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said rubbish she said nobodythinksin another language and says
he s f1113: cause hethinksnobody s come to his
so on but nobody everthinksthat novelists things are personal
are exceptional believe me nobodythinksthat we need that kind
a job none of usthinksthat anyone should have to
an easy task anyone whothinksthat if we simply make
a handle on whether anyonethinksthat the matter raised is
i would encourage anyone whothinksthat they could offer a
anyone reading the official reportthinksthat we have always dealt
the wey that sum fowkthinksthat road gangs strecht ti
mr kerr explain how hethinksthe lump sum processes work
unco sair owrelaiden sae shethinksti hae sum sport wi
[laugh] that s what hethinksf1155: boots you can buy
[laugh] [laugh] f1155: [censored: forename] [censored: forename]thinksshe saw her a wee
tidy f1154: really f1155: [censored: forename]thinkswe ve both got ocd
plain carolanne to agnes shethinksshe knows it all sadie
all sadie to agnes shethinksshe s a cut above
damn agnes shhh if hethinksthere s naebody in he
such date as the courtthinksappropriate and if the application
produced however if the committeethinksit appropriate we should pursue
in public unless the commissionerthinksit is necessary or appropriate
have a fierce friend andythinksgetting fed up with writing
letting the class out andythinkshe is going to wet
pencil my big brother andythinkswrites his figures very very
really ken exactly fit shethinksbin fin ye feed her
in the tenancy as itthinksfit 5 part 2 of
subsection 3a above if hethinksfit a solicitor so appointed
scottish secure tenancy as itthinksfit after section 16 jackie
for such period as itthinksfit from having custody of
the executive in its wisdomthinksfit would to my mind
pause i wonder fit godthinkso somebody like henry tough
bed he [inaudible] he justthinksthat his bed and [?]laddie[/?]
face f1104: [laugh] he justthinksthat his bed he [inaudible]
at yeir dochter whit shethinksat this the knicht swithert
over the parcel dod shethinksi ve got them at
it s aw because shethinksit posh tae say she
the shower room and shethinksit s caused by the
s haivers masell houanever shethinksit wul dae hir guid
but the saicont day shethinkso takkin a dander i
never you heed hir shethinkson naebodie but hirsell be
kies in his haund anthinksshe ah wul gang awhaur
be th arm that littlethinksshe has been sluiced by
with him just as shethinksshe has him he breaks
back maggie you see beththinksshe ll be punished even
rimmed thick lensed spectacles [censored: forename]thinksshe ll be trouble but
done creature ha she stillthinksshe s going to heaven
look at her feet shethinksshe s neat black stockins
look at her feet shethinksshe s neat black stockins
oh that yeah yeah hethinksshe s speaking about the
justify why he or shethinksthat a particular place is
pig for her experiments shethinksthat reciting russian ballads to
wait an see what hubbythinksthat s the word she
as bein similar whereas shethinksthat the danish you know
jammy dodgers but noo shethinkstheir health is safer if
three years old that shethinkswas at the time of
ken she ll go andrewthinkswe should do this or
tae find oot whit fowkthinksscottish pairlamentary democracy at wark
an read whit ither fowkthinkswhiles msps yaise the collogue
thochts o whit thae ithersthinksaboot yer want o eddication
smaw boats fishin eftir whitthinksah as snaw pouthers ma
hume we ken whit hethinkshe s of the same
he fondles his haipny andthinksabout beardie jean s sticky
gives up the chase andthinksabout his notebook he is
and i ken what hethinksabout wages and war he
the one in which hethinksand therefore the one in
great big sack connor mcgrawthinkshard and says he s
scottish writer of peasant originthinkshe has the right to
to sharpen a pencil hethinkshe really must selfies selfies
a young dandy man thatthinkshe s absolutely wonderful f1054:
not like some yon nigelthinkshe s quite a poet
oh i see m819: hethinkshe thinks it s for
the couple downstairs and hethinkshe will make more money
m608: mmhm m078: er hethinksi know more of it
her man s there hethinksit s a richt gweed
see m819: he thinks hethinksit s for absolute nutcases
i suppose part of youthinksit s very unlikely he
lawyer agent tries says hethinksit will be ok electric
rest adam och aye hethinksits unco fine tae say
man and even better hethinksmy thesis is good that
an nou ah dout hethinksnae mair o me from
