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she aye thocht hid beentimmerteened it s a grand
twisting rope tig sudden notiontimmerteened timber tuned tone deaf
up wi t teenie trickietimmerleg an aa she did
up wi t teenie trickietimmerleg an aa up wi
up wi t teenie trickietimmerleg an aa up wi
es henhoose wis o tarredtimmerplanks an a tarred timmer
timmer planks an a tarredtimmerreef tee sae it wis
the tyres tae a puckletimmerplanks an jed raiked oot
o lanterns a catacomb oftimmerplanks an pits the stoor
taken fire bit eence thetimmerhad got a gweed scam
bottom and pinned down bytimmerpegs that were driven into
held at the tap witimmerpegs then they were covered
get fortie straiks o thetimmerkaim an get herried out
kin o cast o histimmerkaim profunditas shoved it by
prep to til prep totimmera timber tint a lost
a tight til prep totimmern timber tint v lost
sew callant youth cantraip spelltimmertimber sclim climb meat food
made the sandwiches fin ronaldtimmertam aiberdeen angus an jonsar
meetin it wis decided thattimmertam aiberdeen angus an jonsar
wait or the weekend declaredtimmertam fin the weekend came
fin the weekend came roontimmertam gaed doon tae see
up wi a barbecue antimmertam hid a tray o
noo tae mak metters worsetimmertam jist smiled an started
wull jist hae tae waittimmertam looked ronald up an
you jist lay the fleertimmertam shook his heid na
match the door bell rungtimmertam smiled he kent fine
lay the fleer for ustimmertam thocht for a meenit
autmn feel i ken finetimmertam wis a wee bit
peas ere wis a newtimmerfence pit up a a
pea did gruw aside yontimmerfence then jonsar coodnae see
that you hiv painted thetimmerfence wi if that is
barn an sclimmed the stoorytimmerstairs o the barn in
the r nae want otimmerin the north orm nou
ti noroway eftir men antimmervalgerd orm orm valgerd valgerd
priority if ye d atimmerleg or a babby in
whyte wattir nearhaund the shakkintimmerbrig that s whaur the
an cypresses cawed doun fortimmerin the whyte esps the
d gotten haad o atimmerbox pat dowel rods intill
ay half sunk intill etimmersae fit ye hid tae
raise an creepit doon thetimmerstairs missin the step wi
her haun minnie traivelled thetimmerstairs tae bed feart tae
convenience tee een o etimmersentry box variety wi a
wid hae rin doon thetimmeran your young plants wid
she wid min on etimmerdallie it was easy to
millbrex we wid hae atimmerhut on wheels tae bide
dubby park preened tae atimmerpost ye mind fin winter
guid luikin roon at thetimmerdoor open fur the hinmaist
till he made me atimmerclaymore an targ wi yon
to mind is iron jugtimmerheid spits fire spews lead
at wes layed wi apenwarktimmerbauks an wes bos aneith
wa a cuddy wi itstimmerfraucht siller board set wi
the hill yett wi theirtimmerkaims in their hauns barrin
oot in the playgrun thetimmerseats stukken wi shite an
he wes in a stryngetimmerstructur wi a theikit ruif
muscle wha wi bricks antimmertussle heich abune the city
village trimmin an draggin etimmerwi horses saain an adzin
couldnae keep oot o thetimmerhoose at the fit o
canna understan fit wye thetimmerhoose wis awa at the
wis a solid bit otimmeri ay likit it ye
lie weel in a langtimmersark he wis niver a
weel tendit parterres foontains antimmertae quarrytowers itsel an the
the latch on the greentimmergairden gate she wis clatterin
twice he nivver made thetimmerhoosie it wis mebbe five
bot jonik ti pas thetimmeron ti tammas sae he
feet beech branches in theirtimmertomb wyve shaddas far dreich
taedsteels blicht teh sides otimmertrunks far twa birks blythely
tae the beach like atimmerdoo an sinks its reets
was duly directed tae thetimmer[inaudible] m999: [laugh] that s
tae you christ o thetimmerm for us he rose
o years takkin medicine taetimmerup antibodies the aids virus
mair hyowin there was atimmercairt shed an a widden
barr luikit out ower atimmerbriggie at spanged a burn

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