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great un dead a cheapthrillobserve my south wall here
the buzz or the quickthrillno one in jennifer s
is aching with pain orthrilllees are lies coorse is
lichtness tae the gloamin athrillye ll nae forget blin
their folk greetin the cauldthrillo sodden feet wi shouts
phrases in the vernacular whichthrillme with a sense of
evening in for a cheapthrillsniffed sandra derisively imagine posing
listeners as if savouring everythrillof pleasure you catch your
can hardly describe the enormousthrilli felt the first time
piece of entertainment designed tothrillscare and tease is like
was a bit of athrillthe image of older people
day i noted with athrillthat the river is now
hert beatin fast tae thethrillo the wild tirlin cry
owre seldom heard your accentsthrillme through my mither tongue
the lack of the masochisticthrilli was hoping for i
the letterbox my fit athrilli got a letter mither
but in political groupings thatthrillis still with me any
it still gave me athrillto see soyuz boosters and
see her its a greatthrillfor her 28 sunday we

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