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truphane than the hale clamjamfreytirnedabout an convoyed the fowersum
skairin thair greve belyve andratirnedaff the lichts an whan
hames ferms an laun ittirnedfrae a mellay ti ane
loun gat a riddie hetirnedti the ither wichts thai
swallie at the yill antirneda deif lug the howff
fur the cheirie pykes hedtirnedti leidd i thair wames
stane wes poussed out atirneda blinnd ei ti dae
roddenberrie kekkilt wi joy bottirnedti sairious beisines in a
nixt as thai rade thaitirnedmaitters ower in thair mynds
seistem bot heir wir luktirnedthe fermer wes agin the
the trewth o d thaitirneda blinnd ei tilt thusgates
sacrifeised ower the graif antirneda verra nestie mustart yella
ti caum hiz souch hetirnedti luik at the gryte
soun by hir lug antirnedhir heid i fricht a
bene hir minnie s antirnedit roun an about ay
intil a fell cattiewurrie mirrentirnedhir wutt ti the maitter
the licht tho it westirnedon fur m bi anither

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