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athort mosses an muirs anthrouderk wuids afore ye cum
athort mosses an muirs anthrouderk wuids or she cam
athort mosses an muirs anthrouderk wuids she grew wearie
frae the hie bens anthrouthe wuids an whit soud
frae him an stourit affthrouthe wuids eftir his freins
ti dae there cam leaminthrouthe wuids the farawa glint
as she breinged hir weythrouthe deep wattirs but whan
naething o aw his traivelsthrouthe deep wattirs naething o
an doun thay gaed deepthrouthe green wattirs an deeper
ah micht beir ye upthrouthe green wattirs o the
vinkish onie mar it swoummitthrouwattirs an plewed throu widds
swoummit throu wattirs an plewedthrouwidds whan thai cam ti
athort mosses an muirs anthroumirk derk wuds afore ye
ma buiks aince mair backthrouthe centuries ah reinge athort
it maks nor heivin keikthrouthe blanket o the derk
place fell fest callum traiveltthrouthe derk forest an awa
ti hunt for the princethrouthe derk forest she gaed
princess sat asyde him awthrouthe derk hours she cuidna
inti the weim an gaedthrouthe lang derk througang an
an the reid bul traiveltthrouthe mukkil derk forest an
appalachia as the sun sprinkledthrouthe forest on ti the
leims o the sun joukthrouthe mirk forest an glent
soud cum breingin at thaimthrouthe mirk o the forest
gaed on thair wey onthrouthe trees o the forest
tae wale gin i gaethrouthe deid mirk dail nae
quyne sleepit warm an beinthrouthe lang mirk o the
a hear its wheipil thirlsthrouthe mirk atwein the spring
fishin weedow aiblins thochts rinthrouher heid were she no
the rin o thochts gaunthrouthair heids wi the words
tae express the thochts gaunthrouthe heids o thair forebeirs
wi hunners o thochts gaunthrouyer heid juist git intae
seetiations whan thochts is gaunthrouyer heid they dinna aye
ti be muckle mair anerliethrouoor daith cuid we win
their pouer we ken thatthrouoor daith in time they
consummation here they kent thatthrouoor daith they d haud
oor daith cuid we winthrouoor faes wad thole nae
luive an daith an childhoodthroutae adult preoccupations sic as
sall mynd o us anerliethrouthis daith are we reborn
hushie us fir aye anerliethrouthis daith is oor luve
pairt frae ither ti gaethroua thousan myle o deid
gae doun ti the wattirthrouhere lyke they go off
thir bairns hae ti gaethrouin thair puir lives they
wul they hae ti gaethrouin this lyfe the alarm
the law bills maun gaethrousindry stages afore they can
andrey lat s gae ootthrouthe back kitchen they go
ma shouther we l gaethrouthe gal axies an ah
big leid wechts gae fleeinthrouthe sky syne fricht the
end o the wire inthroua gill an oot throu
mukkil burd throu nichts anthroudays or its sair fuit
throu m999: when you rethrouf1053: was tha- m1002: the best
s- stob throu like dirksthrouhis gut an as if
him like his s- stobthroulike dirks throu his gut
here f1001: when ye rethroum999: when you re throu
luikit eftir the mukkil burdthrounichts an throu days or
throu a gill an ootthrouthe mooth o ilka yin
wi ae lowp he westhrouan outby inti the nicht
lik a het k nyfthroubuttir aw nicht it rummilt
haed drak t lest nichtthroudrapes til bousters drouk t
masell waukrif the lang nichtthroufrom the chinese of po
sleep soun the haill nichtthroushe did juist that an
sad sangs the haill nichtthrouthe duik said he haed
wund that yowls an skirlsthrouthe lang nicht o the
the curtains o the studythrouthe lave o the nicht
masahide 1657 1723 blissit nichtthrouthe mesks drifts the whyte
thon faimlie is in truibilthrouthe middil o the nicht
whyles whan ah wauken upthrouthe nicht ah think ti
odd time it brak doonthrouthe nicht an geordie waukened
speak wi the duik himsellthrouthe nicht an the bryde
lyke sae monie silken threidsthrouthe nicht it cleared awa
