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hairts here s honestie thothochtshi jin ti hissel whan
shog wi this but hethochtti hissel a ll juist
s colour chynge an hethochtti hissel a wis juist
bairns tuik ti clek anthochtti hissel at it maun
for a waster an hethochtti hissel hou ll a
sayin but then shi jinthochtti hissel it s an
a wardenrie here tae hethochtti hissel ma dominie leirsman
the cash tho an hethochtti hissel the drucken tink
officiar o hie degree hethochtti hissel thick fauldit wis
read liu s letter anthochtti hissel this gao the
warden a shog an hethochtti hissel this lu da
neckit haa bink an hethochtti hissel ye fucker ye
fowk dafter than the dungarrochsthochtwullie tae hissel i micht
richt about the sojers shaethochtan a m geyan sairie
ruif guid fur ye shaethochtan tuik aff hir bunnet
wes maist frustert fur shaethochtat it wuid be wyce
kent ti the publict mirrenthochtfur a wie than shae
gied a grue fur shaethochthe wes gaun ti kele
men rid wudd puir bruitsthochtmirren as shae birled doun
spreit schawin saicont sicht anthochtredein shae luikit ti the
morn whan shae waukent shaethochtshae wes a bairn agane
wi ye shae skauldit tammasthochtshae wes menin the gait
town o embro whaur shaethochtthai micht aye hae thair
aff blawin o stame shaethochtthe daft lik ferssis wes
like grim death jonsar eckthochtere cood be ither wyes
save six poun jonsar eckthochtfit a bargain i ll
throo the wid jonsar eckthochtfit a peety i didnae
eck wisnae affa pleased bitthochtfit wid he dee wi
wis gone jonsar eck ayethochthe hid escaped fin he
castle ae day jonsar eckthochthe wid be a tourist
three days aff jonsar eckthochthe widnae grudge the fuel
the day afore jonsar eckthochthe wis archie him in
jonsar eck ran ower hethochthis father wis deid an
tae him aye jonsar eckthochti m a dab hand
ey were gaun jonsar eckthochtif he hid a auto
jonsar eck didnae mind hethochtit wis a great treat
wearin on an jonsar eckthochtit wis time tae turn
see the abbey jonsar eckthochtit wisnae much o a
spitin an hissin jonsar eckthochtjist like a set o
jonsar eck bocht een hethochtlosh at s richt fine
min for doos jonsar eckthochtoh surely nae again een
oot o trouble jonsar eckthochttae himsel ere s nae
a a richt jonsar eckthochttae himsel i hope meg
i m first jonsar eckthochttae himsel naebody shood hae
for the simmer jonsar eckthochttae himsel that it wid
efter the holidays jonsar eckthochtthat he wis lucky tae
meenits or so jonsar eckthochtthats nae eese so he
in the mornin jonsar eckthochtyou ken this is nae
jonsar shook his heid anthochtit looked like an ootsize
month o october an jonsarthochtit wis a bit late
haud back wi fit shethochtjonsar wis expectin a real
affa weel an the barmanthochtjonsar wis spikkin tae him
have your eyes tested jonsarthochtoh weel he kens so
simply sprang intae life jonsarthochtso much for a a
girse noo a days jonsarthochttae himsel aye een o
a specialist weel the manniethochtthat jonsar wid need laser
ere in the efterneen jonsarthochtthats fine i ll hae
affa fine day jonsar wethochtwe cood hae a picnic
a cheque jonsar said ithochtyou said you wid pey
intae ma heid i niverthochtaboot a name it jist
when young lassies that niverthochtaboot any thin but boys
a bullet wi niver athochtaboot win shifts or the
greit an girn we niverthochtat bi mischance we d
profit profit an niver athochtfir fowk mary we re
windae inventor wi niver athochtfur us flees his gless
factory ivery time i niverthochti would learn tae love
mair ye d niver haethochtit wad faa out sae
in it goeses niver athochto brucellosis i m feart
an a vet wis niverthochto ye cd see it
you niver gie t anitherthochtpause she gives herself a
me palfrey a niver iverthochttae gang whaur spears an
gweed at neeperin i niverthochttae mention willie till im
shi jin but a niverthochtthe tinks wad grow sae
a grape slate sky ithochttheir hooves could niver touch
yer fiers an ye niverthochtthey d families like yours
venged on uis a niverthochtti be at his command
bield an fendin we niverthochtti come here an meet
a guid leatherin a niverthochtti feinish him wi thrie
awa fae s i niverthochtye cd lippen richt on
ah micht loue an shethochtan thocht whit thing she
roon the een an ithochthe micht be aboot tae
again at his muckle jawthochthe micht be big but
hope you micht ask ithochti had a few but
sleep in are ye ithochtit micht be catchin are
puddok oniewey ye micht haethochto tryin ti fleitch him
whan she gits stertit ahthochtshe micht tak a turn
loon caad hieronymus bosch theythochtthat hell micht hae bin
