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being made in reducing waitingtimesan important part of that
including major reductions in waitingtimesand significant public health improvements
health service including hospital waitingtimesand treatment outcomes available to
1999 and that median waitingtimesare 10 days longer than
what the current average waitingtimesare for appointments in respect
what the current average waitingtimesare for detox and other
executive what the current waitingtimesare for people requiring specialist
scottish executive what the waitingtimesare in each nhs trust
level to ensure that waitingtimesare reduced that health inequalities
funding crisis waiting lists andtimesare rising more older people
deacon tackling and reducing waitingtimesat every stage of a
checks for all cut waitingtimesby recruiting 2 000 extra
october 2002 the national waitingtimescentre board scotland order 2002
october 2002 the national waitingtimescentre board scotland order 2002
october 2002 the national waitingtimescentre board scotland order 2002
action the new national waitingtimesco ordination unit will take
targets are split between waitingtimesfor a consultation and waiting
scottish league table in waitingtimesfor cardiac surgery and in
care places and that waitingtimesfor care provision vary its
in targets such as waitingtimesfor different conditions the fact
has taken to reduce waitingtimesfor first appointments with neurological
if any to reduce waitingtimesfor gp appointments are being
is a reduction in waitingtimesfor gp appointments but we
scottish executive why overall waitingtimesfor inpatient and outpatient treatment
correlate with the actual waitingtimesfor outpatient appointments s1w 1136
taking to reduce median waitingtimesfor people awaiting cataract operations
we have brought down waitingtimesfor scotland s key killer
simply they are that waitingtimesfor the ill are up
year and that the waitingtimesfor the sleep service will
for a consultation and waitingtimesfor treatment raises questions about
from waiting lists to waitingtimeshas been one step to
ill waiting lists and waitingtimeshave steadily increased over the
practitioners time delivering on waitingtimesimproving public health increasing nurse
address the length of waitingtimesin accident and emergency departments
waiting times more staff waitingtimesin our hospitals are unacceptably
one reason why cancer waitingtimesin tayside were among the
speed treatment and shorten waitingtimesin the nhs particularly in
our plan to cut waitingtimesis to increase the number
return to practice cutting waitingtimesmore beds the second part
putting patients first cutting waitingtimesmore staff waiting times in
tend to focus on waitingtimespeople not having to wait
national statistics release on waitingtimess1w 34375 mr keith harding
drive forward improvements in waitingtimesseem to have difficulties when
action where appropriate reduce waitingtimesthrough targeted measures including substantial
but we want reduced waitingtimesthroughout the system from gp
patients first and cutting waitingtimestreating more patients more quickly
a national database of waitingtimestreatment outcomes and likely quality
information from the national waitingtimesunit but i am not
impact of the national waitingtimesunit to identify any bottlenecks
no waiting lists when waitingtimeswill be short when there
service provided particularly on waitingtimeswould be the same as
had heard all this severaltimesalready boswell suddenly friendly again
luiv he breathes deeply severaltimesat least ah can draw
midwives in his speech severaltimesbut he made no specific
were used for example severaltimesby the secretary of state
were used for example severaltimesby the secretary of state
boghall he was wounded severaltimescharles smith he was a
individuals and retrain them severaltimesduring their lifetimes and careers
afraid mister blaikie blinked severaltimeshanded me a towel as
five years ago and severaltimesi saw big queues for
who no doubt turned severaltimesin his grave and sauntered
have made that point severaltimesin particular i have highlighted
ian jenkins pointed out severaltimesin the inquiry one of
they o- have snow severaltimesin the winter it s
point of the knife severaltimesinto the table whan is
that the document is severaltimeslarger than previous documents that
off and stab him severaltimesmary and harper mime panic
what it first appears severaltimeson my bus rides plain
which has been mentioned severaltimessays at paragraph 4 7
and he won that severaltimesso he taught ma son
engine noisily and unnecessarily severaltimesthe boy who was holding
buddhist and asked me severaltimesto chant the triple refuge
point has been made severaltimestoday it would be a
malcolm chisholm was asked severaltimeswhat would happen if or
text to the children severaltimeswhile they made notes example
my office in scotland severaltimeswith pleas for urgently needed
ir malcolm strikes her severaltimeswith the sword and she
this i asked myself severaltimeswithout getting any kind of
quidna shite mair nor tentimesa twal month an syne
fairy queens which flew tentimesaround the telly frightening to
a spiered her och tentimesas big as foswell loch
they ve suddenly become tentimesas big as they ought
poppins is still ten milliontimesbetter though the movie s
ye john f643: say tentimesforty m608: yeah ten times
times forty m608: yeah tentimesforty that s what two
days has made it tentimesharder for me but you
he has written it tentimeshe sneaks a look at
fuel emit up to tentimesmore dioxins than purpose built
