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forenicht valgerd awa wi yethirlmanhou wul the yerl manage
valgerd whit ir ye eftirthirlmanwe can hear the yerl
calls valgerd a thirlman entersthirlmanye cryit maister yerl thorfinn
door and calls valgerd athirlmanenters thirlman ye cryit maister
ye feart ti dee thirlmanthirlmanhou can ah be whan
ir ye feart ti deethirlmanthirlman hou can ah be
valgerd is it derk yitthirlmanay it s a terrible
lee valgerd and gunlöd enterthirlmancan ah gang nou thorfinn
nou thorfinn awa wi yethirlmanleaves valgerd coming forward ye
yeir lane thare enter athirlmanvalgerd whit ir ye eftir
a bodie i the endthirlmanai ay maister thorfinn rises
recovering himself ye war mistaenthirlmanay maister thorfinn hou monie
ye wul pray for methirlmanthat wadna be aneuch thorfinn
pour wattir on him taethirlmanthe bishop never said thorfinn
whit dis that fouterin meanthirlmanthe bishop haes lairnt us
m tellin you ti praythirlmanah wul dae as ah
bolts on the north yettthirlmanay maister but the faith
ye wretch that ye irthirlmanmercie maister yeir haill bodie
new aixes div ye hearthirlmanstarting to leave ay maister
gunlöd licht the beacon fyresthirlmanaw the wuid is that
that disna concern you thethirlmanleaves obediently gunlöd ye haena
hou monie men ir thethirlmanai aboot hauf o thrie
becam christians on the islandthirlmanai it wes easier nor
monie as can be fundthirlmanah dout aw the boats
onie horses in the stablethirlmanah think thay ir aw
that ye ir a christianthirlmandae ye want me ti
me buckle up wul yethirlmanye ir no keepin still
ah l tak yeir lyfethirlmanit wadna help gin ye
wad ye gang in peacethirlmanay gin ah haed tyme
ah never begged for oniethingthirlmanye wul see that it
wrutten in that mukkil buikthirlmanah dinna mynd mukkil aboot
crusader orm a minstrel athirlmana messenger the action takes

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