ither respects it micht bethochtthat mr wedderburn has been
septiles the javans hid richtlythochtthat there micht be clues
lammas mairtinmas an yule theythochtthe hale lift micht faa
haud hauns as if theythochtthe ither hauf micht blaw
kent bit minnie bruce secretlythochtthe shelt micht be an
in ahint hir glesses athochtthit she micht bei keepin
an whuspers hae ye nothochtwhaur ye micht finnd sum
loue an she thocht anthochtwhit thing she micht dae
monthly news letter that athochtye micht be interestit tae
guid crack we haed athochtye micht be intrestit in
wame weel ye d haethochta new born bairn wad
that is ti cum athochta wad report this til
even the twa auldest princessesthochta wee for wha wad
biggest battleships whae wad haethochtaicht year auld bairns cuid
gittin cried up sae hethochthe wad cry in tae
sweyed back an forrit anthochthou fearsum it wad be
bi the ingil an hethochthou pleisant his lyfe wad
back tae their caur ithochti wad hae a wee
flees an flask but williethochtit best tae ask wad
ye ne er wad haethochtit likely that fish cuid
byde the nicht but murdothochtit wad be best ti
on in the efternuin hethochtit wad be ower late
open air and sun athochtlife wad be grand a
andrae ah wad raither yethochto me as a man
owre the braeface the marischalthochton t hou wad yon
wis blythe an cheerie whaethochtowremuckle pleisur wad bring on
gaed in an siller treethochtshe wad gang again ti
hert an ae day shethochtshe wad gang aince mair
weys a bodie wad haethochtshe wad hae been the
o the sea at shethochtshe wad never ken nae
vershinin but ah wad haethochtthat in a kintrie toun
includin chocolate cake an athochtthe bairns an yersel wad
wad sell him drink hethochtthe ploy out gin a
includin the slater an athochtthe students an yersel wad
that s bin saved fathochtthey wad shairly droon ae
that sae ah wad haethochtye haed a guid climate
hae anither bit but ahthochtah haed better no it
satchel at his waist ahthochtah haed it here he
she haed or sae shethochtan awbodie wes even mair
but syne finn haed athochtan said an she cums
shuirlie the maun be awbodiethochtan thocht or thay haed
uised ye yon tyme yethochtit haed been me a
maun be awbodie thocht anthochtor thay haed sair heids
an duin wi mistress ewingthochtshe haed won yin or
haed spun inti hanks mysiethochtthis wumman didnae luik sae
sum birks an haed athochttil hersell that the wab
swithert an haed a saicontthochttil himsell ah maunna be
the guid queen haed athochttil hirsell as she rowed
wes that ah wunner ahthochtah heard a rabbit or
the war a whyle ahthochtah wes gaun jingil jyntit
at ma wuts end ahthochtah wes gaun ti byde
an git richt stertit ahthochtah wes gaun ti freeze
fegs ay juist as ahthochtah wes shuir o t
wey ower the firth ahthochtat ae tyme ah wes
wes pitt mirk tammas nouthochtat daith wes lik ti
greigorie s complaint a neverthochtfor a meinit that wes
no sae auld as ahthochtgin a wes weill ah
duin holding her head ahthochthe wes a bit o
richt mak him out anthochthe wes cryin ryde ryde
him for a whyle ahthochthe wes gaun ti crack
lum at ae tyme ahthochthe wes gaun ti set
birsils ma tongue wes aincethochthonest ye loued him yeirsell
wes yit quik the parkesthochtit a baur ti nerr
wes bos aneith the twenesthochtit a rare baur thai
it wes mair that shethochtit the richt thing ti
it an at first hethochtit wes a bit o
that she is malcolm ahthochtit wes sumthing lyke that
gled ti see it shethochtit wes the hert o
o the local cooncil ahthochtmasell that wes a grand
wes sae waek syne ahthochton yeir god an ah
wes sumthing lyke that ahthochtsae ah can see it
wes lauchin fou syne ahthochtshame ti hear the flouers
a guid spinstress as hethochtshe wes vext in hir
yibbils ti rin sen hethochtthai wes about ti be
nicht aince or twice ahthochtthe boat wes gaun ti
their steady motion i nivverthochttheir power above me wes
yeir lint for ye mysiethochtthis offer wes owre guid
takken tent at faither westhochtti be an unco cours
haeled up ilkane an hethochttil himsell ah wes aye
played awa for whit hethochtwes an oor or twa
the puddok hir sister shethochtwes owre prood for ti
his mynd o whit hethochtwes supersteition he telt him
hir toll man aweill thethochtwes thare never heed ah
things turns oot ah neverthochtwhan ah wes wee that
wes rael tastie eilidh ahthochtye d enjey that ye
itsel till ye d athochtaa livin beasts wid a
wid a been e oddthochtaboot it on e craft
far aboot at oban bitthochthe wid find the place
flask an some sandwiches hethochthe wid get relief among
