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arab emirates i don tthinka first class stamp will
f718: mmhm m734: but ithinka lot of ends don
don t know whereas ithinka lot of people might
cannae really i don tthinka minister can actually turn
it an just don tthinkaboot the f606: yeah m830:
i don t like tothinkabout as i said my
don t you even fuckinthinkabout comin anywhere near me
just do it don tthinkabout it just do it
s- we don t oftenthinkabout it like this jesus
yeah f812: you don tthinkabout it uh huh it
life you just don tthinkabout it you don t
i don t like tothinkabout that not since my
good but they don tthinkabout what good is or
any teachers i don tthinkage matters that much a
reacting hysterically i don tthinkair commander thatcher has ever
be fun don t youthinkall those familiar faces all
and and i don tthinkand e- yeah you yeah
here are really low ithinkand i don t feel
do topiary don t youthinkand topiarists should do haircuts
yeah but i don tthinkany f813: and i just
cause i i don tthinkany of the rest of
since although i don tthinkanybody s ever consulted it
latin but i don tthinkanyone actually studies latin any
t know i don tthinkanyone m1078: adults who lived
i mean i don tthinkanyone really wants to go
er cause i don tthinkas a two year old
chatting to people f810: ithinkas long as you don
authenticity cause i don tthinkauthenticity is achievable i think
er here i don tthinkbut i did manage to
yesterday we re improving ithinkbut i don t think
used in that situation ithinkby people who don t
don t want f1121: ithinkcan i choose a jigsaw
i don t know ithinkcause erm i ve got
[censored: forename] i don t ithink[censored: forename] s at uni here
though f943: i don tthink[censored: forename] s got the intellect
yeah well it s ithinkdon t know when it
about the strunts was ithinkehm [tut] i don t
[tut] [exhale] i don tthinkemployment and vandalism are necessarily
don t i don tthinkenglish ones are any better
the world i don tthinkf1009: mmhm [throat] m1007: no
why is that do youthinkf1027: i don t know
well [?]that said[/?] i don tthinkf1038: [laugh] f1037: er i-
school activity i don tthinkf1077: oh was it i
bein understood i don tthinkf1143: i don t think
glasgow accents [laugh] f1150: youthinkf1151: but i don t
know i just don tthinkf1154: yeah f1155: cause at
an f833: yeah i justthinkf835: i don t know
out there that don tthinkgeorge was a fool for
high street don t youthinkgor blimey interesting hairpiece that
icelandic i i don tthinkh- i don t think
[cough] which i don tthinkhave been resolved or addressed
has and i don tthinkhe actually needs and also
a seriously i don tthinkhe d like to be
drinks but i don tthinkhe d take them he
think h- i don tthinkhe ever took her there
doesn t i don tthinkhe realises it when he
past there f1135: don tthinkhe s a dad f1136:
i don t know ithinkhe s i think he
f943: mm i don tthinkhe s m944: but there
saying no i don tthinkhe s out yet and
tree stump ah don tthinkhe saw me but he
done that i don tthinkhe wouldn t have gone
no no i don tthinki am f1187: [laugh] f66:
le├▓dhasach which i don tthinki am yes just by
squirrels either i don tthinki can draw faces look
but i i don tthinki can sustain it for
these m815: i don tthinki could be d- m816:
are serious m815: don tthinki could be doin wi
it because i don tthinki d be able to
f631: yeah i don tthinki d ever seen you
go and i don tthinki did as a cook
ehm no i don tthinki did but then i
people m734: i don tthinki did i think i
in 88 i don tthinki did it this summer
in common don t youthinki do acknowledgements thanks to
f1037: yeah f1038: they llthinki don t know it
field which is now ithinki don t know whether
t know i think ithinki don t think that
enough on drunk do youthinki don t think we
f810: yeah f809: probably ithinki don t think you
winter heating allowance we allthinki don t want that
[laugh] m1007: i don tthinki ever bought a pair
well i i don tthinki ever call them anything
george galloway i don tthinki ever called him a
call it erm don tthinki ever did it myself
f1148: [laugh] i don tthinki ever got lost like
and measles i don tthinki ever had rubella but
huh well i don tthinki ever had them but
erm gosh i don tthinki ever have thought that
f745: [laugh] i don tthinki ever i even finished
anything god i don tthinki had a toothbrush in
really enjoyed so f958: ithinki i just don t
f833: i just don tthinki just don t think
up son i don tthinki kin dae this by
in fact i don tthinki knew what the english
barney f1140: aye don tthinki like barney f1139: no
i actually i don tthinki like food until someone
think but i don tthinki ll be bulging in
don t [inaudible] f1111: ithinki ll choose blue ones
cool [laugh] i don tthinki ll get to present
i don t know ithinki ll gie that a
yet so i don tthinki ll go very far
friday night i don tthinki ll have done too
i don t th- ithinki m going to my
the moment i don tthinki m in in the
said oh i don tthinki m needin a midwife
don t want her tothinki m sadie thinkin you
are away i don tthinki missed anyone i went
didn t i don tthinki really liked that one
don t i don tthinki really liked the other
[laugh] [laugh] i don tthinki really looked at it
insane yin i don tthinki said it no the
i don t know ithinki think i don t
well i don t ithinki think it might have
aboot that i don tthinki think it s a
per se i don tthinki think it s only
at school i don tthinki think there s a
m605: ehm i don tthinki ve been taught by
i don t know ithinki ve [?]clean[/?] another one
them f718: i don tthinki ve ever had one
think so i don tthinki ve ever heard it
f1027: mm i don tthinki ve ever heard that
end i i don tthinki ve f746: oh right
forever an i don tthinki ve found f606: yeah
skips f1139: i don tthinki ve got any plain
[laugh] [inhale] i don tthinki ve got any words
done it i don tthinki ve got herpes f943:
m1014: well i don tthinki ve got the right
its worst i don tthinki ve had a warmer
missing carole i don tthinki ve made a mistake
don t know m959: ithinki ve managed a week
weird because i don tthinki ve met anyone who