oncum o spring it snuvesthrouthe nicht on the breeze
stoun nae potion eases aathrouthe nicht rab caad this
at the third hour haufroadsthrouthe nicht ti play the
haird thaim tossin an tummlinthrouthe nicht whan thay coudna
wes makkin sic a dirdumthrouthe nicht whan the wyce
the nicht he is wydinthrouthe sie an he is
doun on the tyles awthrouthe waesum nicht o ma
drowie wi dreipin rones awthrouthe waukrif nicht ah dochtna
as they gaed thair weythroueddication on the gate tae
dew quynes in thair seethrougouns slounge sexy lyke an
aw sleepin thair lyfes awathrouilka chaumer gaed fergal fou
aw lyke yin anither shauchlinthroulyfe an juist lyke thair
sekein ti pit thair neivesthrouma drum skin a nivver
mortals that haed fasht thaimthrounae faut o thair ain
a stern cuid she gliskthrouthair brainches whaur cuid she
aboot puddoks haes ti breathethrouthair skins dae ye no
or the fermers ti platchthrouthe dubs wi thair clydesdails
thair flindriken green gouns flichterinthrouthe mukkil haw kythed til
spring cam ah heard tellthrougangril merchants ye coud be
wi sic a splash aathrouspring an simmer lang ilk
he gethers mair flouers awthrouthe spring wather whyle the
sit an watch the treesthrouthe windae in the spring
an thay follaed the fairiesthrouintil the ither glen that
wusst at thay wad soumthrouthe sea foraye binna the
neist fortuin wad bring awathrouthe wee toun thay gaed
hir that haed socht himthrouthe weidth othe warld thay
suin as thay war awthrouthis dure gied intil a
intil a weim thay pouredthrouthis wi iain ahint thaim
an the roar o watterthrouthe dam dirlin oor lugs
see the glint o watterthrouthe trees there wis anither
aften saw a bairnie swimminthrouthe watter an fechtin wi
corridors the day reach outthrouthe watter the het sloch
had sprauchlt aboot fower yairdsthrouthe watter whan it dawned
glen that mysie haed seenthrouthe hole in the mukkil
craig abuin bricht sunlicht glimmersthrouthe mukkil pines at gloamin
heichs an howes ti winthrouan ye d be left
theme fae the clarinet winthrouat the end 5 cleirin
dree but he ll winthrouti the pure cleansin at
as it battled tae winthrouwithoot blawin its biler hou
honor if they micht dryvethrouyeir gairden for ti win
thurd we ll can winthrouyou brocht me ower the
haed wrutten beatrix read thaimthrouan said til him yeir
thaim ti follae him upthrouthe auncient yetts an barnekins
see thaim gin ye cumthrouthe cleuch o the river
ye wis leukin at thaimthrouthe end o a ginger
at thaim the lang wunterthrouthe hemlock wul bring me
ane o thaim wes keikinthrouthe kiehole an cryin at
toun gaed the brithers anthrouthe streets o it or
wi delyte as she gaedthrouthe swaws ai but whan
the prentice haed gien hirthrouthe ryde up an doun
hid a robertson yin nothrouonie faimlie sib tae thae
gin yin meet yin cominthrouthe rye in an important
oor an i ll bethrouit wis an auld age
lowpin ower laich waas anthrouthe fancy gairdens wi oor
baith awa an skites onthrouthe hoose that s oor
ir we gaun ti leevethrouthe rest o oor lyfes
doun there he gestured vaguelythroua gap in the pylin
an the sun shane dounthrouthe brainches syne the sweet
hir cut doun yeir treethrouthe haw windae ah saw
pylin fence i jumpt dounthrouthe hole an neil cam
gnats an duns swept dounthrouthe shalla runs or on
an awesum seilance rank weedsthrouwinnoks growe an doun the
custumer out cam ti forkthrouhir kaces contergates he wes
juist as beenie cam breenginthrouthe door tae see whit
his muckler pals cam traikinthrouthe loan fae rammies wi
flocht o linties cam flieinthrouthe rones o the gairth
it it cam hurlin richtthrouthe thrang an it landit
transformed bi marc chagall lauchinthrouhis lang years a levantine
leeved lang aneuch ma roadthroulyfe haes brocht me til
betraisit taen an riven apairtthrouthe lang years i tholed
