well
appear it s in thesethingsthese treatises these educational works
them about all these importantthingsthey don t seem to
[laugh] [laugh] m642: as thesethingsthey re accelerating up that
you not think all thethingsthey sell on these things
love my jimmies see thesethingsthey wear now they re
not considered as persons butthingsthough these things can hae
is why we have thesethingsto teach them this f1049:
doing all these milk monitorthingswas that like in secondary
these were the occasions whenthingswent wrong overall the federation
you know and all thesethingswere sort of separated structurally
s one of these bizarrethingswhere er real life er
film richts and aw thesethingswill come the easier to
well designer you know thesethingswith the crocodiles on them
to preserve these sort ofthingswithout putting a sort of
you haven t got thesethingsyou haven t got that
one of these slightly sillythingsyou know er you know
f1037: we all get thesethingsyou know into our email
he s interested in thesethingsyou know m741: yeah m605:
a mother and all thesethingsyou know people still expect
when you go to thesethingsyou ve gotta be it
and i- m1055: these arethingsyou would use though f1009:
still doing the same oldthingsand erm f1038: right f1037:
would be doing their ownthingsand invariably there would be
capable of doing pretty awfulthingsand yet the original meaning
into the future doing otherthingsas well trying to renew
so are we not doingthingsback to front we should
more controversial way of doingthingsbut is at least a
have found ways of doingthingsearlier or more quickly or
get to move about andthingsf1037: brilliant are you doing
been doing lots of thin-thingsf1103: [inaudible] what was you
only one way of doingthingsf812: i can remember a
with it [inaudible] doing alternativethingsf965: [inaudible] think we ll
and vibrant communities doing manythingsfor themselves in creative and
i just cum oat unknownthingsi remember doing as a
ll be be doing manythingsi think erm i suppose
will begin by doing twothingsi thought i never would
part of that involve doingthingsin new ways and facilitating
the english way of doingthingsis comical and what is
was doing all sorts ofthingslike caribbean poetry and really
seen them doing really sillythingslike during the summer when
spent on talking doing otherthingslike f1037: yeah f1038: we
and f1077: mmhm m1078: doingthingslike that f1077: sports day
particularly if you re doingthingslike translation [inhale] erm so
away and and and doingthingsm608: mmhm mmhm m1163: and
to stop people from doingthingsmorag turns to me she
radio are volunteers doing otherthingsokay i didn t realise
area and we are doingthingsslightly the wrong way round
exploited further by doing smallthingssuch as using more moving
of doing some of thethingsthat have been suggested ben
doing all sorts of naughtythingsthe witness should be there
yeah f1038: doing documents andthingsto do with that f1037:
achieve continuity planning and whichthingsto stop doing before christmas
that doing nothing would makethingsvery difficult although staff felt
are working away doing amazingthingswe re we re producing
many people are doing manythingswell they do not receive
more about the kind ofthingsyou ve been doing with
tae different shops for differentthingsan aw the wee shops
it an aw their differentthingsan i can mind my
use own words for differentthingsan yeah the fishing community
huh m1163: all the differentthingsand if they want a
people find comfort in differentthingsand in the same way
different regions that find thatthingsare changing what is the
and should are two differentthingsas i m sure i
different days that you didthingsas well you know like
a few different examples ofthingsbut i want to come
it ll be two differentthingsbut m608: uh huh m1174:
m1017: eh just all differentthingscardigans jerseys jumpers things like
a different way in differentthingsdifferent kinds of work that
use different words for differentthingsdo you think m1014: well
i m writing several differentthingserm f963: mm right yeah
all the different shapes andthingsf1122: mummy can we [child noises]
what the different versions ofthingsf1187: working with their different
cope wi sorrow and differentthingsf632: mmhm f646: it s
f947: different ways of sayingthingsf746: mmhm m1161: uh huh
an different words for differentthingsf826: yeah maybe it s
two different entirely diff- differentthingsfor the same it was
spellings for so many differentthingsi mean do you spell
in the ways of makingthingsin different parts of the
f606: mmhm f1039: tae differentthingsin there like judo or
presumably others saying very differentthingsit became clear from casual
words that mean totally differentthingsit s all b- it
for arithmetic and eh differentthingslike that and i remember
different things cardigans jerseys jumpersthingslike that corduroy troosers f1054:
the wednesday an just differentthingslike that ye know it
the gym enter bj bjthingslook different fi up there
i like to see differentthingsm608: yeah yeah m1163: but
lot of experience in differentthings[sniff] and we also did
different forum that is wherethingsstand if there is anything
i think it is differentthingstae different folk an i
broken relationship an the differentthingsthat are goin on in
the you know the differentthingsthat have happened to him
might be talking about differentthingsthat is your question stewart
of a series of differentthingsthat led to some issues
different point one of thethingsthat we must bear in
the diff- did the differentthingsthat you eat at christmas
are talking about two differentthingsthe convener what you are
they do they mean differentthingsthis lack of synchrony is
cover a few different ehthingsthis mornin roughly seven ehm
the term scots means differentthingsto different people research by
the term scots means differentthingsto different people the sampling
could be talking about differentthingswe have already introduced additional
loyalty cards then bit itherthingswere different tee ye didna
war and erm you knowthingswere very very different and
if yi came back jillythingswid be different jilly against
i miss ye believe methingswill be different please come
for me ah m shuirthingswul be different the morn
said and you did differentthingsyou know you threw it