winter but i don tthinki ve seen a more
aisle yes don t youthinki ve tried that s
and and i don tthinki want to lose my
my people i don tthinki want to meet them
as usual i don tthinki was any good at
i don t know ithinki was going to say
f646: no i don tthinki would either f632: mm
f1091: mm i don tthinki would like to eat
no f814: i don tthinki would no aye we
mean now i don tthinki would use it f1023:
m942: yes i don tthink[inaudible] m939: [laugh] f940: bad
mary f638: i don tthink[inaudible] you could buy f637:
myself eh but gran ithinkis a well i don
april 18th i don tthinkis everything functioning over there
don t know m605: ithinkit depends where you are
f1135: swim no don tthinkit did maybe it just
have appreciated i don tthinkit diminishes the poem at
short hand i don tthinkit does anyone justice to
f1125: no i don tthinkit does darlin it winna
a series of of ithinkit i don t know
summerston college i don tthinkit is actually f1150: probably
m845: we just don tthinkit ll be falling as
used name i don tthinkit ll change much fae
but it i don tthinkit matters now f1024: i
a way i don tthinkit matters sort of where
a passing thought don tthinkit matters you d be
don t i think ithinkit might have just been
m605: ehm i don tthinkit necessarily made a great
and ehm i don tthinkit really did make much
of scots i don tthinkit really matters how people
now m605: i don tthinkit s a big deal
and people who don tthinkit s a problem i
i don t think ithinkit s a well used
published and now don tthinkit s any accident that
i ve always quite ithinkit s cause we don
i mean i don tthinkit s easy bein a
erm i i don tthinkit s erm it s
liqueur but i don tthinkit s even seen the
not happen i don tthinkit s going to be
f809: but i don tthinkit s gonna happen f810:
don t know i ithinkit s i think it
don t like it ithinkit s [inaudible] see f1121:
and immigration i don tthinkit s it s a
thing else i don tthinkit s just the distance
way m608: don t youthinkit s kind of a
to f951: i don tthinkit s necessary to broaden
m865: so you don tthinkit s necessary to f951:
but er i don tthinkit s not got it
i don t think ithinkit s only fair enough
f1151: but i don tthinkit s posh it s
mm m078: i don tthinkit s quite scots but
don t think so ithinkit s see yon birkie
i don t know ithinkit s since it changed
would f640: i don tthinkit s so important f641:
don t i don tthinkit s something you really
i mean i don tthinkit s trivial because you
c- i certainly don tthinkit s trivial er you
one f1145: i don tthinkit s used so much
huh f718: don t youthinkit s valuable though to
positive things i don tthinkit serves the world well
it f1023: i don tthinkit was common in our
all people i don tthinkit was hugely important to
me f1077: i don tthinkit was lanky m1078: no
[censored: forename] behaviour i don tthinkit was really a party
it i don t eventhinkit was so much the
the question i don tthinkit was the be- i
know why i didn tthinkit was very good don
everything don t you ithinkit was you f1122: no
so but i don tthinkit worked quite so much
you rowland i don tthinkit would do us any
d- i just don tthinkit would fit in m865,:
f1037: erm i don tthinkit would go down very
m734: that i don tthinkkenneth or caroline do er
of the i don tthinkm605: mmhm yeah m741: it
m741: yeah i don tthinkm605: you know i hate
of scotland i don tthinkm608: mmhm m078: like a
you don t mean youthinkmartha did your brother never
to but i don tthinkmum would like to listen
t know i don tthinkmy kids would have liked
t jar i don tthinkno m762: no er and
reform odd don t youthinknot that anyone does want
i don t can tthinkof any other word rather
but you just don tthinkof it like that cause
insists i certainly don tthinkof myself as a woman
quite strange you don tthinkof that at all f813:
cause i don t reallythinkof you know this place
that you f813: don tthinkoh m811: yeah f812: you
cooked naw i don tthinkoh they smell aafie fine
the fun i don tthinkour kids have had that
[inaudible] f809: i don tthinkpeople that go to the
pine i i don tthinkpine s that hard to
don t i i ithinkprobably similarly i ve got
you see you don tthinksandra began yes there too
mmhm m605: i don tthinksectarian is quite the right
like i i don tthinksectarianism is the right word
troosers awaa i don tthinkshe ever actually did it
it but i don tthinkshe had any confidence in
yeah f809: i don tthinkshe ll be very sorry
kinda person i don tthinkshe worked for them but
was born i don tthinkso and my mum lived
never mentioned i don tthinkso anyway is you know
with galatzo i don tthinkso but another astronomer was
huh f947: i don tthinkso but eh f1160: the
started f807: i don tthinkso but i don t
in life don t youthinkso can you imagine but
nothing unique f1026: don tthinkso cause you don t
the answers i don tthinkso changing channels the news
blue f1112: no don tthinkso f1111: or you can
on the horse f1118: ithinkso f1117: i don t
f1121: no i don tthinkso f1122: this bit go
no f1155: no don tthinkso f1154: mm nothing about
f639: no i don tthinkso f640: there and yet
no no i don tthinkso f746: were there no
mod f965: no don tthinkso f963: was it just
their lives don t youthinkso georgie she smiles regally
so f1117: i don tthinkso he ll fall off
seanmhair m1055: mmhm m1008: ithinkso i don t think
government bodies i don tthinkso i liked the scottish
eh no i don tthinkso i think it s
think f1143: i don tthinkso i ve got a
go there no don tthinkso [inhale] this bit goes
f745: no i don tthinkso [laugh] i hope not
tae ye f643: don tthinkso m642: you re no
f948: no i don tthinkso m865: mm f948: mm
ehm f1006: mm don tthinkso never heard of it
mm no i don tthinkso no i think you
m635: [inaudible] i don tthinkso no i ve no
[inaudible] m608: er don tthinkso no mm m642: well
don t i don tthinkso no the the text
swimming f1135: i don tthinkso not today f1136: why
ago yes i don tthinkso they just m1019: there
i don t know ithinkso well i ve seen
squeaky clean i don tthinkso will you f1122: ah
not sure i don tthinkso yours isn t that
