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a licence to build atolboothin the castlegate and the
me in chains in thetolboothmair than a twalmonth can
son had come tae thetolbooththat he begged john vanse
erm leith it was thetolboothwynd you know the wynd
ye saw him in thetolboothafore his execution i ken
that being called to thetolboothhe heard the major confess
saw major weir in thetolboothmitchel nodded i confess it
apairt frae him or thetolboothll no haud him it
andrew i was at thetolboothmonday 11th day of april
and were locked in thetolboothhe could do nothing but
i gaed back tae thetolboothalane the next mornin she
would i get intae thetolbootho edinburgh in secret dae
ye d finished in thetolboothaye he was juist a
aw the wey frae thetolboothyet when they had him

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