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face f1122: sticking out hertonguef1121: she s sticking oot
oh f1111: sticking out yourtonguein that one look what
on the desk and histongueis sticking out he has
mixed in a jam jartonguesticking out in concentration covering
she s sticking oot hertonguethat s a funny face
dictionary of the older scottishtongue2 having found that a
dictionary of the older scottishtongueand private writings especially correspondence
dictionary of the older scottishtongueas one of the great
dictionary snd the older scottishtongueconsidered by itself it is
dictionary of the older scottishtonguedost is a great store
dictionary of the older scottishtonguefor me but the 1st
dictionary of the older scottishtongueis a vital companion piece
dictionary of the older scottishtonguereally is as a working
dictionary of the older scottishtonguesir john skene s de
dictionary of the older scottishtonguetell us about the language
dictionary of the older scottishtonguethe problem is that assize
dictionary of the older scotstonguethe scottish national dictionary association
dictionary of the older scottishtonguethere seems never to have
dictionary of the older scottishtonguewas set up to help
dictionary of the older scottishtonguewhich i consulted when researching
dictionary of the older scottishtonguewhich is very disappointing but
dictionary of the older scottishtonguewhich would be printed in
dictionary of the older scottishtonguewill continually increase with the
recovered pride in the nativetongueand a consequent dispelling of
i have of my nativetonguein fact i think my
i mean his his nativetongues changed he s the
with their own native communitytonguethat of course means scots
be addressed in its nativetonguethe gesture was small but
of our native ayrshire scotstonguethe vast bulk of the
she would eh boil atonguean ox tongue f641: mmhm
punished for using their mithertonguebairns spoke their mither tongue
tongue hou lang s yeirtonguebeen lyke this the queen
tongue bairns spoke their mithertonguebut when they went to
thrill me through my mithertonguedavid grant oor tongue my
boil a tongue an oxtonguef641: mmhm f640: and then
places a spatula on thetonguehou lang s yeir tongue
mither tongue david grant oortonguemy mither tongue wis getting
tongue out i stuck mytongueout f812: presents for christmas
took f813: i stuck mytongueout i stuck my tongue
grant oor tongue my mithertonguewis getting laldie doon at
made up aboot the hawicktongueif ye want tae so
a lecture on the hawicktongue[inaudible] that s my hawick
peculiar badge o the hawicktongueis the yow an mei
that s mair the hawicktonguem1013: auld song uh huh
i did you know mothertongueand all that f1038: yeah
latches itself onto the mothertongueand it s amazing how
back to your er mothertongueand you write it and
grammatical awareness of their mothertongueas a barrier to the
to sound like their mothertonguebutterworth and thorgensen mind installation
and those of the mothertonguecan also create vital occasions
learning english as a mothertongueenglish as an additional language
it relates to their mothertongueexperiences if this is done
children acquire their own mothertonguehas been influential in shaping
the pupils in their mothertongueif pupils are to internalise
way in which the mothertongueis acquired and that in
the child acquiring a mothertongueis at the same time
a world where the mothertongueis dominant the psychological differences
anyone here that my mothertongueis gaelic the deputy presiding
so basically the- their mothertongueis key when they come
children acquire their own mothertongueit advocates that the communicative
language derived from the mothertonguenever mind its insidious undermining
already known in the mothertonguenouns verbs prepositions punctuation etc
s important that the mothertongueof these children is intact
really forgetting their their mothertongueso to speak so that
which acquisition of the mothertonguetakes place curriculum design and
which acquisition of the mothertonguetakes place the objective is
considered their implications for mothertongueteaching the language in use
several years acquiring a mothertonguethis will have taken place
allowed to use their mothertonguethroughout the school and community
the pupils in the mothertongueto develop insight into the
the pupils in the mothertongueto develop insight into the
went back to the mothertongueyou were fine you see
lapsed into the old mithertongueand you spoke the way