days will come ere sthingsa lot waur than the
had a lot of interestingthingsabout the place not least
lot of fun and changingthingsand and goin in to
a lot of the samethingsand that that that s
not a lot there butthingsare settling down thursday 15
a lot o other goodthingseh came up wi the
fought for a lot ofthingserm and i do als-
have a lot of sweetthingserm but yeah i ve
have a lot of sweetthingserm didn t have really
body dis a lot othingsey dinna wint tae dee
and erm a lot ofthingsfats domino things that you
me we s- we hitthingshard a lot o the
wis an aafa lot othingshe niver tastit denner wis
a lot of events andthingsi should probably know more
day like a lot ofthingsi think i ll get
s quite a lot ofthingsi think we d want
ve got a lot ofthingsi want to dae but
there are a lot ofthingsin modern languages teaching that
a lot of dishes andthingsin suitcases the only things
to hide a lot othingsin there in that bird
keep a record of suchthingsis a lot of nonsense
stottin for a lot othingsit means good it means
really get a lot ofthingsjust now on on writing
lot to make dishes tastythingslike chappit tatties and egg
m605: a lot occa- somethingslike okay have kind of
we d a lot othingslike that good things but
me of a lot ofthingslike the four quartets the
a lot of resonances anthingsm741: mmhm m605: i mean
jist need to be findinthingsmabel thought that a lot
like a lot of otherthingson the farm furniture as
are still a lot ofthingssmall articles that can be
there s a lot othingsthat are nae really very
a lot oot there ehthingsthat folk dae i mean
s a lot of badthingsthat happen but a lot
like a lot of thethingsthat they teach you and
there s a lot othingsthat we say we re
lot of things fats dominothingsthat you would not hear
way through a lot ofthingsto find their happiness martha
can send a lot ofthingsto this committee and that
a lot better f965: enjoyablethingswell i don t think
was quite a lot ofthingswent on durin the war
lot of resources on translatingthingswhen that is not necessary
for a lot o itherthingswhich wisnae fair i m
of the door to makethingsworse there is a lot
there is a lot ofthingswritten about second language acquisition
there s a lot othingsye ken w goin intae
things an aw the goodthingsaboot this bypass and there
and he would tell herthingsabout jamaica things about sir
tell her things about jamaicathingsabout sir john and his
eh aboot aw the badthingsan aw the good things
i m excluded and hittingthingsand knocking things down and
round you trying to cookthingsand things like that and
you know erm stereotypes andthingsand things that hadn t
arrangements that is fine whenthingsare going well but things
he s angry he saysthingsbad things boot stuff thit
angry he says things badthingsboot stuff thit s happened
o things like that goodthingsbut young folk like you
gart things happen aroon steenhillockthingsdidna happen unless they planned
and hitting things and knockingthingsdown and i m going
m762: er i always scribblethingsdown in notebooks and things
what is it the seventhingsehm the seven things that
boxin things m1048: what boxingthingsf1049: you know how there
things than there was goodthingsf606: mmhm m822: ye ken
waited hopefully for better thingsthingsgot worse not better a
da the bruce s gartthingshappen aroon steenhillock things didna
things down in notebooks andthingsideas and probably won t
connect things to specific biographicalthingsin my life erm but
it was really after thingsthingsjust went sour with him
she wes stravaigin aboot daeinthingslady the things she s
could skelp things wi itthingslike dugs and cats and
trying to cook things andthingslike that and so i
you know how the boxinthingsm1048: what boxing things f1049:
put things on top ofthingson the computer f1037: yeah
and you sort of putthingson top of things on
no but like sunday schoolthingsor party things ye took
ah want tae ken abootthingsrelatin tae aw things tae
likes are pretty much classicalthingsrocked up or rocky things
be a reason for makinthingsrunnin things together for speed
aboot daein things lady thethingsshe s said a wadna
aboot things relatin tae awthingstae dae wi health so
and there was mair badthingsthan there was good things
things rocked up or rockythingsthat are very heavily classically
erm stereotypes and things andthingsthat hadn t f963: mm
things in suitcases the onlythingsthat i still need here
seven things ehm the seventhingsthat men do that most
they can even say thingsthingsthat sound just a little
i waited hopefully for betterthingsthings got worse not better
so it was really afterthingsthings just went sour with
sometimes they can even saythingsthings that sound just a
could look back and connectthingsto specific biographical things in
reason for makin things runninthingstogether for speed or f1011:
things are going well butthingswere clearly not going well
stick sae she could skelpthingswi it things like dugs
sunday school things or partythingsye took yer jimmies fit
that sort of senseless knockingthingsabout just because you re
done loads and loads ofthingsalways you know sort of
f1141: like jigsaw sort ofthingsand ken something else f1142:
we had sort of dancethingsand we played rounders and
sort of wooden ladders andthingsand wee wee sort of
like wee sort o chocolatethingsas well f631: mmhm f689:
if so what sort ofthingscame out of that did
farm locally what sort ofthingsdo they say in scots
[pages turning] m1070: what sort ofthingsdo you do in nursery
f1150: yeah just germs andthingsf1151: sort of even just
like little sort of stoolthingsf718: yeah f1077: i think
sort of think there arethingsin your own culture that
contributing to phone bills andthingslike that and i sort
no the wey tae sortthingsoot an blackie hens ye
tae worry maggie ll sortthingsoot getting up ah ll
nicht natasha we maun sortthingsoot olia you an me
bit o siller tae sortthingsoot yon wifie an ronald
i sort of tell himthingsthat i ve been learning
given that the sort ofthingsthat must be looked out
of sort of postcards andthingsthat my dad sent and
f963: i find to readthingsthat that sort of get
deal with the sort ofthingsthat the law enforcement agencies
know and share sort ofthingsthat we ve read and
sort of did you dothingsthat you f689: oh right
sort of dome sort ofthingsthey re in there f813:
