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to buy a poke oftoffeeat beardie jean s dark
a bank beardie jean stoffeeis really nice all the
beardie jean s sticky sweettoffeethen his fingers start to
because beardie jean smears hertoffeetins with beef dripping and
he prefers beardie jean stoffeeyou get more of it
called toffee m1092: uh huhtoffeef1091: and toffee s stretching
or from forbidden toffee thetoffeeis nice though sweet and
and the cat s calledtoffeem1092: uh huh toffee f1091:
uh huh toffee f1091: andtoffees stretching m1092: mmhm hey
forbidden chips or from forbiddentoffeethe toffee is nice though
cannae get him so thentoffeesees the newspaper rustle rustle
o yer grannies tablet treacletoffeean tattie scones a sheeps
[note: photo: 'fry's cocoa advertisement from 1908; taken from the original arbuthnott book.'] sweets tablet and treacletoffeewere made at home sometimes
made at home sometimes treacletoffeewas the result of the
and buy a poke oftoffeeor straight on and buy
mess but the noise thattoffees hearing is buzz buzz
she puts vinegar in hertoffeemother can smell vinegar a
of fruit m1096: it wastoffeeapple f1095: no it was
a halloween apple coated withtoffeeits rottenness over ridden by
same semi transparent highland creamtoffeecolour your lips still those
f1091: is it and thentoffeehears a noise m1092: uh
tblsp raisins 4 tbslp cornflakestoffeecake 4 oz butter 4
4 oz marshmallow 4 oztoffeemelt pour over small pkt
no get him f1091: andtoffeecannae get him so then
huh f1091: and what stoffeedoing m1092: she s going
cat [inaudible] f1091: oh righttoffeein trouble m1092: [inaudible] [inaudible]
uh huh f1091: oh notoffees stood on the tube
wis the colour o meltintoffeeit patty s thick creamy
but what s wrong withtoffeeshe was wanting somebody to
o then m1096: erm ermtoffeeapples f1095: i dinna think
paper look and look attoffees feet what a what
crash bang smash here comestoffeeback inside the house oh
perhaps they will play withtoffeelook there s lots o
next generation pocket packet thetoffeewrapper aye cam loose ye
warming to her theme liketoffeebubbling in a pan after
faust he scunners me thetoffeenebbit cratur aye on at
geordie a bit of thetoffeeand fiona would see it
that shatter seams like traicletoffeein a tin an mak
lemon straws soor plooms andtoffeestrips aromatics floral gums and
oose in the school thetoffeemeltit sook it there an

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