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you re thinking you rethinkingabout something else alastair m1007:
ruchill f1151: yeah thinking thatthinkingagain that they re in
raging thinking itself a torrentthinkingitself a tiber pretentious piddling
the narrow burn was ragingthinkingitself a torrent thinking itself
thinking thinking of glasgow anthinkingof falkirk eh you ve
coming back here and thinkingthinkingof glasgow an thinking of
was on the loo thinkingthinkingof what how s birkie
it is ruchill f1151: yeahthinkingthat thinking again that they
eh coming back here andthinkingthinking of glasgow an thinking
i was on the loothinkingthinking of what how s
f1009: [laugh] m1055: you rethinkingyou re thinking about something
the convener part of thethinkingbehind my question was to
we have questions about thethinkingbehind the bill and what
johnstone of stirling university thethinkingbehind the tour de france
politics empowerment and ideology thethinkingbehind traditional views of grammar
necessarily far behind i amthinkingfor example of the excellent
disclosure of the way ofthinkingwhich lay behind these legal
to do it without eventhinkingabout it so i can
shopping or whatever [laugh] withoutthinkingabout it you know there
the polis i shouted withoutthinkingand in a passable imitation
using flimsy excuses i amthinkingbleakly that life without fiona
use that a lot withoutthinkingi woulda i hadn t
approached the summerston terminus withoutthinkingmy arms were off the
song i cannot hear withoutthinkingof the old people here
black and being scottish withoutthinkingthere is an inherent contradiction
of red crayon and withoutthinkingwrites a huge round capital
nick and i tentatively startedthinkingabout forming a small drama
and i didn t startthinkingabout it until i started
july 20 time you startedthinkingabout p s cabbage green
point it doesn t bearthinkingabout right away andy started
i think when i startedthinkingabout what i was going
my year out i startedthinkingwell you know if i
s point as i wasthinkingabout a point that mr
had another room we beganthinkingabout another room and applied
it shows what he wasthinkingabout as he sat there
just in case you rethinkingabout being bad as well
and just as he wasthinkingabout closing the lid of
on the ground joined upthinkingabout community assets whether they
the connections that you arethinkingabout could then come to
have spent the whole yearthinkingabout data management however we
we are not of coursethinkingabout degrees of scottish accent
philology f745: yeah i wasthinkingabout doing that one f746:
is needed to get childrenthinkingabout engineering as a worthwhile
to involve the children inthinkingabout europe why it is
he s talking about orthinkingabout f963: mm yes mm
thing cause when he sthinkingabout glasgow in the nineteenth
in god s word andthinkingabout god s word so
[yawn] i need to startthinkingabout graduate jobs even just
away and andy goes onthinkingabout his notebook and where
when you obviously you startthinkingabout it and you talk
that because you ve beenthinkingabout it as you do
tough soon as he gotthinkingabout it he had a
is that cause you rethinkingabout it m1022: that s
the rain died gently awaythinkingabout it now i m
till fourth year no pointthinkingabout it till then going
death over some imagined slightthinkingabout it what awful drug
use the terminology in whichthinkingabout language takes place a
and that we should bethinkingabout local radio networks and
indulged in self pleasure whilethinkingabout maggie thatcher almost a
im- political implications of thisthinkingabout marx and you know
ve taken to weeping insteadthinkingabout my very own fiona
12 months people who arethinkingabout not having two justice
exercise secondly the discipline ofthinkingabout one s business and
pickles family he has beenthinkingabout some animals and the
i stood in my kitchenthinkingabout soup lentil cullen skink
have a specific way ofthinkingabout such activities in future
and then i thought neverthinkingabout that again [laugh] f746:
f122: dictionary [laugh] you werethinkingabout that aren t you
as a reader instead ofthinkingabout that f963: mm mmhm
it s bad i wasthinkingabout that the other night
out and and and watchingthinkingabout the angels and and