that sort of detail heldthingsup miss goldie why was
d been gan to takthingsa bittie mair slow like
we would like to dothingsa key part of the
should be tabling stuff countingthingsand doin it like that
other how other people readthingsand i like writers who
could spend more time morethingsand stuff like that but
i m like f1155: chewthingsand that f1154: i have
through some some pretty badthingsand this was her like
efter aa it wis bluidthingsanely bled like that fin
parents including homework booklets wherethingsare eh phrases like complete
f1038: like community action andthingsas well as publishing f1037:
[?]like building things as well[/?] f1141: you like buildingthingsas well f1142: yes [inaudible]
s from the islands andthingsas well like i ve
and would like to dothingsbetter it is considering how
down and hopefully to makethingsbetter it still seems like
like to go and seethingscause o all the people
the bearer s legs otherthingscould be carried too like
pictures yeah what kind ofthingsdo you like drawing f1071:
in none o the seriousthingseh like road signs ehm
f1038: yeah like books andthingsf1037: a a locker where
s like dropping litter andthingsf1037: and why why why
buy like stupid cans othingsf1049: well she was goin
like in here telling methingsf812: but then some f813:
it ll be like visualthingsf940: so anyway in the
ye ken how tae makthingsfair run like clockwork dad
and to just get likethingsflowin and to put people
retrained but they also dothingsfor people like my father
that i like tae hearthingsfrae the lads theirsels whit
from us kept like stealingthingsfrom us [laugh] f1148: mmhm
little bittie- little crevices thatthingsget stuck into like bits
t have baby showers andthingshere like you do in
about ps- psychology and thethingsi didn t like about
people just get into certainthingsi suppose it s like
just looking through books andthingsi think i found like
fee from now on likethingsin general more money for
they say piss off andthingsin it [laugh] like it
pit a v- variety othings[inaudible] an aw like ye
[laugh] [cough] f810: eh manythingsincluding like the five wounds
one of one of thethingsis like ehm i think
the atlantic like many otherthingsit will not go away
limbs flayed like helpless livingthingslie scattered ready to be
work anyway ah like daeinthingslik that and made a
special seats and people havethingslike a five minute massage
call them like trellisy placematthingslike all f1155: oh right
much on sentences linked withthingslike and or but [click]
can link together sentences usingthingslike and or but [inhale]
little girl they were sayinthingslike and what s your
of cloud ye min onthingslike at syne i d
taught in my first degreethingslike brotherly love and helpin
love and helpin the needythingslike carin and sharin and
but eh f826: what aboutthingslike clothes do have f606:
aye even s- even simplethingslike coo coo an hoose
education adult learning social economythingslike credit unions housing arts
lots of cakes and sugarythingslike cup cakes f1037: de-
and we learned to makethingslike custard and bake a
of language teachers may saythingslike do you see what
st- a tenement stair thing-thingslike eating were erm i
backed off he was sayingthingslike eh miss ye re
f643: ehm so i rememberthingslike ehm what is it
there ehm we would saythingslike ehm you know how
they were inclined to bethingslike er you know like
have studied f1150: yeah f1151: thingslike erm english language and
mm right sorry f1026: eventhingslike erm like when we
and nice children and didthingslike erm look after their
f965: and it would bethingslike erm well designer you
cause you get so manythingslike f814: i know f812:
worst witness and you knowthingslike f963: mm f965: cars
it was aw full ofthingslike geraniums and aw the
say rather than f831: mmhmthingslike glaikit an m842: aye
t think you do forthingslike gym f1077: no mm
even in my my daythingslike handbags have changed f1024:
glasgow we used to havethingslike hatter s row f1054:
i e we cannot saythingslike he stood there thoughtfully
ing for present participle kindathingslike hingan f606: uh huh
to the public has includedthingslike how to check their
there was one or twothingslike i asked him ehm
he was a character thethingslike i don t know
m811: embarrassing though so manythingslike i mind there was
it s one of thosethingslike i quite liked the
to be careful to saythingslike in in lerwick you
middle classes an there werethingslike in your lifestyle like
m762: mm f963: you knowthingslike it ain t half
yeah have you been organisingthingslike m1163: it is m608:
m1007: [laugh] m1008: about importantthingslike mm [laugh] f1009: [laugh]
always had set days forthingslike monday was washin day
you do you do forthingslike music mmhm f718: you
a siftin riddle for cleaningthingslike neep seed its wooden
f951: right well i meanthingslike newspapers i dinna think
philosophy and they ll saythingslike oh yeah so you
son you can t overdothingslike other folk bliss peace
use old scots words forthingslike our our groups an
them and i started usingthingslike paint and just mucking
a reason f746: yeah andthingslike paradise lost like as
f965: mm mm f963: includedthingslike playing chess and so
readers i ll have oddthingslike proof reading to do
there though i still saythingslike sat instead o salt
happening is that because ofthingslike subtitles on television icelandic
spellings still suggest scots pronunciationsthingslike taken keeped twa handed
well my mother never madethingslike tapioca and sago f718:
private letters and emails anthingslike text messages we write
and plays tin whistles jugglersthingslike that a wilkie tumblin
your mother in law andthingslike that an f631: [laugh]
mmhm f951: dialect writers anthingslike that an i dinnae
wi oh hoops canes anthingslike that an it came
ll do glasgow poets anthingslike that an m865: uh
guttin herrin and daein awthingslike that and makin sure
where you play sports andthingslike that and people have
how he got rich andthingslike that and then in
his birthday last month toothingslike that are hard although
a bit absent minded atthingslike that aren t we
of coal the whisky andthingslike that around m964: [cough]
you know they should readthingslike that because they should
