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like a shot intae thetinso shortbreed tins wi hame
intae the tins o shortbreedtinswi hame made piecies he
mair queues an rationin antinsan tins o spam uncle
an rationin an tins antinso spam uncle alex oot
will do for most thingstinsof beans flageolet cannellini as
cannellini as well as bakedtinsof tomatoes tins of tuna
as baked tins of tomatoestinsof tuna packet of lentils
put into 2 2lb loaftinsbake for 1 hour
hour 3 gas linetinsdumpling 2 lbs s r
it came in more manageabletinsvisiting relations still goes on
that pyramid of baked beantinstowering behind her rival mrs
may rescind your right totinsof shortbread copies of the
smooth put in 2 7tinslined with greaseproof paper preheat
the writing on the varioustinsthat were lined up on
spoon into 12 15 muffintinsbake at 400 for 20
flake crumbled 2 x 7tinscook 20 mins reg
yes f1093: for opening thetinsm1094: yes f1093: and what
grapefruit juice cuban and twotinsof aubergines came to 21
for plastic bottles paper andtinsnot glass hopefully these will
roofed shop shelved with importedtinspast the black veiled women
25 minutes in two sandwichtinsspiced fruit cake 5 oz
gather water in pots andtinson 13 miles each side
forward to read the smallertinshe found a tin with
boys commenced hostilities banging batteredtinsto drive him off during
whilst they in turn clatteredtinsand pans in an attempt
help her hand out thetinsof crayons and the drawing
group of them squat withtinsand cups around my roots
re jist packing meat intotinsgeorgie sarcastically aye but their
on cold linoleum lobbies withtinsof polish and rubbed and
beardie jean smears her toffeetinswith beef dripping and she
a new wig teem biscuittinsat some o e trock

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