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now cause you ll gotoofar wow m1090: hot wheels
did not make the irontoohot and it was a
walk aboot ootside an m608: toohot aye aye it s
s alright m1094: it stoohot f1093: no try it
for two minutes i mtoohot f1101: do you want
re hot f1102: i mtoohot f1101: well that s
mm [inaudible] oh it stoohot f1111: is that far
hot f1111: is that fartoohot f1112: mmhm f1111: mummy
too [inaudible] f1111: are youtoohot f1112: uh huh that
on it f1118: it stoohot f1117: aye it gets
in a rage it stoohot for february everyone says
serious gaiety it s muchtoohot for lovers dalliance winged
lovely f1112: no it stoohot for me f1111: mummy
neil no thanks it stoohot for tea they have
of water in the pottoohot for walking floppy laces
made sure it s nottoohot for you cause i
i think it might betoohot for you you be
off my gloves i mtoohot i m too hot
f1111: that s okay nottoohot it s just fine
still the cakes are stilltoohot it s running woops
cakes must have been stilltoohot look [inaudible] f1126: [exhale]
f1112: ow ow it stoohot now f1111: it s
the ben before it getstoohot now okay let s
did you wear your kilttoohot perhaps though i remember
[shouting] [sob] f1105: is ittoohot right sit doon then
shopping mall because it stoohot tae tae walk aboot
the bank like a sphinxtoohot to blink nailed in
d moan it s fartoohot well represented noo we
m too hot i mtoohot wi my gloves on
the one overleaf the weathertoois gorgeous very hot sunny
of huge hot furry bodiestoonot him afraid so i
your hot water bottle outtooto fill out for your
hot ehm tsk burning swelteringtoowarm f1009: mmhm m1007: that
much to offer catriona montgomerytoobegan writing in the 1970s
tries is better but muchtoobig the next is almost
think they do that heretoobut not so much maybe
see and hear everything muchtooclearly hold out your hand
of the flights it wastoocloudy to see much and
scottish arts scene is fartoofamiliar with stalling the much
not much point in goingtoofar into that however i
begin by expressing my supporttoofor much of what the
dost which hemens found muchtoohigh was for setting part
me the chance to gotooi ll see how much
though you may not betoointerested in it not much
for most nonstandard english speakerstooit is not so much
is there too much ortoolittle etc change of meeting
mcneill too much brass theretoolittle precious metal while she
so much at night nowtoomany break ins in the
burgundy in onion pan nottoomuch 7 add to casserole
2003 i will not saytoomuch about the procedural matters
water nae wantin you puddlintoomuch ah ah ah ah
done before there has beentoomuch airy fairy concealment 10
if it doesn t costtoomuch al will know what
it was f631: mmhm f689: toomuch alcohol at that point
sometimes carp a wee bittoomuch and all the the
wuid ken let them haultoomuch and everything haul them
aye m642: make them haultoomuch and this is years
burden of assessment was almosttoomuch and would have had
f810: rafi goes and drinkstoomuch [?]anyway[/?] f809: well i
darling try no tae bangtoomuch around there f1071: he
committee do not see metoomuch as poacher turned gamekeeper
m691: but eh didnae havetoomuch bother cause we we
she wrote to florence mcneilltoomuch brass there too little
further they reckoned there weretoomuch breedin interbreedin intae the
one come on is theretoomuch bubbles is that the
an hit fits in withoottoomuch budder uh huh f960:
want to dwell on thattoomuch but i think that
wee suppie on but naetoomuch cause sugar s bad
bittie f1117: now dinna taketoomuch cause then it spills
can t really remember gettingtoomuch clerkess work to do
mm [laugh] m762: had eventoomuch coffee and you ll
the end [laugh] [laugh] f689: toomuch dancin probably f631: mmhm
jail i think there stoomuch danger involved i am
seat try no tae bangtoomuch darling try no tae
we still trying to dotoomuch does the complexity of
didn t get down withtoomuch ease and eh and
the cuff because it ittoomuch effort to discover the
option really because there stoomuch else involved and a
article lacked enthusiasm and placedtoomuch emphasis on burns weaknesses
darling just don t bangtoomuch f1071: [growl] this one
f1113: i think that stoomuch f1114: i made that
s just it s justtoomuch f806: mm f807: i
about it i think f833: toomuch f835: [laugh] i m
the scottish examination board perhapstoomuch faith was put in
see it doesn t gettoomuch for bessie neil oh
sound of rushing water istoomuch for him he wets
a meal that d betoomuch for me an if
in the pond was justtoomuch for me and i
have the stairs they weretoomuch for me i ken
head with food was obviouslytoomuch for most muscovites on
dad that boy might betoomuch for my self control
work ok though i preparedtoomuch for the seminars i
after a while standing gottoomuch for us and we
taste is the lawn gettingtoomuch for you our cretan
pressure have you been askingtoomuch from them for example
black francis it was alltoomuch girlfriend graham said this
of thought that you aretoomuch given over to ideas
now having given her sistertoomuch glory thrawn some micht