s favourite golf course anthingslike that but i had
was away in germany andthingslike that but i mean
kick the cannie an anthingslike that but we we
shouldn t really talk aboutthingslike that cause yeah [laugh]
embers she often wondered aboutthingslike that did she really
people like billy connolly andthingslike that eh m- miraculous
the time funnily enough umthingslike that ehm [tut] ehm
go to the hairdresser andthingslike that erm i obviously
in their own flats andthingslike that f1037: that s
m1070: nuts and seeds [inhale]thingslike that f1071: and they
know f1054: [laugh] stoater anthingslike that f1144: they ve
children out ski ing andthingslike that f1148: mmhm oh
she s quite nervous aboutthingslike that f631: yeah f689:
covers and chair covers andthingslike that f639: mmhm f640:
there was a slide andthingslike that f718: yeah m734:
to go to edinburgh andthingslike that f807: mm f806:
girl who would quite likethingslike that f810: [laugh] you
an washin their hands anthingslike that f826: oh right
t let their kids dothingslike that f963: mm f965:
yeah [laugh] yeah f963: pringlethingslike that f965: i think
outside f963: yes playing hockeythingslike that f965: mm f963:
girls are always writing stupidthingslike that geordie wouldn t
know it s horrible whenthingslike that happen [exhale] f978:
get a chance tae seethingslike that have you ever
out for a walk andthingslike that he would actually
read trowie stories an anthingslike that hello now where
havers man you canny seethingslike that i asked you
ever worked in shops andthingslike that i didn t
used tae make scones andthingslike that in there f638:
puttin your bank details anthingslike that into a computer
me that gets annoyed abootthingslike that it s just
allowed to teach spelling andthingslike that it was all
say well stamp yer feetthingslike that just somebody wi
conversation with you knows andthingslike that m1055: mmhm m1008:
of walls you like andthingslike that m827: stupid stuff
an mmhm f1023: tea andthingslike that mmhm f1025: mmhm
bessie och i can minthingslike that nae bother short
m942: i don t likethingslike that on the internet
yes m964: did you havethingslike that or [inaudible] f965:
well actually you can buythingslike that or you used
f1027: mmhm mmhm f1023: andthingslike that ru- eh ruler
wall charts miss wood saysthingslike that s a baby
my younger relatives cousins childrenthingslike that say student age
oh i shouldn t saythingslike that she cleans the
m1014: [inaudible] the plants m1017: thingslike that singlin an the
have a reception [laugh] andthingslike that so f631: right
disappears and [inaudible] he doesthingslike that so i ve
right f643: sheep bugs andthingslike that so it it
jist m842: mmhm aye f831: thingslike that that come into
think o robert burns anthingslike that that s the
mmhm f122: the country andthingslike that there you know
good if so called finethingslike that took a hold
been helpful to debate weethingslike that we have had
we never remember to dothingslike that we re a
words aroon the school abootthingslike that what do you
that i m forever sayinthingslike that when i ve
mmhm f1027: the screwdriver andthingslike that whereas the garden
mmhm then you get weirdthingslike that whole carry on
know the jennings books andthingslike that with their conkers
ye ye divnae ken anthingslike that ye know an
them old four eyes andthingslike that you know and
it with clothes pegs andthingslike that you know f1025:
of nineteen twenties editions andthingslike that you know so
about the outside phone andthingslike that you know so
the statues an headsquares anthingslike that you know when
f1148: mmhm f1149: computing andthingslike that you know when
stockings off o that toothpastethingslike that you maybe got
will be transcripts then andthingslike that you mean in
people jibe at you forthingslike that you you you
last fifteen year in particularthingslike the emergence of the
were saying about listening tothingslike the laughing policeman and
way there will not bethingslike the meeting between the
he s like you knowthingslike the nine o clock
laws we were slaving overthingslike the oed however there
as well as heating untilthingslike the rippingille stove came
f643: ehm and there wasthingslike the sheepdog trials o-
kind of terrible circumstances andthingslike the wreck of the
concerts like the teeny bopperthingslike they sell out in
out of crepe paper anthingslike this an we d
it was cranberry sauce orthingslike this f965: that s
carolanne thanks for asking himthingslike this they make everybody
s definitely one of thethingslike tom leonard does that
o funny words for thatthingslike vennels an aa this
and they said well aboutthingslike washing your hands you
the same and they saythingslike well i couldn t
went out and we didthingslike well let s go
would she do for otherthingslike what if it was
to er er you knowthingslike you know to television
f689: it was just thethingslike you re not allowed
f965: but you you hadthingslike you were gonna get
is to heal to revealthingslong lain hidden like desert
just f1150: mmhm f1151: likethingslying about which is fair
what you like plastic domethingsm811: yeah so i never
there was like silly modelthingsm941: i know what you
smaa he kens the gweedthingsr we wid like tae
if you don t dothingsright and i was like
zeb i like to getthingsright zeb carry s the
it like that to dothingsso i m not just
lowpin like imps the anelythingssteerin in the kitchie apart
like thon could be monythingstae mony fowk as it
educational works [inhale] and thethingsthat are most like fiction
shopping mall i like wildthingsthat fly against the tide
he showed us photographs ofthingsthat i thought were like
fearty feared of so manythingsthat left gertie unafraid like
like to write more fictionalthingsthat s what i m
they are the sorts ofthingsthat teachers would like to
anywhere like that the thethingsthat they use so ye
f812: no but seriously likethingsthat you don t remember
like having to spell outthingsthat you really shouldn t
like the blue the bluethingsthey f812: that s hysterical
e to pit up withingswe dinna like fan there
m811: well like the bluethingswe just got them like
it was unfair but thatthingswere like that and had
obviously wasn t paying forthingswhen i was like five