pal s newborn bairn anthochthe wid like tae ging
fit ye hid so ithochti wid tell ye some
british amateur golf championship hethochtit wid be something different
aafu length o time ithochtmains imsel wid a hid
an like as no thethochto eatin a warlock wid
draa ma een an ethochto moths wid flit throwe
hoose for five year anthochtshe wid be telt tae
o the warld an athochtcam til hir that wi
brocht men til jesus siccanthochtgies men the virr tae
ayont the rax o fashiousthochtlat us win in til
ti him ye d haethochtthe baa wis stuck til
are giein a lot othochttil as ye re usin
cam til a yillhouss anthochttil h irsell ah l
coudna git ti sleep hethochttil himsell ah dout it
for saxteen year whan hethochttil himsell that it wadna
lyke hir ava but hethochttil himsell that the threid
cum til it the princessthochttil hirsell that she wadna
lass weill nou gowd treethochttil hirsell whit herm coud
neist day the yungest lassiethochttil hirsell whitever ma sisters
its mirren grunstane as athochta ken hir mither s
taen the feesick wang jinthochthis auld mither wis on
but efter twa days mitherthochtit a shame they d
maitter gin ma mither onliethochtlyke you aunsert the lassie
an alcoholic as my mitherthochtmichty me she was affa
mither an be sae littlethochto bi her minnie s
his auld mither heiven sthochtpeety o us it s
doon ere i think ethochtshe wis eez mither tae
an tyke fur ma mitherthochtsic yairns bot sprowsin tho
his moo till his mitherthochttae dicht them the mcphails
dubs soon asleep he likelythochtthe soo wis his mither
culyiein the mither mirren hethochtti wun the haun o
ae caird hae a weethochtaboot it an lat us
listen thorfinn hae ye everthochtaboot whit yeir lyfe haes
cuid haurlie credit this anthochtah d better hae a
is oniegate that is mythochtan i trew i hae
in egypt maun aye theythochthae bin faes syne in
and ambiguity i d haethochtit quite likely said another
lat dab da widna haethochtit wis funny minnie jeloused
his muse i d haethochtit would be bad in
mynd ah hae an uncothochtlat us gether up thir
ti eise the process othochtmey a hae yeir nems
tae be a man athochtnae herm tae hae a
soud be but ah haethochto a wey ti finnd
gunnar but ye hae aftenthochto me throu thae years
malcolm aweill she soud haethochto that afore things is
macbeth weill than hae yethochtowre what a said ye
divers said ye d haethochtsomebody d knottit them they
wis neeshy nicht ir ithochttae hae a confab wi
hae some doots gin theythochtthare wis onie chance at
terrible quick hei maun haethochtthit his end hed kum
ye ken ah hae aftenthochtti masell that if ah
ti beir whyles ah haethochtti masell whitna dreich lyfe
musicians s teller 3 shethochttill hersel i ll hae
let us in so wethochtwe d hae oor ain
na na jek ah haethochtweill aboot this ye needna
mr beaumont hae ye everthochtwhat it means to gie
thair wee faces dod ahthochtwhit wul thir bairns hae
single file we d haethochtye were juist a man
fairmers ere he d athochtaboot hey first an foremost
haste tae get hame hethochtaye ere s aye a
nor e traffic fin itthochtere wis naething deein it
action some job aye hethochtere wis yon wifie up
wis mair ye d athochtey kent ere wis something
s queer at i somethochtit wis e roller ere
ere drinkin his lay hethochtoot loudly geordie grip he
the torches on me ahthochtah wis gaun tae get
a guid wechty scuil othochtgaun aboot the day maistly
ane bydan and on gaunthochto god the faither and
whan ah mairrit hir ahthochtwe war gaun ti be
whit s aw this ahthochtye said we war gaun
tae touch his shooder synethochtbetter o t arthur hid
tae see im for ithochte coo s time hid
dee wi the chuckies hethochthe hid better jist work
at e fowk she ayethochthid been timmer teened it
far aff war that aabodythochthid bin ower an dane
heard her come in hidthochtit wis ane o the
the job emsel syne ithochto the tyraneesin i hid
things withoot some intention hidthochttae gie s a fine
on fit wye three hidthochttae squeery doon e lang
guid doctor hid gien naethochttae the fell coorseness o
gear geordie an his freendsthochtthe lorry hid twa bombs
nicht at 7 30 hardiethochtthis is monday hid a
maisters even then the javonsthochttho cherokee indians hid a
ye ye nesty bug athochta d passed the winter
borry atween pals eh neverthochta wallet d be a
auld ane here he dthochta wis takin some huremongerin
s i kent he dthochtaboot it instead o takin
lunch the day kis ahthochtah d be hoochin an
m no workin an ahthochtah d mebbe mak a
drops at this ah juistthochtah d pey hir a
back of his hand ahthochtah d putten that trekkil
