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some carin but time antidenae man can tether let
man can tether time ortidesae warned the bard whase
man can tether time ortidethe hour approaches kay maun
why weep ye by thetidei ll wad ye tae
why weep ye by thetideladye why weep ye by
seaweed pulled by a riptidewind frog breaks from a
seaweed pulled by a riptidewind toadstool has opened up
great efforts tae stem thetidean gie mair awareness tae
their pets tae stem thetideo flechs ettlin tae smore
o the best the risintidecasts aa aside like plooshare
clyde fae broomielaw at risintidewi ma and paw dressed
drift away on an ebbingtideof feelings i wish i
allowed to drift with thetideor current the net must
waited they waited till thetidesuited and then they pulled
so that s what atidemark is andy s feelings
sand runs swift and thetideruns deep in asia europe
as they reach the silvertideera however matters are different
means testing demeans the silvertideof voters the deputy presiding
the canvas tears the breaknecktidecomes tumbling out from the
i wad leave wi thetidegin wishes war tears that
fluke washed ashore by thetideit lay on its side
s shore washed by thetideup in the moonlit room
is easily forded at lowtidea substantial embankment is now
not dry out at lowtidefinally on the plateau 350m
the jetty visible at lowtideis not as old as
the beoch burn at lowtideit is fordable but at
is also seen at lowtidethe huge concrete sections lined
a wildrife walterin o thetideforrit an back fae its
hole agane tae watch thetidewinnin forrit up the brae
dozen wind surfers out thetidewas high and the sea
so she s got atidemark round her neck no
in its plastic cup thetideis weety as dolphins grey
like grains o san thetideis weety wi dolphins grey
that there is a hugetideof people out there who
he heeded neither time nortidefor fishin he d lay
father s breath like atideon the margin of sleep
not to swim against thetidesleep chimneypots with the fire
watch the sea and thetidego in and out i
the sea waa ma springtidepiracy weel haundit wi her
in the tinklin o thetidethe sabbin o the sea
claw tae claim me thetiderages roon fur a wattery
deid man s haun thetideswypt in an roon tae
man yi see time antidewait fur nae man pause
things that fly against thetidealthough i know their destiny
to rage against the risingtideof negativity it is time
bright skirt raised by thetidea plump european hand exploratively
and saris imported by thetidefree hand me downs plucked
comin in wi the nichttidea public pad ran doun
it fell upon a yuletidenicht that i heard a
the watter oot efter thetidecame in for they war
i war bluid a flytintidei d draw awa leavin
an francis drake braved thetidefur the english queen the
hood s wolvine legacy thistideo bonnie fur shrunk tae
stickier wi da saat datidewid come in an whoosh
careers float away with thetidewill the first minister reassure
your eyes and letting thetideof people wash you out
reg lar as time andtidethe last wean out for
that we found when thetidewas way out f963: oh
under the tyranny of thetidejd 50 in scotland however
in fills the swimming pooltidegoes oot and you end
throw the skin as thetideo health creepit oot an
for the schuil holidays thetidewis oot an the sands
fish sweels in wi thetidebumbazed tae hae puffed its
we sailed on the ebbingtidewi me on the tap
an huddin him tae thetideo dishes to hae a
we must hold back thetideof untested notions which an
goad be here the reamintidegaed rowin back on aither
ascending moon pulls back thetidelights up each prickly star
as the saun o thetideand yer seed sall tak
o the seashore far thetideebbs and flows ilkie twenty
o the bedclaes owerheid thetideo love eternal wis rinnin
an gifts unraivel the humantideo nations grows the clash
toun eerily wearily rins thetidewashin the shores o a
shoals under a green hatchtideis nosing the day along
the ship cud catch thetidecooncillors kent aboot it an
s a haund for thetidell be here in aboot
thair een bi noo thetidehid come in a guid
dragged in from the scummytideof humanity proved easier than
rather than just stemming thetidethey are having a positive
breed oil magnates jostle wheretiderushes forward cold and coffin
the dead weight of thetidewhere waves like a cat
pipe an no power ehtidewiz on eh mend an
tonnage of salt slippage oftidethe wreck of an april
smothers them and the slowtidecrawls up to hide the
that wallop wide as flipperstidemerks broon as toastit kippers
sighs only the tired repeatingtidebridge of don skyscrapers tile
in the turn of thetidechildren s opera involving performances
of stars a swaying urgenttideof daffodils they cram the
erupted in sympathy vomiting thetideof lava that gushed down
gang slogans were a warningtideeven doon in morningside beside
hopefully will have enough totideyou over but do please

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