and flowers we bought somethingswhich looked like french rolls
like that but over timethingswill change on the one
f963: did you not havethingsalong the beach as well
as well as all thosethingsand so f963: yes yeah
i ve written about otherthingsas well f963: mm mm
of course i had readthingsbut also f963: mm mmhm
f963: mm f965: to damagethingsbut i think everybody was
opposed to glaswegian accents andthingserm f963: right yeah mmhm
generation about how you didthingsf963: but it was it
you could get them playingthingsf963: mm mmhm f965: but
because i d written otherthingsf963: mm mmhm yeah yeah
games f963: mmhm f965: funthingsf963: yeah f965: you know
with raisins and currants andthingsf963: yeah it s a
who just want to breakthingsf963: yeah uh huh yeah
mindset was not towards damagingthingsf963: yeah yeah sure that
and i would just letthingsflow and so f963: mm
man and and and takingthingsfor granted and f963: yeah
yeah f963: one of thethingsi enjoy very much about
birthday cake a f963: withthingsin it f965: scottish it
there s gotta be otherthingsin so she became f963:
aerobics and all sorts ofthingsindoors f963: mm f965: it
they do that yeah f963: thingsm964: i mean there are
and wanted to to keepthingsnice f963: yeah but there
the family not scottish f965: thingsoh yeah f963: i thought
s right a combination ofthingsprobably yeah f963: living memory
you know all kinds ofthingsso f963: right [laugh] yeah
f963: mmhm m762: view ofthingsso music is a good
and and m762: yeah f963: thingsstart to take on slightly
of the f963: okay m964: thingsthat happened was that some
and rhymes f963: right f965: thingsthat kids have to be
that you look back onthingsthat m762: yeah f963: you
so i think so f963: thingsthat that you know i
obviously f963: right luck luckthingsyeah f965: lucky uh huh
know deeper than just surfacethingsyou know and f963: mm
my writing and and triggeredthingsyou know and f963: mm
of course you know humanthingsyou know erm f963: mm
f963: mm f965: of destroyingthingsyou know there was a
check sadie checks too manythingsagnes still an all better
on to bigger and betterthingsand their shepherding was much
according to help the agedthingsare not getting better for
any better that the oldthingsare passing away and that
despite my enthusiasm about betterthingsat home my friends were
our communities and to makethingsbetter for a host of
economic levers will somehow makethingsbetter ms alexander i am
practice voluntary groups do somethingsbetter than the state does
fowk the better it madethingseasier bit this wisnae happenin
to [laugh] bigger and betterthingsf965: but yeah but what
fyow ears o the 1900sthingsgot a bittie better for
debilitating for them for annathingsgot better following effective treatment
f1040: now it is becausethingshave got better now than
feel comfortable talking about suchthingsit is still better to
d better get all thisthingsoot f1111: why f1112: cause
position you d better thinkthingsover in the meantime goodbye
stop spik he hid betterthingstae dee of coorse at
ah ken ah aften saythingsthat wad be better no
meeting if she has betterthingsto do although she is
who would generally have betterthingsto do on a saturday
on sundays up to 1939thingswere better and there were
the month o october anthingswere nae gettin ony better
but i still think somethingswere were better in our
the better classes how arethingswith them doubt and dismay
sinking his teeth into betterthingswords can sometimes play funny
the parliament we said thatthingswould get better for older
an hae a guid sleepthingswul mebbe seem better the
wi onie job jek sumthingsye lyke better nor ithers
change that and many otherthings12 21 the deputy minister
we need to consider otherthingsalthough there are still questions
she d slip in otherthingsamong the haivers and a
it is about many otherthingsand it will lead i
versions of other people sthingsand once you depart from
the five knightly chivalric codethingsand some other five there
say that of of otherthingsapart from a person or
be used and of howthingsare done differently in other
given to bsl users otherthingsare needed there are around
him to focus on otherthingsbesides his craving in lucid
areas most registrars do otherthingsbesides registering marriages in areas
in that and many otherthingsbritain is the country that
a separate world where otherthingsceased to exist and nothing
specific responsibility of among otherthingsdealing with wildlife crime are
but they did harvest otherthingsdo you know what m942:
and all sorts of otherthingseverything was very public and
the patch through among otherthingsexamination of local authorities action
course being renowned amongst otherthingsfor creating a giant cacti
i have lots of otherthingsfor my breakfast i have
have moved on to otherthingsfor their support over the
speak to each other buythingsfrom a little corner shop
i i d read otherthingsfrom other parts of the
a whole range of otherthingsguddle is a technical term
s event given that otherthingshad been cancelled out of
than they are many otherthingsi hope that the consular
streets no to mention otherthingsi widny care to name
a learner there are somethingsin life that other people
we need to keep otherthingsin mind as well brian
try to learn some otherthings[inhale] didn t succeed at
made up for the otherthingslacking in their relationship and
for other reasons to makethingsmore citizen friendly fundamental rights
and half a dozen otherthingsnever mind the bathroom here
halery hiellery and various otherthingsno luck it must be
once i get the otherthingsoot the road but er
to read about the daftthingsother folk do i used
get them interested in otherthingsother than just bein on
not on to rule outthingsout of hand no other
mouth that opens to chewthingsover i on the other
other member state among otherthingspart 4 of the bill
thairof when pressed to definethingsprecisely in other words james
to go on for otherthingsshe s okay m959: so
meeting some other people tomorrowthingsshould get sorted out soon
uh huh yeah f1149: otherthingsso i don t know
help to dress and otherthingsso it might come back
the first time and otherthingssuch as the rights of
areas other committees look intothingssuch as the running of
advertising from all the otherthingsthat are happening i am
