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he took him by thethroatsaying to him thou flayest
he took him by thethroatsaying to him thou flayest
general scots expressions thrapple forthroatcragg for neck my lean
more general scots expressions thrapplethroatcragg neck my lean alone
lamb wytin tae hae itsthroatcuttit i wisna richt till
s beginnin ta think mathroats bin cuttit we re
tell jonsar eck cleared histhroatan said i swear tae
the second officer cleared histhroatand flicked open a notebook
aboot somebody lauder cleared histhroati would like tae hear
checked his papers cleared histhroattwa points afore we stert
trousers rather and cleared histhroatwhat s the matter wi
alarm he s clearing histhroathe s wanting to bend
he s merely clearing histhroatwhich reminds me muzzles are
tho i had a sorethroatfor a few days before
with a hot poker sorethroathot salt was placed in
s sorer than the sorethroati got while i was
cough and cough and mythroatis very very sore the
life rose up in mythroatand threatened to stifle me
a lump threatened in histhroatfiona smiled fondly at him
of deodorant catching jimmy sthroatand irritating his chest couldn
accumulated vibrations of his chestthroattongue and mouth the flow
he took him by thethroatand continued you murder latin
he took him by thethroatand continued you murder latin
to vomit rose in herthroatthe bath water ran so
terrible groan rose from histhroatye needna answer i ken
ve nae got a sairthroatas well have you f1114:
stummle in ma walk mathroats sae sair a daurna
croaky you got a sairthroatthe night f1100: [clanking and water noises] f1099:
is you got a sairthroatup ye get [tap running] come
kitchen soap an e cutthroatan bilet watter oot o
in her veins is cutthroatchill aeons crumble to must
ahead in the current cutthroatclimate of the new millennium
i don t know whosethroatis to be cut fiona
the slack skin at histhroatwobble david ran his hand
f643: the the the mouththroatof the road so many
hit the back of histhroatfelt his eyes water recovered
roaring mill nose eyes andthroatgot full of black dust
it gives you a drythroatas well mummy should have
he d never kenned histhroatsae dry until ae day
holy mick rowland clears histhroatharry oh sorry mr rowland
f631: yeah f689: sorry mathroats dryin up in here
ruffs o fur aroon thethroatarrived ae gloamintide tae dine
gits a haud ae mathroatfur aw you ken she
an let go ae mathroatit s up tae you
an a steen in eezthroatgin ye tell ma ma
ll start watterin an mathroatll swell up i ve
goat a knife it mathroatwants hauf a million a
tried tae hoast bit mathroatwis steekit an fecht as
urgent wattles rattling at histhroatas cock a doodle doo
blaeness o his lang scrawnythroatfar the spit gaithered an
be liquidized because of histhroathe can t even get
he s shaken by thethroathe th- reverts into his
needit something tae clear histhroati wish mattha bruce widna
lyke cummin he holds histhroatman ah m that drouthie
quickly cowped it ower histhroatone liquid injection ah ll
of coloured cloth around histhroatquite tightly telling him that
his hands grabbed for thethroatsqueezing hard forcing the young
hale virr o his tenorthroatstrings fair birred as he
said coughing to clear herthroathesitating at the door thinking
giant takes him by thethroatand shakes him he switches
kye bowff claggerin criggie sthroatwhile he baitchels tae a
that got stung on thethroatwith a bee s- by
a hoast can set yerthroatableeze a neb can dreep
bulldug ll be doon yerthroatlike an electrifeed rat disjaskit
tan you trickle down mythroata soon over pleasure all
jug down then grasps herthroatchoking della tess robby krista
i had that down mythroati d be like dead
and he made a lugubriousthroatcutting gesture i ll do
ll grab fate by thethroatstorm s brewing pier s
me grabbed me by thethroatand beat my head on
in a lump in mythroatfor you hadn t given
an stert tae sneeze mythroattae swall i m heidin
against the wall by thethroatf632: [laugh] f646: he says
draws her finger across herthroatpotted heid robby rushes at
o it settin her affthroattearin retchin wi no a
biff shakin me by thethroatpurple i hink aye i
could help it yince thethroatwis done i chapped up
sang oot frae its clockwirkthroatmatty s tyke benjy wis
barman hid jonsar be thethroatan snarled if you can
m1108: why nae too muchthroatf1107: no it s bad
in the back of thethroatif the pap had fallen
the shears at stew sthroatdimps and cammy go toward
from the tarn s peatythroatthe lub lub of the
twid reest in the antrinthroatthat gart it craik like
kiss and makes an ambiguousthroatcutting gesture as she shuts
a note stuck in thethroatof a rotten harp rust
series of peculiar coughs andthroatclearings from mister blaikie the
to hold haaker hawker haasethroathack to chop firewood hackie

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