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m1055: to throw f1009: tothrower chuck fling fire but
ehm f1009: [laugh] m1055: tothrowf1009: to throw er chuck
ehm m999: mmhm f1053: tothrowm1002: chuck would be the
got anything new i wouldthrowor chuck or fling yes
the last wheel then tothrowsomething f1027: eh to chuck
up what you do tothrowsomething f1043: chuck chuck it
away tae bed f1054: tothrowsomething kenny m1017: toss chuck
to what you do tothrowsomething m1020: i would chuck
now f1011: mmhm f1054: tothrowm1012: thraw f1011: thraw m1013:
thir a these thraw vthrowthe morn adv tomorrow toun
thrang crowd thrappil throat thrawthrowthrawart difficult threip insist ti
thousan a thousand thraw vthrowthrie a three throu prep
to get a really fastthrowflew throw flow through flow
a really fast throw flewthrowflow through flow flow through
i would fling it tothrowit m1015: aye f1054: wo-
go fling it away notthrowit out m1016: ye d
we go roll f1114: ohthrowf1113: throw it catch throw
roll f1114: oh throw f1113: throwit catch throw it hup
to throw the [?]bully[/?] theythrowit f1116: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1115:
throw f1113: throw it catchthrowit hup f1114: huh throw
throw it hup f1114: huhthrowit [laugh] f1113: ah [inaudible]
were doin words for throwthrowsomething we ve got heave
[?]bullies[/?] they re going tothrowthe [?]bully[/?] they throw it
just were doin words forthrowthrow something we ve got
enlighten or shed cast orthrowany new light on the
look with eyes shielded hövethrowdem them lay up cast
generally i would i wouldthrowit [laugh] m1007: cast cast
m1007: cast cast you couldthrowsomething out to cast m1008:
the wame as oot theythrowthe day s first cast
a twa three fite hairsthrowit forbye fa d rin
tae to sneck latch ballthrowrin run the mellishon the
i dinna rin the saferthrowthe warld tae win an
parritch we ll jist rinthrowyer catechisms tae see if
neck o his sark powkedthrowthe skin as the tide
lap wi the beens powkinthrowthe skin he wis that
the broken been cockin cleanthrowthe skin the reyns twisted
shanked bairns fas beens powkthrowtheir skin i m chappin
a quarter pound of butterthrowaway any eggs that are
she doesn t make himthrowaway longley she usually hates
my ain free will tothrowaway the happiness o my
t quite bring herself tothrowaway the insanitary and obscene
you re being ridiculous sadiethrowaway yer supposed tae book
the cushion maybe i llthrowher away mummy frog and
girl like fiona phimister shouldthrowherself away on you of
put in too much tothrowit all away it has
needle from his coat tothrowit away but it is
bits kept so don tthrowthem away f1112: here s
claith n cloth clash vthrowclaucht v clutch cleid v
bein yoked together tae gaunthrowa toll bar they would
gaun intae edinburgh oo gaunthrowtae glesgae oo gaun ower
dressed like a european gaunthrowthe jungle ae nicht near
where they go and theythrowfire and dance and sing
lum reek you d tothrowit in the fire and
fire the hawk that flichtersthrowthe wids pyes little heed
it or ye goin taethrowsomething aye i ll go
hot cold tired good tothrowsomething f1006: ehm f1054: if
ones in that section tothrowsomething what aboot that f1143:
on her faither s sidethrowhis mither s fowk the
fowk awa she d sleepthrowthe resurrection she ll be
canny fowk an they dinnathrowthings oot willinly on the
western pleisur sikkin fowk livedthrowthon widdendreme bairns hames an
jock dow ken thochts racedthrowher heid like rinnin bawds
horse frae pittin its heidthrowits collar rub it wi
the pit the hammer heidthrowthe handles then ye cairied
she tossed her tousled heidthrowthe lang rigs o derk
winter hid tichtened his gripthrowthe nicht he wis aawye
d bide at a calvinthrowthe rigs o the nicht
ooto the gloom aa nichtthrowthey bob an birl room
just open a windae anthrowit doon an ye caught
hungry so ye say mathrowme doon a doon a
that was it so mathrowme doon a jammy piece
[laugh] f1040: [laugh] m1042: mathrowme doon a piece you
i wish he would jistthrowme doon on the grun
bring doon the fever raginthrowthe stricken wumman s bluid
mummy f1113: right gently dinnathrowcause they re wooden f1114:
you like playing football f1114: throwit to me faster faster
s head [laugh] f1114: [laugh]throwit to me [laugh] f1113:
[laugh] f1006: i d saythrow[laugh] f1054: [inaudible] that s
your book and dinna justthrowthem in no no wait
saw her strain the milkthrowa sieve tae wyle oot
