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but you put your youtieda knot in a string
in brown paper glued ittiedit with string stuck the
around and did a washtiedsome string from the shower
seerup tin fou o holestiedtae a string but wi
tattie riddle on a sticktiedto a long string some
it in brown paper bagstiedup with string and you
an eyelashes brown paper packagestiedup with string these are
in brown paper each istiedwith string one with ordinary
eased the cards apart andtieda piece of wool tightly
gently as a lover hetiedit tightly round my head
from bundles of heather stemstiedtightly together you would use
i got the rope itieda wee bit stick like
got the rope john andtiedit tae the back door
jonsar eck a rope wistiedon tae jonsar eck s
end o an orange ropetiedtae an underwatter peg it
at a distance apart andtiedthe clothes rope f641: oh
that that should also betiedinto the civic government scotland
june of this year weretiedinto the civic government scotland
this year that was simplytiedinto the civic government scotland
of the boats that weretiedcomfortably alaangside you knew the
hole far eh wee boatstiedup some chiels in eh
the annual budget is closelytiedto the annual scottish three
two of them are closelytiedto the community ownership initiative
brown paper and all firmlytieddown the strength o a
sent to london by traintiedin pairs by the hind
steam train approaching a victimtiedto the tracks disgorging its
bit ah kin huv yitiedback there oany time ah
where auld sol hud yitiedti the table leg eatin
holds steve dimps wiv onlytiedyi up wait an see
farm workers lived in atiedcottage and they received a
area lived in either atiedcottar house if a farm
woman with long greying hairtiedin a bun unfortunately simon
in a voluminous towel itiedmy damp hair under a
the nines wi their hairtiedup in ribbons an ither
her fresh washed hair istiedup into an unruly pile
around her skull she dtieda wet white towel around
like a wooden box oftentiedaround with rapes on coorse
up their trouser legs workerstiedbinder twine around their trousers
the doll s face thentieda cloth or shawl round
big bow a big bowtiedround the ball isn t
their white socks tracky topstiedround their waists polo shirts
in an old sock andtiedround your neck a cold
a man s haunds aretiedby the least wee thing
nae least an auld pianietiedonno the milk cairt an
e thrash es tows wistiedegidder intae lang ropes an
wiz straps a hid bintiedintae the stretcher a suppose
the people within it aretiedtogether in more than one
was up an the fleetiedfast whan the bankin shook
ve locked her in ortiedher up or knocked her
up borth ick it wurtiedin wi the peth heid
ih wi cannae keep thumtiedup cammy wull untie thum
f1114: [exhale] f1113: you gettintiedup f1114: yes mm two
bit niver trampit on antiedup for e scaffie newspapers
hame to find my mithertiedup in all kinds of
reflect the capital that istiedup in buildings and equipment
two creel boaties were ayetiedup in er ah mind
the crucial capital that istiedup in long stay facilities
carolanne fear isn t choosingtiedup like a dog maggie
your family wasn t directlytiedup m762: no f963: in
[censored: forename] with with the brickstiedup the door f1105: mmhm
diary eh gubbed oan mondaytiedup tuesday sliced up wednesday
idea of speakin scots istiedup very strongly with scottish
hiv been a terrible thingtiedup wi wire nuts an
had muttered about local politicianstiedup with the building trade
that this matter could betiedup with the raptor pigeon
o a flame early hunterstieda name tae the speerits
bent branch wi ae eyntiedback tae mak a hyeuk
the neep park tae atiedhoose at the fit o
tae a puckle gamies intiedhooses spirkit aroon the gruns
oot o eez pooch andtiedit roon e hole tae
bide b it thirled antiedtae it drink o its
her her ropes would betiedtae mine an somebody an
hooseless in a wye bittiedtae the bleed an muscle
wealthy bit oor siller wistiedtae the tractor an the
fur the nicht tae betiedtae their staas unharnessed bedded
but daft in t ittiedtae yer man but no
he shuid a monster seetiedthirty plies next tae the
e shafes cam tae betiedwi binder twine at mint
not pay rent for yourtiedcottar house as it was
the name she has ittiedto her parasol i jalouse
e lowse eyn wis weeltiedin aboot e easins syne
em aside nae lettin atiedshafe gang throwe e drum
wi a haun fair shakintiedon the mate o the
wi a tit o corntiedroon the tap they were
troosers on wi a belttiedroond the middle an ma
yet with with the empiretiedinto that as well and
skelf you spend your daystiedto your mither s apronstrings
at her like a fucktieddoberman with pimp n hooker
to sponsor it and ittiedin with their environmental policy
out and with the bandstiednear the tops this helped
i pack away the sunhattiedwith its black and gold
jobs support home insurance schemestiedto rents paid to social
events are likely to betiedto some sort of social
stupid wires john where yetieda knot and ye pit
for deals f943: i mtiedin for a year and
we also have one handtiedbehind our back in relation
the city hanging bound andtiedto streets where light gleams
the catch was you weretiedin for another contract for
as much if they weretiedthegither an that has come
wanchauncie unlucky wappin weapon wappittiedwar were warld world warsil
strak an nou ebenezer westiedower a horss lik a
to the eia process aretiedto the submission of an
boit atwein grangemouth an tantallontiedtwa howes o kirnel pouered
get completely an utterly tonguetiedwhen i try to go
but my han s aretiedchrissie aye because you re
taken if the vote istiedi will exercise my casting
pace my parameters of fleshtiedto the tides of blood
lot o them f643: andtiedall the brick in m642:
afore ye gyang awa tamtiedhis horse till a tree
houses was a mealy dumplingtiedin a cloot and boiled
the stinchar stoat s tailtiedon a one inch copper
on a chair which wastiedonto the cart to flit
symbolic shell a water gourdtiedto his staff he looks
ye caat willie wirm istiedin knots because he disnae
understand the legislation we aretiedto chapter 10 of the
mechanics of the bill aretiedto the definition of the
burst car wheel neat lacestiedin bows pretty rubber shoes
concerned about how expenditure istiedto headline statements about what
woven there but frayed forevertiedbetrayer and betrayed the burnin
the amelioration of the pokytiedhouses the lack of job
and blood the consultant deftlytiedthe cord and lifted the
not universally rural rented housingtiedor otherwise is significant and
scottish executive whether any formertiedhousing stock sold to employees

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