the fishin community or otherthingsthat are meaningful for you
1998 and concluded amongst otherthingsthat consideration of stb s
and do all the otherthingsthat constables do i am
loose furnishing and the otherthingsthat make houses able to
whether the 434 million includesthingsthat other departments would normally
committee has recommended amongst otherthingsthat the convention be used
time given all the otherthingsthat we have to do
we must do and otherthingsthat we want to do
prescriptive is that among otherthingsthat would compromise our negotiating
nationalist energy by among otherthingsthe burden of scotland s
people because of among otherthingsthe confidence that it gives
hamilton asked about among otherthingsthe difference between a deferred
but also by several otherthingsthe lack of agreement last
that sets out amongst otherthingsthe organisation s arrangements for
licence is considered others dothingsthe other way round and
a significant influence among otherthingsthrough the availability of structural
know and relations have otherthingsto do and that you
recommended by james vi otherthingsto note alliteration the placing
requires local authorities among otherthingsto provide advice guidance and
that last friday when otherthingswere happening business people gathered
we must do many otherthingswhich is what we are
cope with it many otherthingswill be happening at the
questions over whether those otherthingswill do anything to alleviate
census regulations which among otherthingswill specify the forms to
and do all the otherthingswith which all members in
playing board games and otherthingsyou know f965: no that
consumerist plugging of books andthingsand and fine you know
know it talks about horriblethingsand it kind of talks
you know you can seethingsand that s what i
disguise you know people saythingsand you understand it f1038:
you would be lots ofthingsand you would you know
you know maybe yes thosethingsare are good to dabble
ll let you know howthingsare going probably around february
and let you know howthingsare working out first of
i can remember you knowthingsbeing done that were seen
know roughly how to cookthingsbut f1049: i ve got
minister should know about suchthingsbut he is absolutely wrong
know he doesn t spellthingseven in english right so
on the ah mm blinkthingsfall apart you know an
is important to recognise twothingsfirst members all know anyone
you know we all havethingsgoin through our heads sometimes
from nowadays you know howthingshave changed and f631: mmhm
be invited over to kindathingsi don t know what
you know one of thethingsi i used to think
know the girls played certainthingsi m not absolutely clear
know i i can hearthingsi mean i he- i
erm so as with allthingsin life we you know
you know pointing out tothingsin the room m608: mmhm
of you know they keptthingsmore simple and some of
you don t know thethingsmy dad agnes i know
you know some of thethingsmy father got they got
ye know i stick oddthingson the web eh just
delivered he know people boughtthingson tick pay up m608:
you know what sorts ofthingspeople had at school lunches
they are good at recognisingthingsprovided they know what to
know i saw the twothingsside by side m608: right
i i ken are lanarkshirethingstae so ye know f785:
it was erm you knowthingsthat are happening say back
sometimes people will be tryingthingsthat are you know they
you know cranberry sauce andthingsthat i didn t really
thing you know cause somethingsthat that people are dealing
people eh you know usethingsthat they hear on television
corruptions you know that notthingsthat we would necessarily say
available to you you knowthingsthat you [?]could go up[/?] and buy
why don t we andthingsthat you know i wouldn
not the way to runthingsthe people out there know
simple and some of thethingsthey didn t know the
t know what kind ofthingsthey needed but they used
home was one of thethingsthey sang you know when
you know irish navvies andthingsto f606: yeah f209: to
i just know the rightthingsto say at the right
you know those kind ofthingsto undergraduates m741: yeah m605:
5 for people who dothingsunwittingly i do not know
lookin you know [laugh] thethingswe used tae do the
you know we were giventhingswell theatre tickets all the
you know voting systems andthingswhich in some ways makes
it to mash tatties andthingswi you know but i
or they actually sometimes makethingswork that y- you know
know what either of thosethingswould mean skittery coo likes
f950: well for exams anthingsyou have to ye know
which meant not all nicethingsyou know but you you
on the web novellas andthingsyou know erm and so
had somewhere we could keepthingsyou know erm f1038: yeah
was aye askin questions aboutthingsyou know f632: [laugh] f646:
wa- if they wanted somethingsyou know i don t
you know terrifically open tothingsyou know i ve not
their own wee songs andthingsyou know in my day
of them by my shavingthingsa subtly ambiguous statement about
doll one of the bestthingsabout being a ventriloquist s
one of the really goodthingsabout being here is meeting
credentials however one of thethingsabout burns that we can
f745: but i liked thethingsabout erm well what we
once that among the manythingsabout europe that we can
market they say some profoundthingsabout hm customs and excise
mm f745: interesting but thethingsabout hue and s- eh
is one of the funnythingsabout it is that i
writing one of the interestingthingsabout john knox obviously a
gamekeeper one of the greatthingsabout our parliament is that
ane o the maist uncothingsabout readin the original john
that was one of thethingsabout scotland in general and
ehm cause one of thethingsabout spelling is that you
but one of the nicethingsabout thanksgiving is that it
the elder the r plentythingsabout the cloister ye ve
procurement process i cannot saythingsabout the process to the
been one of the greatthingsabout the scottish system to
now one of the interestingthingsabout this kind of er
kind of talks about discomfortingthingsand and it doesn t
is not right about manythingsand he is wrong again
way that you think aboutthingsand there are aspects of
they are talking about importantthingsand they will be much
so it goes on severalthingsare worth noting about this
any purpose to bitch aboutthingsbitching never changed anything you