it s more vibrant ithink[?]social.[/?] f806: well i don
pre five provisions because ithinksometimes w- we don t
t know i don tthinkth- there s enough done
done oof i don tthinkthat bit goes in there
look here i don tthinkthat bit goes there f1126:
m017: and i don tthinkthat eh myself though some
m017: er i don tthinkthat er drama has necessarily
f1113: no i don tthinkthat fits there f1114: no
side f1121: i don tthinkthat goes there does it
that but i don tthinkthat in my in our
here i i don tthinkthat matters if you re
sprog but i don tthinkthat s a nice word
high tea i don tthinkthat s a universal f1077:
think i just don tthinkthat s fair f834: [inaudible]
mmhm f646: i don tthinkthat s right if ye
wouldn t i don tthinkthat she star- cause remember
gosh well i don tthinkthat shetland really does represent
this i i don tthinkthat the erm the bodies
th- i don t quitethinkthat the executive have really
i think i don tthinkthat they ve done that
wouldn t i don tthinkthat this would f718: mmhm
t fe- i don tthinkthat we should have to
up then i don tthinkthe baby can go on
saturday night i don tthinkthe cca it s not
um well i don tthinkthe driver was doing anything
in lewis i don tthinkthe gap year s like
trouble so i don tthinkthe guy ever went near
still extant i don tthinkthe new college will in
the door i don tthinkthe policeman did but on
m017: er i don tthinkthe present situation is very
i don t know ithinkthe principle s basically is
yeah m608: i don tthinkthe public knows that [laugh]
by satellite i don tthinkthe soviets can yet imagine
huh m1048: i don tthinkthe the gravy was there
i don t know ithinkthe year i came to
kind of i don tthinkthere is a need for
skye ehm i don tthinkthere is an equivalent one
him so i don tthinkthere is any need to
i don t think ithinkthere s a lot less
is just a don tthinkthere s a lot o
though er i don tthinkthere s a solution in
just say i don tthinkthere s another one i
no no i don tthinkthere s any- no f1154:
f1111: yes i don tthinkthere s going to be
places i still don tthinkthere s much to it
i don t know ithinkthere s only one left
t know i don tthinkthere s really a a
to glasgow i don tthinkthere were any teddy boys
huh but i don tthinkthere will be a dance
but i i don tthinkthese can be ignored in
t know i don tthinkthey do cause i think
day f965: i don tthinkthey do it at all
don t they m1070: ithinkthey do like bits of
things well i don tthinkthey do martial arts in
friday which i don tthinkthey do much nowadays f1054:
the school i don tthinkthey f963: mmhm right yeah
m605: whereas in gaelic ithinkthey just like words don
huh f965: i don tthinkthey lasted i think i
don t they f1071: ithinkthey like ham better than
it tho ah don tthinkthey ll be coortin doun
licence which i don tthinkthey ll ge- they ll
own so i don tthinkthey re in any rush
don t i don tthinkthey re mutually exclusive actually
ite- ice f1125: don tthinkthey re very nice but
other words i don tthinkthey so much use it
yes f1093: i don tthinkthey stay there in the
corner an ah don tthinkthey ve been touched the
something that i don tthinkthey ve done before on
written standard i don tthinkthey ve gotta m605: no
them tonight i don tthinkthey ve heard that one
red but i don tthinkthey were mackintosh red but
m1078: no i don tthinkthey were there they were
but i really don tthinkthey will or ehm if
m1014: no i don tthinkthey would use that word
rowland ladies i don tthinkthis is quite the atmosphere
about it you don tthinktwice like f832: yeah f835:
is like i don tthinkuh huh f1054: ehm what
however spelt i don tthinkwe can make one now
f1054: possibly i don tthinkwe d say m1146: or
you know i don tthinkwe did that early on
is so i don tthinkwe ever call it anythin
think we i don tthinkwe had any [tut] [exhale]
too f1121: i don tthinkwe have any smarties left
you think i don tthinkwe have m1020: eh f1018:
in any case f965: ithinkwe i don t think
and f1125: i don tthinkwe need any more sprinkles
no f810: i don tthinkwe should do that either
f809: [inhale] i don tthinkwe should do that though
f1089: oh i don tthinkwe ve got white m1090:
fourth year i don tthinkwe would at all but
no m1146: i don tthinkwe would ever use that
m1174: erm i don tthinkwe would no m608: ah
i don t know ithinkwell i think they re
mean even in poetry youthinkwell if you don t
m078: which i don tthinkwere quite as good erm
i don t want tothinkwhat he s implying i
that oh i don tthinkye re finished yet let
many people i don tthinkyeah [?]do they no?[/?] m819: no [inaudible]
i don t know ithinkyeah i know just put
and ah don t eventhinkyon angel wis real look
f718: yes i don tthinkyou can have a copyright
i i just don tthinkyou can really beat the
f1023: but i don tthinkyou could get anything like
yeah f809: i don tthinkyou d be allowed to
yes f718: i don tthinkyou do for things like
and i i don tthinkyou do my best mate
don t like f1121: youthinkyou don t like it
likely hers i don tthinkyou get the silver real
i think i don tthinkyou get to choose where
i mean i don tthinkyou have an occasion to
windows well i don tthinkyou know i think in
die i just don tthinkyou know [laugh] it would
muesli but i don tthinkyou like all bran and
the bitties i don tthinkyou like doing the winnie
that's- f1125: i don tthinkyou like doing the winnie
kite shape i don tthinkyou ll be able to
it is i don tthinkyou ll be able to
chalk what colour do youthinkyou ll do f1112: don
m erm i don tthinkyou necessarily get better all
[laugh] m942: i don tthinkyou re allowed to advertise
jack well i don tthinkyou re going to like
f1111: no i don tthinkyou should darling cause th-
f834: but i don tthinkyou should have you should
laughs loudly i don tthinkyou simpletons quite understand pause
them then i don tthinkyou would be able to
hae duin sobbing ah dinnathinka coud hae tholed it
anither scot but a dinnathinka ken him macduff ma
o ingines an ey dinnathinkaboot e ill ey re
jist say it i dinnathinkaboot it do you like
weesht i dinna wint taethinkaboot it loretta fit wye
mmhm f1103: ah dinna eventhinkaboot pittin that in your