luve grew aa the mairthrouthe lang years they telt
his ease himsel demean anthrouthon lang het simmer weeks
july 13th whan they sawthrouthe lifeboat the followin day
mulberry trees whan ye cumthrouthe yett inti the court
wis the pad i tuikthrouthon wuid whan i socht
fair beltin ower wave anthroutrough july 13th whan they
a licht glimmerin at hirthroua bourach o brammils sher
some financial ontak fur hirthroubearin a m makintlie sicker
slaw lik rinnin hir fingirsthrouhir hair the sojers wes
ahent hir the entrie westhrouthe bak o a bruim
haund an poued hir ootthrouthe green dure eftir this
sae she stak hir pinkiethrouthe kiehole an at aince
strip strop ti gy hirthrouthe mossis an myres o
ice wi aw hir pingilthrouthe short wunter day she
late he wis drookit richtthrouan the ither twa juist
hoo experience o the worldthrouanither leid can be juist
yeir horse dee d juistthroube in auld shuirlie ma
lik ballantyne sein the warlthrouinglish glessis oniegates juist fur
he juist lairnt tae sleepthrouit aw the only time
secular sources aa the weythrouher heid source in the
that he plowtert his weythrouthe shallaes an nou he
tae evidence anent bills gaunthrouthe pairlament or anent an
views anent a bill gaunthrouthe pairlament ye can contack
naitrul ane we aw gangthroua phase whaurby we damp
an syne he gart crythrouaw the kintrie that onie
day an leeved weill contentthrouaw the monie year that
a perfit smuith skreid liggitthrouaw the ruims weill duin
aw day owre bens anthrouglens or at the gloamin
irena they r aw sittinthrouin the ballroom an naebodie
like uphaud pupils personal oncomethroulanguage an literature wi aw
loss the chaunce ti rejycethrouno kennin aw the gretness
1060 ah dreme foraye awthrouthe day ah dreme ah
aw ma smeddum ti gitthrouthe day pepper tell me
taen him an meg awthrouthe houss an lat him
a poet aw ma daysthrouthe smaw rain ah ryde
speir at him an gangthrougin he s willin says
beasties gin gurly spates roartthrouthe dubs he d guzzle
thirlt frein at wad seethrouthis wiss o mines gin
reinged abraid wi the cawthrouo youth heid the wes
keikit ower the waw heidthrouthe crennels ferr ablo a
finger shove us heid furstthrouthe wringer or in a
men syne ah coud jundiethroua blyth hunder year an
an shove a gless tubethrouthe cork syne ye tak
syne a l sleep soondthrouthunner thunder a third apparition
the pith ti see itthrougie me the dirks the
v throw thrie a threethrouprep through ti prep to
a busy thrissil n thistlethrouprep through ti prep to
gairden an ettilin ti poussthrouthe closs at the ferr
dyke roun the fank plewinthrouthe gairden an ettilin ti
glie than the fowersum forkitthrouthe houss frae crap ti
some we ve ti passthrouthe mains guidsir an tho
ti m bot as uiswalthrouthe mediat tung o z
for ti cairrie the legthrouthe mou o the cave
ettilt ti powk the pypethrouthe stane wes poussed out
tail pype ti strintil outthrouthe waw as it suid
claes ah traivel on beglaumertthrouthir lands im ah ti
a weirie darg ti warsilthrouuntil the end but in
wul see him daein itthroua byuss glaumerie o yeir
at least pit yeir pinkiethrouthe kiehole sae that ah
pad that wad tak himthrouit but the war nae
wad see them walkin hamethrouthe toun wat up tae
bi a stey gait upthrouthe craigs til ma wee
be brocht til his lairthrouthe smith s guidwyfe seeminlie
sant awa an dwyne forayethroulyfe or even the glisk
banked awa tae the eastthrouthe close up the ootside
him an cairrit him awathrouthe wyde warld an garred
wes cut or ah westhrouwi ye ye d suin
vices fae staunart scottish englishthroutae west o scotlan dialect
remind us o the continuitiethrouthe centuries fae afore burns
wis the pipes rinnin upthrouthe chimney breist fae the
hae come faur fae exilethrouthe warlt s ilka airt
frae gowden bill come floatinthrouthe darkness still i clean