sae thick ye d athochtbe e noise at e
shooder gey hivvy like jockthochte d come in by
tae an a d naethochtfor the affront ti yir
the life cell he dthochthe d be bidin in
in a state but ithochthe d be shoutin an
ging tae college gladys ithochthe d been at college
an awa he gaed athochthe d been sent for
on the steen fleer hethochthe d better tak tae
wis heichs an howes grandfaitherthochthe d had his fill
pit hame tae dee naebodythochthe d hing on this
wearied aw his lane hethochthe d reason tae complain
up e road an somethochti d be by later
er fine shetland voice shethochti d be gey hait
ex plor a tion ithochti d better let sarah
aye wanted een but neverthochti d ever be able
an ither temptin goodies ithochti d get him throu
my han s an ithochti d jist bring her
made muckle difference i justthochti d keep it till
winna greit tho aft ithochti d like tae spen
her ye ken i ayethochti d like to be
particular my lord i jistthochti d point it oot
head in acknowledgment i jistthochti d point that oot
us up lizzie i jistthochti d pop in by
their ain brand i justthochti d try it it
e snaa ye d athochtif ye d been superstitious
e ate ye d athochtit jist geed throwe im
an god ye d athochtits een wis gold it
siccan houstrie housomdevir the gafferthochtnae mair o d ontil
he cudna touch he dthochto ettlin the data banks
bydie in we d naethochto the letters matrimonial at
makkin oot he d jistthochto this ploy ye ken
cairryin on ye d havethochtpeer evelyn got through a
brunt them aa the wumminthochtshe d caged me i
a fierce gormless moon ithochtshe d gang back tae
smush eftir thon they dthochttae bide back in meikleburgh
computer s day oot ithochtthat my computer d like
mothers pause i kin athochtthere d be two three
aaler aifter a file theythochtthey d better teem e
the days my friend wethochtthey d never end alas
hauns he d gie naethochtti the gliffs an stounds
maybe that s why swintonthochtwe d be interested are
went tae the park athochtwe d get playin until
an fit ye d athochtwis a bunch o black
breed apairt apairt she kindlythochtye d aiblins need a
me a stert i neverthochtyou d come this airt
hinna opened it yet ithochtyou d want to be
aw ah canna thole thethochtah l never see hir
ye in moscow olga ahthochtah myndit awbodie an yit
in his civvie claes ahthochthe lookit sae plain an
ye brocht juist as ahthochtnot a bluidy haet wull
guid ane malcolm thare athochtnou aweill whuther ah mairrie
whit ye say ah neverthochto t that wey but
felt sae happy an ahthochto the tyme we war
syne aw at aince ahthochto the wumman ah killed
nou ah sal flie hamethochtpompitie but the needle gaed
no sae bad as ahthochtshe s a nyce kynd
think than gin a mukkilthochtsoud cum ti ye ah
that we r mairrit ahthochtthat you an me ye
ah ken that vyce ithochtthen wi my torch on
wi peckin ane anither ahthochtthis isnae feminine it s
the lauchter o daith shethochtthorfinn ah wumman canna think
ye ir strangir nor ahthochtthorfinn for yeir dochter s
moula ma lassie ah neverthochtti see ye in this
grannie s georgie ah ithochtye couldna ve got that
the right toll man ahthochtye war never lyke cummin
an syne a thocht athochta saw the haill wud
ti birnam an syne athochta thocht a saw the
lyke ti brek at thethochtan syne she myndit o
o surgeons an knives hethochtquick an syne leed farrer
the knicht o the riddilsthochtsyne he raxt his hairns
sax fluirs abuin sae athochta cuid anerlie chap a
kent aa or sae hethochtaboot the courss o the
stamach wis grippit wi ethochtan mair sae wi gettin
us baith or sae ithochthe gied nae resistance but
hearin this vyce brocht thisthochtintil his heid sae he
out ein sae wir faitherthochtit wyce ti tak ye
posh hotel she accepted anthochtoch he s nae sae
o thaim hir bairn seeminliethochtsae tae sae she bangs
fae peterheid cam doon theythochttae get a feed sae
catch me think ye saethochtthe creepin cat a widnae
on the hill sae wethochtti gang ti gloresheddae toun
plauntins asweill sae nou thaithochtti pit mars i tammas
haill warl or sae shethochtweill nou tyme gaed in
sae da couldna dee thethochtwis unthinkable an her nae
v mannie asked fit theythochtaboot the haud up every
o fit a bit othochtcd dee bit fin e
back in the jar hethochtfit a pest o a
muckle gulps o creamola anthochtfit a queer taste fin
as a snub gin yethochtfit my name tae scrub
father wis deid an hethochtfit wull i tell my
made his wye hame hethochtfit wye cood andrew be
wis fer teen aback bitthochtfit wye nae och aye
foo hooiver fit at philosophicalthochthis tae dee wi fit