central government services are youthinkingabout the card being used
what we have to startthinkingabout the convener the swedes
capturing mary scanlon i amthinkingabout the links with the
drinking cups of tea notthinkingabout the massive stockpiles of
because we couldn t stopthinkingabout the meaning of life
modified by parliament i amthinkingabout the next three or
can eat them very quicklythinkingabout the note book he
connection with energy efficiency inthinkingabout the provision of renewable
is it straightforward i amthinkingabout the road haulage association
and see what i wasthinkingabout the video in a
because they couldn t stopthinkingabout these exact things f1150:
this morning when i wasthinkingabout this debate i was
toilet m1008: yeah i wasthinkingabout this toilet i think
loser she kept spacing outthinkingabout tsunamis he jerked her
falls the one i mthinkingabout was a bittie dark
m talkin about i mthinkingas well you know we
and so on have beenthinkingcarefully about how they will
outside until about 8 40thinkingi d misunderstood our arrangement
the minister about his furtherthinkingon how we can proceed
info too i ve beenthinkingsome about what i want
approximation it s lazy sloppythinkingwhat i really think about
huh f965: but i wasthinkingwhen you said about [exhale]
history about which you rethinkingwill influence your physical f963:
bei seen a m nouthinkingaboot it laest twae fock
enough for nothing more thanthinkingand i m looking at
noo gey few i mthinkingbut fan i stertet in
for older people i wasthinkingi m nearly there myself
i m i m actuallythinkingi m so glad i
going to think i mthinkingi said meaning i ve
hm i m kind ofthinkingif i can do a
m certainly with orwell inthinking[laugh] that it wasn t
mmhm yeah i m justthinkinglike f978: when we were
in a game i mthinkingmaybe that s too big
slowed down because i mthinkingmight go back and have
no bother since i mthinkingmusic still struggling at keeping
s no what i mthinkingo andy for it would
mixed up i m probablythinkingof a different place in
and well equipped i mthinkingof doing a thesis on
months off so i mthinkingof going for that f943:
workwise tell al i mthinkingof her in her time
that is it i mthinkingof i m really confused
see me there i mthinkingof moving to animal surgery
newspapers er and i mthinkingof newspapers like the sunday
canada and already i mthinkingof spending all next year
thrilled unquote that i mthinkingof spending christmas with them
you hae it i mthinkingof the railway and forbye
patterns and i m likethinkingof the size of my
i finished it i mthinkingoh maybe it wasn t
much him that i mthinkingon as all the bother
so i m still notthinkingpast the month of september
something aboot cammy ah mthinkingsilence dimps what the fuck
ah m in nae hurrythinkingthat andrey has said something
camera so now i mthinkingthat i ll need to
soon and do some hardthinkingunfortunately i m a bit
i m writing i mthinkingwell i m tryin to
in the snd i mthinkingwell this is what this
friend i m i mthinkingyou would ehm [inaudible] a
going to seek i amthinkingin particular of evidence on
bad flu year i amthinkingin particular of planning for
type or size i amthinkingin particular of the lack
organic farming systems i amthinkingin particular of the organisation
of our competitors i amthinkingof ireland in particular the
the embassy club till thenthinkingit probably peopled by ageing
reservoirs erm you re probablythinkingof like the greenock golf
i suppose she was probablythinkingpart fondly part resentfully that
puffing under the strain probablythinkingto himself won t be
indeed it is i amthinkingfurther down the line to
of sustainable farming i amthinkingnot just of wildlife insect
service in scotland i amthinkingof foundation hospitals and general
lilian think lilian i amthinkingof jack s happiness he
what it preaches i amthinkingof the eight care homes
question am i right inthinkingthat the paper that we
re ower aul to bethinkingaboot sic things lizzie but
do you think you wasthinkingf1112: what f1111: you re
again cause you re alwaysthinkingf963: mm mm [laugh] m762:
get along and you rethinkinghang on that s an
know and you re alwaysthinkingin this silly petty way
fast enough if you rethinkingit s fast enough for
