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of your submission that readstobaccoadvertising bans are more effective
up in the countries wheretobaccoadvertising bans have been introduced
as norway that already havetobaccoadvertising bans in place you
the international evidence suggests thattobaccoadvertising bans lead to significant
that agenda the evidence thattobaccoadvertising bans reduce tobacco consumption
the evidence that shows thattobaccoadvertising bans reduce tobacco consumption
is no real indication thattobaccoadvertising bans result in a
that tobacco advertising bans reducetobaccoconsumption although your submission contains
that tobacco advertising bans reducetobaccoconsumption is clear especially where
5 per cent reduction intobaccoconsumption resulting from advertising bans
bans have been introduced thetobaccoindustry s claims about cataclysmic
a message about de normalisingtobaccointroducing ad bans and removing
must be a ban ontobaccoadvertising 09 45 miss goldie
a 50 million reduction intobaccoadvertising and a 43 million
not laid before the parliamenttobaccoadvertising and promotion act 2002
2003 ssi 2003 98 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion act 2002
2003 ssi 2003 98 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion act 2002
2003 ssi 2003 79 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion act 2002
will consider the following thetobaccoadvertising and promotion act 2002
not laid before the parliamenttobaccoadvertising and promotion act 2002
other smoking prevention activities thetobaccoadvertising and promotion bill is
mr keith raffan s1m 2182tobaccoadvertising and promotion bill lodged
elaine smith nicola sturgeon proposedtobaccoadvertising and promotion bill proposal
to implement provisions of thetobaccoadvertising and promotion bill s1w
deputy convener items in privatetobaccoadvertising and promotion bill subordinate
we agreed members indicated agreementtobaccoadvertising and promotion bill the
followed by executive debate ontobaccoadvertising and promotion bill uk
agenda item 4 concerns thetobaccoadvertising and promotion bill which
will ban all forms oftobaccoadvertising and promotion in some
justice 2 committee 12 decembertobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
stage 1 completed 21 novembertobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
justice 1 committee 19 novembertobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
scotland bill passed 6 marchtobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
justice 1 committee 24 septembertobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
scotland bill passed 6 marchtobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
stage 2 final day 3tobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
justice 1 committee 3 septembertobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
7th meeting 2002 session 1tobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
authority bill passed 2 maytobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
scotland bill introduced 6 junetobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
of the parliament 27 februarytobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
4 13 in private 2tobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
justice 1 committee 3 septembertobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
sturgeon the proposer of thetobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
advertising and promotion scotland billtobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
stage 2 completed 18 decembertobaccoadvertising and promotion scotland bill
by 3 march 2003 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion sponsorship transitional
by 3 march 2003 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion sponsorship transitional
by 3 march 2003 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion sponsorship transitional
by 3 march 2003 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion sponsorship transitional
by 3 march 2003 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion sponsorship transitional
by 3 march 2003 thetobaccoadvertising and promotion sponsorship transitional
about a uk ban ontobaccoadvertising and those who are
strategy in place requires atobaccoadvertising ban and increases in
such thing as a comprehensivetobaccoadvertising ban because the tobacco
it would bring in atobaccoadvertising ban but that bill
tobacco consumption norway has atobaccoadvertising ban but the real
is required of which atobaccoadvertising ban has to be
we brought in a televisiontobaccoadvertising ban in 1967 the
i understand the position thetobaccoadvertising ban in canada was
a long game introducing atobaccoadvertising ban is only one
of other countries that atobaccoadvertising ban that is brought
symbol s1m 203 michael mathesontobaccoadvertising ban that the parliament
that the winners from atobaccoadvertising ban would be the
that it could spread beyondtobaccoadvertising because it is already