buiks i read my mithertonguedavid grant fit s es
encouraged to use their mithertonguehowever i have some concerns
proud to use their mithertonguei agree with irene mcgugan
continuing use o wir mithertonguein which so much of
o poets an the mithertonguelat s stick wi that
will give to the mithertongueof at least 1 5
o uphaud for the mithertonguepairts o the estaiblishment hinna
name had only three mithertonguescots cam fae the gut
the solution for their mithertonguethat is whit thir cairtes
being told that our mithertonguewas either slang or unacceptable
they d probably stuck theirtongueout back at you play
lowland men they spoke atonguea coudnae catch but fire
bairn an rant wi matonguebut better bairns soud greit
an culture bairns whase firsttongueis no english will try
nae inarticulate scot an naetonguetackit bairns wi inferiority complexes
away jack will hold histongueand i can choose what
phrase was k- hold yourtonguebetween your teeth f632: mmhm
and unsympathetic o hold yourtonguemy ae daughter let a
sad strife o hold yourtongueof your former vows for
macbeth juist hand you yeirtonguea daur dae aw that
up yeir speirit wi matonguea l dird awa for
macbeth a curse on yeirtonguefor tellin me this the
yeir ee year haund yeirtongueseem lyke an innocent flouer
ti lat me see yeirtongueyeir grace the queen puts
the queen puts out hertonguea little a bit mair
awa again queen withdraws hertonguequeen whit wes wrang wi
lost a bit o mytongueehm f831: mmhm m842: i
s niver lost his aintongueglossary aabody everybody aafa terrible
cook have you lost yourtonguemm m1092: [child noises] f1091: tongs
now have you lost yourtonguetoday f1136: that way that
to speak in their owntongueit is vital that people
german and in their owntonguesince the 15th century as
accidentally bit into her owntonguestud ahhh parting is such
right to speak their owntongueur we no aw jock
proud of their guid scotstongueand also at other times
diglossic nature between the scotstongueand gaelic in the north
not a mischsprache a hybridtonguebut rather one where scots
scottish poets in the scotstongueby urquhart s time the
d 1977 the guid scotstongueedinburgh blackwood murray i 1999
david 1977 the guid scotstongueedinburgh the mercat press murison
for anglicisation of the scotstongueif you take a look
one where scots the dominanttonguemerely took on a gaelic
meat o yer guid scotstonguenae dout sic havers really
scots language the old scotstonguenear to the remnants of
been on the guid scotstongueo the fowk hugh macdiarmid
is written in the scotstonguewhich is the principal reason
anither fine aathority on oortonguean on fairmin in days
the rise o oor naituraltongueup here in the north
it their f831: mmhm m842: tonguea wee bit mair i
what anyone does with theirtonguein the privacy of their
some folk wi a coorsetonguein their heids micht have
been discouraged frae using theirtongueof their generation probably seventy
try tae smoor their firsttonguesae as no tae be
tae try an change mitongueso fock understands me if
i get completely an utterlytonguetied when i try to
i just canna change metonguean that s it [laugh]
ehm he didna change histongueat a for the tv
ehm a big change intonguewi the f- the wey
he calls our language ourtongueand later david lyndsay of
mind as weel as datongueps tae da editor whit
control yourself berna mind yurtongueyou ah kin gee you
round his mouth with histongueand then swallow it without
of music spirals round itstongueis honeyed here it flits
boy trying to get mytongueround english words i didn
earth do you get yourtongueround the poor girl s
of god with the englishtonguebut it is surely significant
tryin tae translate the buchantongueinta english tak tent ye
that english is an internationaltonguewe owe it to ourselves
and my bladder and mytongueand my ear canals and
out the tip of hertongueat my daddy again she
in water and cool mytonguefor i am tormented in
that i ve a goodtonguein my heid neil well
a lily on my splittongueit festered like a wound
touching a broken tooth mytonguesitting over a beer in
i can hardly put mytongueto it he found the
i won t set mytongueto such scruff of humanity
my earlier slip of thetonguewhich i hope will be
they tongs insteed ae yertonguecarolanne oh i was doing
as the doctor haads yertonguedoon wi files fin he
speakin dialect speakin yer naturaltongueif you like i m
in james robertson ed atonguein yer heid edinburgh 1994
a carving knife of atonguegaelic poured like honey from
name wes hetter on matonguenor onie ither name in