ti you macbeth a dinnathinkaboot thaim but whan a
this infernal skelf ah dinnathinkah can lest oot mukkil
the better nanse ah dinnathinkah can staun this she
ma hame but ah dinnathinkah coud byde here anither
on anither thing ah dinnathinkah coud lat ye pit
coud hear richt ah dinnathinkah d be speakin til
weill green leaf ah dinnathinkah im able ah m
anther puddok stuil ah dinnathinkah l be needin it
m gey tired ah dinnathinkah l cum gets up
malcolm eftir this ah dinnathinkah l ever mairrie again
wes wee again ah dinnathinkah want ti growe up
m865: yeah f951: i dinnathinkany o these are should
dinna ken richt fit taethinkbit atween wirsels min at
stickin up already i dinnathink[censored: forename] s looking after her
m1098: aye f1097: i dinnathinkdoggies drive cars m1098: i
writers i i i dinnathinker i dinna think kelman
evelyn mind you i dinnathinkevelyn ever had mair than
tae ither expenses i dinnathinkhauf a guinea paid tae
o him wha dis hethinkhe is ah dinna ken
he looks okay i dinnathinkhe ll have to go
him f1141: oh i dinnathinkhe ll like barbie boys
his back f1095: but ithinkhe looks okay i dinna
times this season i dinnathinkhe wull play again this
a curtsey but i dinnathinki d be able to
be aboot 13 i wouldthinki dinna see her fayther
it would be disgusting ithinki dinna think it would
f1142: paintin brush f1141: youthinki dinna think so f1142:
f1105: fitt m1106 : mum ithinki dinna want a poop
surprise gooseberry crumble i dinnathinki hiv tasted onything better
to the sea i dinnathinki iver heard ma faither
dinna get a move onthinki ll tell them this
dinna want to let folkthinki m mean an i
she f1103: aye i dinnathinki ve [inaudible] right f1104:
min gladys gladys i dinnathinki was ever there bessie
hopeless wee nod i dinnathinki winted to ken a
dinna think so f1142: methink[inaudible] i can get some
dinna ken f1103: who dothinkit is f1104: rainbow dash
dinna ken fitt do youthinkit is think it s
re a romantic i dinnathinkit s like that at
gear but here ah dinnathinkit s richt we soud
shouldn t it i dinnathinkit s santa claus in
disgusting i think i dinnathinkit would be very good
i wouldna i jist dinnathinkit would dee you ony
sake na malcolm ah dinnathinkit wul be verra lang
queen na na ah dinnathinkit wul cum ti that
disna lyke pyne ah dinnathinkjek haes ever lat me
dinna think er i dinnathinkkelman employs a great deal
it winna push i dinnathinkm1090: it will mmhm f1089:
my rolling pin i dinnathinkm1108: fitt fitt f1107: did
gweed be polite an helpfuthinko anither s need dinna
onlie mak yeirsell stourie dinnathinkon the dule o the
see for the stour dinnathinkon the dule o the
smoored wi the stour dinnathinkon the dule o the
your life gladys i dinnathinkony o the young folk
me for that an dinnathinkower ill o me olga
coudna speak l macbeth dinnathinkowre mukkil aboot it macbeth
ye r telt an dinnathinkowre mukkil aboot it morag
is she moula ah dinnathinksae ah m stertin ti
his mither moula ah dinnathinksae ah m that taen
yeir face na ah dinnathinksae we l finnd oot
the cairds irena ah dinnathinkshe cares a docken she
for her bessie i dinnathinkshe d expect it peggy
ten years weel i dinnathinkshe d ken the place
a bairn eilidh ah dinnathinkshe is a heid case
dinna think so m1096: ithinkshe is f1095: she was
truith war kent ah dinnathinkshe mukkil cares aboot the
that for days ah dinnathinkshe mukkil lykes hir ain
m1106: yeah f1105: i dinnathinkso are you telling fibs
f1122: aye f1121: i dinnathinkso does he f1122: mm
i dinna ken i dinnathinkso f1104: [chomping noises] [chomping noises] f1103:
goes [singing] f1103: mm dinnathinkso f1104: no it doesna
f1141: you think i dinnathinkso f1142: me think [inaudible]
tae your car i dinnathinkso lad i ll wait
that way f1095: i dinnathinkso m1096: aye cause that
have to see i dinnathinkso m1096: aye there is
toffee apples f1095: i dinnathinkso m1096: aye they div
sick f1095: no i dinnathinkso m1096: i think she
m1098: aye f1097: i dinnathinkso m1098: [?]stuck[/?] f1097: let
your teeth oot i dinnathinkso m1108: that will be
corner bit no i dinnathinkso try put in mair
no it was not dinnathinkso was it apples and
breakfast f1103: no i dinnathinkso we dinna we dinna
tae follow hope ey dinnathinktae screw up your face
this goes f1093: i dinnathinkthat goes in there i
very good but i dinnathinkthat looks like [censored: forename] and
other languages m055: i dinnathinkthat s a problem i
good ain f1121: i dinnathinkthat trainers go wi her
an shakk yer feathers dinnathinkthat we are beggars we
ve deen t peggy dinnathinkthat wye loretta i mean
match tae faither i dinnathinkthe heidie wis eesed wi
s a lion i dinnathinkthe lion should be in
lion no i i dinnathinkthe lion stays on the
burst oot laughin i dinnathinkthe queen his hid sic
f1104: yep f1103: i dinnathinkthere is f1104: yep there
things like newspapers i dinnathinkthere s any need for
its back f1103: i dinnathinkthere s any ther- left
well f1103: well i dinnathinkthere s enough room for
s sharks f1091: i dinnathinkthere s ony sharks in
have wi hospitals i dinnathinkthere was sic a thing
cats is that because folkthinkthey dinna ging to heaven
my ambition except i dinnathinkthey have sic a thing
f1103: i dinna ken ithinkthey re going awa leaving
too prood ronnie they dinnathinkthey re to blame for
m1108: aye f1107: i dinnathinkthey ve put on his
tae ither fowk but dinnathinkthirsels they re aw that
fur a whyle if yethinkwe dinna maitter cut us
ll sit her doon dinnathinkwe ll get her hair
oot shortly but i dinnathinkwe ll see it for
ettil ti dae a dinnathinkwe soud hing aboot here
f1102: eh f1101: i dinnathinkwe ve got the n
a big trampoline i dinnathinkwe would hae room for
cum ti ye ah dinnathinkye daur luik back kis
bairn shona but ah dinnathinkye ir tellin me the
raw leech but ah dinnathinkye r wantin ti loss
to them fit d youthinkye re deein no dinna
us not forget forgiving ithinkye should i dinna see
wun awaw immedantlie a dinnathinkyeir onduchtie k nicht mair
lang afore twal i dinnathinkyon twa wifies ken fit
nae way [censored: forename] i dinnathinkyou can get oot of