if the uk editions containtobaccoadvertising brian fitzpatrick i am
down following a ban ontobaccoadvertising brian fitzpatrick is it
are against any ban ontobaccoadvertising but they all seem
space the convener for nontobaccoadvertising des hudson we think
not see an advertisement fortobaccoadvertising does not have an
advertising however we recognise thattobaccoadvertising does not respect national
ban on all forms oftobaccoadvertising elaine thomson aberdeen north
in the uk expenditure ontobaccoadvertising fell by something like
evidence that a ban ontobaccoadvertising had not reduced tobacco
want to see controls ontobaccoadvertising has challenged those figures
committed to a ban ontobaccoadvertising however we recognise that
newspapers attract greater amounts oftobaccoadvertising i suggest that that
market now when there istobaccoadvertising i therefore do not
most effective way of controllingtobaccoadvertising i was struck by
much revenue newspapers get fromtobaccoadvertising i would imagine that
received about 600 000 fromtobaccoadvertising if we were to
of their advertising revenue fromtobaccoadvertising if you do not
the sections that relate totobaccoadvertising in newspapers and magazines
been realised a ban ontobaccoadvertising in newspapers has been
dose response effect associated withtobaccoadvertising in other words the
of introducing a ban ontobaccoadvertising in scotland alone given
maintain its commitment to banningtobaccoadvertising in scotland by the
of introducing a ban ontobaccoadvertising in scotland in advance
the bill which would bantobaccoadvertising in scotland would achieve
that the bulk of thetobaccoadvertising in scottish newspapers is
printed and published in scotlandtobaccoadvertising in those publications would
reduction of tobacco consumption banningtobaccoadvertising is a logical part
that they did not includetobaccoadvertising it seems likely from
some publications continue to allowtobaccoadvertising it would also de
attract a greater amount oftobaccoadvertising jim raeburn it would
income last year was fromtobaccoadvertising jim raeburn we have
to be taken into accounttobaccoadvertising makes it seem normal
structure for the uk andtobaccoadvertising may or may not
lawfully be able to carrytobaccoadvertising on copies sold in
tobacco sales in 1965 whentobaccoadvertising on television was banned
areas to see all thetobaccoadvertising on the big hoardings
us would want to justifytobaccoadvertising on the grounds that
outlet the same applies totobaccoadvertising particularly with lit signs
there should be regulation oftobaccoadvertising per se it is
we have to acknowledge thattobaccoadvertising provides a very small
convener would the loss oftobaccoadvertising space in newspapers in
in countries that have introducedtobaccoadvertising such as norway belgium
attract a greater amount oftobaccoadvertising than do others will
as proposed if they carriedtobaccoadvertising there are others on
revenue for newspapers comes fromtobaccoadvertising there are several questions
banning virtually all forms oftobaccoadvertising thereby removing a major
any legislation that would bantobaccoadvertising to be uk wide
effect of a ban ontobaccoadvertising to kick in if
created by a ban ontobaccoadvertising were channelled into domestically
that if a ban ontobaccoadvertising were to come into
exists to show that banningtobaccoadvertising will contribute towards the
suggested that a ban ontobaccoadvertising will lead to our
elsewhere in the uk banningtobaccoadvertising will not impact on
evidence that a ban ontobaccoadvertising will overall have a
evidence that a ban ontobaccoadvertising will reduce tobacco consumption
that any delay in banningtobaccoadvertising will seriously undermine the
of the bill as introducedtobaccoadvertising would be lawful in
of what that spread oftobaccoadvertising would be will he
publishers access to income fromtobaccoadvertising would make a real
uk magazines under the billtobaccoadvertising would not be banned
newspapers through advertising losses thetobaccocompanies or shops is it
there is a possibility thattobaccocompanies will merely transfer advertising
have prioritised the reduction oftobaccoconsumption banning tobacco advertising is
on tobacco advertising will reducetobaccoconsumption is overwhelming a brief
have been made by thetobaccoindustry that advertising is designed
tobacco advertising ban because thetobaccoindustry will continue to look
oppose an advertising ban becausetobaccois important to your business
the advertising and promotion oftobaccoproducts lodged 26 june 2001
on advertising and sponsorship oftobaccoproducts that letter says the
tobacco advertising had not reducedtobaccouse is not correct tanith
associated with the consumption oftobaccobrian fitzpatrick when you give
there is a link betweentobaccoconsumption and ill health mrs
there are risks associated withtobaccoconsumption but that you would
the single biggest influence ontobaccoconsumption if prices are pushed
independent studies show that reducingtobaccoconsumption in countries like scotland
