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lauchter o daith she thochtthorfinnah wumman canna think orm
goes out the voices ofthorfinnand orm are heard outside
she wrings her hands enterthorfinnand orm thorfinn laughing that
meet anither day orm leavesthorfinnaw ma lane again aye
orm can ah cum inthorfinncum awa inby orm hae
haud yeir tung orm listenthorfinnhae ye ever thocht aboot
hair an heuchie backs anawthorfinnhaud yeir tung orm orm
the daith o us baiththorfinnir you a man orm
ti dae nou orm aythorfinnis shaken and silent ye
and orm are heard outsidethorfinnlaughing loudly valgerd the yerl
hands enter thorfinn and ormthorfinnlaughing that wes an unco
ower me orm puir thorfinnthorfinnma bairn orm whan she
oot thare in the stormthorfinnman ah helpit masell orm
a poet orm ah doutthorfinnmaun hae swallaed ower mukkil
the nicht she goes outthorfinnorm a thocht haes cum
ai ay sae ah imthorfinnorm ah want peace orm
hurry gin ye want companiethorfinnorm ir ye a christian
lee orm orm never leesthorfinnorm is a poet orm
hear mair frae me eftirthorfinnorm ye ir ma frein
orm ay she peitied yethorfinnpeitied me orm ay kis
orm goes forward to thorfinnthorfinnsing for me orm orm
poet sings naething but leesthorfinnsing lees than orm wes
brek it orm ye cannathorfinnsyne ah l kick ye
sing yeir daith sang nouthorfinnthe corbies nae dout orm
orm dae ye daur deethorfinnthorfinn ah daur mair ah
cum ower me orm puirthorfinnthorfinn ma bairn orm whan
valgerd orm goes forward tothorfinnthorfinn sing for me orm
anaw orm ay ah wulthorfinnwad you daur ti brek
past byde beirit orm nathorfinnwhit ah m gaun ti
wes the truith that bitterthorfinnwhit div ye say orm
orm ye micht weill askthorfinnwhit ir ye than a
ye ken wha that westhorfinnye micht weill spier orm
ir ye the yerl thorfinnthorfinnah im that messenger you
thirlman ye cryit maister yerlthorfinnrecovering himself ye war mistaen
masell im ah no yerlthorfinnthe strang that haes commanded
messenger ir ye the yerlthorfinnthorfinn ah im that messenger
gie ye yeir aunsir yerlthorfinnwad hae brocht up his
thirlman can ah gang nouthorfinnawa wi ye thirlman leaves
thirlman the bishop never saidthorfinndae ye ken whuther the
war mistaen thirlman ay maisterthorfinnhou monie men ir the
end thirlman ai ay maisterthorfinnrises takes up a goblet
thirlman that wadna be aneuchthorfinnye wul hae ten the
heard valgerd ye struck methorfinnah swure revenge but ah
emotions valgerd na byde herethorfinnan bare yeir gret saul
hae ye fund saucht nouthorfinncaressing valgerd suin suin ah
is up in the garretthorfinncry hir doun valgerd she
sae ah im valgerd tothorfinneftir awthing ye can be
valgerd ye ir awfu jocothorfinnjoco ay sae ah im
reddie for the lang traivelthorfinnlooks at valgerd and gunlöd
she s no verra weillthorfinnlooks sharply at valgerd she
bairn valgerd but ma aiththorfinnma haill lyfe haes been
continues for a while andthorfinnreturns when it ceases valgerd
yeir haill bodie is shakkinthorfinnthat s a lee valgerd
that valgerd walcum hame guidmanthorfinnthenkye guidwyfe hae ye been
the field he goes outthorfinnto valgerd awa wi ye
throu disappointment mishanter an dulethorfinnto valgerd valgerd gie me
valgerd ye dinna mean thatthorfinnye heard whit ah said
an burnt hallfred at thorvallathorfinnay ah daursay messenger an
at reyd fiord lest springthorfinnundisturbed sae ah did messenger
dae ye daur dee thorfinnthorfinnah daur mair ah daur
him to thorfinn they kneelthorfinnputting his hands on their
the maun be twa thorfinnsthorfinnthe strang an thorfinn the
thorfinns thorfinn the strang anthorfinnthe waek wha herried ma
hand and leads him tothorfinnthey kneel thorfinn putting his
and gunlöd go to himthorfinncaresses gunlöd s hair kisses
empty their vessels except gunlödthorfinndrink gunlöd gunlöd throws the
hae the feigur heid othorfinngunlöd ah coudna richt mak
sleepiness gunlöd walcum hame faitherthorfinnir ye tellin the truith
is looking questioningly at gunlödthorfinnis he here yit gunlöd