you ve got you vetoomuch have you can you
he s often ehm giventoomuch he s o- too
her peggy she doesna liketoomuch heat loretta i love
unwrapping them there s fartoomuch here i said to
avonbrig s red light areatoomuch hope you like the
a river of blood everywheretoomuch hurry there s a
about me they re gigglingtoomuch i leave messy morag
abuse my position as convenertoomuch i should repeat as
it couldn t be madetoomuch in advance cause you
bill a little but nottoomuch in evidence the committee
sometimes aren t broken downtoomuch in literature you know
i still can t saytoomuch in london just in
intend to lower the tonetoomuch in my speech there
the content because i thinktoomuch in the past has
to you d have missedtoomuch [inaudible] f1144: yeah f1145:
in so much f639: yeahtoomuch [inaudible] f641: people complain
m1008: [laugh] f1009: [laugh] m1055: toomuch information it s a
eh just [inhale] ehm m1007: toomuch information [laugh] m1008: [laugh]
are not supposed to entertoomuch into the kind of
is generally supposed i thinktoomuch is made of the
there daily but there stoomuch it s like it
[cough] without blowing my trumpettoomuch it seems to have
now don t take offtoomuch just a tidy up
at the p o nothingtoomuch just enough to remember
association such speculation perhaps assumestoomuch knowledge of the poet
s okay f810: [laugh] [laugh]toomuch [laugh] f809: don t
we realise that there stoomuch like at the start
little bit [censored: forename] but naetoomuch m1108: i m eating
we must have put intoomuch milkshake m1106 : to- shake
limits and no more nottoomuch more cheese please mr
crazy well there s nottoomuch more i can think
i will not take uptoomuch more of the committee
say right there s fartoomuch noise comin from the
erm so there s naetoomuch noise f1114: right one
try and not to maketoomuch noise right i can
drinking f1114: huh f1113: makingtoomuch noise when you re
half straight and away bittoomuch now that s just
people but it s justtoomuch of a hassle if
partition but andy is intoomuch of a hurry to
but let us not havetoomuch of a ppb please
it is f963: it stoomuch of a stereotype if
d die and that stoomuch of a temptation when
ppb please mr harding nottoomuch of a what the
the circumstances had she showntoomuch of her marital dirty
bins abandoned domestic equipment nottoomuch of it and not
in the door heat rathertoomuch of it seems to
that we should not maketoomuch of the assertion contained
sair belly if you eattoomuch of them eh f1126:
i m not gonna readtoomuch of this but er
you know you can maketoomuch of this but i
oh that one s gottoomuch on it now hasn
names are startin to appeartoomuch on these books it
well because it has concentratedtoomuch on what i see
import from members is theretoomuch or too little etc
didn t have to paytoomuch over the odds for
t i think there stoomuch pressure nowadays on as
within the time scale puttoomuch pressure on us and
stuff and been goin outtoomuch probably spendin a lot
the title of palestine thetoomuch promised land [audience laughter] em
widnae be tempted tae eattoomuch rabbit wanst they wur
are funded there is fartoomuch regulation and bureaucracy and
plated buns gordon is thattoomuch sadie oh if you
not quite up to makingtoomuch sense of our household
her husband s handwriting istoomuch she begins to cry
didnae believe in washin fishtoomuch she says cause ye
there are risks in attachingtoomuch status to a committee
or a mind heated withtoomuch study of romantic english
fitt happens if you gettoomuch sugar it s bad
wasp the open window swallowedtoomuch summer queen wasp had
it m1108: aye sug- f1107: toomuch sweeties and sugar s
to drink he d hadtoomuch tae drink john m608:
will be there is fartoomuch talk about outputs and
the farmer didn t mindtoomuch the section you had
people say that it chargestoomuch there is a clear
drawer f1121: oh there stoomuch things in here what
for yer m1108: why naetoomuch throat f1107: no it
i guess i ve spenttoomuch time alone no problem
not intend to take uptoomuch time as much of
that helen she spends fartoomuch time behind the bike
endlessly we should not spendtoomuch time going over them
whole chamber would accept thattoomuch time is wasted by
deeside and the mearns abouttoomuch time needing to be
but i didn t wastetoomuch time on comparisons i
do not need to spendtoomuch time on that as
don t sort of spendtoomuch time reading reading reading
lost maybe he d spenttoomuch time reading the maps
plantation of young trees becomestoomuch to bear then cheat
training opportunities third there stoomuch to do in a
mind [laugh] f1054: [inaudible] hookeytoomuch to do m1013: did
to hmi that you hadtoomuch to do this year
he was he d hadtoomuch to drink he d
that when we ve hadtoomuch to drink i look
industrial rollers it was alltoomuch to handle without a
we have done much moretoomuch to mention here let
homes and it would costtoomuch to modernise them although
the province there isn ttoomuch to see in the
up we ve put intoomuch to throw it all
think you ve got fartoomuch toys ehm if you