because there is evidence thattobaccoconsumption in norway has come
part of the uk reducingtobaccoconsumption in scotland will in
next eight or nine yearstobaccoconsumption increased to reach its
put the bill in contexttobaccoconsumption is in decline in
ban supports a reduction intobaccoconsumption norway has a tobacco
been a steady decline intobaccoconsumption of something like 40
comprehensive tobacco control strategy reducestobaccoconsumption rhona brankin therefore waiting
lower rate of decline intobaccoconsumption there that supports what
lead to significant reductions intobaccoconsumption we know that brian
brought in with a comprehensivetobaccocontrol strategy reduces tobacco consumption
fall in the consumption oftobaccodoes not necessarily lead to
or eliminate the consumption oftobaccoin scotland the twa recognises
the advertisement and promotion oftobaccois to reduce consumption it
associated with the consumption oftobaccoproducts and we fully support
increase in the consumption oftobaccoproducts in the uk for
associated with the consumption oftobaccorhona brankin do you dispute
leads to a reduction intobaccouse and consumption you mentioned
of which happens to betobaccobanning point of sale promotion
promotion category management agreements betweentobaccocompanies and retailers typically generate
retail sector might also losetobaccocompanies payments for such promotion
an initial discussion on eutobaccosubsidies amnesic shellfish poisoning european
per annum believes that eutobaccosubsidies are a gross misuse
public health policy notes thattobaccosubsidies have failed in their
peattie s1m 1152 ending eutobaccosubsidies lodged on 6 september
mr kenneth gibson ending eutobaccosubsidies that the parliament condemns
first to the committee eutobaccosubsidies the committee agreed that
a phased removal of alltobaccosubsidies using the money thus
to attract sponsorship from nontobaccosources obviously i could not
a 43 million reduction intobaccosponsorship of sports but that
any losses resulting from atobaccoban in scotland james lowman
earlier the issue of atobaccoban is difficult i apologise
complication is that if atobaccoban were introduced in scotland
if we chart sales oftobaccoin norway we see that
in norway went up buttobaccotaxation did not keep pace
newspaper society mrs brenda warringtontobaccoworkers alliance clerk to the
introductory remarks mrs brenda warringtontobaccoworkers alliance i will just
many of our industries thetobaccoworkers alliance is concerned that
evidence on behalf of thetobaccoworkers alliance of which i
final witnesses are from thetobaccoworkers alliance the agenda states
seen the submission from thetobaccoworkers alliance will you take
non tobacco products to promotetobaccoby associating tobacco terminology with
products therefore any legislation concerningtobaccois important to us we
of smuggled products on thetobaccomarket in scotland mrs warrington
of the risks associated withtobaccoproducts and choose to consume
this country about how dangeroustobaccoproducts are people say that
most wish to discourage fromtobaccoproducts are the people who
portion of their income intotobaccoproducts as a result of
000 stores that currently selltobaccoproducts could lose revenue if
stop the import of cheaptobaccoproducts from other countries maureen
associating tobacco terminology with nontobaccoproducts or vice versa a
they can export cigarettes ortobaccoproducts that are significantly cheaper
if a shop is sellingtobaccoproducts to display them i
what is the contribution oftobaccoproducts to profit in your
be employed in using nontobaccoproducts to promote tobacco by
to the influx of smuggledtobaccoproducts what is the impact
into the business of smugglingtobaccoproducts whatever the official figures
is an issue about howtobaccoproducts will be displayed inside
often they run advertisements fortobaccoproducts will the proprietor the
while people choose to smoketobaccoproducts workers in the uk
one person to stop smokingtobaccoproducts would simply be wholly
to promote tobacco by associatingtobaccoterminology with non tobacco products
newspapers or magazines that containtobaccoadverts that needs to be
come into stores to buytobaccoand buy newspapers and other
of confidential papers from thetobaccocompanies about their marketing strategies
that we ought to givetobaccocompanies an area in which
to go back to thetobaccocompanies and say we operate
interest in what british registeredtobaccocompanies do in these countries
cars having the name oftobaccocompanies emblazoned on them according
consider legal action against thetobaccocompanies for their role in
of the names of thetobaccocompanies i predict that tobacco
government of the tactics thattobaccocompanies might adopt if they
who are stockholders in thetobaccocompanies surely not surely the
the papers show that thetobaccocompanies target what they see
bring pressure to bear ontobaccocompanies to cease this abhorrent
can reach financial agreements withtobaccocompanies to display brands for