whas verra name birsils matonguewes aince thocht honest ye
kind of mush with yourtongueand it made you in
it s nae your naturaltonguef902: it was just something
me before o haud yourtongueof your former vows for
recipes he endorses with histonguehanging out like an auld
bastard laughs della hawd yurtonguekrista auld sol wis mindin
around krista yi held yurtonguewhilst the auld yins wur
an elasticated ehm no atonguei dinnae ken whit ye
whit wes wrang wi matongueit haes aye luik t
hurs wiz sharper than urtonguea lukked doon at ma
i thocht bit kept matongueatween ma teeth the time
hazel sprig sang aneth matongueits wauchtit sweetness climmed up
but he pit oot histonguerudely an passed by ma
lu wi his queer norlantonguean he speirs hou muckle
wreck me will tether histongueand he s for aff
and he was finding histongueand his head becoming dissociated
vibrations of his chest throattongueand mouth the flow of
jimmy had to bite histongueand watch the faces of
seller clucks invites with histongueextend his fingertips apes the
a nettle leaf under histonguegiven a hand puppet he
down as usual and histongueis out his apple is
the proceedings his pop outtonguelike toast from a black
up ti the merk histonguell be a bother ti
factor s graspin haand histonguesharp is da horn aff
richt an he lets histonguewander loose krista we ll
grandpa dungarroch but if histonguewas kinna thick his hands
twae een leamin gowd thetonguefliskin out o the unco
putting the tip of hertongueout a little before i
abbey wad be mair nortonguemicht tell on the left
the wippit furlieorum o hertongueis a lasso fur catchin
that lipwetty thing with hertongueshe did when she was
laid the lash of hertonguesteadily to her husband s
wi that she holds hertonguethe r a sherp airn
the tip of her pinktonguethen she looks at the
obliges peering closely at hertongueuh huh ah dinna lyke
face still wet and hertongueunable to speak put the
hat of royal ascot hertonguewas most definitely drumchapel oh
pray you ll burn thattongueo yours wi that stew
air wi its lang leathertongueskelp ontae isie s saft
a serpent wi an oilytonguetae flatter an beguile the
a fever an a furrytonguehe really wisna weel that
to kill off the scottishtonguealtogether it did not work
the sort o literally thetonguehanging oot and the eyes
lik sassidges wee dribblin mootonguelik a lamprey oot for
and it flows off thetonguein a very satisfying way
whose names stayed on ourtonguetips and faces unkent crowded
theme on unnerstannin the dorictonguean gladys thomson o inverurie
e en sklytes o thetongueas outlets for wur normal
o pug woo o baukentongueo dug edder s fork
wis fell gleg o thetongueshi jin sent him an
translation into a more homelytonguei have tried to maintain
it so there was alwaystongueand then eh the day
s brew hae loosened urtongueawready berna laughs then staggers
all fifty then said jimtonguein cheek i gather one
min s me on atonguetwister she said an richt
are writ in the sassenachtonguean ah hud but few
an desolations stert een antonguean lug are gates here
haud on tae wir aintonguean ony attempt at translation
a vagina stap in atonguean ye hae got a
law an minnie s claikintonguehid tae be stilled tae
is dey tirl on datonguelik snorie ben sneester an
up with pryde a treuthlestonguethat turnes with eviry tyde
that playing with words intonguetwisters puns jokes rhymes crosswords
were saying having that doubletonguewas something that went with
the war has a nastytongueand belts very hard when
she has a danish ehtongueand shetland that that s
a waageng at keetchins atongueat can hadd ony haert
forced t spik in atonguedt hiz nithin t do
eyes slack jaw and protrudingtonguemade for a wonderful smack
being slobbered up by thetongueof a hungry aardvark as
a bonnie butterie s furlieorumtonguerypin gowd fae poppy bi
and cuts at moula stongueye leein jaud ye l
like to see the belovedtonguecherished and used more in
collectors quiver like fleshy anemonestongues antennae root around in
almost the only scotsman stonguethat does not offend him
ridiculous that s wan terribletongueyiv goat oan ye son
to be taught in anothertonguef606: yeah [laugh] m1036: and
finxerit lingua whatever evil thetonguecomposes conscience may overcome what
i am adder the forkedtonguethat sleeps on the slope
unwashed earthy rough against thetonguethey eat them by the
press it you know pressedtongueand you put f639: mm
responsible for some first ratetonguetwisting songs that brilliantly depict

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