sake o yeir faith gunlödthorfinns dochter wes never couartlie
dee ah can save yethorfinnyou gunlöd yeir friend gunnar
slippit awa oot o sichtthorfinnis silent aweill the allthing
ti burn doun yeir houssthorfinnis silent whit s yeir
yield til oor greter strenththorfinnis silent ye dinna aunsir
that ye ir a heathenthorfinnah want ti shaw ye
see whit ye ir abootthorfinnbe reddie here thay cum
ir strangir nor ah thochtthorfinnfor yeir dochter s sake
o thrie score ah thinkthorfinnir ye feart ti dee
maun dee lyke a creiminalthorfinnir ye gaun ti caw
an ye wul ken peacethorfinnma feelins ir ma hert
in and stops by doorthorfinnwha cums ma een ir
war never a man avathorfinnwhit ir ye sayin ye
im ah nou yeir faethorfinnye ir a christian but
canna richt fessen the bucklesthorfinnye wretch that ye ir
by an duin wi nouthorfinnbyde you an leeve wi
the sicht ye wad seethorfinnlat the past byde beirit
see he starts to gothorfinnye maunna leave me byde
ah im yeir kinsman gunnarthorfinnafter a pause cum forrit
naething ah wes a poetthorfinndiv ye believe in oniething
hae becum juist a poetthorfinnsyne ye hae becum nocht
he wul cum an helpthorfinnah see it wes frae
ti cum bi thir daysthorfinndid ye notice ma guidwyfe
cum ti hae a beliefthorfinnwhaur did ye finnd it
s no yeir lest wurdthorfinna man haes onlie the
gunnar shuirlie ye ken methorfinnah ken yeir vyce but
yeir richt feelins for aincethorfinnan you canna read thaim
ill set til yeir bairnthorfinnangry ah regret naething as
didna ken whit ye wantitthorfinnaweill thenks for yeir sang
that begs for yeir mercythorfinnthat s a lee aw
whit yeir lyfe haes beenthorfinnthinkin is for auld weimen
strangir nor a hunder boltsthorfinnwha askit you for yeir
luck for yeir neist voyagethorfinnye r no ti speak
hae sic a bitter tungthorfinnyou tak care o yeir
sum lyfe back intil usthorfinnweill said fesh a pikkil
lyfe haes been a leethorfinnwith repressed anger and pain
himsell that haes baeten yethorfinnah hae never kent onie
whit haes happent til yethorfinnsyne it is best that
us ti dae that maisterthorfinnah forgot for a wee
starting to leave ay maisterthorfinnhaud on pause dae ye
the gods that saved usthorfinnai whan wul ye growe
as big as a houssthorfinnthare ye tell a lee
hunder ye maun pray yeirsellthorfinnah canna but ah m
brithers ah canna lat gaethorfinnaweill ah l brek it
mither ye canna stap methorfinngoes to the door trying
ye doun in the stourthorfinnthis age canna thole smeddum
canna shout doun the truiththorfinnyou be quaeit afore ah
ye can be sae blyththorfinnhowt ay the r nae
ower sair on the bairnthorfinnor ye wul hae me
the sancts wul sain itthorfinnis beside himself with grief
a bigger breist nor usthorfinnah hae an ill bodement
lane there is a pausethorfinnah mynd ae day i
punishment o god afore yethorfinnoniething ah hae duin wes
ah m no masell awthegitherthorfinnsae it seems ah m
forward ye cryit on methorfinnthat s no true ah
ye ettil ti dae nouthorfinnwhit dae ah ettil ti
weakly ye r tormentin methorfinnye r roused ah believe
be savit he crosses himselfthorfinnwhit dis that fouterin mean
ti regret oniething ye daethorfinnbut gin ye hae duin
dochters ti believe in thaimthorfinnthe weimen fowk soud hae
on the floor goes tothorfinnand buries her head in
new age that is dawinthorfinndiv ye mynd the saga
say ae wurd o fareweillthorfinnwumman ye teir doun ma
stuid for the new agethorfinnye speak lyke an auld
arms is heard outside andthorfinnstarts to go out when
up a bit prayer firstthorfinndis that bring saucht til
ti heivin i the endthorfinndid thay pour wattir on
ae tender wurd ti methorfinnglares at her she springs
fareweill ti me at leastthorfinnrestraining his feelings with effort
whyte serk ti pit onthorfinntell the twal strangest men
see that it disna helpthorfinnhaund me ma airmor an
notice ither men s wyfesthorfinnhou cannie an gentie she
aboot that again they drinkthorfinntakes horn hastily from mouth
the conflict gradually die awaythorfinncomes in pale and wounded

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