i don t want tothrowit oot cause that s
murderers haes been fund ootthrowmeans o pyot craws an
ay es savin tippies niverthrowonything oot it might ay
t m816: aye she dthrowthe ashes oot just before
did baith drivin a busthrowthe day helpin oot on
her bed up an ootthrowthe reef o the hoose
fur a day oot waukinthrowthe wids an gairdens a
mother really did threaten tothrowhim out of the window
fury pacing up and downthrowit out the window thomas
intend to lose it orthrowit out when i m
scrambles at weddings [inhale] theythrowmoney out and the kids
i must see andy ithrowmyself out of my daddy
pony keech excrement jaw itthrowout liquid yill ale whangs
that he had had tothrowout the evidence of sorcery
there see if you canthrowsome stuff out f1122: here
on the back don tthrowthat out f1112: well where
ask that we do notthrowthe baby out with the
right it seems daft tothrowthe baby out with the
with excrement and margaret gaggedthrowthem out dad for god
but it ll just bethrowthem out from you know
keep her toys there ithrowthem out if i find
pubs and clubs and eventhrowthemselves out of aeroplanes however
kinda no we re gonnathrowthis out to try an
don t behave i canthrowyou out f718: mm f1077:
is that what you dthrowat them grassic gibbon teuchter
somebo- you want somebody taethrowit to you you d
never loved him i dthrowmysel in the herbour raither
i just thought i dthrowthat in there because i
that ferfochan she d sleepthrowthe resurrection mind she d
the aipple o wisdom anthrowher coorseness baith o them
them ower one two threethrowoh that s [inaudible] a
down on the beach andthrowstones at them when you
an mair tae see themthrowthe winter tho minnie s
the women usually women wouldthrowthem a couple o pennies
stuck f1115: they re gonnathrowthem ower one two three
s this project will hopefullythrowthem up i m goin
you wouldn t have athrowwith them ye know it
pester them enough they llthrowye bits o bread an
bunnet her hauns gaed cleanthrowt fur it wis thinner
the path an strode affthrowthe bracken fur a wee
fur a whylie minnie wydedthrowthe snaa atween twa graves
tae be sure tae winthrowthe snaa in time fur
mak yer merk when roaminthrowa bussie perk they ll
come tae show defiance saethrowawa yer tory drum an
borrowed tartan s birlin thrangthrowthe toun ower cassies croun
her then now don tthrowf1104: no way to go
the dubby watter she ranthrowher da s peat cut
passin robert ah hud taethrowher overboard coz ah knew
her een bit creepin saftlythrowthe mirk the waukrife lad
wame drave her on againthrowthe park ben the back
sun streamed inno the aislethrowthe scentit spring trees her
o her tae be seenthrowthe skeleton airms o the
afore minnie warssled her wyethrowthe sna back tae the
aa frae first tae lastthrowsune or late their hinmaist
wid takk oors tae fechtthrowthe fite sottar tae the
sweden inno the baltic oceanthrowthe gulf o finlan tae
tae ice ye can skytethrowthe shire like a penguin
m1070: no please don tthrowthings darling f1071: mm i
usually they ll just fuckinthrowit on m818: [laugh] m819:
m818: [laugh] m819: they llthrowit on your chips if
wanna die i ll justthrowyou under a f car
f1025: [laugh] so i justthrowan arrow or two [laugh]
you said plainy [laugh] plainthrowf963: yeah uh huh f965:
mornin m942: [laugh] m941: youthrowit at the wall f940:
thinking he would try tothrowme off but he didn
a question on income wouldthrowthe entire validity of the
in their private lives ithrowthe floor open i would
12 week consultation period wouldthrowup documents that could be
core traditionalists would no doubtthrowup their hands in horror
boys or girls will youthrowyour laundry downstairs what would
a the ducks he didthrowa seethin mass o wee
kinnelt a line o lichtsthrowoor thrawn lan a bleeze
chyne o his hunter watchthrowthe eelits o his westcoat
yaird o st fittach sthrowthe fittach widdies richt on
pitten a young feed loonthrowthe mystery o the horseman
daft days o rinnin lowsethrowthe parks war by wi
said relax rather than stopthrowthe purdah o calvin an
fussle o a blaikie wheepledthrowthe rosetty boughs o a
an the bethle em starthrowthe skaiths o war blessed
meenits frae hame she luikitthrowthe spinnle airms o a
the reef o the hoosethrowthe tap o the sleepin
provost s limo poors itselthrowtoun a bumfle o buggie
it was just an ordinarythrowf963: mm f965: you said
lies like a stitched upthrowif we fell from the
along it skilful operators couldthrowthe reel up in the
man on the cart tothrowthe sheaves up onto the