routine an cairryin fishin rodsthrouthe glesses frae the tap
an unco odour at waashedthrouthe houss frae the gairden
blowsters frae the north yowlinthrouthe nirlt birks gunlöd ay
an he seen the smiddythrouthe waa frae a hous
an pirks as shae radethroubuss an heges nane o
as experience o the worldthrouenglish it will allou them
dirlin cry o the whaupthrouhail rain an snaw may
ae example o a teacherthrouher ain interest creatin an
ain opinion is hinted atthrouhis choice o verbs sholde
birks an no breinge onthroulike a couple o stirks
o hou ah hae gaenthrouma days at gars this
be a coortin bridge anthrouma span o time bring
generation this talk ll meanderthrousome o the maist kenspeckle
bairns ken nocht o schulethrouspitals ricklie as the thrang
hae aften thocht o methrouthae years gunlöd ah hae
alairms an sortit a wirethrouthe back o the clock
burds he coud see flieinthrouthe bars o his cell
ramsh sea horses an souminthrouthe bourachs o purpie sea
a burn the main gatethrouthe clachan o gaitsgill run
thristin o new life upthrouthe cleavin o the palace
o the monks wul echothrouthe derkenin firs from the
mells o airn aabodie burstthrouthe gantin doors thegither intil
ne er had a poukthrouthe hale o october tho
as we waltz an swaythrouthe hert o england at
flair abuin insteid o ganginthrouthe out waw the fowk
in days bygaen ah daunertthrouthe pailace o delicht an
o toryism he s espousinthrouthe plot an his characters
thorns sherp an whyte busonthrouthe snaw the lichts o
gryss wie narra peths wumpiltthrouthe thikfauld growthe o willies
o my pliskiest deils paradinthrouthe toun time wis that
pleys skiffers wi seidcorn bairgesthrouthe tounser siemaws cok o
noise o the air blawinthrouthe vent trunk no tae
an socht socht an hunitthrouthe wearie weys o hauf
telt fergal o the paththrouthegreen knowes that he maun
o hert she hopes asthrouthis buik ye thoum tae
as ilka pailin wis burntthrouwi a muckle shooer o
wantit when the nets gangthroua dub an the siller
an masel led the clessthrouan exercise aboot alliteration we
speirin oot forby they walethroubills in detail an vote
did ye finnd it ormthroudisappointment mishanter an dule thorfinn
for gcse an a levelthrouedexcel in london similar wi
the adder bell in flichtthrougladiolie an the ickers gar
aff stourin ower the muirthrouhedge an sheuch or luikin
his fowk raxin ootby anthrouhim faurer yit yont marx
culture an language helpin pupilsthroulanguage tae value theirsels an
that here the river flowedthrouopen kintrae an the howkers
education an bilingual education ootthrouprimary secondary an higher education
multilingualism provide trainin for teachersthrouprofessional oncome an initial teacher
teachers an emphasis on scotsthrouprofessional oncome upsteer multilingualism an
an lowpin wast skelpin ramstamthroustewartries an sheriffdoms fair a
you spied him we rakedthrouthe bankside busses an the
hiz peypers an lat himthrouthe brither an sister follaed
themes an issues gan oanthrouthe buik that is the
strang narratives an talk usthrouthe childhood an adolescent experiences
wisnae faur an he wentthrouthe close at the tap
funk a spara gled wheichedthrouthe flocht an sessit out
an foul is fair fliethrouthe haar an clairtie air
the ootside stair an inthrouthe lobbie the pair sprintit
saul ferr hae ah wannertthrouthe nyne lands an whaurever
in the craig an santitthrouthe postern yett an for
the mercatplace fowk birlin alangthrouthe stour cairts an horses
me an fairlie harlt methrouthe stour for thertie year
shi jin sae they pushedthrouthe thrang an spied i
apairt an tuik it outbythrouthe trap i creils than
then up the brae anthrouthe wid leanin weary on
1 3 mak siccar thatthroutheir initial trainin an professional
aist pier an aboot haufweysthrouwi liverin aboot sixtie cran