outlets that have agreements withtobaccocompanies to supply and regularly
tightly drawn the imagination oftobaccocompanies to use richard simpson
display brands for independent outletstobaccocompanies usually square off that
be a disaster for thetobaccocompanies were it suggested that
convention on human rights iftobaccocompanies were prevented from giving
tobacco companies i predict thattobaccocompanies will still succeed in
think it incredibly unlikely thattobaccocompanies would create differential prices
companies to negotiate once withtobaccomanufacturers on a uk basis
tobacco industry we want effectivetobaccocontrol policies to be put
tobacco industry is still producingtobaccofor export despite the fact
declining domestic market the uktobaccoindustry is still producing tobacco
but we are against thetobaccoindustry we want effective tobacco
the biggest single influence ontobaccosales in 1965 when tobacco
the years throughout scotland imperialtobaccoemploys 135 people in sales
135 people work for imperialtobaccogroup plc in sales marketing
5 or 6 per centtobaccosales generate sales of other
figure the gross margin ontobaccosales is very low at
revenue that we receive fromtobaccosales the better that matter
take in less revenue fromtobaccosales the convener we would
s1m 250 ms irene oldfathertobaccosales to under aged children
mr gil paterson s1m 250tobaccosales to under aged children
more than 300 million intobaccoexpenditure a 50 million reduction
is that the reduction intobaccotax that resulted from lobbying
the right to enjoy smokingtobaccoabout its views on smoking
on the health aspects oftobaccoand passive smoking and community
smoking walking up to atobaccokiosk in a supermarket to
issues relating to smoking andtobaccos1w 2605 alex neil to
the government would not allowtobaccosmoking to be advertised if
allowed to purchase and consumetobaccowhy i have been smoking
alternative sources of funding iftobaccorevenue decreases as we hope
will be complex and iftobaccorevenue releases spending power in
of revenue they raise throughtobaccotaxation could it be anything
replied that workers at imperialtobaccoare involved in many different
msf workers in the uktobaccoindustry have a proud history
particularly from workers in thetobaccoindustry that the legitimate market
trade unions and have representedtobaccoworkers of all job groups
the benefits that accrue totobaccoworkers with saving 330 lives
to be associated with atobaccoproduct that would constitute a
there are risks associated withtobaccouse and we agree that
working in the field oftobaccocontrol andrew wilson so the
that journal has tanith mullertobaccocontrol is a peer reviewed
term strategy that involves othertobaccocontrol measures i cannot give
doing everyone must care abouttobaccocontrol not just dorothy grace
is clear especially where additionaltobaccocontrol policies are in place
to dissuade legislators from introducingtobaccocontrol policies independent studies show
ash is to see effectivetobaccocontrol policies put in place
lobby to ensure that propertobaccocontrol strategies are in place
place to have a propertobaccocontrol strategy in place requires
of the lack of atobaccocontrol strategy maureen moore this
other countries that for atobaccocontrol strategy to be effective
that the rest of thetobaccocontrol strategy was not in
because the rest of thetobaccocontrol strategy was not in
introduced as part of atobaccocontrol strategy your submission also
godfrey and raw published intobaccocontrol which we can supply
with more competitive prices uktobaccomanufacturers control 93 per cent
grow commercially valued varieties oftobaccoand thus reduce imports as
reduce imports as eu growntobaccois of poor quality and
intelligent people believe that thetobaccoindustry advertises only to get
that are backed by thetobaccoindustry are including that argument
the uk from andorra thetobaccoindustry could not fail to
resulted from lobbying by thetobaccoindustry did not solve the
of the things that thetobaccoindustry does which amazes me
result of our negotiations withtobaccoindustry employers the unions have
i have worked in thetobaccoindustry for 30 years during
they are in scotland thetobaccoindustry has a long track
political lobbying tool by thetobaccoindustry i will give a
lot of business with thetobaccoindustry in other countries where
we can say that thetobaccoindustry in the uk has
should never forget that thetobaccoindustry is the most imaginative
we will still have atobaccoindustry that will continually look
department of health and thetobaccoindustry the code says that
could be exploited by thetobaccoindustry through a legal challenge
of the fact that thetobaccoindustry uses the threat of
represents members working in thetobaccoindustry we represent a density
and industry is investigating thetobaccoindustry which wants to keep
of trade and industry affairstobaccomanufacturers association 3 petitions the
s health strategy on alcoholtobaccoand drugs malcolm chisholm nicotine
food crops grown instead oftobaccoand believes that the eu
