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m nae finished yet f1125: thirteencakes f1126: eh f1125: thirteen
thirteen cakes f1126: eh f1125: thirteencakes f1126: eh f1125: thirteen
the moment there s onlythirteencoming m608: ah thirteen mm
thirteen f1126: no no naethirteenf1125: what then f1126: fourteen
thirteen cakes f1126: eh f1125: thirteenf1126: no no nae thirteen
d would be aboot fourteenthirteenf637: aye thirteen maybe f638:
aboot fourteen thirteen f637: ayethirteenmaybe f638: [inaudible] aye you
only thirteen coming m608: ahthirteenmm that s uh huh
be fourteen i d bethirteenf637: mm f638: and i
i was maybe about fourteenthirteenfourteen at this time went
eight nine ten eleven twelvethirteenfourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen and
eight nine ten eleven twelvethirteenfourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen
eight nine ten eleven twelvethirteenfourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen
eight nine ten eleven twelvethirteenfourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen oh
f978: ehm about eh fourteenthirteenfourteen two of us from
f638: fourteen i d bethirteen[inaudible] but eh f637: no
f1121: what comes after twelvethirteenf1122: i m putting up
only like about twelve orthirteenor something maybe slightly more
f1114: nine ten eleven twelvethirteensixteen eighteen [?]fourteen[/?] sixteen eighteen
eight nine ten eleven twelvethirteensome more f1121: i think
stop f1113: ten eleven twelvethirteenstairs now f1114: [inhale] where
y- young maybe about twelvethirteento go and i went
this m642: eh [exhale] twelvethirteenyears ago m608: mmhm m642:
twelve twelve years twelve orthirteenyears ago m642: eh when
get to far more thatthirteenbillion quite quickly it s
i think he estimates aboutthirteenbillion words but when ye
well below castle kennedy withthirteenand table topping lochnaw recently
my other sister would bethirteenand my other sister would
i mean she d hadthirteenof her own [laugh] f631:
she was the oldest ofthirteenshe had f631: right f634:
professional an he s onlythirteenan he writes aw his
nuff the lassie s onlythirteenbut pause i couldnae have
households is only a quarterthirteenper cent of over 65s
re no ye re onlythirteenthomas weel ah m definitely
was where eh there wasthirteenof us unlucky for some
him over a span ofthirteenyears beyond his mother and
fit o the barmekin atthirteenyears the auldest son pit
da gale an da darknessthirteenhe wis he wis sailin
s a lot more thanthirteenm608: uh huh m1163: you
was modelling for that atthirteenm1048: oh yeah uh huh
like she s just turnedthirteenand she still gets quite
poetry meriting no more thanthirteenlines women fare better in
the office till for overthirteenyear in the sales department
i d said the wordthirteenor not he doesn t
thirties tho tae minnie atthirteenyear auld aa three o
go round as there werethirteenyoungsters from three families plus
peter what is du boythirteenyear aald an skipperin a
for some but there wasthirteenof us in the pool
[laugh] yeah they were aboutthirteenf832: younger than [inaudible] f835:
denmark finland sweden and portugalthirteenother countries including uganda have
count up from seven tothirteen[laugh] f1149: really okay [laugh]
coontit silently in her heidthirteenaathegither then coontin the made
school at the age ofthirteendidn t matter what i
was one of the worstthirteenweeks of snow and hard
roon bi ailsa crag withirteenkelpies and a shetlan silkie
parliament notes with concern thatthirteenvaccines currently available in the

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