e said wis fit ithochti cannot get enough of
fit this or yon bodythochtlike some puir weather cock
telt the referee fit hethochto him the result wis
fishin unit twis fit hethochtthe fremmit cheil wantit tae
o wir notebyeuks an wethochtwe wis deein fine fit
faar it saa fit itthochtwis its fella hoverin tee
fin fowk wis harly eventhochtaboot an full o leafy
days wis speirt whit shethochtaboot the campaine tae hain
o local lear wis athochtagley twis years later that
wis needin a leak shethochtahin a bush naebody wull
naething tull yon ata nedthochtan said wis there naething
oan me ken i neverthochtbiff wis a wimp no
time he wis merriet hethochtbit gettin his faither weel
made his wye hame hethochtfin i wis his age
hou auld wis he snawfacethochtfor a meinit an reponed
his first fee an hethochthe wis fair the mannie
aroon the warld as aabodythochthe wis makkin a documentary
gettin his een tested hethochthe wis strugglin wi his
minnie he wis bit hethochthimsel greater nur god an
daurk though din t yethochthis maw wis no weel
livel ir maybe fowk jistthochti wis better at forkin
oot mind ye for ithochti wis daen that weel
the piece wis a secretthochtin ma heid faar it
at a gey lick jockthochtit wis aafa like willie
protesters the twa o themthochtit wis affa fowk fillin
confuses bairns haein twa daasthochtit wis better tae bide
caad it sri pada anthochtit wis far the buddha
whit s gan wrang ithochtit wis jist the illness
wag at the waa theythochtit wis like bein in
gnaw at his stamach hethochtit wis time that he
an him an his wifethochtit wis time they retired
though it wis sair ithochtlittle enyeuch aboot it an
wis young an daft anthochtnaething o it although that
wis a hardy character hethochtnaething o walkin miles in
fur better or wirse jennythochtnoo wis the time tae
condoms an neither wis thethochto spennin a rowth o
intae his e e hethochtshe wis a dab hand
luikin in the coffin hethochtshe wis naethin special naethin
thrawn fur the hoor hethochtshe wis tho fa he
five weeks the doos wisthochttae be fat eneugh tae
mind o bein tired hethochtthat fitba wis the maist
mair than a lad athochtthat it wis fun wi
mean answert sandy a ayethochtthat the gowf coorse wis
could believe ma lugs athochtthe man wis jokin he
wis in serious trouble anthochtthe morn i ll gang
an said you ken ithochtthe price wis awa hine
shalla souchin braith an ithochtthe puir forfochen beast wis
wis made bit the quinesthochtthey were hard deen till
kent he wis indemnifeed hethochtti gae back ti the
sad like till ye nearthochtye wis yon irishman hameseek
goes out thorfinn orm athochthaes cum ti me orm
man o god cuidna hethochti bot jonik ti pas
an lik ti die athochti wyce ti stey wi
whit cam ye for athochtit best ti let yir
proposed ti me weill athochtit ower an made up
again eftir this an naebodiethochtit richt ti try ti
else cud a rin tithochtlu da better tak dis
hirsell ti sleep at thethochto hirsell as a nun
it s lang been athochto mines ti seek him
heges nane o the suddartriethochtti luik ahent thaim thai
an owre lange idle hethochtti steir his fuit on
kills us a gey subversivethochtfor a guid tory screivin
we pent the brig athochtit aw luikit i guid
guid what is this uncothochtthat gars ma hair birss
blue an reed i jistthochtaboot ma ain pow as
jist dump it the fermerthochtfor a meenit asks foo
s wayne went skiing taethochthe kent jist whit tae
i jist pit awa ethochto t an back tae
tae this process the groupthochtaboot draftin a statement o
drop by weel i hadnathochtaboot it i suppose i
my god i ve oftenthochtaboot that and he says
kiss the only time yethochtaboot them touchin was through
cam on he hidna reallythochtafore aboot options like thon
s aa this aboot ithochtas i sat doun aside
grumblin aboot somebody that hethochthad let him doon in
comin on tae gloamin ithochtlittle aboot it for a
aboot lads thir days thethochto thaim haurlie ever enters
gaan aboot i took athochttae masel at ey were
minded aboot the tatties anthochtthe fermer is savin a
evelyn naebody else but ithochti was haemanannie richt grown
athing is a richt ithochtit took twa bobbies tae
ma faither first aff ithochtthat anely richt seein s
birth tae fire the javansthochtthis maun be richt as
oot o a wallie wethochtwirsels richt adventurers as we
exits beaumont whit a fearfuthochtbut no it canny be
last year here it comesthochtgeordie but sayin how whit
anent me bluidy hell ithochtin a swither whit a
mendin the rainbows an hethochttae whit graund fun it
re sayin an tak athochttae whit ye re daein