relation to the eu subsidisingtobaccogrowers and the consistency with
that almost all eu growntobaccois exported to central and
by agencies who campaign againsttobaccoin scotland and the uk
market because there is notobaccomanufacturing in scotland what is
per cent of the scottishtobaccomarket our members work in
some 800 million annually totobaccogrowers notes that this is
battling against the impact oftobaccoand highlights our focus on
in various ways the reporttobaccoand jobs the impact of
also worked on the studytobaccoand jobs the impact of
specialises in the impact thattobaccohas on the economy in
to check whether they containtobaccoadverts the bill can make
part of the public healthtobaccobill it is difficult to
evidence about the margins fortobaccoproduction who is making what
12 march 2003 recognises thattobaccois responsible for more than
the government to fight againsttobaccomaureen moore as i told
regular shabbos day cholent atobaccoplace first then i set
scotland still feed into thetobaccofactories based in england andrew
there are no longer anytobaccomanufacturing bases in scotland the
fact that there is notobaccomanufacturing in scotland it could
remember that there are notobaccomanufacturing jobs in scotland and
morning scotland that british americantobaccomarketing teams have been targeting
of which are in scotlandtobaccorepresents a significant part of
so the real price oftobaccodropped brian fitzpatrick i would
are european union tariffs ontobaccoi would be interested to
is concerned that high qualitytobaccomanufacturing and related jobs would
they would have spent ontobaccomargins would be greater on
all 135 jobs at imperialtobaccowould be lost you mentioned
of job losses at imperialtobaccowould fall on the people
the switch from demand fortobaccowould not be felt by
regarding the use of atobaccocompany s name if that
is happy to use thattobaccotax is that not a
but by cutting off thetobaccobarons from all legitimate forms
that is not spent ontobaccodoes not disappear from the
greater on the other handtobaccois often purchased from local
out where the profits fromtobaccomanufacture go obviously information of
scots from becoming addicted totobaccos1o 281 5 paul martin
this you might ask becausetobaccois one of the most
are fighting not only thetobaccolords but the government because
obviously accept the link betweentobaccoand ill health as everybody
not intended to prevent atobaccocompany supporting a theatrical production
to raise that with thetobaccoemployers i am not privy
names that are related totobaccowill change rapidly if the
an individual retailer and atobaccocompany will you go into
they will have to replacetobaccogantries that are currently the
vice versa a well financedtobaccocompany could go to town
community care committee is thattobaccoadvertisements are targeted specifically at
suspect that a publication hastobaccoadverts the ultimate nightmare is
at the fascia on atobaccogantry is unlikely to make
as we imagine given thattobaccois a highly addictive poison
ways on the one handtobaccois a low margin product
agreement is to promote atobaccoproduct in the united kingdom
sold a newspaper containing atobaccorelated advertisement this legislation is
is an exception for specialisttobaccoshops is that older people
needs 7 5 billion intobaccotax and it is happy
ash is the cessation oftobaccousage maureen moore given that
by a thick pall oftobaccosmoke and any remaining pockets
that a publication contained atobaccoadvert however there should be
1200 nick johnston british americantobaccothat the parliament notes with
listen to government statements ontobaccothe statement that a fall
knew that trade in smuggledtobaccowas an important additional source
cause to be displayed atobaccoadvert in a scottish publication
has the highest rate oftobaccodeaths in the united kingdom
more prominently on in storetobaccogantries at the point of
be reading an advertisement fortobaccoin the herald or the
strength in raising sugar andtobaccoindigo and rice for west
highest rates in the worldtobaccokills at least 13 000
a continuing steady increase intobaccotaxation which made price a
be a switch to importedtobaccoi want to focus on
move towards international regulation oftobaccomarketing supported by david mundell
i have a question abouttobaccomargins each organisation s answer
have the opportunity to removetobaccorelated livery without fear of
although we all wish overalltobaccointake to be cut down
hold of restricted goods liketobaccoalcohol solvents and fireworks support
work maybe lifting bales oftobaccoleaves opening them up and
warmed shoulders scent of blacktobaccolooking up i caught myself
day but sune a learnttobaccolords were sellin me a
gain its citizens respect whilsttobaccoand alcohol remain legal and
and the culture o sugartobaccoand so forth renders it
gweed tempered especially when thetobaccowas going done he just
it isn t addictive unliketobaccoor alcohol why am i

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