you know or you rethinkingkind of f963: mm mm
that s it we rethinkingm1021: but strides my father
canadian visas if you rethinkingof coming here i haven
mean if if you rethinkingof course you are you
f1150: i know we rethinkingof like taxing him a
i know what you rethinkingof the oil over at
can see what you rethinkingsays mummy you re going
be done you wouldnae gothinkingthey re just having fun
big it s like mortonthinkingthey re real madrid still
a weekend and we rethinkingwell she s michael sheen
because it is very forwardthinkingand you must consult every
source of every thought worththinkingevery symbol myth divine delight
at every school fundraiser neverthinkingfor a minute that he
on and every man jackthinkinghe was mister james boyle
yeah f963: is this himthinkinghow he d like something
the dragon s hoard andthinkingm762: totally f963: oh yes
wasn t like they werethinkingwhat is f963: well yes
yeah actually i ve beenthinkingof going on on holiday
wife s brazilian we werethinkingwell are we going to
hair look [laugh] you werethinkingwhat s going on what
[laugh] m1048: and i wasthinkingah alcohol after ten and
[sniff] f810: no i wasthinkingall the way here i
was looking at each otherthinkingand fair enough i understand
not knowing what he wasthinkinganymore i was in the
maggie eventually what were youthinkingcarolanne carolanne it was for
dunno extra training he wasthinkingcoach is gonna give me
choice elsewhere and i wasthinkingf606: mmhm f1067: an example
t want the radio personthinkinghe was gypit miss troy
up like all little boysthinkinghis dad was a hero
though erm i was kindathinkinghm little bit dubious when
had i been under scrutinythinkingi was entirely alone trailing
so he s like totallythinkingi was some kind of
and then i was stillthinkingi would do english literature
was i was i wasthinkingin this case of a
work m608: cause i wasthinking[inaudible] f640: the stamp work
f745: yeah well i wasthinkingit d be closer than
to sense what i wasthinkingit s just good pr
monkey which the boddamers hangedthinkingit was a french spy
transit van across the streetthinkingit was an anderson shelter
throat hesitating at the doorthinkingit was just as well
some up before they floweredthinkingit was weeds but luckily
that s what i wasthinkingm1048: and like put it
uh huh f1143: i wasthinkingof actually [censored: forename] our absent
deana jack i was justthinkingof doing that lilian jack
my chair and i wasthinkingof dropping the crisp packet
the only thing i wasthinkingof m1008: we tended to
me aback when i wasthinkingof my own childhood when
with saints what was shethinkingof she frowned in the
a sea story i wasthinkingof telling monsarratt move over
that was what i wasthinkingof the m1007: yeah f1009:
agenda mr mcneil i wasthinkingof the meps coming to
they wanted to lauder wasthinkingof this as he asked
was reading the book andthinkingof today s debate i
because just when i wasthinkingoh god my monthly report
then i was kind ofthinkingoh i suppose i should
was kinda young and kindathinkingoh it s cool it
a- accommodation so i wasthinkingokay i ll travel there
that s what i wasthinkingon [inaudible] m1132: hey too
the committee today i wasthinkingthat good legislation is applied
sand beaches got morag tothinkingthat maybe the trip was
after the war i wasthinkingthat there s no escape
people made the mistake ofthinkingthat there was a new
dramatic announcement it s snowingthinkingthat this was merely an
had risen from the chairthinkingthat was that but el
a penny i distinctly rememberthinkingthe bread was strangely like
do i actually i wasthinkingthe other day [censored: forename] was
you know m811: i wasthinkingthe other day like i
f718: right cause i wasthinkingthey use that slogan i
huh m1048: yeah i wasthinkinguh huh this is fine
rendered all rational or deductivethinkinguseless no explanation was obvious
question is why joined upthinkingwas not applied when the
of vouchers so i wasthinkingwell you know cause it
where i was sort ofthinkingwell you know is is
sort of cultural background m608: thinkingwhen i was reading it
f965: absolutely epitomising this youngthinkingwhich was to ask you
that f745: yeah i wasthinkingyou know i don t
where i was sort ofthinkingyou know is this how
we were well i wasthinkingyou know there has to