me the day ah dinnathinkyou coud hae stuiden it
one game f1093: i dinnathinkyou ve got one game
toys f1089: no i dinnathinkyou will maybe you will
on you ken i dinnathinkyou wull be socht back
yup f1129: eh i dinnathinkyou- no seen anybody that
m1096: mmhm i think ithinka bit s missing for
know if they do ithinka lot of it is
with the bathwater f963: ithinka lot of them are
harry in the ari ithinkabody fae the consultant to
s chatter the more ithinkabout it the more fascinating
prosecution i am led tothinkabout whether the rights of
she was the er ithinkadmissions secretary in erm down
part of the market ithinkagain that people need to
writing down lots for youthinkah i ve got a
you re right and ithinkalso f963: mmhm m762: to
form o sublimation aye ithinkan howp sae wi the
place for poachers ye wadthinkan so did i an
eight an one six ithinkan there s another one
says her prayers regularly ithinkand f632: mmhm f646: and
show say what do youthinkand why filleter i the
these support strategies erm ithinkare a-a- another strength of
eh ye know these ithinkare are are dialect words
the bottom bullet points ithinkare the key ones it
eh billy kay whereas ithinkbilly kay s scots is
i would like you tothinkcarefully about that aspect the
the convener thank you ithinkcathie craigie has managed to
birthday cake f1121: erm ithink[censored: forename] s mummy will be
that every year and ithinkdave uses it too an
at at at things ithinkerm but another part of
be doing many things ithinkerm i suppose top of
you need to know ithinkeven just for to be
english a- as a ithinkf- for some of the
video f1118: mm let methinkf1117: i think it is
take you what do youthinkf1122: i just want to
that s the end ithinkf1124: that one there this
f1151: i know definitely ithinkf1150: an interventionist deity of
hour f606: mmhm f828: ithinkf606: so did most of
m811: yeah f814: so ithinkf812: uh huh f814: they
that s true f833: ithinkf835: cause mind we had
i i i didn tthinkf963: mm mmhm m762: this
the same is true ithinkfor the provisions of the
much the same ehm ithinkfriend would be the one
enjoy making up stories ithinkfrom a y- from an
trial and error which ithinkgets more complicated [laugh] for
s not difficult erm ithinkgetting over the guilt is
brilliant city i think ithinkglasgow has an am- an
executive paul grice who ithinkhas given outstanding leadership to
and f812: but then ithinkhavin your mum in the
glasgow ones were better ithinkhe got on better with
f965: he had gone ithinkhe had maybe had an
really like macdiarmid but ithinkhe he went sort of
the duck f1115: well ithinkhe s a mess and
er and he made ithinkhe s actually one of
with his mother m942: ithinkhe s not allowed to
he s [inaudible] f1095: ithinkhe s the doctor is
friends [laugh] m942: eh ithinkhe went on holiday with
little bit tight but ithinki can let it out
over her shoulders peggy ithinki d better get the
my other grandma but ithinki d just refer to
it s f809: but ithinki d like one of
and miserable too but ithinki d like to be
time hoo lang dae yethinki d live in a
was me finished and ithinki got two pound a
to play at hospitals ithinki had an apron and
because at the time ithinki had an off- an
the second time though ithinki have a glimmering for
was a bit neddy ithinki hung out with the
has just phoned so ithinki ll abandon lisa and
throws it down immediately ithinki ll come back as
m talkin about but ithinki ll do something with
so erm so i ithinki ll er have to
a lot of things ithinki ll get round to
t she m1094: [child noise] f1093: thinki ll just have to
in the uk so ithinki ll manage thesis and
it are you well ithinki ll maybe what will
f834: [laugh] f832: but ithinki ll probably go to
that s another printing ithinki ll put this one
it s just f806: ithinki m considering taking out
much but next year ithinki m definitely going to
mark at some time ithinki m going to be
m going to look ithinki m gonna look for
i wronged him dae youthinki m no fain to
keek at me when theythinki m no looking and
think it is m959: ithinki m not sure to
wee bit and then youthinki m only twenty one
questioned anent his guilt ithinki may be guilty of
barrowlands oh really f746: ithinki may been at the
but the weekends afterwards ithinki might go up to
s fun fun fun ithinki much prefer it to
go and say mm ithinki need another shot of
smirl m1020: mm i ithinki say drizzle drizzle for
to be out again ithinki should be able to
m1092: [child noise] f1091: no ithinki should help you [censored: forename]
was i was bad ithinki started hangin out with
is a brilliant city ithinki think glasgow has an
know er [inaudible] m734: ithinki think kenneth kind of
o world literature so ithinki think possibly spellin and
and therefore you know ithinki think that s an
gone anywhere erm and ithinki ve not wanted to
or stuff f1154: oh ithinki ve yeah f1155: and
of them ever seemed tothinki was a deeve with
to thank for that ithinki was brought up with
writing but erm [tut] ithinki was exposed to a
almost fu- fully restored ithinki was fully restored to
back now after that ithinki was the start of
to it i mean ithinki well it s the
d been a revolutionary ithinki would have kept one
zero on english and ithinki would would have to
bilingual but you know ithinkif if that happened and
think erm i think ithinkif you just built a
just too many distractions ithinkif you re in a
there for her whereas ithinkif you re one of
monologue in poetry and ithinkin a way all the
perhaps personal but also ithinkin a way to to
some of the difficulties ithinkin in simply collecting a
institute there are three ithinkincluding one teachers buffet one
m1146: aff his heid ithinkis is the other one
[click] the [?]delighten[/?] sound ithinkis m078: mmhm m608: is
word criminals again which ithinkis misleading the amendment is
f1040: no eh skint ithinkis the is the the
excuse me ehm nude ithinkis when they cover the
was still a st- ithinkit actually still is the
kinna doomph m605: yeah ithinkit almost goes like the
really it s complicated ithinkit can get messy an