think you ve got fartoomuch toys will we start
lack of secure cycle parkingtoomuch traffic speed of traffic
al i didn t seetoomuch trouble but you re
efter the operation naething wastoomuch trouble for them you
sniffing about i m talkingtoomuch unwise of me the
that f1117: there s fartoomuch water f1118: [inaudible] water
f1118: that s [?]good[/?] f1117: toomuch water in there f1118:
much water in there f1118: toomuch water there f1117: silly
2002 but not we hopetoomuch we have no information
too much he s o-toomuch weight is placed upon
f963: yeah yeah m762: hadtoomuch well he s had
remember liking the brandy buttertoomuch when i was young
not want to promote ourselvestoomuch whereas in other cultures
first through the intellect livingtoomuch with ideas and not
people are gonna associate ittoomuch with ideas of independence
it was it was fartoomuch work for two thousand
altho i don t havetoomuch work to finish once
we can green her anywaytoomuch writing on a friday
i think m1020: someone expectingtoomuch you want jam on
away but they were muchtooquiet and they kept looking
out of my really muchtooragged painting jeans or to
the spoken medium [inhale] speechtootends to rely pretty much
much of it and nottoounpleasant it is bright sunny
much so that i wastoowarm in my anorak as
busy at work good jobtoowtih so much trouble in
late out tonight it stoodepressing being in the library
that football but it wastoolate a superb slide kick
more than a few yearstoolate and he added as
are at primary school istoolate and that it should
committee however it will betoolate by that point the
in scotland and it wastoolate for it to be
as lamb it s fartoolate for it to go
the service will come simplytoolate for many children congratulates
aware that that will betoolate for many scallop fishermen
t belong to it wastoolate for me m964: mm
passed in november it wastoolate for that act to
that time the timetabling wastoolate for the criminal justice
my best shot i mtoolate for the itt scholarship
of 200 although it istoolate for this year that
hen it micht already betoolate fur carolanne gordon we
post office we ll betoolate grumbled grannie island fortunately
but not tonight it stoolate he ll be in
said well it was nevertoolate he would do it
the fields finding the notetoolate her father sought her
that the petition has arrivedtoolate however the executive may
you say it s nevertoolate i mean maybe down
shrugged no it is nottoolate if you want to
contumely however it is nottoolate in my opinion and
control your sphincters it stoolate now needless to say
maggie beth pause it stoolate now to find another
one who fled it istoolate now to quash the
us jilly it s nohtoolate pat pause yiv cleaned
said but perhaps it istoolate since i leave for
one evening a few hourstoolate the weirs had been
that the petition has arrivedtoolate to be considered by
out in front to overtaketoolate to brake family of
their courses it is nowtoolate to change to a
the courses started it wastoolate to do anything do
liverpool on to it itstoolate to do it this
from here it was alreadytoolate to do the job
woe death on a hooktoolate to let it go
by that time it wastoolate to make it to
intrusion into our street startedtoolate to stop planning approval
judas and then they cametoolate to stop the taking
it is going to betoolate unless the parliament helps
my gran had just saidtoolate you know she s
it now before it stoolate your self destruction it
to hunt might be fartoobroad and that it might
so sure i was fartooclose to moss ivy was
mmhm we planted them fartooclose you see because you
them the price is fartoodear oh [?]but[/?] man puts
can have houses are fartoodear then it makes it
mother poked me awake fartooearly for my liking as
[pff] it was basically fartooeasy and i cou- i
ourselves that we were simplytoofar above our market for
neighbour thing a wee bittoofar and no was a
i pushed it a bittoofar as a circle of
thinks the one here istoofar away and it would
often but edinburgh is reallytoofar away as you must
i knew it wasn ttoofar away but of course
and that spring isn ttoofar away for you here
us a call you aretoofar away from us we
aberdeen farmer wouldn t betoofar away in in reciting
trekkers who were sitting nottoofar away morale boosted we
wainwright however cautions against exloringtoofar back as no problem
with you okay dinna gotoofar come here cause i
at 1032 the tug wastoofar committed on her northward
no they re they retoofar down the brae though
f1122: hm f1121: it stoofar down there i can
to can t leave themtoofar f1112: no that- we
f889: aye that was fartoofar f890: yes of course
of whom are sitting nottoofar from me who have
would that be a steptoofar george macbride bringing the
like about her she stoofar gone to know simon
f1150: well she was goingtoofar i mean rupert this
[inhale] ouch m194: [?]don't know where[/?] justtoofar in he just caught
that that will not betoofar in the offing despite
i haven t really lookedtoofar into scholarly projects yet
