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hes aw tae schort atidsumtyme ower het the ei
hir bed in a blektidan frae than on she
queen in a blek blektidan she gart the keing
gaed in a blek blektidti mak reddie hir ship
derk noo there s thetidtae mak yer merk when
ti the cheenge o ilkatidan saison 3 the sangs
biggin wes selt an atidtint eftirlins the fermer biggit
dependent on the fish stidkennin my flees micht tak
down lowe flame stappt stuffedtidmood hard wrocht hard worked
yins at comes efter thistidcanna weill see be twice
the troot were in thetidbaith young an auld micht
the nicht mirren tuik thetidti fork out mair faks
whan hersel is in thetidhe s lucky if she
shona is in an illtidagain she s awa oot
im in sic an illtidan whan ah see the
she no in an illtidshe s been lyke a
the followin day his blacktidgaed away like the mist
hir wee fuit in atidshe telt him you pit
a bit o a badtidthe day ye ken she
wardar or he sein atidti nither m tammas wes
hoy back again in atidti dird on the weidae

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