i may be muddling mythinkingare there any other statutes
i help you you knowthinkingas if i could help
and beastie put on ourthinkingcaps maybe i could climb
i ducked into the hotelthinkingdiscretion is the better part
i suppose is more sloppythinkingfor which i aught to
than her and i rememberthinkinggosh that you know that
and he grunted i waitedthinkinghe would try to throw
development of the committee sthinkingi ask the new ministerial
a statement is simple mindedthinkingi do not know what
someone a cunt is sloppythinkingi do not like blair
mush down his bib andthinkingi have got to like
kept out the heat wishfulthinkingi imagine well no more
maimorie an a fin maselthinkingi parteeklar on place naems
on from year to yearthinkingi won t get a
whole man but i keepthinkingif we can fix that
interesting because i i meanthinkingin terms of accents when
course which i persist inthinkingis a good thing value
on the bell i rememberthinkingisland fin de siècle when
business which i ve beenthinkingof doing for so long
flying here i joked wrylythinkingof my own plummet over
been stealing then i askthinkingof the pilfering the little
me if i wasn tthinkingof trading her in for
of me yes i saidthinkingoh dear heart why can
road and i sat therethinkingoh [laugh] f1150: [laugh] yeah
committee needs to make itsthinkingon some issues clearer i
i suppose so i temporisethinkingshe may be growing up
would i be right inthinkingthat all the expenditure the
myself on friday i keepthinkingthat i ll have to
naively say i ll signthinkingthat it would be a
all over europe i rememberthinkingthat only 50 or 60
a threatening nature i keepthinkingthat this could be an
i ll try i saythinkingthat wee drew must be
i ve just found myselfthinkingthere oh i wonder if
i had the pleasure ofthinkingup and introducing i congratulate
drove past us i rememberthinkingwith mounting alarm christ almighty
something of the ways ofthinkingthe humour and beliefs of
well being that you arethinkingof jack would it not
put the phone down gentlythinkingwell he s a gentleman
ur een stop ur fithinkingshis blind cause shi isnae
mr rumbles what are wethinkingan hour an hour and
consultation but what is yourthinkingat this stage on the
there look what were youthinkingf1112: look at daddy holding
weather velodrome come into yourthinkingin your strategy at what
say but what is yourthinkingon the shape of those
to start the process ofthinkingthrough what the projects ought
a thinker when he sthinkingdante dvorjack keats may be
then when zaf is ermthinkingtalking you know internal monologues
when he terrified himself bythinkingthat thomas the rhymer s
no sayin anything no eventhinkingreally jist sittin ah felt
ed ed aw magine eventhinkingthat never mind sayin it
t even mention glasgow ladsthinkingthat they were the local
my wee angel fancy youthinkingo that that s really
not really in the conversationthinkingsad thoughts she avoids speaking
many people will go alongthinkingthat the office really is
have to do some seriousthinkingover the next few weeks
able to benefit from thethinkingthat we have done over
congratulate you on your forwardthinkingin getting 6 000 weddings
this is the dull utilitarianthinkingmcaveety believes you need to
than phd places were youthinkingof co operative awards with
t shout you should bethinkingof us for a change
god s name were youthinkingpretending to be a pussycat
to guide and support theirthinking2 just as the monolingual
have always been guilty ofthinkingthat there is just me
more in line with ecologicalthinkingdon t be silly says
of the liberal democrats freshthinkingfor four more years a
contents make the difference freshthinkingfor four more years a
2003 make the difference freshthinkingfor four more years contents
can make the difference freshthinkingfor four more years we
no we need more imaginativethinkingwe must latch on to
f1104: and this is tiggerthinkingisn t it f1103: aye
t au- but help automaticallythinkingit s the swearing word
usa he had justification inthinkingthat george junior can t
this eh term and thenthinkingahead as to how they
fit they caa the conceptualthinkingahint this muckle gless box
do think many of usthinkingand educated women of this
is central to liberal democratthinkingand to this manifesto the