were a fisherman but ninetimesoot o ten they never
talk about couches f1025: ninetimesout of ten probably be
ball so- he would ninetimesout of ten you didnae
often contains up to tentimesthe acceptable level of contamination
listings that s nearly tentimesthe amount you ll get
the shipyaird an wi tentimesthe sensibility ay they wee
fanciful and of course tentimesthe size the afternoon was
that m608: aye m642: tentimesthirty seven and six ye
man has made it tentimeswaur aye he has much
dour afore i wis tentimeswaur efter thon man peter
on saturday night were tentimesworse it s been suggested
the film three times m194: timesa week so of course
much to talk about happytimesand sad times i regret
times ma ye pick yertimesbit we re aa richt
f1141: say yes f1142: twotimesf1141: two times mmhm f1142:
made from monofilament twine permittedtimesfor fishing annual close times
times wis yin o thaetimeshe cuidnae jouk ower the
here profunditas wadna shift thrietimeshe tried an five times
times he wadna an fivetimeshe wad nay say but
an beckin ance mair thrietimeshe wadna an five times
about happy times and sadtimesi regret not seeing arthur
of times on business othertimesi ve been ehm the
m608: changed the film threetimesm194: times a week so
at her ye pick yertimesma ye pick yer times
times they tried an fivetimesmair afore they gart him
times he tried an fivetimesmair but wad the bodie
f1142: two times f1141: twotimesmmhm f1142: two times that
in paris a couple oftimeson business other times i
mmhm f1142: two times thattimesor do you want to
times for fishing annual closetimessalmon have historically been given
two times mmhm f1142: twotimesthat times or do you
fettle him the morn thrietimesthey tried an five times
at the gowf club dennertimeswis yin o thae times
wanner oot twa ir threetimesa day fair teen up
guy that comes in threetimesa day for the produce
o their mait brose threetimesa day might be a
helpit wi the milkin threetimesa day till she wis
the south of spain threetimesa week an improvement in
f606: [laugh] [laugh] m845: threetimesa week eh f606: yes
changed the films every threetimesa week m608: changed the
two years about three fourtimesa week right gav would
came by two or threetimesa week the sisters had
s hame twa ir threetimesa wik an i convoy
parcels maybe two or threetimesa year and er f718:
scottish youth parliament meets threetimesa year discusses issues which
you know two or threetimesa year especially in days
she whispered the wirds threetimesafore gaun in thy will
on the phone twa threetimesan he soonds braw keen
an shut a twa threetimesan he sterted tae quote
street maybe three or fourtimesand climb away up the
five years that s threetimesand it s all been
she swirls the pot threetimesanti clockwise mind now this
had to be towed threetimesaround in an anticlockwise direction
into my eyes almost threetimesas i decided not to
bank an twa or threetimesas i gaed by i
rather than three or fourtimesas legislation comes into place
like it made it threetimesas likely the lord wad
where it s like threetimesas much every year f1151:
child it can cost threetimesas much to raise a
time that is only threetimesas much we are not
having to attend hospital threetimesas my youngest daughter has
d been over here threetimesbefore star mapping up a
she swirls the pot threetimesclockwise and three this wye
that happen two or threetimescompanies that think that they
again pecks twa or threetimesdauds its heid aff a
nicht she throosh pranny threetimesfur luck an telt her
the cassies a twa threetimesfur the weemin aroon hid
assessment are three or fourtimesgreater than have been or
and the executioner chops threetimesgroup 5 read insteid o
o freedom onwards urged threetimeshe lowpt tae sic a
to be three to sixtimeshigher in the absence of
twice like two or threetimesi think erm so i
hale length twa or threetimesin a nicht whan there
mentioned in the scriptures threetimesin the 11th chapter of
to put it through threetimesit s like [laugh] f1049:
like there was so manytimesjust in the three weeks
d been there about threetimes[laugh] f1049: [laugh] we went
i think i died threetimes[laugh] you know how they
man has been round threetimeslooking for them liza is
over tae scandinavia like threetimesm865: oh right uh huh
practical point there were threetimesmore exams to be marked
of 46 medals almost threetimesmore than the shetland team
the matron telt him threetimesmy name wis donnie fit
person from porlock phoned threetimeson saturday e mailed twice
chin duntit his fit threetimeson the fleer an launched
by three and a halftimesor fund all of the
guernsey all have about threetimesour population and obviously had
he could pay about threetimesover m819: no i don
he was up here threetimesp 81 gertie scoffs that
upsettin the wee wifie threetimesshe hid shut aff the
failed my theory test threetimesso it took me f1049:
areas have three to fourtimesthe amount of dental decay
ll get for jesus threetimesthe amount you ll get
900 in 1997 some threetimesthe size of the whisky
into perspective nixe was threetimesthe size with twice as
been round two or threetimesthey are all keeping fairly
if you hit them threetimesthey were broken f963: ah
hame there s twa threetimesthis year ah ve cam
manage to kick her threetimesthough i d have kicked
ir nance now tries threetimesto charge past him but
room was being paid threetimeswhat i was being paid
mouth and stabs him threetimeswith the knife she then
to italy two or threetimesyou know a year m608:
would bounce the ball threetimesyou know with with the
other guy s marble threetimesyou said onesy twosy threesy
been greatly reduced in recenttimesas a consequence of a