his heid thank guidness hethochtwhit a fleg tae gie
queen but the sea wutchthochtwhit a graundlik thing for
an said weel geordie athochta kent aw the fish
golf nae affa weel anthochthe cood hit the ba
i made the effort anthochtma teamie did weel bit
mary for ye are weelthochton o god and tak
an aye efter that hethochta lot o me of
he squared his shooders anthochta meerit ye canna miscaa
brae ance mair but hethochta ve new been sair
he paused an taen athochtan pondered on the deed
understan the damn thing hethochtan tae think i aye
blinkin aff an on hethochtat cood be the fan
oot at him aye hethochtat s a some eese
o the hole as thethochtcame ower him that he
their cars michty me hethochteen o yon fower be
roon bit he has naethochtfur ma pain a five
mair than woun up hethochthe cood be blin in
memories a minute passed hethochthe could dae nae wrang
it his haill life hethochthe could dae nae wrang
himsel it wisna that hethochthe could dee better he
it hedna bene whaur hethochthe derned it mirren interrogat
frae fun an gemms anthochthe had the deil in
gie her power indeed shethochthe ll answer every whim
in a letter she hadthochthe might be a bittie
subsides under her gaze joeythochthe was locked oot nae
rods efter his denner ronaldthochthe would try tae clear
year aulder than her hethochthimsel fair the man noo
sister he awned he hedthochthis sib sauf in canadae
byke or christopher columbus hethochthousomdevir a m ower auld
tae echt och aye hethochti ll wander awa doon
his chafts bitin harder anthochtif he didnae stap his
it wi runkled brou hethochtit aa out gin a
o the black isle hethochtit appears tae be so
witch he kens yeir benmaistthochtjuist listen an say nocht
grouzlin o hiz wardour anthochtlang on whitna gate he
the glaury dubs uncle jeemsthochtlittle o her he likit
raxt his hairns an hethochtmair but nae aunser coud
specs for seven year hethochtmebbe the optician could tak
he turns on me ithochtmy last day had come
e road e day hethochtnaebody sid be on e
syrup o figs och hethochtnaebody wull ken neest day
thons lik ma faimilie hethochtno maitter hou fest thai
eftir a wee whyle hethochto a ploy the first
he bidden a fortnicht liuthochto a wey out o
he won hame bit thethochto drookin emily gray s
doun tae his kail hethochto sanct ringan o kind
at did some shewin hethochtoch i ll get her
a wee bit squeamish hethochtoot loud i ll nae
wi the gordons aye hethochtoot loudly nae bloomin war
nava an a loon hethochtthat gied him the heich
cry a klaxon an hethochtthat if he cuid juist
douglas clawed hiz pow hethochtthe store bot a wumpil
fan he got hame hethochtthere was naebody in an
wi the scaffies strike hethochtthey were owerpaid as it
a wee bit restless hethochtwe cood be in the
he caumly reclines wi thethochtwha daur meddle wi me
shops an dramshops tae hethochtye demmed eedjit gin a
an mair a ve aftthochtback on that young wife
an mony mair puir birdthochti ye re aw yer
the submissions ingaithered it isthochtimportant tae promote mair the
s no a saumon ithochtmair like a stane an
fair made pets o themthochtmair o them whyles than
his sleep oot ma faitherthochtnae mair on t an
answered his chaps fyles neilthochtbrian an jenny war that
war the lassies but callumthochto nocht but his catriona
bi the pueblo indians anthochtthat they war the forehan
thole thaim at aw anthochtthey war ugsome ae day
ay a hantil men wethochtwar faes haes focht asyde
yeir native kintrie an yethochtye war joukin frae him
broke oot gladys muttering ithochtyou meant the real war
ower my hotterin porritch ithochtback tae ma days at
an nae honey as ithochtbit back tae the loon
o cream tae ye ithochtbit kept ma tongue atween
though bit it s athochtgaan tae yer bed in
jesus hecht the christ siccanthochtgies men the virr tae
gane is the day athochthas been a vision tae
for a fyle noo anthochti ll awa doon tae
its moo roka the foxthochti tae masel giein t
laith tae dee t mebbethochti twid bi wyse tae
here lies major rogers fathochtit sport tae sheet hunners
tae mak my cast anthochtmy lad ye re mine
it s come tae bethochto as a naitral pairt
gied the smokin up athochttae be a fermer aince
dumfounert at his leid andthochttae hersel what sort o
nivver said a word bitthochttae himsel she changes her
behalf an nane but rabbiethochttae laugh it isnae fair
almond tree ower late ithochttae love her love a
poachers turn up aither ithochttae mysel for we re
braiths the daft bugger ithochttae mysel will get himsel
nearhaun when in rome ithochttae myself they re a