and to me i oftenthinkit did save them an
you know f963: but ithinkit fits very well for
aye the fishin trade ithinkit has come doon through
over its sundial face ithinkit has grown tired of
a little neil disagreeing ithinkit he breaks off the
nowadays is it f1001: ithinkit i think it is
now m1090: this this ithinkit i think it is
powers that be and ithinkit is a measure of
revival in lamb prices ithinkit is also fair to
between their ears eating ithinkit is and listen to
unkind english critic but ithinkit is creditable to such
the sunday school f1121: ithinkit is mmhm must be
fit the shape in ithinkit looks like toby and
what i m sayin ithinkit must come from the
is why i do notthinkit possible to take a
not have an impact ithinkit probably did that is
there i think like ithinkit probably will die which
r- oh a rabbit ithinkit s a ra- it
of the directory or ithinkit s actually in the
go down the side ithinkit s all going to
[tut] it s um ithinkit s good that it
mmhm yeah f1187: do youthinkit s i mean it
doing arts art and ithinkit s just art and
is yep f1104: yeah ithinkit s just because the
these technical details [laugh] ithinkit s normal actually it
no no i know ithinkit s not a source
are negative voices and ithinkit s quite easy to
for excellence ehm and ithinkit s quite relevant to
yeah f689: ehm f631: ithinkit s some sort of
main street mcculloch s ithinkit s still there to
there is that and ithinkit s this kind of
m sorry to say ithinkit s to do with
and have nots and ithinkit s very obvious to
right yes yeah m762: ithinkit s very significant and
sinistro f1006: it s ithinkit s what left for
no f1043: no f1041: ithinkit s when fittie an
even sco- i do- ithinkit should be cause it
its own right and ithinkit should be recognized for
a big fancy m816: ithinkit used to be a
see f689: take aways ithinkit was for the past
safer f634: [inhale] [exhale] ithinkit was generally safer and
weird people m1078: no ithinkit was jan- f1077: and
wasn t it m608: ithinkit was m642: and they
a wee bit scary ithinkit was more scary for
so car orientated and ithinkit was one of the
m605: ehm but i certainlythinkit was part of the
at supper time and ithinkit was the same for
a w c for ithinkit was three families and
did there s f- ithinkit was three hundred and
a message f1112: no ithinkit will be granny [censored: surname]
t know i th- ithinkit will be interestin to
they all sang m1020: ithinkit would be better they
offence for members that ithinkit would be better to
said tart which i stillthinkit would be the day
gettin ready for a ithinkit would be the it
was a corpus which ithinkit would be true to
it maks ye laugh ithinkit ye know the words
two stream primary and ithinkjudging by the kind of
i was interested then ithinklargely because because kenneth and
mm f745: i didn tthink[laugh] much about f746: and
deana deana dow but lilianthinklilian i am thinking of
for a while and ithinkliving for a period of
you a round one ithinkm1090: [coin scratching paper] f1089: try this
up there round there ithinkm1090: [scratching noise] f1089: fitt is
another and it it ithinkm762: completely yeah f963: it
bit for a while ithinkm944: see this is the
natural order and i dothinkmany of us thinking and
they do definitely f1160: ithinkmax s parents come down
m608: uh huh m1174: ithinkmaybe if we were to
then education as well ithinkmedia and education are the
a flavour of where ithinkmodern languages would like to
f1025: [inhale] ehm but ithinkmost of them now have
for many years now ithinkmost of us associate with
fragile you know f963: ithinkmovement within living memory as
which would have meant ithinkmovin knots and crosses down
show [censored: forename] it f1089: ithinkmrs [censored: surname] s going to
my dad was a- ithinkmy dad s side of
in our area and ithinkmy mother had gone to
at all yeah but ithinkmy mum just kind of
in a hospital like ithinkmy mum was going to
can recollect that my ithinkmy parents went down to
that and so erm ithinkmy sort of lack of
into scots ehm from ithinknineteen eighty four lorimer is
an afternoon f1024: but ithinknot really in sort of
ve covered all that ithinknow f1011: mmhm f1054: to
i live f1054: let sthinknow let s go into
s ehm aye i cannaethinko a richt ane for
used word though i cannaethinko any others except play
a game m1004: i cannaethinko anything for playin a
a phrase that i couldthinko but ye ll often
to be honest when ithinko scots i tend to
nothin only thing i couldthinko was [laugh] attractive an
agenda douglas hamilton i canthinkof a number of ways
f1027: well i couldnae eventhinkof any ehm sort of
jealously in myself when ithinkof her ordering him to
contemplate for long and ithinkof her softness again and
no reponsibilities no parents tothinkof i was dying to
only parallel that i canthinkof is the sort of
they f963: see when ithinkof mods i think of
shrewd kindly wisdom i canthinkof no better summary of
remember it so i alwaysthinkof the first time as
the army and i oftenthinkof the times we had
think of edinburgh accent ithinkof very like this and
there s bitties missing ithinkoh there s ain the
have six of them ithinkon our current agenda and
about twenty minutes away ithinkon the ferry f1151: is
in the situation but ithinkonce they get older they
little gaelic ghetto but ithinkone area we need to
no i me- i dinnaethinkoo ve got a an
i got the job ithinkpartly because i just had
of rehearsing for winter ithinkperhaps it is plotting to
i used to hear ithinkpossibly as a result of
eh m635: the doctor ithinkput a torch on and
fantasy and f1151: yeah ithinkquite a lot of the
m741: mmhm m605: qu- ithinkquite unhelpful in terms of
s an old erm ithinkraf wartime slang word a
s just a pond ithinkright fitt bit was it
scheduled for my surgery ithinkright in the middle of
hm weel what do youthinksanderson as i said to
swirl f1103: oh f1104: ithinksh- she wants her one
an m959: yeah f958: ithinkshe d get loads of
f1049: right m1048: erm ithinkshe ll give me a
s a good one ithinkshe ll like that will
things with her and ithinkshe ll maybe wear a