our friend david what hethinksnot tonight but some time
o yeir success as hethinksowre the pairt ye played
to help him 3 hethinksstrongly that edinburgh where aitken
the affirmative procedure therefore hethinksthat it is unnecessary to
but with my brother hethinksthat it s really really
should ask tommy whether hethinksthat on the day the
get past him if hethinksthat there is a significant
overcrowding on trains and hethinksthat there is no limit
becoming social workers and hethinksthere s plenty of money
ken for shuir but hethinksthon wis the end o
welcome it ll be hethinksto himsel folk ca us
writing in it soon hethinksvery soon he didn t
justice had said why hethinkswe do not need such
bigger mummy f1141: mm hethinksyou re funny f1142: mam
well now says i andthinksto me whitever can a
period as the high courtthinksjust taking particular account of
f1097: mmhm cause the manthinksit needs a new one
in the ballroom an naebodiethinksto leave that man soliony
be bugged part of methinksthat such a notion is
is quite middle class anthinksitsel quite perjink the bairns
its wisdom and discretion itthinksof anything that should be
to do this the readerthinksof granite in its most
its pure face no onethinksof its builders wlho d
curls up its sides itthinksof trains a hedonistic frisson
its jurisdiction if a countrythinksthat it has jurisdiction how
no even ma ain dochterthinksmukkil o me nanse mither
or decreasing if george lyonthinksthat 20 per cent is
icc if a state thatthinksthat it is doing the
parties if the committee stillthinksthat the wording gives rise
licensing that is if onethinksthat there needs to be
wee song but when onethinksabout it one realises how
get across what the executivethinksare the right messages about
is about to reply butthinksbetter of it puddok is
in the way that itthinksit should go about doing
go through eventually the solicitorthinksit will take about 3
was f810: [laugh] f809: jimmythinksthis about our party and
an ah hear thaim sayinthinksah it s no that
is ma name ah hathinksthe wyfe ah hae gatten
have one other minor delusionthinkshelen was born from an
that is understandable when onethinksthat 6 000 people use
had for blackrod but johnthinksthe one here is too
a yer childhood memories ithinksm842: but some i mean
answers tae thir problems somethinksthat a report wi substance
but peats were burned mabelthinksthat some coal could be
of the council the ministerthinksthat some other budget will
because of what the executivethinksofficial report health and community
an reads e bible anthinksey ll win till anither
git oan weel thegither adamthinkswe ll git oan weel
were equipped with uniforms maleythinksthey came from belgium but
warld but the lanesum lassthinkswi dreid on the back
with a braying yah whothinksdragoness thatcher s decisions have
say to sarah boyack whothinksthat the debate is over
m1020: aye er someone whothinksthey re great they think
is hattert whan his myndthinksburnin shame ti awn the
saa e smith dippins mabelthinkshis name was dipthingham an
that is what the gentlemanthinksof his registrars of course
wishes to object because itthinksthat an ssi is the
timon has gone mad andthinksflavius is a fallen woman
think and what a princessthinksis important the authoritarian bastard
is it that the executivethinksthat devolution is only for
i miss out the executivethinksthat it is practical and
to the parliament that itthinksthat it is wrong for
beauty of the universe mammonthinksthis socialism is mere misanthropy
am disappointed that the ministerthinksthat the current arrangements are
backing and the task forcethinksthat the requirement on rsls
f1024: [laugh] f1023: looks andthinksthat there isn t the
oor leader an them thatthinksthey re aa a breed
it can do what itthinksit ought to do in
the planned approach which itthinksserves communities throughout scotland well
the lock lies back andthinksof england rapunzel serious extensions
been wet and cool dadthinksscotland s got a bad
of staff goin in therethinksye know there s a
unconsciousness sometimes i sits andthinksas the saying goes and
tirr your houss you mortalsthinksye can dae whitever ye
when a lot of peoplethinksyou are bad using them
which the joint future groupthinksjoint working will take place
section in cammel lairds frankthinksof everything 8 wednesday not
beaver bear and mohawk nostalgicallythinksof skunk the air conditioning

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