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bed an performance art athochtieavant guard i maun confess
fin her breists war athochtiefuller thank god fur thon
an yet she brocht athochtieo romance intae glen muick
blethers nane for thee athochtiesparin earth thou bonnie broukit
she wis scots wi athochtieo norse neist he gaed
ma speired minnie growin athochtieeasier ower at the byre
an maybe wi bein athochtietired wi aa es walkin
an liftit the blinfauld athochtiesae they could luik doon
if she d bin athochtieaulder he wadna hae spoken
ye re that kind anthochtieowrancer we cudna weill pey
blues oor een are athochtieraivelled they can scarce makk
frost inside them the smaaestthochtiefaith there wis even icicles
barron the skeely writer athochtiebamboozl t that een o
s een blinkit open athochtieaunt florence wis sittin in
i wis bit jist athochtienaethin ava an naitrally she
pushin hame ower fiddlers athochtieower far it wis gran
me wi myra niver athochtiefur jed yet he d
whyles though there s athochtieresistence we ve deen scotland

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