it crathie in more recenttimescrathie school was last visited
themselves as educated in recenttimeshowever a number of linguists
at 1 134 in recenttimeshowever the village has been
the only year in recenttimesin which a record amount
from policy makers in recenttimesit constitutes an important body
two row in more recenttimesit had been a vital
strong enyeuch in more recenttimesit was mostly calves that
be changed and until recenttimesmarriage and childbearing either enforced
most radical modernisation in recenttimesor in a generation and
the norms of more recenttimesshortly after his accession in
it is only in recenttimesthat it has been suggested
has passed in very recenttimesthe convener the minister is
famous maligawa tusker in recenttimesto perform the task was
arabs spaniards and in recenttimestourists nowadays the islanders bask
i have noticed in recenttimeswell there s two things
sunday herald and the eveningtimesas well as a range
herald sunday herald and eveningtimesby smg for text of
herald sunday herald and eveningtimesby smg lodged on 15
herald sunday herald and eveningtimesby smg lodged on 15
herald sunday herald and eveningtimesby smg thursday 12 december
some illustrations published in thetimeseducational supplement wednesday evening was
parliament congratulates the glasgow eveningtimesfor its excellent exposé of
year awards applauds the eveningtimesfor its hosting of this
i read in the eveningtimeslast night the comments of
glasgow reported in the eveningtimeson 13 march 2002 notes
with concern that the eveningtimesreport suggests that glasgow is
that in yesterday s eveningtimesthe minister was quoted as
we should write to eveningtimesto put residents points of
53 who introduced weekly closetimes23 the basis for modern
on e g annual closetimesand permitted baits and lures
daily weekly or annual closetimeschanging the permitted methods for
gender limits or daily closetimescould be set for either
may set the dates andtimesof the annual close time
the district 23 weekly closetimesoutwith the annual close time
changing annual and weekly closetimesrestricting the range of baits
close door locked at alltimesrust busters wanted as some
new regulations on annual closetimesto define salmon district boundaries
exact dates of annual closetimesvary between salmon fishery districts
annual close time weekly closetimeswere established under the salmon
observers a fyow aal sundaytimesa pucklie people s journals
with some assistance the sundaytimesarticle to which he refers
a copy of the sundaytimesbought in manchester is more
a columnist in the sundaytimesfa took the rise o
supercilious mannie fae the sundaytimesfit wis he on aboot
on 5 november the sundaytimesheadline was mcleish in u
will be offered at varioustimeson sunday 25th august e
interesting article in the sundaytimesthis week i assume that
he s in the sundaytimeswine club so we keep
go mebbe fower or fivetimesa year christmas up helly
would not grudge going fivetimesas far to see you
tellt him hummlie an fivetimeshe tellt him mair this
it about like five hundredtimesin the car f812: i
who uses her name fivetimesin this short poem thus
i haven t got fivetimes[inaudible] f835: yeah but last
i didn t have fivetimeslast year an they didn
hummlie tellt him an fivetimesmair a m feart it
bade them rise an fivetimesmair he besocht them but
oh it s about fivetimesnow okay let s get
shut aff the electric fivetimesshe shut aff the water
that story about five thousandtimesyes i have m941: you
the scottish executive how manytimesa it and b each
i ve gone so manytimesand i should have turned
imagination of people in manytimesand in many places no
murder goes back to primordialtimesand is paralleled in many
has been reproduced so manytimesand was indeed discussed by
is considered that about fiftytimesas many people know some
as he has done manytimesbefore about the impact of
matter has been debated manytimesbut gil paterson s point
most houses had them buttimeschange and many a home
appropriate and workable in ourtimesdevised 36 90 so many
reports were wrong how manytimesdid the first minister s
sorry sadie dinnae hoo manytimesdid we hear that word
his odious policies how manytimesdid we hear the phrase
integrated transport policies how manytimeseach of these groups and
had in my office manytimeselderly people who were homeless
do you know how manytimesi had to say that
i spent a great manytimesin my youth going round
mmhm mm m762: so manytimesin psychoraag i mean i
l arbre was translated manytimesinto various romance languages hay
ve been in so manytimesit s always the place
does not matter how manytimesmr hamilton or his colleagues
done the journey so manytimesnow and robert has done
ve asked it so manytimesnow as well m1014: well
had paid for itself manytimesover by then at christmas
ve been here how manytimespat nawwwwwww dinnae tell mi
which has been mentioned manytimesshould mean that european decision
young have reminded me manytimesthat as winnie ewing is
we d been so manytimesthat you d just get
the scottish executive how manytimesthe first minister has met
the scottish executive how manytimesthe first minister has met
the scottish executive how manytimesthe health appointments advisory committee
the scottish executive how manytimesthe kvaerner energy working group
the scottish executive how manytimesthe methodology for compiling hospital
the scottish executive how manytimesthe minister for the environment
23 june 1999 how manytimesthe ministerial committee on rural
19 september 2000 how manytimesthe scottish textiles forum has
and just see how manytimesthe word and turns up