takes all this in slowlythinkingit through long pause then
paisley he d offered thethinkingman s psychedelia this shower
christ like be changing ourthinkingnow wanna say this to
s too young to bethinkingthat far ahead this letter
writing all this nonsense andthinkingthat your girl friends must
with these different ways ofthinkingthis different aspects of this
briefly at ollantaytambo village againthinkingwe had five minutes or
executive might tell us itsthinkingon the issue the convener
is looking down on usthinkingthat his lines from to
us feel sorry fur cammythinkingyi wur safe in here
also replaces our own negativethinkinglet s look at joshua
to be aware of ourthinkingmargaret curran gave an undertaking
christ like by changing yourthinkingbecome christ like by changing
christ like by changing yourthinkingnow let me have a
english where perhaps they werethinkingin gaelic and the english
parliament were not unanimous inthinkingthat the work of the
distant scream and dog barkthinkingthe stone throwing neds were
the driver and he sthinking[tut] hmm how did that
sin a ve juist beenthinkingthit thar wur mebbies nae
waes him thit haes awbodythinkinghe s a sappy stutterin
f1093: dancing m1094: he sthinkingof a dance f1093: [?]he's still there[/?]
be critiqued by dr johnsonthinkingof that he recalled that
he is leering at fionathinkingthat she has a baby
words do not reflect woollythinkingon the part of the
today in a consensual moodthinkingthat all members would do
that sort of shift ofthinkingand resources is starting to
central issue in anyone sthinkingand the treaty of amsterdam
reduce the cost of energythinkingfor the long term means
minded politicians is alienating tothinkingmembers of the electorate and
s sake whit are yethinkingo lilian let go of
a great time we arethinkingof having a b b
pools she d persisted stubbornlythinkingof her scotty puppy monty
warmth of the fire andthinkingof joseph nine miles away
is known throughout scotland andthinkingof leears there is the
wondered little margaret could bethinkingof such an unspeakable thing
another long pause she isthinkingof teenie and the whole
at the core of conservativethinkingon the convention a conservative
assumed that we are notthinkingonly of for example north
new ideas and modes ofthinkingsignificantly robertson smith had been
the word forever titans ofthinkingthat invisible art should be
identified in the document ofthinkingthat we had got everything
been put through trouble inthinkingthat elderly people would be
alastair she said ally laughedthinkingback to all the things
agin each other kep awbodythinkingthey wur the apeul o
that craigie is right inthinkingedinburgh is the proper place
argue with that joined upthinkingin local authorities is important
kan juist jalousie tammy sthinkingis hei strampit wi crutches
presume that the government sthinkingis that that is a
volume peggy and gladys eachthinkingthe song is for the
directed however it is wishfulthinkingto suggest that a question
clyde which encourages joined upthinkingand action further considers that
fitted out sklent tore tinkinthinkingdöin doing dat that saa
no f1104: that s pigletthinkingf1103: aye goes right in
lick its paper into shapethinkingthat it did not matter
air kissers deluding themselves intothinkingthat with a maraschino cherry
people s tendency towards wishfulthinkingleading perhaps to obsessional hopes
time yet they must bethinkingwe take an awful lot
hollywood accent lurve baby angelicathinkingahead an can ye got
e souter s at cortiecramthinkingthere d be sure tae
young viennese doctor s ambitiousthinkingespecially around those ideas which
set out the committee sthinkingon a possible statutory registration
1900 yet robertson smith sthinkingprofoundly influenced the direction and
situation an as fur himthinkingfur hisel should ah dae
ower muckle time reading andthinkingandy it ll dae ye
for folk to be ayethinkingo themsels especially weemin at
to abstract ideas such asthinkingand feeling and finally to
interests to contribute to strategicthinkingat the national level a
n tae ma wey othinkinggin the u k hed
ever to disturb a thinkerthinkinghis skull may nurture a
clones are produced however quickthinkingphoneticians have noticed differences in

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