additional areas would draw metoofar into speculation andrew mcnaughton
target the bill has gonetoofar it should specify in
street mrs beaumont well nottoofar johnny runs out rowland
no f1054: just a steptoofar olive f1023: definitely [inhale]
your point about not gettingtoofar out of kilter with
do not want to betoofar out of kilter with
think that that would gettoofar perhaps it could be
put them f1125: dinna gotoofar remember or do you
in the isle of mantoofar south to be of
from his over a deceptiontoofar that should be a
marwick perhaps that is goingtoofar the convener yes we
f807: oh f806: it wastoofar to travel [inhale] f807:
work legs sore maybe walkedtoofar tuesday 10 car in
our view the petition wenttoofar we discussed the possibility
concede that that is fartoofew he cannot be everywhere
considered but there is fartoogreat a degree of confidentiality
practical use they are fartoolarge to be used as
a third he s fartoolazy to be unfaithful she
school outings which was fartoolike home so we bought
us in the dark fartoolong a time pause work
the journey would be fartoolong and tiring for you
properly patients are waiting fartoolong for admission which leaves
said that that was fartoolong michael mcmahon described it
current pay levels are fartoolow to repay people for
the state pension is fartoolow today s debate is
the state pension is fartoolow we must get to
officer sir david steel fartoomany conversations are going on
first minister acknowledge that fartoomany people are responsible for
officer order there are fartoomany private conversations going on
is limited there are fartoomany such buildings earlier this
feeling guilty bawling is fartoomild a word for the
he has been consistent fartoooften in the life of
not now i m fartooold for that f1038: but
was too west end fartoopan loaf and yet there
of years which seems fartooprolonged we should make a
and it was altogether fartooreminiscent of er a psychology
cathy jamieson it is fartoosensible that is the problem
three dimensions that sounds fartooslick are you commissioning this
flagged up as being fartoosmall although i believe that
the scottish market is fartoosmall and as for those
s shoes were indeed fartoosmall but it was either
even though it was fartoosmall to accommodate everybody there
her breastbone it was fartoovoluminous there and then she
few refusals so far nottoowell at bed time tuesday
next door i know fartoowell to have any romantic
at het my pedigree wastoowest end far too pan
some this emigration can betooabrupt too painful is a
then of c- [coughs] throughtooalso too was my mother
not too hard mum nottoobig f1117: eh now f1118:
you wanting that that stoobig too big you wantin
that that s too bigtoobig you wantin this ain
know they re a bittoobit too mainstream m816: yeah
read you flick too quicklytoocasually through the pages with
mess f1122: mm mm [censored: forename]too[censored: forename] did it too f1121:
too f1117: mmhm your [censored: forename]too[censored: forename] s going to get
alone doll he s gottoocomfy cosy got too rich
was too it was alwaystoocomplicated for me i think
fear smell o secrets dolltooconstructed this too solid pause
on it can be tootoodominant if you like but
want that f1089: yeah m1090: toof1089: that too m1090: [pages turning]
huh f1091: okay m1092: beefburgertoof1091: and a beefburger too
would like m1092: [inaudible] sausagestoof1091: you want sausages too
eh f1118: but horse istoof1117: horse is too what
[censored: forename] f1118: and my [censored: forename]toof1117: mmhm your [censored: forename] too
[censored: forename] too [censored: forename] did ittoof1121: i think it was
not think i am beingtoofanciful too poetical when i
too highfaluting m1007: too highfalutingtooformal for skye m1008: it
in it f1118: yes nottoohard mum not too big
modern languages am i beingtoohard or too lenient cause
aye m1098: aye it stooheavy f1097: too heavy for
be too it ll betooheavy for ye well mam
it s too heavy f1097: tooheavy for you look right
bit formal for that m1055: toohighfaluting m1007: too highfaluting too
that m1055: too highfaluting m1007: toohighfaluting too formal for skye
too what f1118: horse istoo[inaudible] and i have to
bath f1112: i m justtoo[inaudible] f1111: are you too
uh huh horse is tootoo[inaudible] f1117: eh f1118: but
oh you- it ll betooit ll be too heavy
i could never it wastooit was always too complicated
f606: yeah f828: it wastooit was too remote f606:
i being too hard ortoolenient cause we re it
s too that shoes aretoolittle that s for shelly
we didn t wear skirtstoolong or an- or too
yeah m1090: too f1089: thattoom1090: [pages turning] yeah [pages turning] look
too f1091: and a beefburgertoom1092: mmhm yeah f1091: okay
too f1091: you want sausagestoom1092: uh huh f1091: okay
re a bit too bittoomainstream m816: yeah m815: for
means too many things totoomany people so the question
the definition of scots meanstoomany things to too many
they re too they retoomy children are too young
ll noh play ower heretoonear her too near hur
ower here too near hertoonear hur plot aw aw