adopts and renounces so manytimesthroughout his career in a
thum stew last chance manytimeswe been here silence stew
he had told her manytimeswhat he would do when
for as many as fourtimeswithout a response from the
you go less than fourtimesa year it s not
in the chamber perhaps fourtimesa year to allow parliamentarians
the board only meets fourtimesa year were there efforts
courses one can read fourtimesas quickly so i recommend
size of a peach fourtimesit opened releasing children onto
share is a quarter fourtimesour civil service share why
white plastic office procedures fourtimesshe tried to phone the
and half a million fourtimesthe population of stirling homeless
saw the square about fourtimesthe size of a rugby
the first one and attimesthey were joined by four
4 blood tests at differenttimesand when he was at
f746: oh [laugh] oh differenttimesanyway f978: it was yes
range of music from differenttimesas yeah m762: i thi-
performed different roles at differenttimesbut mainly those of corn
an gaun aff at differenttimesbut naethin wis onie yiss
indeed i think at differenttimesdepending what writers have appeared
the world you know differenttimeserm f963: mm right yeah
their sour sweetness at differenttimesi remember wandering winter streets
hear people countin in varioustimesin different languages ehm again
tae different generations an differenttimesit s naething tae greet
different sort of genres andtimesm762: yeah f963: that that
get f746: yeah very differenttimesreally f978: yes i remember
different individual landlords at differenttimesthe drafting is very flexible
wur cut aff at differenttimesthey re aw healed aw
davidson s writing at differenttimesthroughout his life he can
could only occur at differenttimeswithin an individual or group
across different cultures and differenttimesyou see and across f963:
in yon charnel hoose fowertimesa year skreichmakkers teuk aff
gliff at the teein afftimesafore a cam awa an
be knockin aff for piecetimesi dinna ay dee fit
aff the sea at certaintimeso day f829: off the
been sent aff a puckletimesthis season i dinna think
look efter you at aatimesweel aff or in want
look efter you at aatimesweel aff or in want
cycle session at least 3timesa week this he tells
school like a couple oftimesa week until you ve
was the standard breakfast sixtimesa week with an egg
can consistently occur at certaintimesof the day or week
met twice a week attimeswe have done so more
dooble trauma leg smashed twatimesaince i the war and
hedna kickt but twa thrietimesor the prince wis heizin
ay how yir earnin twatimeswhat ye were earnin in
flitting took place at termtimes28th may when most married
james leslie mitchell although attimesa controversial figure in the
death duties there was attimesa degree of resentment on
a lovable character though attimesa trifle too interested in
wirkin satt poorers wirkin 10timesa year at maist yer
feel very self conscious attimesabout when you re off
world war ii brought hardertimesagain tea at dinnertime stopped
sanctions may be appropriate attimesalthough they should not cut
be eez neebers at busytimesan him on e iron
bull at the best otimesan in the bleckness o
spews doon sticky stuff attimesan sens its propellors fleein
credit for that though attimesand i m telling you
tongue and also at othertimesand in other contexts ashamed
member s availability at specifiedtimesand places for consultation in
kept in motion at alltimesand under the effectual control
act with fairness at alltimesand whose commitment to the
the places at the sametimesas he was there a
such days and at suchtimesas it the committee may
is fordable but at othertimesas previously mentioned wellies are
the motte castle at mealtimesas the status and occupations
petty thieving to survive hardtimesat first they were protected
with a flick of thetimesat long last the junkie
being expressed and changed thetimesat which units could be
that these attitudes may attimesbe confused and misinformed with
progression bent almost double attimesbeneath a natural plantation of
albeit a bit knavish attimesbut he also has a
a wee bittie glaikit attimesbut he wis that quick
no we use that attimesbut mostly steamin yeah f1054:
senses her mind wanders attimesbut right now she s
places at the best oftimesbut the sort of vandalism
a conclusion at the followingtimescalculated from the time when
draughty enough in here attimescarolanne what sadie your gums
about ¼ full and attimesderelict but there are some
their families first at alltimesdorothy grace elder the first
on chair bottoms at mealtimesdoup by the way seems
give up at least fiftytimeseach time i failed because
scream aboot yer heid attimesere d be flocks o
[laugh] was quite frightenin attimesf606: [laugh] m691: [laugh] cause
a left turn at peaktimesfar less a right turn
recognis t there at graduationtimesfinally a story for easter
gottae be home at certaintimesfor their tea and they
depth of water at alltimesfor vessels of modest size
the rail disaster of alltimeshad not the signalman at
given it however at alltimeshe has acted with fairness
tremendously enjoyable humorous and attimesheartbreakingly frustrating but the end
tremendously enjoyable humorous and attimesheartbreakingly frustrating but the end
an amorous corgi at suchtimeshowever his skin glistened wet
all cases and at alltimeshowever i confirm for him
might have pursued at othertimesi congratulate all committee members
in confidence mrs robb attimesi feel it is too
it s a compulsion attimesi think i might have
documents last night and attimesi thought that we had
it seems so pointless attimesi ve just been marking