em aleen i took athochttae pit ma han intill
oot an when the pharoahthochttae send him swimmin in
m738: the roe deer ithochttae shuit some cushats that
faces an lachin e loonthochttae spit e fite blob
needs daein 81 giein athochttae the weys neibourin nations
the morrigan resurrectit takk athochttae yersel awa an fleg
coast somewye the auld ladthochtthat the best wye tae
sair tae cheenge tae birdsthochtthe javans aroon the great
tae mell i speertit anthochtwi ogilvie the hill road
poachers comin tae us anthochtwull had let them by
an aa thon years ithochtye gaed tae perth fur
releegion fowk frae ither planetsthochtthem a tint cause better
chaplains are for i ayethochtto mak you feel better
the scheme o things ithochta blinkin sliver o chance
the track my train othochta wee bit slack cairrit
merde it s lack othochtahin the spukken wird aipples
nocht ayont the bounds othochtan dreme rinkin the universe
p o 1036 1101 49thochtbi the lochan chu hsi
lid on day bubbles othochtfloat aff like tooshts o
for langer nor a weethochtin the vastness o time
his substitute did and johnthochtit would be o some
sally bruce thocht her manthochtmade far ower muckle o
case twis auld joe fathochtnaethin o batterin brian blaik
burkers the body snatchers fathochtnaethin o smoorin a traiveller
everywhere you look bit ithochtnaething o sharn twis as
faur ower taen wi thethochto anither battle an they
a projek at wesna weillthochto bi the fowk at
rale pleaset wi yersel ethochto bonny picters minet me
battle that they had naethochto danger fae me or
ceremony ir ither i ayethochto em as bein fullt
as a kite at thethochto flittin the neist day
potestatur liggs shairly in thethochto god as faither and
pooer liggs shairly in thethochto god as faither and
high gweed humour at thethochto his ain sax weeks
cryit it alba caledonia whylesthochto it as scotland nou
a force ten an thethochto it made them fair
she just couldna bear thethochto it mock sexily the
how i lay aside allthochto mysel and let justice
an she coudna byde thethochto pittin a fingir on
hainer o israel the saminthochto remeid liggs ahint the
wesna verra joco at thethochto sic boits flaitin ontil
kennin fo little the brucesthochto skiffies and kitchie deems
dae the less ye rthochto sobbing the best tymes
an a thing but thethochto spendin a that siller
naething thraetening it s thethochto that lost key o
advantages in that we neverthochto that toots did we
nou the verra meenit thethochto the drink cam owre
quine fair teen wi thethochto the ghaistly laidder raxxin
struck dumb bi the verrathochto the muckle black deil
tak a scunner at thethochto their ain flesh bein
as a mechanism o repressionthochto this wey john macnab
an bel an me ayethochto wirsel s as cousins
ye canna see by thethochto yer next fix yer
oor ain wants wi naethochtof the wants o oor
wi is gey queer ithochton a hale heeze o
bit maist o aa shethochton the sheltie steen in
a an naebody would havethochtony the less o you
the mind is teem othochtpeace showds like a wicker
she iver god perish thethochttakk dementia as puckles o
it the bawd fur theythochtthat the speerit o the
roon the hinmaist shards othochtuntil sleep takks ower an
magic wal twa o yethochtye loued me weill aneuch
twa or three oors nedthochtfor twa or three meenits
cairriet awa wi a bonniethochtor twa she looks heavenward
shift an on yon happythochttwa oors afore mornin milkin
me up fur ennui bitthochtdear bocht that bares the
eve afore her steenhillock ootothochtfur her faither dod an
on t fur faith shethochtit did her hairt thumpin
sheil bot a wudnae hevthochtmonie kis the grazin fur
fur a meenit the bairnthochton the bonnie zither that
their love affairs an waefuthochtthat s no fur me
can pit a damper onthochtbit ye canna think e
thank ye for yer kindlythochtfor me altho gey dearly
i ll gie ye freshthochtjockie an e heaved doon
hou even a wee bitthochtstruck ye juist think than
ken ye were here ithochtsurely naebody was comin the
for poverty rae ye everthochtthat this haill community that
jiggin daein the twust nouthochtthe bodach cuid ye na
aa yir reivin gang cleikitthochtye a wadna kep ye
frae the magic wal yethochtye loued me but aiblins
a classroom later when theythochtye were asleep the low
ye staun i ve aftenthochtyer bit a spider in
kent as a bairn ithochtas a bairn bit fin
juice a quick fix bitthochtdear bocht that bares the
nae the singer bit thethochtthat draas fowk roon like
canna dee this masel shethochti ll awa an speir
cuidna hairst it hersel shethochti ll awa an speir