emigration can be too abrupttoopainful is a sense of
polite f1054: [laugh] that stoopo- that s too polite
i am being too fancifultoopoetical when i tell you
s too po- that stoopolite now [laugh] it comes
newspapers are read you flicktooquickly too casually through the
were too strong for ragetoorational for madness she had
enough to clean its woundstooraw for tenderness too sore
it was too it wastooremote f606: uh huh f828:
got too comfy cosy gottoorich stew dirty filthy money
secrets doll too constructed thistoosolid pause now the hide
wounds too raw for tendernesstoosore for touch and so
it going for days notoospartan too zen d you
don t feel that thingtoosticky f1097: is it too
too sticky f1097: is ittoosticky m1098: no f1097: oh
forces ranged against them weretoostrong for rage too rational
fitt s broken that stoothat shoes are too little
appropriate for them they retoothey re too my children
tickly f1114: yes it stootickly f1113: too tickly for
it s too tickly f1113: tootickly for your feet put
so on it can betootoo dominant if you like
f1118: uh huh horse istootoo [inaudible] f1117: eh f1118:
c- [coughs] through too alsotoowas my mother worked in
f1097: eh m1098: that stoowet f1097: fitt s too
too wet f1097: fitt stoowet m1098: me f1097: you
is too f1117: horse istoowhat f1118: horse is too
too long or an- ortooyou know it was mostly
re too my children aretooyoung but i think that
for days no too spartantoozen d you think what
effects of flu rheumatic painstoobad 24 tuesday still feel
somewhere that s not gottoobad a reputation m827: aye
stoorie i m having nottoobad a time in sunny
back again ah wasn ttoobad actually er one of
you know it was nottoobad actually it was it
so it can t betoobad after the markets we
good that s not nottoobad at all f978: and
you know it was nottoobad but then you know
s not that s nottoobad f1150: no although i
actually but they re nottoobad f122: is it the
a comment is non pctoobad for herein lies a
thing aa mornin that stoobad i said for it
yes m1008: now it stoobad if the person you
mmhm f1026: but it wisnaetoobad in that he had
it s been but nottoobad it keeps me working
revo- see they weren ttoobad last year until the
so it worked out nottoobad [laugh] f1148: that was
wasn t f814: right m811: toobad like once you got
of friends which could happentoobad m608: mm m636: you
[cough] but it s notoobad now i ve discovered
unerring it doesn t looktoobad now that you ve
stormy c o h meetingtoobad on some of the
be as good it istoobad that you have that
anything and it s nottoobad there s there s
the postage here isn ttoobad though it s about
some of them aren ttoobad until then mags had
alright like it s nottoobad with the smoke an
but you mustn t feeltoobad you know most of
a bad day rheumy leaningtooclose reeking of peanuts and
not a bad run buttoomany roadworks take wrong lane
you are his bad fathertoomy friend afraid that my
market in evening not badtoosee joe mary o left
i was looking at polandtoothings look really bad there
is it hard is ittoobig a lump f1112: uh
m thinking maybe that stoobig a m1008: a bit
for your christmas that stoobig a present somebody s
that we will not taketoobig a step in the
to stop him he wastoobig agnes you wur a
hoping they don t growtoobig also an apple tree
in em because they weretoobig but when she went
this ain in m1098: notoobig f1097: okay you find
water [laugh] you maded ittoobig f1117: now we need
thinking on [inaudible] m1132: heytoobig f1131: ah but we
m939: aye m942: were yousetoobig f940: i think sae
in there cause it stoobig fitt aboot this ain
long way when it growstoobig for comfort you can
poor little boy he wastoobig for his age i
the loft cause you retoobig for it m1128: i
loft f1127: well you retoobig for it noo ye
[laugh] m642: they re alltoobig for me and then
were suede but they weretoobig for me but i
m642: they can all betoobig for me i d
f1121: oh my head stoobig for that f1122: mum
baby thing now you retoobig for that now aren
isna going in she stoobig for that window m1094:
baby [laugh] that baby stoobig for the [raspberry] f1118:
the quantity was a bittoobig for the speaker s
swing f1113: [laugh] i wastoobig for the swing mmhm
no other info japs gettingtoobig for their boots bloody
to rangoon boys japs gettingtoobig for their boots need
f1101: i think that stoobig for you do you
away slowly f643: it stoobig for you [laugh] m642:
claes in that ain stoobig for you see that
f1111: no cause it stoobig for you to handle
mmhm f1114: yes mum wastoobig in the bike f1113:
i f1114: yes mum stoobig in the swing f1113:
that f1114: the horsie stoobig it s the birdie
nice cause it wasn ttoobig it was just a
no not now they retoobig [laugh] f1026: [laugh] oh
the proposed metal labels weretoobig miss [censored: surname] reported that
yes and my helmet istoobig on my head f1113:
head f1113: good is ittoobig on your head f1114:
one f1125: no that stoobig right here you go
means it s gonna betoobig so hands up till
dress or coat that wastoobig someone would say that
oh but he ll betoobig then he ll be