their families first at alltimesi wish to put on
his deputies say at alltimesif members do not do
easter an at aa hightimesif ye hidna got an
and re conquered at varioustimesin our history this accounts
equipment are available at alltimesin schools s1w 7134 dorothy
been a bit hairy attimesin terms of getting everybody
that they need at certaintimesin their lives for example
couples for weddings at unusualtimesincluding ceremonies on sundays and
is the second problem attimesit becomes discouraging and somewhat
with me [laugh] at alltimes[laugh] but f631: [inhale] yeah
good at the best otimes[laugh] that s just a
scottish and german culture attimesleads him to overemphasise the
be neist it wis attimeslik this geordie eikit ma
the fracas it s attimeslike this i wish i
to be so horrible attimesm1098: pu- gie that f1097:
of criticism but there aretimesm762: at an early age
in the book at thetimesm815: yeah cause it s
s easier walkin aboot attimesmaggie exits agnes hobbling follows
wi his wheiplin twae thrietimesmair the marischal speirit at
an element of panic attimesmr monteith i would like
place at e best otimesnae at ull for e
they arenae muckle help attimeso trial they will not
they could be used attimesof celebration also sometimes made
the scottish executive whether attimesof congestion at the ticket
in supporting continued operation attimesof high wind speeds s1w
standards for the kingdom attimesof major assizes the principal
aimed at youth erm specifictimesof the day again aimed
seemed to be at certaintimesof the year but folk
fordoun and drumlithie at certaintimesof the year in the
at one of the darkesttimesof the year when we
to fish intensively at certaintimesof year in order to
did ey dee at ithertimeson dry grun i dinna
of joyful assurance and attimesorgiastic celebration smith envisaged the
and at a variety oftimesothers will have done a
did and i felt attimesout of my depth outside
scottish devolution may appear attimespotentially confusing the glossary of
it suits him at othertimesshowing his education and awareness
of weather contrasts for attimessleet and snow showers reduced
ah hauf believe her attimesspeaks normally again as she
day his truth at aatimessterkly staunds and sall gae
cammy fuckin heavy shit attimesstew man yi ken mah
report certain things at certaintimessuch matters are dealt with
should be protected at alltimesthat is why the amendment
wull ye mind at aatimesthat she is a gift
deadlines i realise that attimesthe bill has diverted the
existed at innermessan in prehistorictimesthe evidence of cropmarks is
becoming increasingly rare at suchtimesthe fishy sweat stench of
her nerves showed through attimesthe owner a 27 year
sturgeon would stop shouting attimesthe scot nat benches sound
weight was maintained at timesthe size of the merchant
too hard for effect attimesthe witches kept popping up
looked just like jane attimesthe young john carradine looked
get very far anyway attimestheir attitude to life seemed
let s not forget attimesthere can be a shortage
secondary means of escape attimesthere is no easy answer
minutes by car at peaktimesthere is potential for a
turned up at the termtimesthey always brought sweets jujubes
private rented sector but attimesthey have very negative views
intelligent obviously sincere but attimesthey jarred in the soviet
want to do at thetimesthey want to do it
arbuthnott family tree at varioustimesthroughout the annals of arbuthnott
arbuthnott family tree at varioustimesthroughout the annals of arbuthnott
expanses it was difficult attimesto decide if we were
he still makes reference attimesto greek concepts such as
we will endeavour at alltimesto promote sustain and retain
i-i- it s frustrating attimesto see erm the possibilities
sic impudence about her attimesvery trying 23 despite her
bawed at the bairn suchtimeswas to come again and
queried and i suspect attimeswe annoyed at the end
it so that at certaintimeswe could target like say
the delivery of materials attimeswe were being told things
e teemin an at ithertimeswe wid gie him a
is pretentious precocious and attimeswholly absurd oor english teacher
fit e did at freetimeswis jinerin makin wheelies for
friendly and kind at alltimesyes even frank mcaveety i
talk at the best oftimesyour lad ll be upset
lik aboot tree or fowertimesa year oh i dunna
are only hunted approximately 5timesper year it therefore seems
got our m608: mm m642: timesup see the next year
to two and a halftimesfaster than by the other
fifty f643: hm m642: twotimesfivers is what it taen
ocean he had crossed twotimesin his life once when
not two alike we sometimessay concerning twins they are
get for sex and twotimesthe amount you ll get
mean feat in these permissivetimesand it is more than
heard it a million moretimesand then you re just
the uncertainty principal there aretimesand they are becoming more
the time he says howtimeschange in more ways than
legal records of more turbulenttimesdescribe braemar as an area
i ve seen it 3timesmore by accident than design
for seven eight or ninetimesmore expenditure we are asking
reuptake inhibitors which cost 20timesmore per day than the
outed in the uk moretimesthan frank sinatra sang my
which is more than 100timesthe number of scots killed
been sending prayers up 20timesa day angus og you
of precedent which in alltimeshas been so strong to
is willing the swimming clubtimeshave been changed and now
follow the news via thetimeshowever this has been quite
a wee boatie ere stimesi ve been on an
[inhale] but ehm the onlytimesi ve ever been i
ve been in a fewtimesin the summer especially when
been expressed a number oftimesit has been suggested that