first sadie my nails ithinkshe offers her hand and
korma won t you ithinkshe really likes korma as
oh f807: so sh- ithinkshe s just trying to
from carole this week ithinkshe s lonely however from
talking and sighs and ithinkshe s maybe ready to
cradle threw the switch ithinkshe was glad of the
fond of it but ithinkshe was just checking to
to be very pretty ithinkshe would maybe like to
at [inaudible] uh huh ithinkso but [censored: forename] [censored: forename] is
now then f1118: mm ithinkso f1117: you wantin to
you like f1122: aye ithinkso i used to have
house and play f1121: ithinkso if you come through
it is f1095: i dinnaethinkso m1096: aye it is
peggy peggy alice gladys ithinkso peggy mary would be
know f606: yeah i wouldthinkso yeah f209: but and
m1008: yes m1055: i ithinkso yes [cough] m1007: of
u1028: [inaudible] [inaudible] f951: ithinksomebody s goin to play
had box beds which ithinkstill exist tae this day
m055: [tut] eh [click] ithinkth- there is an interest
be the october recess ithinkthat 12 october is the
it absolutely to yes ithinkthat 9 august certification is
sake f1150: yeah f1151: ithinkthat a lot of the
a recommendation the convener ithinkthat adam is right to
parliamentary bureau i do notthinkthat allowing a motion to
erm i i i dothinkthat and i think also
yes i think so ithinkthat any year is a
legislative priorities i do notthinkthat anybody is at this
to change i do notthinkthat anyone has proved the
point as i do notthinkthat anyone would want to
the convener i do notthinkthat anything i say from
tommy sheridan i do notthinkthat april next year is
entertainment all in all ithinkthat at the end of
mm [inhale] f1089: mm ithinkthat bittie went doon the
des hudson i do notthinkthat concerns arise from the
s true and also ithinkthat erm that writers are
and facilitated the convener ithinkthat gil paterson has a
that bit go er ithinkthat goes there does it
winnie the pooh so ithinkthat goes there want to
bill swann i do notthinkthat gordon nardell intended to
not teach my granny ithinkthat gordon was referring to
was i would shudder tothinkthat he had pressed the
about ben s idea ithinkthat he has hit the
not to his satisfaction ithinkthat he is asking the
raw i was beginning tothinkthat home might not be
mcaveety yes bill butler ithinkthat i am happy with
give way malcolm chisholm ithinkthat i am out of
to achieve that and ithinkthat i have come to
on the 26 september ithinkthat i have got the
f810: [laugh] [laugh] see ithinkthat i ll apply to
the report i do notthinkthat i would want to
should have a role ithinkthat in the interests of
intelligence but i do notthinkthat it debars you from
to have misled it ithinkthat it is appropriate to
of demand i do notthinkthat it is helpful the
with this i do notthinkthat it is impossible to
be sufficient i do notthinkthat it is in the
seems slightly victorian but ithinkthat it is necessary to
charges into that package ithinkthat it is right and
number of statutory provisions ithinkthat it is right to
one year i do notthinkthat it should just be
bit heavy i do notthinkthat it would be an
three years lobbying there ithinkthat it would be of
and sexuality m944: no ithinkthat ll be [?]tripping[/?] to
witnesses for their attendance ithinkthat members have found this
in english the convener ithinkthat members have now had
the moment i do notthinkthat members would want to
political control i do notthinkthat mr mcletchie in particular
f1104: [?]are you sure it's cold[/?] [inaudible] f1103: ithinkthat needs new batteries an
agree with me but ithinkthat on the whole the
f1025: mmhm f1027: plimsoles ithinkthat s a right english
and he f1109: and ithinkthat s ain o the
didn t m1048: [laugh] ithinkthat s hilarious though and
gargoyle hyndland parish church ithinkthat s it there and
activity or not m1174: ithinkthat s that s where
i think you can ithinkthat s the easiest one
becoming universal now and ithinkthat s the influence of
bit f1117: mmhm no ithinkthat s the last one
what about them look ithinkthat s the ones is
take a fictional le- ithinkthat s the thing and
mum do it okay ithinkthat s them done is
m1008: yes [inaudible] m1055: ithinkthat s us gone through
infestations and f1151: yes ithinkthat s very easy to
in proper english an ithinkthat s what it is
be written in scottish ithinkthat s what it is
memory serves me well ithinkthat sarah boyack spoke for
to this point because ithinkthat she will agree with
is a meeting but ithinkthat similar rules apply to
late sixties and er ithinkthat society has changed and
the role of assistants ithinkthat that addresses most of
separate species i do notthinkthat that is necessarily a
person but i do notthinkthat that is necessarily the
call himself right honourable ithinkthat that is part of
agenda by either side ithinkthat that is referring to
results alex easton yes ithinkthat that is still the
of the public but ithinkthat that issue can be
in our fishing industry ithinkthat that might prove to
er rubbers for plimsolls ithinkthat that that s one
m1055: but i think ithinkthat that was just a
further consideration i do notthinkthat that will weigh as
your last question first ithinkthat the bill could be
convener yes there does ithinkthat the bureaux used to
add some detail but ithinkthat the early concern which
drugs education i do notthinkthat the executive wishes to
are available to ministers ithinkthat the first minister will
s views professor richards ithinkthat the industry would also
speedy resolution to complaints ithinkthat the matter should be
should be redefined and ithinkthat the members of the
been arranged mr munro ithinkthat the occasion would be
report on community care ithinkthat the outstanding issue is
site by site basis ithinkthat the overall benefit to
had been allocated for ithinkthat the quality of the
1982 act i do notthinkthat the regulations will be
stracathro case i do notthinkthat the report will be
that last hurdle er ithinkthat the secret is to
sqa for some time ithinkthat the sqa recognised the