that s troosers that aretoobig this one is tops
shelf and as he wastoobig to get turned around
i think the lorry stoobig to go in there
in there cause he stoobig to go in there
f1097: granda s car stoobig to go in there
me f1122: mum you retoobig to put it on
work no that one stoobig we need the littler
big none o the m815: toocareful m816: none o the
all by himself geordie istoosmall for the big boys
big potty selfies mother istoostrong though she smacks his
the big capital a istootempting he picks up an
big tomatoes tasty and substantialtooungainly for the uniform packets
many others for that itoofollowed up on it lodging
many teachers were represented theytoogave a warm welcome to
f1089: you re just gettintoogood how many have you
many places it s justtoohard to stay in touch
sent out funding streams aretooinsecure and in many cases
to ever win the wartoomany a whole damned city
generally accepted that there aretoomany although there will clearly
the joys of not havingtoomany committee members present is
papers and sat in ontoomany committees to be either
j [censored: surname] pointed out thattoomany complaints about problems with
ombudsman the cmc paper containstoomany criticisms for me to
working sometimes there are justtoomany distractions i think if
even seventeen syllables may betoomany early authentic examples of
[laugh] f965: and i saidtoomany fairy tales [laugh] f963:
writing that oh there aretoomany foreign words in it
a magnificent place spoiled bytoomany grubby even smelly pushing
gairdins urnae ayewis safe placestoomany high jaggy bushes where
s to shield him fromtoomany interruptions she told the
but i ve also seentoomany live jazz musicians who
in govan an eh wasnaetoomany lorries aboot well i
fined 20 if there weretoomany men working on a
there but there are simplytoomany mr glasgow s out
in fact there aren ttoomany narrow walkways between buildings
cause of his downfall wastoomany nights out with the
produce plays in scots perhapstoomany of them are translations
dreichly drably happening and nottoomany of them either as
would not want to erecttoomany of those barriers i
the chances of scottish childrentoomany of whom continue to
is virtually the same didtoomany other local lairds hold
then when there aren ttoomany others about we both
and duplication that still existtoomany people are still not
and support investment in skillstoomany people are without the
event atmosphere rather spoiled bytoomany people many smelling strongly
more difficult if they seetoomany people needlessly suffering and
screens outside cause there wastoomany people there f1154: [exhale]
the voluntary sector there aretoomany perceptions about what the
there is a feeling thattoomany pet projects are being
you have like friends intoomany places and you have
yeah f1148: go like totoomany places it s just
you probably don t gettoomany pow films over here
to have the reception theretoomany practical issues affect how
of the prison service scenariotoomany prisoners i could show
though a bit suspicious oftoomany questions the leading one
although there should not betoomany rules on the proper
tv doomwatch documentaries and readtoomany sci fi stories maybe
in the early days nottoomany slang words when they
of affairs he has readtoomany state papers and sat
relatively slow for passengers withtoomany steep gradients to be
[laugh] f1054: you never havetoomany stoaters can you m1019:
could consider whether there weretoomany subordinate clauses and connectives
states that 20 commissioners istoomany there is the risk
needs tae check sadie checkstoomany things agnes still an
more than 30 they aretoomany to list but apart
sophisticated plant maybe i watchtoomany tv doomwatch documentaries and
the voluntary sector there aretoomany unrelated initiatives from well
of the line to havetoomany unstressed syllables floating around
that s right f1054: onetoomany very good yeah oh
f1054: cool probably just notoomany words for it [inaudible]
is inefficient if it hastoomany words which look and
next unit it emerged thattoomany youngsters were failing so
must examine whether maladministration istoonarrowly defined many of the
is that one is nevertooold for many of the
me off if i strayedtoowidely there are many measures
with me she likes longleytoobecause they are both long
long and might have becometoocomfortable in their environment that
long time but have felttooembarrassed this person feels it
long time but have felttooembarrassed this person feels it
stone stairs but they aretoohard to contemplate for long
released but eh certainly nottoolong ago f951: yeah cause
sue ryder who died nottoolong ago would be horrified
cause i thought it wastoolong and eh i said
been in one place fortoolong and might have become
worn out with crying fortoolong and then shut your
feeling let s not waittoolong before we all feel
that can happen is perhapstoolong but that can be
we re no keepin youtoolong ehm how you feel
you stayed here for m959: toolong ehm three and a
here may be a bittoolong especially if it s