been washed half a dizzentimesjonsar eck wis gettin a
fae the place a fewtimesluckly thay hudnae been seein
been used for motions 11timesonce for latin s1m 2636
his been back a puckletimessince bobby dazler broon an
been called it a fewtimesso just used it f1054:
you d been tons oftimesso you knew exactly what
blades of scythes from romantimesthat have also been found
terrified there would have beentimestoo surrounded by the amazing
and off half a dozentimeswhat have you been doing
been tae millport a fewtimeswi people m816: barassie troon
no later than the followingtimesafter commencement of the stage
she changes her mind mairtimesthan she changes her sark
the scottish executive s targettimesthan was the case in
i often think of thetimeswe had together and how
nivir did in all thetimesah wis drummed up tae
timetable and the the prayertimesall on the website erm
enough to adapt to moderntimesall the same tools and
their extension to cover peaktimesare all well and good
heard it all a hundredtimeslizzie i winner foo mony
in the days in victoriantimesof all the wide range
answer the phone a fewtimesthat s all i broadened
it all before a thousandtimesthe drunk beside mr jones
them all now but thetimesthey had had out of
west highland way a fewtimesand that m816: has he
that issue a number oftimesbut there has not as
history we can point totimesin which our focus has
allocation and the number oftimesit has met so far
allocation and the number oftimesit has met so far
allocation and the number oftimesit has met so far
of the base costs eighttimesthe historic reality that has
a cannae mind hou monietimesa wis up airlie in
golden spurtle trophy a fowertimesafore he wis made a
tae be een o yontimesfin athing wis wrang maist
bigger aye this wis serioustimesfor jonsar eck nae sticks
wis een o the firsttimesi went in aboot i
wis their presence and intimeso peace the kilt properly
sofa tae doss upon intimeso tribble bappy wis niver
reassured the quinie a hunnertimesthat eence she wis sattled
awa back aboot the romantimesthis type o biggin wis
shouders happt she dreams otimeswhan her craw wis stappt
hinner en o the tangtimeswhan there wis naethin but
hur very womb silence tesstimesah thoucht ah could taste
very traditional and er iddertimesit s f960: yeah f961:
concerns in these very difficulttimessupported by alex johnstone richard
gaelic so in very earlytimesthe linguistic history o the
remains very fluid there aretimeswhen this relatively objective adult
the darkness of pre historictimesa just so story as
doon that road so monytimesan didnae ken aboot the
and f963: mm mmhm m762: timesand so on and and
make some points about commencementtimesand so on the secure
reviewer in the new yorktimesf606: mm m954: erm so
not quite so easy intimesgone by to learn simpler
told you this about twelvetimes[laugh] f809: [laugh] f810: so
waistcoat pockets so that thetimesof yokins could be kept
back to so called victoriantimeswe have moved on from
first one of the firsttimeshe was through he went
s tung but the rtimesan aw when he cannae
watched harry potter a hundredtimesf1102: when look fitt dad
incarnation when we had interestingtimesin carrying out european work
but i think there stimesperhaps when for example ehm
teller here robby when thetimesright i ll tell both
[laugh] m999: eh foo monytimeswas that said when ye
matter indivisible there were difficulttimeswhen i longed for company
any form but there weretimeswhen it was that or
i understand that there aretimeswhen the executive needs catch
the norm but there aretimeswhen there would be a
and equally there will betimeswhen we learn from what
glitches and there are alwaystimeswhen we think that we
make no apologies for thetimeswhen with the appearance of
man er tt about sixtimesand m608: mmhm m642: er
about the people of ancienttimesand then went down with
book about her life andtimesbut she always refused saying
must have photographed about 6timesfrom up top on a
heard used quite a fewtimesout an about just means
about fifty years behind thetimesserious investigators of language had
and a blether about oldtimessic a shame aboot your
krista yi blether havers ittimesdell pause oov got him
the midmaist place then saxtimesdoun she lowtit afore him
told him categorically like sixtimesjust to fuck off and
an get it apent thrietimesthe abbeymaister hummlie tellt him
the king o demons thrietimesthe abbeymaister tellt him hummlie
they d taen hunners otimesafore far the blastit rock
oan big man like auldtimesbj ah d be delighted
me he d bring sometimeshe d even make me
peenheids in their places afttimeshe d lowp heich oot
d have kicked her twelvetimesif my daddy wasn t
o alasdair an the guidtimesthay d spent the gither
the hillhead shennanigans via thetimesthe observer i d like
god we d some marvelloustimesthe th- the things you
happy for a while joyoustimesto me he d bring
suitable fur spikin aboot dtimeswhin black fauk wir enslaved
full time a couple oftimesand i ve worked i
sadie we ve hud guidtimescarolanne reading a good life
a ve monie an monietimesheard whit a hero ye
ve heard a couple otimeson the east coast here
the classroom [laugh] f963: thetimesthat i ve thought you
telt ye this a hundredtimesafore but the folk on
bargaining is alien in moderntimesbut it is something that
in it a couple oftimesbut m819: isn t it
phoned them a couple oftimesbut the one who s
her flat a couple oftimesbut there was nobody in
m605: ehm but the onlytimesi m741: that s m605:
reply jenny keeps me busytimesi miss my mither but
but these are certainly interestingtimesin america it s time
have moved on from victoriantimesnow but the principle should