mak sic a din greitinthrouyonder distroublin me an ma
his hands ah ve gaenthroua haill bottle the day
thinner ah suppose it sthroube in fasht wi the
inglish whyle ah m herethrouthe simmer vershinin ye read
apen heiven fir the fowkthroutouns whaur wark s ower
perfect timin as we gangthrouwatford junction ower the pynts
awready the flegs are raivellinthrouhim chappin his braith intae
wime as hunger preens stobthrouhim like his s- stob
thocht i d get himthrouhis greed but he pit
ainly be richt dealt withroumakkin a inclusive cohesive leids
comes intae contact wi gaelicthroupreschuil education should be maximised
wi the forenicht dew blawsthrouthe gauze curtains aiblins chang
back wi his bare feetthrouthe teir in his coat
wi jimmy that wis histhrouthe wa neibour in the
wund the warld s speiritthroume dirls inouth ma breist
nou syped awaw lik crudsthroua riddil sae he stuttit
taill sae a winna plewthrouit agane bi the feinis
wis flyin ever mair trauchledthrouthe air bit nae birds
artists edwin morgan features baiththroua visit tae his hame
semitism ye fin splattered outthroubuchan s fiction his john
but wang jin didna dingthroufor he checkit his straik
coat the river wund blawsthrouhis brukken bunnet the hill
dee doon he d gottenthrouhis first air raid athoot
fifty year noo no seenthrouhis windae the hill ahint
for laund access richts outthrouthe grouse shootin season his
geordie shauchelt his bare feetthrouthe saft warm sand as
tae bring us aa safelythroujuly 19th it s nou
oniewey she s never hamethrouthe day she onlie sleeps
winna byde but rins ayethrouthe rochest day banquo wurthie
trimmle she ll pou usthroustill mind ye lads it
treasurer tholemoodie tolerant threi threethroubearin towmond one year trauchles
by a three year oldthrouthe haar a waik sin
urdu has been pit forritthrouedexcel tae 105 while awnin
them tae derive cognitive benefitsthrouproblemreddin memorisation mindin makkin connections
this dune we skelpit affthrouthe wid back tae the
lest whit soud he seethrouthe tottiest winnok the back
ern lum at stak outthrouthe ruif guid fur ye
he gat hiz kail hetthrouthe reik than he tuik
for sclimmin bens or scliffinthrouthe stour he bucklt at
eelids cursit he l leevethrouwearie weeks ful nyne tymes
the linn reishil back slaethrouthe bamboo shaws lotus leafs
grey sheddaes scattert then dertitthroua handy gap in the
greatest pleesure she ll cathrouclaes fur the weest drooth
i saw the sheriff thouminthrousome papers mr mcbean says
the germanic haar sheens leaminthroustained gless that the maister
defeat granite thrumple marble seepthrousteel tarmac the 1976 heatwave
himsel in but sees nothinthrouthe anonymous gloam that ca-
sodgers warslin forrit they brashthrouthe array ay strampin on
in detail the committee walesthrouthe bill line by line
the ettin is cummin festthrouthe deep wattir in the
sentences as the weeds cumsthrouthe fence aye and the
the sun shone fou brichtthrouthe gaps twas blawin force
old cat closes her eyesthrouthe grampians a jet skreichs
droll auld wumman cummin upthrouthe hole ai littil dis
while tocher for scots comesthrouthe scottish airts cooncil there
the burn that mirrors methroutime i leuk upo mysel
or else there s nanethrouvennels whaur the bairns ken
princes at micht get outthrouecht nine generations nou they
sports watchin ileachs bein putthroutheir paces as they puffed
a public road awbodie gangsthrouit here nanny gie sumthing
in their local office orthroutheir regular surgeries in yer
this again could be addressedthroua cohesive national leids policy
proponed solutions could be addressedthroua cohesive national leids policy
proponed could aye be addressedthroua cohesive national leids policy

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