affa deaf neest day thethochtkept naggin awa at him
a row but they athochti was greetin nae laughin
to every patient an ithochtto mysel there s nae
re nae the lassie ithochtyou were teenie pleading i
for wame an meat forthochtwhile ower the ample fare
content wi never a waesumthochtbi day or nicht but
impressed in fact they neverthochtor guessed that greenock men
to there under for ethochta short excursus into the
kinna one track min ithochtif i creepit doon e
redd oot naebody geed athochttill e hen s dirt
things gunnar birze oot thatthochtgunlöd birze it oot it
oot the prein for shethochtit s aiblins jaggin him
ii i m oot shethochtshe caged me that the
their turn wi oot athochtthat these puir fish last
be echty it s athochteh gladys delighted she turns
lang reid neb forby shethochthirsell as bonnie as the
warrant a fancy education shethochton epona the great meer
an roman alike an shethochton pegassus fite wi his
watter kelpies an even shethochton the great wind horse
his muckle wings an shethochton unicorms wi their magic
stops and looks back ithochtshe probably wanted to be
princess elizabeth does lizzie ithochtshe was driving an ambulance
evelyn for that an ayethochtshe would try to turn
very meenit she shouted ronaldthochtthe lum is surely blocked
unyieldin s stane sear laggardthochta kinnelt vine wi leaves
deen for fun wi littlethochta smaa maitter at brook
grass wi ne er athochtin their wee horned heids
smitten wi the creenge anthochtit common an ugsome they
mind that robert the brucethochtthat andro was wi him
unco tassie hame wi methochtthe page naebodie wul ever
nets an claes wi thethochtthey ve won the day
wi it the bowheid saintsthochtthey were haly words but
blawin the beech alive herethochttuik flicht jyned wi the
the puzzent draigon aw fylitthochtwi zen from the chinese
a crash course on freudianthochtan creeticism the concise and
a stert lat this bethochtan duin a l tak
an mynds a wudnae hevthochtat the laird jhesu hed
past the bloomin thing hazelthochtfor a meenit an declares
fleer for us timmer tamthochtfor a meenit an said
an legs aff daddylanglegs anthochtit fun jock dow the
a muckle auld buik theythochtit statit fack an it
an blythe an braw anthochtthat life should be luv
like an angel an wethochtthat s the wye you
flichterin halo roon his lanelythochtca cannie aroon the dreich
littlin haein stood as ithochtin his verra ain cave
unner the sterns hech sirsthochtgrannie roddenberrie a ken whitlik
to annoy alec gladys ithochtmary mairried andy farquhar him
puir sowel tint hiz wutthochtpepil at sein him than
unca strained affair sally brucethochther man thocht made far
dryve us gyte macbeth athochta heard a vyce cry
beaumont it s just athochtthat s come to me
waittergate naw a wuid hevthochtat ergophobics wuidnae hev lestit
shops withoot gein it athochtbeth takes a few steps
ruims weill duin broun athochtbot it wesna concrete it
and men as brithers athochtdeponit by the life and
and men as brithers athochtdeponit by the life and
no worth a damn ithochtfor a meenit it is
a these tho c thoughthochtn thought thole v endure
gieing it a lot ofthochtrecently since you cam hame
thegither a meenit lattin thethochtsattle bappy myndin on thon
her of coorse we athochtthat was the end of
shune weet a took athochtthe sea s gey rough
hertruggin n a wuid hevthochtthit life up borth ick
knackers withoot a meenit sthochtwhyles the cousins played in
forfend unchance yet yont aathochtthat year the pest aye
the back door shut finethochther folk that s lizzie
caird i gied it somethochtand i didny like it
pynt this is it ithochtas i ran forrit we
i was pleased relieved ithochtit meant naething had happened
i heard folk say theythochtit was alive mebbe it
on saturday evenings andy ithochtmy free time was my
wasn t i jim ithochtsomebody had skellt the trifle
for years now i vethochtthat you were mine aince
the hale rannoch moor ithochtthe warld wud be white
of slavery however much somethochtit so oor colliers and
at you as if theythochtyou were gan to fa
the things that are arethochtto be north east things
gloir coequall with the bestthochtfor ane space they volt
word of your plans andthochtthey would tak their cut
as een may read andthochtexplore alistair for the late
to sic contributiun as salbethochtsufficient to sustene the saidis
of chu hsi 1130 1200thochtbi the lochan the gless
six months fa would havethochtso much could change in
awpen free and blyth northochtthat sorrow there could kyth

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