but off course these stirringtimesof men with bows and
have a role in medievaltimespartly but by no means
but stretching back into medievaltimesunlike folk songs of love
s a heritage a thousandtimeswaur nor you ken but
not in hotels but thesetimeswere the exceptions and there
on occasions but there stimeswhan an engine is best
on their siting until suchtimesas new planning legislation is
inquiry on waste until suchtimesas the reporter s report
share resources up until suchtimesthat hillpark no longer have
staff with them until suchtimesthat we have the full
pray to the statues sixtimesa day it will be
far back in pre christiantimescandlemas day february 2 became
covering the period from ancienttimesthrough to the present day
shetland anthology poetry from earliesttimesto the present day ed
shetland anthology poetry from earliesttimesto the present day ed
technological discoveries of our owntimesif we re going to
kyle in mongrel scotch didactictimesin englishing our scottish style
style apartments of our owntimessalvador s favourite house in
forget i usually suggest mealtimesshould coincide with our lady
however we have our goodtimesto look back on i
sometimes and irish gaelic othertimesand he translated them straight
moments he remembered the goodtimesand the love he felt
of mind he s seeingtimescompress into parallel which they
minded these places and thetimeshe had forced himself on
oot the grevel while ithertimeshe had his feasties o
cam afore his marischal fowertimeshe lowtit doun cryin out
o da staney hoose fowertimeshe sookit in his breath
in the watter a dizzentimesor he said it yince
duke would make of moderntimesturning from the statue he
f963: there s there aretimeswhere he ll intersperse bits
school it was like twentytimesbad because you had to
had chucked out couple oftimesin church i almost have
ready wi wise advice intimesof illness she had a
compensate them for the distressingtimesthat they have had in
thoosan s o fishermen fittimeswe had followin them we
shetland dictionary lerwick the shetlandtimes1999 graham laurence introduction in
shetland dictionary lerwick the shetlandtimes1999 graham laurence introduction in
the snips in the evenintimesah hud tae jump the
a vital crop since prehistorictimesand is still grown in
done away back in egyptiantimesand it s thought it
around the countryside in earliertimesand right down to between
free samples in the radiotimesand the evenin express jist
the social fabric in medievaltimesas they are today then
the modern porridge in medievaltimesbarley or oats were commonly
great play have in moderntimesbecome ritualised the use of
in e wye o etimese teacher kept control be
mak e best o etimesey live in bit weel
public in particular in turnaroundtimesfor applications and the flexibility
of praise in the shetlandtimesfrom locals and visitors for
wheen sair hairts in thontimesgreetin fur tint littlins that
farm for an absent landlordtimeshave changed in ways she
deputy presiding officer in electiontimesi think that that is
of the poet and histimesin a subjective and novelistic
be keeping pace wi thetimesin a way that aberdeen
must have spent eh longtimesin in fetlar f746: aye
who was now with thetimesin london there are few
was one of the besttimesin my life because we
self monitor their blood clottingtimesin order to determine the
phase the convention met seventimesin order to find out
amongst the stars and thetimesin the lane never really
14 curriculum guidelines 58 maisttimesin the noo teachin o
confusion of epic proportions fifteentimesin the space of an
edinburgh a copy of thetimesis priced differently in the
the great muse in latertimesisis assimilated hathor and both
the seafront in those distanttimesjohn reflected hangings were as
weekly forecast in the shetlandtimeskept up the gloom and
in [laugh] quite a fewtimes[laugh] f1150: [laugh] f1151: [laugh]
steepit in the watter saxtimesmornin an nicht fur she
in galloway during the killingtimesmrs wilson ah wanted them
re shuffle we get thetimesobserver 3 days late in
to be heated in thesetimesof global warming it is
pressures it is only intimesof social dissolution as in
a labour strategist in thetimeson 18 august 2001 notes
in an interview with thetimeson the 23 march 2000
duo in carne una seeventimesower she spakk the spell
appropriate an workable in oortimespit thegither 27 90 sae
a fixed and in latertimesprinted text she herself is
them in a tow thrietimesshi jin bade them rise
and rinnin oot in atweentimestae peg the claes oot
not forgotten and in moderntimesthe equality the justice and
countenanced in scotland in ancienttimesthe free and warlike spirit
ruled ower humans frae earlytimesthe javans jaloused in the
complex area certainly in earlytimesthe languages in use on
in sweden is not ninetimesthe level of support in
a static community in earliertimesthe linguistic composition of the
and further afield in earliertimesthe name for this kind
characteristics and boundaries in earliertimesthe north east was cut
or national religion in bettertimesthe religion of the tribe
away back in the reiverstimesthey could fight left haundit
speug in ony street thetimesthirsels wir bad enough the
the use of scots intimesto come it also must
keeping fairly well yourself thetimeswe are living in take
geordie in mind o happiertimeswhan his uncle stookie rob
is seven eight or ninetimeswhat is available in the
were solemnly consecrated in classicaltimeswomen bore lighted candles through
i will admit ere stimesye feel aafa crivvt in
was a lot o thetimesye ken like in the
who have fallen on hardtimeshowever other households on the
