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look guy s listen untiethumih cammy yiv noh answered
s ih wi cannae keepthumtied up cammy wull untie
tied up cammy wull untiethumwhen ed the ned gees
here watch the boxers seethumdrivin thursell pushin thursell aye
hands these shakin fingers seethumglue thursell oan his fat
thum wur wont tae pronooncethuman tae yaise oor border
he bade thum dae makinthumaw his slaves tess een
thum dae whit he badethumdae makin thum aw his
story could hae oany othumdae whit he bade thum
tae thum whan a kentthumferst bot sin the forestry
they dirty sick things tithummade thum that wae pause
sick things ti thum madethumthat wae pause fuckin neddy
bide n nae road taethumwhan a kent thum ferst
ma paurents an ithers aforethumwur wont tae pronoonce thum
cannae mak thur rings roonthumcannae dance thur jigs ay
ritual hearin stories telt hearinthumeen in the womb hearin
an goblins cannae sit oanthumfairies cannae mak thur rings
an thur wetness wid tiethumroon me ye jist keep
wis thur inner hatred madethumtalk the wae they wur
wae weird heids carved oanthumoot in the middle a
guid laird abuin wis withumat day kis the mist
the big hoose a kentthumbaith gey weill kis ma
tae the wolf tae gripthumkis sic trysts wur wrangous
bade in ane on tthuman a think at hei
bade i yin on tthumbot it blecks mei tae
na hei wis sib tilthuma juit dinnae ken but
day licht hei hed feenishtthuman strecht aff hei retoured
lee yase words ti tellthumnoh yur fists lee bj
um ah ll noh letthumtake doll away starts screaming
some blankets an hud laidthumdoon fur maw ah hud
gied us a shoat athumlarsson hud a gowden sheen
wur gittin owre muckle furthuma ve herd eet sayed
at the per on tthumwur ae gleg langheidit couple
hear the colour drainin fithumsilence tess nature aye dis
terrible things wid happen tithumtess an if the staed
tess handle thame dey stirthumthigithir silence krista here see
the sea when wi findthumswim wull swim wi dolphins
nae bear ti think othumaw fossilised krista richt richt
ti stop della krista stopthumfechtin zeb lori i feared
braith o the wurld oanthuma licht goes oan it
d end up doolally askthumwhit level they re oan
mynd richt wis ane othuman agane gin a mynd
ferm weil a mynd onthumleevin i the cottage i
nae idaia whae awn sthumnoo gin a mynd richt
art bit we kin showthumjilly you an these artist
tell mi kin yi hearthumlori nods her head furiously
naw bit yi kin feelthumstew and dimps can be
they kin be they cawthumthe heavenly dancers dancers in
cries pause naw ken batterinthumclean oot mah mooth a
a hae fond myndins othumaw philhope aye hed ae
tae thaim whae hed helpitthumay the woarld hisnae chynged
thair schuil thair faither hedthumkivver the heids o the
ed tell them stew tellthumhow ah frighten yi dimps
he hurt yi ed tellthumstew last chance many times
awa coorse oo did takthumstrecht fi the tree pause
a laist kent ocht ontthumthe laist tyme a spak
ee git roon tae makkinthumtammy wis ill pleised wi
bi naem wis ane othuman shei marriet frankie scott
sons an ilk ane othumgaed tae universitie an ir
oor een ti wi shutthuman him an her wi
keeps the shadeies blinded keepsthumin oor souls stops oor
masel ridin richt throwe atweenthumaw a cuid hear wis
bairns tricia an adam ahintthumit ae boarding schuil doun
ferest back maimorie on tthumwis at ae faimlie ca
tae keep the hunger affthumso s they widnae be
hae been onie need furthuma jalousie thit the praisent
fur a breather an giedthumsome scran anen da gote
road yonder uz bairns jynedthuman the crack wis guid
but spencer goes we seenthumda we did we seen
tae take us tae seethumwhen ah wis a wee
herbs you huvin ti bringthumti mi nae where near
ah caught a whiff athumah remarked tae mr gobbs
quite see ah never tookthumoneyroads the valium tae let
his mither is i heardthumsayin in the shop nae
wi the tither on tthumon philhope i sicht o
wi the group managers catchthumoot laughs see if they
o adap- adaptions till getthumrunnin reduction boxes wee propellors
an the threi on tthumwuid spend the hail day
than howpasley hope baith othumlig up the burn frae
faither an jock short atweenthumjuist liftit yid up an
sadie i m no takinthumif he comes i ll
ower them case ye revivethumbeth cries out sinks to

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