stops it takes a fractiontoolong for her not to
with patients who have waitedtoolong for treatment leads to
go in this f1121: notoolong grass in there f1122:
friend when i m takintoolong he sent me donald
you f1121: the grass istoolong i can t see
have a go at histoolong ignored piano now he
musical direction and a depressingtoolong ignored sinkful of dirty
to show you re nevertoolong in the tooth groan
that it is doing fortoolong innovation has been overemphasised
to turn off tv sadietoolong just tae pick somebody
we hope it wont betoolong now until she is
trick is not to waittoolong so they tell me
a change of address istoolong that the onus is
that the editing was takingtoolong the calculations of aitken
not to be left alonetoolong they have a phone
to fits if it wenttoolong unsaid i d have
is with a committee fortoolong we should be able
find fault with you fortoolong you have been without
here but it s beentoomild to lie long english
costs in the long runtoooften we only consider issues
of all that life stooshort i wondered how long
me cause my trousers weretoobaggy so it couldnae get
own life cause he stoobusy f606: mmhm m954: involving
mmhm m1096: cause it stoocanna [inaudible] fann their erm
year cause the lectures aretooearly m815: it s all
no [inaudible] cause it stoof1099: how f1100: cau- cauld
cars f1089: don t gotoofast now cause you ll
friend cause mine was justtooheavy and it kept pulling
why f1121: cause it stoohigh f1122: hm f1121: it
it cause my trousers weretoo[inaudible] it was f940: we
like just cause she stoolazy see f1154: yeah [sniff]
and [censored: forename] cause [censored: forename] stoolittle isn t she f1130:
cause i had googly eyestoom942: cause you had googly
leave her cause she stoonoisy isn t she there
leave her cause she stoonoisy now m1092: [inaudible] f1091:
nina [?]out the window[/?] cause you retoonoisy pussycat right fitt are
that s cause you retooscared m939: [laugh] m941: [throat]
this in cause it stoosti- f1093: oops a daisies
m942: cause you re obviouslytoothick to realise you can
sit here cause that stoouncomfortable rrr f943: ow [throat]
out is cause i looktooyoung so it doesn t
f1077: mmhm m1078: i wastooyoung to remember it cause
now the mallorcans did welltooand sales of land all
her parents are retired nowtooand seem to be keeping
could hack sticks in englandtoobut now the word is
of rain has cleared uptooby now julia is a
raise now don t gettooexcited it s only an
f1114: that one s goingtoof1113: now we ve got
come on f1121: now nottoofast [inaudible] wobble f1122: it
is a kind of lighteningtoofor i now know what
for a week and theytoohave now left our next
youngest is at school nowtoohe told me a joke
shepherding up mexicans africans frenchmentooi am now in her
until now reforms have beentooinadequate to meet the needs
now i possibly could gettoolax and fail one of
and out of my orbittoonow he had reached the
memory out all these yearstooonly now to be swept
not now for it wastoopainful to see her nakedness
f1117: eh now f1118: nottoo[?]pointy[/?] f1117: we need to
there just now you wastooquick do you ken ony
belch i love you bothtoosays fiona by now she
now she looked like helltooshe d been bawling during
f1112: [laugh] f1111: you retooslidy now it s gonna
general it doesn t looktoostable just now especially with
that tea it ll betoostewed for andy now and
gordon highlanders georgie excited nowtoothat s him awa an
order right now i mtootired to write another word
of a farm now ruinedtootorweaving is possibly from tòrr
sometimes but it s bittootrendy now aw these fancy
now fine they are nottooupset better to wait now
somebody i don t knowtoowell even now just when
round the ear for ittoowell no not now they
money i realise now onlytoowell that a hunger for
essays an oral answers alltooaffen scots is repress t
wouldn t eat she wastooagitated carolanne she s okay
was sawmill work to dotooand douglas didn t like
saying that you were alonetooand i couldn t bear
of thigh didn t seemtooappropriate and i clearly remember
are some fine things donetooaren t there rowland fine
t have anything that stooawful about it m827: yeah
in i don t feeltoobadly pressured work wise yet
can t it s justtoobloody heavy m608: aye m642:
quietly she doesn t seemtoobothered by the outcome the
otherwise i wouldn t betoobothered f1149: i think the
and said don t gettoobrainy will you we don
this you ve been fightingtoobut don t you but
steal him i like himtoobut i don t want
his humour dragons like smoketoobut i haven t seen
to do the same thingtoobut we can t do
doesn t let herself gettooclose holding herself away at
it wouldn t have beentoocold but i think you
bosie f1112: i was co-toocold f1111: it wouldn t
the brew pause it stoodark can t make my
don t go intae ittoodeeply [laugh] f1054: fae young
his work to see youtoodidn t he f1112: and
good you liked the skatingtoodidn t you f631: yeah
you can t make ittoodifficult for the translator f606:
ween is wind tee istoodinna is don t mine
ducks like to have funtoodon t they f1112: yeah
t get steady i mtoodrunk i told you i