also supply materials if othertimessuit better christmas party 2
them a spray a fewtimesand it seemed to keep
tae the nettin an oddtimesi wad see them walkin
sell one of them twentytimesover on his salary and
developed of having snacks betweentimesto keep them going maybe
kinna interestin tae notice footimesan things cheenge an e
it e best intae newtimeswe dippit doon intill a
to have fallen on hardtimesas his amendment this morning
have set for example minimumtimesfor fire doors to hold
now to the atmosphere oftimesthat have nearly passed out
must keep up with thetimesyoung children have a great
rage on with numerous halftimesfor drinks or interruptions to
thinkin o the nummer otimesthe wifes or girlfriends hud
up to on the mainlandtimeswere tough for the islanders
flesh nae eence bit monytimesan the yelp o pain
that was one o thetimesaye f1043: that was usually
an chynged his entitule ninetimesfrae the time o his
letter o challenge shaws thetimeshaes a chynged to whom
like that some o thetimesi mean we spoke to
london ye fell oan herdtimespreachin religion instead o yer
wi a the promise otimestae come whiles the weet
builders doon a nummer otimestae see if they cuid
yes f961: and dan twartreetimesthroo de rest o de
baurs o siller there aretimeswhan the byllies dinnae ken
cin think o lots otimeswhar i m gotn an
are rectified one survey hardtimesa study of pensioner poverty
a average and b targettimesare for resolving parent appeals
are catching up on stirringtimeshere the language games proved
are a little behind thetimesi do not blame anyone
think a lot of thetimesthough like undergraduate students are
richt documentary aboot the slavetimesan yon ship wrack they
quality housing fall on hardtimesif they cannot meet the
ll sadly sweir there stimesthey mak me seik ___
of the mods of oldtimesyou know the they wore
tae ask nurse there stimesthat a feel no sae
hae nettit that puil fowertimeswhile ye aa lay there
turn it up ower monytimesagain the advocates and above
size of your heart mosttimesi just make up something
up the subject a feowtimeslast eer like the lave
this was reprentit a wheentimesup tae 1924 efter 1939
primal sacrifice of pre historictimesas a feast wherein the
hoor i was getting fowertimesas lang as onybody else
for commuters and reduce journeytimeson some longer distance journeys
s she s torture sometimesshe really is m816: [throat]
s predilection for romantic exaggerationtimeschange though and you could
permitted methods of fishing permittedtimesfor fishing powers of the
934 and 2312 and seventimesfor gaelic s1m 1565 1817
to considerably longer school journeytimesfor pupils owing to the
the request for morning decisiontimesis to allow significant decisions
of the writers of ancienttimeswhether slavery is good for
that s juist aboot twaetimeswhit yer grandfer gits for
gaelic mormaer earl from earlytimesand his findings suggest that
his interview with the irvinetimespublished on 2 november 2001
particularly of ancient and prehistorictimesshe used to say that
something that concerns the oldtimesand the coustoms of their
path along hundreds thousands oftimesduring their owners life soon
nae chains roond us monytimesdid ah beg yi mony
did ah beg yi monytimeshud ah planned an easy
oot pause ah swear ittimesthat needle yi yase jags
great social f643: [laugh] m642: timesthrough rugby m608: mmhm m642:
its policy to disclose thetimesand dates of meetings with
the prison a couple oftimesand establish whether something special
say it s a hunderttimesand mair the size ay
and aberdeen to shrink journeytimesand offer easy access to
those measures would cut traveltimesand the amount of fuel
from outdated copies of thetimesand the observer canadian papers
mattered because of the goodtimesaway from it and i
on which and if appropriatetimesbetween which on those days
the independent and the financialtimesdes hudson i would guess
and berna laugh silence bernatimeslike this robby a hm
and great buildings of earliertimesmy major fascination was with
åland and the life andtimesof gustaf erikson mr [censored: surname]
dedicated to the life andtimesof james leslie mitchell thereby
of the most intensely creativetimesof my life and one
tend upon the hours andtimesof your desire the ones
well yeah f809: oh thetimesyeah f810: people goin aw
it was the worst oftimesa fair haired queen p
it was the best oftimesit was the worst of
greek class above a dozentimesprofessor blackie was even kind
going broke it was leantimesthen until the second world
a whole lot of ertimeswhere you know i was
that was the- the goodtimesye know f606: uh huh
hae telt ye a hunnertimesma lass nae tae gyang
a litter of newsprint thetimestelegraph independent today guardian glasgow
to say that a fewtimesthe evidence that the committee
scots language from the earliesttimesto the present it is
an fule jist eence againtimeslike this is against the
s just movin with thetimesjohn m608: aye f638: that
this is one of thetimesi love mummy i can
i recall the number oftimesthat we asked the deputy
does not coincide with thetimesthought to be most effective
under fire see also thetimes19 june 1998 hot air
foxhunting bill after protests thetimesp1 23 march 2000 34
collusion then ye need datestimesplaces aw accurate tae the
wheekit an antrin eggie hardtimesright enough yet on the
shetland dialect lerwick the shetlandtimesrobertson mairi 1973 modern literary
the chicken is cooked throughtimesvary depending on water content
me ur gawn ower auldtimesay bj exit jilly exit
see ti that pause heretimesgan oan where is mah
take one stride back 3timesmime follow script narr 5

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