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thir braw hieland flouers atoasta toast anither toast an
a toast a toast anithertoastan syne anither wi glesses
and egg toast and eggtoastand egg [singing] f1113: right
[cough] f1114: toast and eggtoastand egg toast and egg
your egg okay [cough] f1114: toastand egg toast and egg
and egg toast and eggtoastand egg toast and egg
hieland flouers a toast atoastanither toast an syne anither
you want toast f1114: yestoastf1113: toast with your egg
you want do you wanttoastf1114: yes toast f1113: toast
toast sat in a sillertoastrack that hid curly feet
a dull reid glow thetoastsat in a siller toast
toast f1114: yes toast f1113: toastwith your egg okay [cough]
f1113: right there s yourtoastf1114: buck and [?]billy[/?] buck
f1113: right here s yourtoastf1114: buck and billy buck
lift wir glesses an atoastwe will drink tae the
ascetic vests were stuck totoastrack bones fuck offs were
beens powkin oot like atoastrack cam shauchlin inaboot sikkin
egg [singing] f1113: right f1114: toastand f1113: are you hungry
your plate plate for yourtoastnow f1114: and an egg
a tray no knife thetoastpre spread the egg beheaded
on the reply to thetoastto the lasses although i
give a reply to thetoastto the lasses at a
so experienced in proposing thetoastto the lasses does he
asked to do is thetoastto the lasses i did
an aficionado when giving thetoastto the lasses some five
wes wi us proposing atoasttil awbodie than ti him
cakes oh there would betoastor bread br- bread and
and waving orange is marmaladetoastslowly melting into bread while
or in a hurry simplytoastsome bread and drizzle over
garlic heat the grill andtoastthe bread on both sides
written as part of thetoasttae the lassies for the
wi deep respectfu pride taetoastthe lassies ___ crouse bold
i am replying to atoastto the lassies that is
raising her glass gladys theytoastagain but i m nae
raising her can as atoastthe love ae a guid
come on farr s yourtoastget it eaten hurry up
aneath hir braith ye muntoastclaes baith sides she s
of marmalade spread deliciously ontoasttea slopped round twenty stomaches
from kitchen with coffee andtoastshe is nursing a hangover
i d be drinkin atoastin anither 40 year for
drained heat through once thetoastis ready put it on
her schule claes butterin hertoastraikin fur a sweetie tae
mm f1113: right [inaudible] yourtoastf1114: [inaudible] [child noises] [child noises] f1113:
want some butter on yourtoastf1114: mmhm f1113: mmhm f1114:
be [inaudible] f1113: put thetoastin the toaster f1114: i
a good girl oh goodtoastmm f1114: yes i remember
take the cask home totoasthis twenty first birthday in
tae keep as warm astoastbit sune a ll hae
in ayr as warm astoastye tak yer ease auld
watislaw vyborni had been thetoastof palma society but by
and his secretary became thetoastof palma society vyborni took
every level of society itoastthe volunteers of the voluntary
loretta firmly tae bessie theytoasther neil speech speech loretta
as set out in atoastto the future working together
notes the publication of atoastto the future working together
as set out in atoastto the future working together
slaughter lang raised a tassietoasttae hail the king across
dinner had once raised atoastto the next slave insurrection
laid a tray of teatoastand eggs on the candlewick
a roast or make yourtoastbut when i was wee
no but nothing get yourtoasteaten m1096: [sob] [sob] f1095:
beans should be on yourtoastget out [laugh] f1049: [laugh]
f1095: you never finished yourtoastit s still in your
to wish them luck andtoastthe new year usually your
ye in ma bosie waddintoastguid health tae the newly
at the denner giein atoasttae es gran array o
free sae here s atoasttae scotland an here s
piano skills a maist interestintoasttae the twa balladeers wis
baith maid an man taetoastthe scottish year nettle rules
his persona iconic let ustoasthis memory by supporting the
you can put on yertoastand heaps o things m1108:
a treat they would gettoastbutter sugar and cinnamon as
the stairs an makk sometoastsae fin the matron at
loon ahin a ploo histoastas is mine the day
his pop out tongue liketoastfrom a black toaster on
as russian and japanese willtoasthis immortal memory many of
into his milk ye cantoastme in the mornin fan
f1104: no we i havetoastfor my breakfast as well
moosewabs in the rain brakfesttoastis bleck as charcoal bacon
lusty cheers to call atoastto last for years come
top with grilled cheese ontoasttortilla pizzas healthier than a
could maybe respond wi atoastto the prosperity o the
eyn o a fork antoastit in front o e
intestines a succession of weldedtoastracks of grates and drains
the bathroom we drank atoastto the three kings and
sauce or would that betoastbefore carolanne can throw up
walking in the park butteredtoastand nursery games in winter
is 350 the menu andtoastlist were shown and it
gamin emaciated look like trottingtoastracks lean and loping or
scones clootie dumpling trifle totoastthe bride and groom whisky
tuna and cannellini beans ontoasttime 10 minutes ingredients half
it thinly on hot butteredtoastshe was vegemite incarnate to
oor duties an ti thistoastmacbeth seeing the ghost awa
by hand 30 monday wetoastscotland in wine b hagart

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