thur jobs other men didnaethrowthe towel in gee up
be toast before carolanne canthrowup beth enters from kitchen
spellings although very diversified actuallythrowup many central issues in
the way demotic phonetic spellingsthrowup new relationships between words
no longer caused him tothrowup or do daft things
for lancelot or guinevere tothrowup the numbers that were
as far as i couldthrowhim and the syrians are
the lug an flang himthrowthe fermhoose gairden gate like
him wi minnie she gaedthrowthe motions the quine wis
t she watched him flirtthrowthe wee smaa oors wi
throwin snowballs was it [censored: forename]throwa snowball at you did
turns that mother nature canthrowat s i did warn
hope that i did notthrowin a red herring by
in e dam fin yethrowa steen intill t as
t ask somebody f1023: tothrowit f1026: well i wouldn
could see fin she keektthrowa chink in the waa
mm f1041: aye ye canthrowit an ye could stot
the wa f1041: well yethrowa ba at the a
it shone like a lowethrowgurly seas efter ye left
an fancy rules ye cannaethrowthat baa an chlorinated watter
then ye pit the hammerthrowthe tap the pit the
anything else you want tothrowin that you re fond
inno the sink she teetedthrowthe kitchie winnock an drappit
the time she cam hamethrowthe parks the wivven fingers
different ways go row roethrowthough sew for example this
f1112: mm [?]oh my[/?] we betterthrowthat one in the bucket
as empty therefore ok tothrowcigarette butt into it moved
stand thing aye an youthrowit at the wall an
soft as well and youthrowit at the wall [inaudible]
bites like fish shall ithrowit back free arrowing to
be thrown in and theythrowit in an it f746:
broken f1101: that s itthrowit in f1102: [exhale] f1101:
it reserves the power tothrowit in the cynics among
the barrae [censored: forename] eh f643: throwit in the garden as
a mummy frog so ithrowit over the fence into
the wreaths burnin nicely noothrowit wi aw yur might
grievin like sma rain wauchtsthrowtheir consciousness like pain it
sandra for to th- tothrowwas it to hit to
lang lugged craiturs that flewthrowthe corn like the win
an watch the barley sweythrowcareless een tell me auld
braisse bit wit an virrthrowkirkyaird smirr are nocht bit
blanketed newtoon the weet seepedthrowoor bonnets an lashed oor
an its tail guttin onthrowsnaw an hail cuts an
cairt cud fecht its wyethrowthe drifts an makk the
baith braith an breist synethrowthe howf in thon cauld
swallt the burns mist wyvesthrowthe wids an aidder that
embro rock place rins richtthrowus harns an hairt an
e to stan ready tothrowyoursel atween me an the
s kinda mair give thanthrowm999: aye aye aye f1053:
you got a chance tothrowa stick to knock the
done you are ready tothrowin your old kitchen waste
know let s you knowthrowmoney at the third world
big snow fights where youthrowsnow balls at each other
poored wisdom in ma lugthrowthis heich windae in the
snow we can make andthrowsnowballs build a snowman or
the big catholic boys canthrowstones right across catholics are
the breakdown of your materialsthrowin a load of weeds
their magic horns that steppitthrowmen s dreams deil the
as well f1112: we betterthrowthat one in the bucket
a print bi turner aathrowscience he played his trannie
name he focht his roadthrowthaim until he met macdonald
the rev john geddes wheechedthrowthe kirk in his blaik
the sun wis glentin inthrowthe pented glaiss in the
has to be done ithrowa few ideas to the
no carefree child ready tothrowcaution to the four winds
a crimond player took athrowin kelvin grabbed the ba
the sheets off the bedthrowon some clean ones and
and the translation taken togetherthrowsome light on the comparative
fertility to the land creepinthrowthe leafy fen twa sma
wirked the horse he gaedthrowthe motions as weel he
fair platchin as oo slaistersthrowthe snaw in the simmer
the grave tess helps lorithrowthe wreath into the grave
aff plastic ponchos raindraps dreepthrowweety girse the broon dubs
mild affa close beyond beliefthrowaff some claes fit a
is what i put tothrowm1000: i dinnae hae onything
of disabled people i willthrowanother question on top of
cold unwell tired pleased annoyedthrowplay truant sleep play a
several of mabel s storiesthrowlight on such occasions sometimes
tricks flick leads click tonguesthrowsticks hipster toddlers hang from
forthocht felony and those committedthrowsuddande chaudemellay aps ii 9

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