ask questions i do notthinkthat the water commissioner is
as well miss goldie ithinkthat there is someone from
from memory i do notthinkthat there was agreement as
say about his amendments ithinkthat they are in the
are hmo landlords but ithinkthat they are starting to
innocent unimportant initiatives but ithinkthat they now represent the
to be corrected and ithinkthat this this er impact
bill is copable with ithinkthat those were your words
s option of 2002 ithinkthat tommy sheridan has to
was way better and ithinkthat was kind of one
warthog f1104: yeah f1103: ithinkthat was maybe in the
f958: i know i reallythinkthat was the point of
any comments helen eadie ithinkthat we all agree with
lauderdale ld i do notthinkthat we can jump from
ettrick and lauderdale ld ithinkthat we could agree with
parties because i do notthinkthat we disagree on the
over the past year ithinkthat we have been an
that too much but ithinkthat we should write to
will show i do notthinkthat we will fall out
of the committee but ithinkthat we will have to
jean armour allan wilson ithinkthat we will leave the
be happy to receive ithinkthat we would like to
transparency tomorrow ross finnie ithinkthat you are referring to
the potomac river and ithinkthe airport s on the
f1151: [laugh] yeah f1150: ithinkthe best one anyone from
it is mentioned but ithinkthe closest estimate was a
him m055: [tut] i ithinkthe contribution of mcdiarmid and
there at that time ithinkthe deputy first minister and
f963: mm f965: but ithinkthe fact that people had
kilts on f834: see ithinkthe fairmers an aye the
did not like me ithinkthe girl before me had
m055: [tut] i think ithinkthe key thing is to
another and very much ithinkthe message i take out
the glasgow smog i stillthinkthe night sky is the
to be able to ithinkthe record between him and
a ball f1125: aye ithinkthe teddy s going to
sir john maxwell er ithinkthe the average size of
on 4 august and ithinkthe two weeks prior to
british army he said ithinkthere are soldiers goin out
f1150: the mixed flats ithinkthere is in some ways
think there s a ithinkthere s a bit of
girl f1142: boy f1141: ithinkthere s a [censored: forename] is
what graeme s said ithinkthere s a lot of
m741: right m605: cause ithinkthere s anti catholicism and
this time i think ithinkthere s more coming this
that kind f1111: er ithinkthere s two jelly an
eh i th- i ithinkthere was six girls and
they used to smug- ithinkthere was smuggling from the
some kind of erm ithinkthere was some kind of
erm cogito ergo sum ithinktherefore i am and it
mmhm m762: you know ithinkthey are a lot of
toilets were still outside ithinkthey are still outside they
the young recruitment advisor ithinkthey d be just the
liked that f1111: [laugh] ithinkthey did i think they
uh huh f965: mostly ithinkthey had s- they had
erm and he had ithinkthey had them behind the
s newsletters they they ithinkthey just take it an
in the end up ithinkthey managed to convince [censored: forename]
and then after that ithinkthey must have run out
house f1024: [tut] no ithinkthey re probably just the
what we are so ithinkthey should all be as
[laugh] yeah f1077: no ithinkthey suspected me mm and
[laugh] like that m942: ithinkthey use it as a
at school previous generation ithinkthey would get slapped with
and said i suppose youthinkthis house is clean and
fewer words you see ithinkthis is one of the
yet i ve nae ithinkthis is the ain with
is the word stewartry ithinkthis is the answer to
i i m- but ithinkthis is this this is
ago and was adopted ithinkthis not only because of
oh okay m1174: erm ithinkthis was due to the
i did feel pressured ithinkto write fr- er from
down market a bit ithinktoo kevin s parents are
of the content because ithinktoo much in the past
than is generally supposed ithinktoo much is made of
canada that is intimidating ithinkuntil you get used to
but in you know ithinkward s family had a
a classroom which w- ithinkwas really really good for
that s what f1027: ithinkwe d maybe use it
it was ten shillins ithinkwe got f637: a day
word out the convener ithinkwe have the flavour of
f1121: no f1122: mmhm ithinkwe have to go and
i said tae neil ithinkwe ll dae him a
empty well i think ithinkwe ll just take it
s it right and ithinkwe need is it this
not scary any more ithinkwe re better people for
why f1127: oh look ithinkwe should ask santa for
there f1111: now what ithinkwe should maybe go and
money drunk pregnant aye ithinkwe ve done all of
specific issue the convener ithinkwe would want it to
deaths of great men ithinkwhat c s lewis is
up on er but ithinkwhat i took from the
and get wir snack ithinkwhat would you like for
is it because i cannythinkwhat you want me to
sri lanka i like tothinkwhen we landed on the
a eh great time ithinkwhen we were young and
f963: mm mmhm f965: ithinkwhen you re young and
it was fergus ewing ithinkwho made a reference to
he kind of had ithinkwindows media player on the
of the hampton courts ithinkwith just a smidgen of
superstate of which i canthinkwould be the roman and
and that s how ithinkye ve got some of
is the bad one ithinkyes f1038: jekyll goes out
side f1121: [laugh] now ithinkyou deserve a sweetie for
that s it hmm ithinkyou got to have to
aeroplane our aeroplane tig ithinkyou had to stand and
religious person he said ithinkyou have to live the
been too cold but ithinkyou just liked to be
is very crucially important ithinkyou know clearly er and
sort of area whereas ithinkyou know g- glasgow is
in the burning mirror ithinkyou know it comes out
been a big interest ithinkyou know people started to
more fundamental than that ithinkyou need to go and
daein that first f1125: ithinkyou re doing the one
at the colour f1089: ithinkyou re good at this
sure f1126: mmhm f1125: ithinkyou re wrong right which
busy chasin efter addy ithinkyou see that god an
[sniff] f785: [tut] ehm ithinkyou ve already answered this
i think it s ithinkyou ve got to be
you oh f963: [laugh] ithinkyou were unlucky f965: they
one said the doctor ithinkyou will find that such

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