just about having to dothingsbut about wanting to do
is happy to complain aboutthingsbut not to provide any
us to smoke the damnthingsbut what about citizens of
about who was going aboutthingscorrectly the authorities said that
a commitment to go aboutthingsdifferently in fact it is
about this but events andthingserm in gaelic that a
dream about were such gladthingseven when you knew within
about disabled access or improvingthingsfor disabled people but about
about for funds to keepthingsgoing that is a ludicrous
local authorities are about makingthingshappen every day if the
mcleish cannot deliver when suchthingshappen one must wonder about
monday was about two separatethingshe discovered certificates that had
to start writing about positivethingsi don t think it
i mean one of thethingsi was curious about is
about one of the thethingsi was writing that oh
a little poem about thethingsinside his head it was
women are the kind ofthingsmen write about why we
much more about recognising thatthingsneed to adapt and respond
stones we have talked aboutthingsof national significance in relation
a horticultural poem about horticulturalthingsof reeds and weeds where
has been made about statingthingson the record so that
shove me about call methingssadie but you re nearly
t think why after thethingsshe said about grampa dan
up bashing out designs andthingsso the discipline was about
about all sorts of excitingthingssuch as electronic accord cards
i asked about examples ofthingsthat a bad landlord might
and also you worry aboutthingsthat are people s own
about some of the unseenthingsthat can happen to property
concerned about some of thethingsthat have been said nicola
about one another and thethingsthat i have learned about
it s one of thethingsthat i liked about psychoraag
bit longer to do thethingsthat margaret nicol talked about
think about all of thethingsthat she would have said
our lives there are certainthingsthat we believe about ourselves
convener it is amazing thethingsthat we have learned about
schools about some of thethingsthat we should perhaps have
have here the kind ofthingsthat we were talking about
next week one of thethingsthat you ll find about
good success a number ofthingsto say about this i
we were running out ofthingsto talk about but we
who s spoken about suchthingsto you deana deana nobody
asking questions an thinkin aboutthingswhich has been really really
of f- freedom even withthingsyou care about you also
about any words that youthingsyou d call in the
is that one of thethingsyou enjoy most about eh
right to speak out aboutthingsyou feel about why doesn
an that s terrible thethingsyou think about when you
shoogly mean all wobbly anthingsan so do ye use
quickly we have to dothingsand how quickly we would
f1037: and you do yourthingsand i want to watch
it is as if thosethingsare okay do you agree
it and do exercises andthingsas the weather was dry
want to put aa thisthingsback do you want a
f632: mm f646: and dothingsbecause if you ve been
to do all the finalthingsbut i didnae really pay
i love the city andthingsbut i do want to
do how can we changethingscan the european year of
to do music lessons andthingscause everybody else had tried
we do not do thatthingscould end up fizzling out
sorry m608: what kind ofthingsdid you do in the
should be trying to dothingsdifferently from westminster for the
to you f632: mmhm f646: thingsdo happen to you [laugh]
it this way all thosethingsdo not represent the revolution
m1070: yeah what kind ofthingsdo you do f1071: [inaudible]
m1070: yeah what kind ofthingsdo you do when you
they what else what kinnathingsdo you give them as
m1070: nana what kind ofthingsdo you play with nana
how do they get thethingsdown to the bottom of
to do all the horriblethingsf1037: yes all that s
t do f641: mmhm f639: thingsfor for others f641: mmhm
and do all sorts ofthingshe can read letters because
became king one of thethingshe had to do god
it helps us to dothingshere we see medit- ehm
t and one of thethingsi m tryin to do
of it one o thethingsi used to do an
access it and to dothingsin a fair and open
we re finding lots ofthingsin here look what do
that there are even worsethingsin the pipeline to do
of expecting me to dothingsin the way that she
throw up or do daftthingsindeed he d long since
to do interesting and innovativethingsis an important attribute i
do erm youm- you makethingsof you make something of
for many of the samethingspeople who are deaf do
it has failed to dothingsproperly in kosovo and would
various members will do unspeakablethingssuch as have a smoke
proposals will do the twothingsthat are important first they
old material do you findthingsthat are still relevant to
do not disagree with thethingsthat colleagues have said i
a pint or do thethingsthat people want to do
to do the many interestingthingsthat people wish to do
you don t do certainthingsthat that don t work
people trying to do badthingsthat was quite interesting coming
want to go there werethingsthat we could do we
learn from some of thethingsthat we do here and
over time because there arethingsthat we must do and
head i can do allthingsthrough him who strengthens me
sherry will do for mostthingstins of beans flageolet cannellini
board we do not wantthingsto be set in stone
decide what they need interestingthingsto do and opportunities to
s had some really weirdthingsto do he was laughing
purr or be petted sorrythingsto do there s a
to prove a link ofthingsto do to make folk
in committees that were planningthingsto do with government initiatives
and and one of thethingsto do with this text
so one of the interestingthingsto do would be to
convener we can do boththingswe can refer the petition
and you can do thethingswhy divn t you i
do not think that majorthingswill go wrong one imagines
garden if i do thosethingswill i risk breaking a
summer and to do morethingswith dad in our twilight
a laddie he would dothingswith his grandfather and got
a look at all thethingsyou can do at playgroup
you have any superstitions orthingsyou do for new year
the double delegate do thethingsyou really hate to long
it mildly did not makethingsall that easy for our
we d concerts an justthingsan we d all outside
ve done all sorts ofthingsand then finally a a
