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clappie clappie bounce a ballthrowingthe ball against a wall
tug o war long jumpthrowingthe hammer races etc music
different competitions such as hammerthrowingtug of war races and
jenny joseph is intent onthrowingover the traces when i
in a hot wooden boxthrowingwater on dark burning rocks
games trebles against a wallthrowingthree balls against a wall
housing scheme no hopers arethrowingstones smack in the centre
m1146: mmhm f1145: back tothrowingchuckin it f1054: yeah m1146:
the wrong turning but withoutthrowingout the baby the incredible
produce such as cabbages andthrowingthem in doorways mön moon
them on the other orthrowingpaint about and swearing at
a lot a lot isthrowingout the baby with the
flat in gibson street bythrowingfurniture and other items out
dog bark thinking the stonethrowingneds were coming back to
f1104: yeah f1103: was hethrowingthem at you f1104: no
f1104: no he was justthrowingthem doon for us f1103:
f1113: mmhm outside f1114: yesthrowingeggs f1113: you was throwin
so that people are notthrowingeverything at the public petitions
you liked fireman sam stopthrowingf1118: ah hm f1117: don
in a process this isthrowingdown barriers and building bridges
charitable guys in defence werethrowinghim daggers over their shoulders
rhythms hurland over heuch meansthrowingyourself over a cliff du
f1113: oh me you rethrowingit too high there you
into the water beside methrowingup a splash that half
pyjamas from a shelf andthrowingthem at me i whipped
i didnae think he wasthrowingthem at you auntie [censored: forename]
angry if he d beenthrowingthem at you wouldn t
[laugh] aye fann he wasthrowingthem off the top bunk
big huge like obese menthrowinglittle pins at a board
far more amusing prospect thanthrowingher off in fact i
use of it rather thanthrowingit away to make best
constant childbearing again and againthrowinglife from my loins like
a fuss to make abootthrowingwee pointed things at a
[laugh] f810: and they werethrowingthe old one out so
i think if you werethrowingsomething f1025: [laugh] f1024: at
[inhale] and then wheech anthrowingit onto the bank yeah
rushing past with headlights glaringthrowingup fountains of spray which

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