of publicity that will saythingsare all wonderful or you
bread ill ail and allthingsare ane eik from a
burp count all in allthingsare going quite well so
all wi the state othingsat the yard andy you
ll just [inhale] all thethingsback it wouldn t turn
we bid for all thosethingsbut i am not aware
it being lit so allthingsconsidered getting our flat is
loft aside all the babythingsf1111: okay f1112: babies read
mmhm f646: as to howthingsfathom but f632: all sorts
more information on all thosethingsfinally the committee should consider
say a couple of weethingsfirst of all er just
later miscellaneous all sorts ofthingsfor sale from little stalls
who was fond of allthingsgrowing in the kitchen she
all very luxurious except thatthingshad a tendency not to
but all your bottles andthingshad to get dipped in
and 40s because all thosethingshave largely disappeared a type
after all why dwell onthingshe couldn t change he
have an interest in allthingshorticultural apparently they d taken
produced for all sorts ofthingsi will give an example
band and all sorts ofthingsin one photograph there s
effects on all sorts ofthingsincluding taxation revenue our view
and their shower water andthingsit all has to be
issues and all sorts ofthingsit was a huge complex
disappear and blend in andthingsjust all m762: totally totally
that primordial forge where allthingsliving end and start the
gave me power over allthingsmitchel struggled to overpower his
thinking back to all thethingsmrs laurence had called him
s [?]what they doed[/?] got all mythingsoot f1111: oh and who
ma head i can figurethingsout and link them all
she says get all thosethingsout of my sight you
of all the rich didthingsout of the goodness of
get all kinds of bizarrethingspeople will say what is
in trust treasures you covetthingspossessed silver and gold all
centres and all kinds ofthingsso f785: mmhm m055: eh
helly aa song the threethingsso we were all you
be all of those fourthingssuccessful learners confident individuals effective
here are all the importantthingsthat affect employment the social
fire and police all thethingsthat are being considered in
gate and remember all thosethingsthat got broken daddy stop
and all the sweets andthingsthat houses smell f640: well
to track down all thethingsthat might have gone wrong
and contained all sorts ofthingsthat relate to our work
pass marks and all thethingsthat schools are assessed against
the true champion of allthingsthat slither and moulder and
the slang ehm all thethingsthat that make a book
the context of all thethingsthat we said in our
pill in short all thethingsthat you have expected them
before the beginning of allthingsthe entire universe was no
s panache he meant allthingsto all men fergus ewing
and deliver all the rightthingsto all the right people
take long at all forthingsto calm down but i
a black preacher of allthingsto east dereham on a
those are all very goodthingswe also support a european
so again as with allthingswe set up er quite
all kinds of reckless venturesthingswent from bad to waur
s all your baby annabelthingsyou re going to be
as while imaginin aw thethingsah could dae wi the
thaim he did aw thirthingsan mair an in a
he maks aw kynds othingsanaw andrae please dinna rin
the michtie makkar o awthingscoudna breathe back the lyfe
wised the auld faither awthingscum ti he at wytts
stag yet an aw somethingsdinnae chynge archie roylance s
aye m822: aw that kindathingshave been taen through hand
slates an aw sorts othingshe says up tae where
the oor whan aw rypethingsmaun pass but sweetness an
possible yet an aw somethingsnivver chynge politics ane o
o tyme callum myndit awthingspast an lyke a man
big might hawd aw kindaethingsrobby aw aw hawd oan
strong sturdy hawd aw kindaethingsrobby della krista and lori
ever saw hir dae thaethingsshona for aw ah ken
the bairns an aw thethingstaen frae the sleepin ettin
gress knowe an aw thethingsthat befell the auldest lassie
aboot it an aw thethingsthat seems serious important an
tent aw ye creepie crawliethingsthe bell o transcience issa
never finnd oot aw thaethingsthe war nae wey he
at the stert o awthingsthe war the kemps an
what s aw they whitethingsthere s a kind o
done aw they dirty sickthingsti thum made thum that
tae interrup an aw thethingswe love tae dae we
aboot scotticisms and aw thethingswe we shouldna dae ye
at aw ti dae sicthingswhit wad she want ti
sic triffils sic silly weethingswhyles becums that important aw
right yeah m964: ah f965: thingsagainst erm enemy erm sea
tremendously hard at at atthingsi think erm but another
to kind of erm startthingsin a in a very
that was the way ofthingsin those days f1077: erm
and so on and historicalthingsso yeah erm i think
it was erm [exhale] joostthingstak a lock o time
moment erm that s thethingsthat i get the old
few erm quite a fewthingsthat w- hopefully will when
f965: there were there werethingsto prevent invasion erm and
urquhart s erm so twothingsto sum up to take
ve got his papers andthingsupstairs somewhere erm he was
agree that none of thosethingsapart perhaps from the railway
been breached if those threethingsare done speculation is cut
mean ye gottae m815: thosethingsare lethal m816: [inaudible] [?]they're no half[/?]
to young people that thosethingsare unacceptable in modern scotland
of those defences include suchthingsas not knowing or having
don t go near thosethingseither eh go tae australia
was just one of thosethingsi suppose f1150: yeah f1151:
s just one of thosethingsi think you either have
days of the week forthingsm1078: oh in those days
the combination of those threethingsmade it very difficult to
their work where those twothingsmeet is a difficult point
and as for those scottishthingsof yours my dear chap
cultures associated with those twothingsor would you have said
the difference between those twothingsrev iain murdoch that is
it s one of thosethingsso i took some old
you remember those big circularthingsthat we found when the
on those one of thethingsthat we should ask at
it s one of thosethingsthat when you re being
to slide into those lycrathingsthey wear i said and
went on bigger and biggerthingswent wrong but those are
impression that any of thosethingswill happen but my own
of those bib and bracethingsyou mean there is a

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