log that didn t splittooeasily though a lot of
weren t russians they weretooebullient one tapped a rhythm
aberdeen i wasn t reallytooehm bithered as they [laugh]
british were pretty odd peopletooevents in britain didn t
bothered aboot it m815: bittooexotic rubella don t know
get smarties on the platestoof1121: i don t think
soul don t move ittoofast make it last to
i had beastie with metoofather bird doesn t ask
t you you re strongtoofiona said something fierce about
of you it was upsettingtoofor i haven t slept
[rustling noise] f1089: you re gettingtoogood at these aren t
bulletin and andy isn ttoohappy about them where has
in charge won t betoohappy will he ed gets
at christmas and wasn ttoohappy with what he saw
officer didn t give himtoohard a time pornografia was
didn t have to worktoohard george why on earth
legs moving fast andy runstoohe can t help it
in playing the chair gametoohe doesn t have the
course i wasn t beingtoohealing was i when we
t see it it stoohigh f1121: mmhm i ll
i mean it wasn ttoohomogeneous i mean you say
cairo it doesn t looktoohopeful there most financial aid
but that was a bittooi don t know there
think sandra began yes theretooi shouldn t wonder probably
coming alive he could betooi suppose i haven t
smell its clean dark scenttooi suppose it isn t
ear i would be relaxedtooif i wasn t desperate
stage the tutor isn ttooimportant i hope you enjoyed
yeah but that s newtooisn t it this is
honest m816: [laugh] wasn ttookeen on the guys but
black skirt white ankle sockstoolily wore t shirts of
m805: don t say ittooloud m804: okay we ll
t he and he wastoonosy and he got caught
to time but it stoooch i don t know
tribute to him my mothertoooften comments i don t
you can t expect resultstooquickly you re engaged in
t like it to betooquiet so yeah [sniff] f1049:
give us ella fitzgerald insteadtooright grampa why isn t
they didn t hire youtooshe said genuinely sympathetic but
singing note comes and goestooso there isn t any
t let lower biscuits gettoosoggy swiss milk tablet 2
s i won t betoosorry to see the 80
t bring myself to betoospecific about it on paper
f1135: oh no that stoosteep though isn t it
beaches it can t betoostrict i ll bet it
i daren t mother istoostrong she d smack me
grey face i wasn ttoosuccessful in getting a grip
after christmas don t betoosurprised i find it difficult
it it didn t soundtoothrilling up dirty closes and
and they didn t seemtooupset rather glad i suspect
anyway this wasn t workingtoowell [click] so he writes
jimmie hunter himself wasn ttoowell during the first summer
morning we weren t dointoowell either tryin to cycle
p m he isn ttoowell shovel snow before night
which he didn t taketoowell to and i m
can t open them uptoowide f826: oh i see
that you needn t feeltooworried about tailoring your own
would be a good ideatoowouldn t it f1112: no
a kid will eat ivytoowouldn t you [note: photo: 'mr arch greig outside the coachman's cottage, home farm.'] [note: photo: message from king george to schoolchildren]
they have that in commontooyou know they weren t
nanny is decent just nottooabandoned her reverend grannie would
it still it m1008: nottooabusive f1009: [cough] m1055: eh
reader to dig further itooam not an expert but
to edinburgh i m scaredtooandy but not so scared
i can carry on nottoobadly in those two languages
i am managing along nottoobadly it gets a little
that we do not gettoobored saying that it is
john scott i am nottoobothered about that maureen macmillan
not on anymore he stoobusy running his own political
being used it sat nottooclose in to the fire
to the cooker f1121: nottooclose no i ll go
have to be not co-tooclose to the cooker f1121:
not close f1121: no nottooclose you ll get [inaudible]
blue skies sunny and nottoocold i heard it was
and mischievous it s nottoocommon a word and it
not successful we can betoocomplex every msp knows what
for such designation are nottoocomplicated gavin corbett robert brown
memorandum that did not gettoocomplicated or go into perhaps
james smith i am nottooconcerned about approved places i
not mention names it istoodangerous a problem here and
did not want to gettoodeeply into this but i
cairnryan railway progress is nottoodifficult but slow shortly the
was low it was nottoodifficult but when the stack
then tell me okay nottoodifficult so let s have
to retire in the nottoodistant future it is a
i hope in the nottoodistant future will have the
us if our targets aretooeasy there is not a
s a place for themtooehm m865: mmhm f951: not
short lived and obviously nottooenjoyable either because the former
to fold it in halftoof1112: no i m not
bonny not beautiful it stoofancy a word for us
[pages turning] i m not goingtoofast buzz lightyear f1089: oh
struck and not to puttoofine a point on it
her two daughters were nottoofit both were consumptive and
patchy to say the leasttoofrequently the language is not
never jimmy i m nottoofull i m not bloated
f809: they re usually nottoofull so it s alright
keep everybody happy cath nottoogood 12 thursday receive ok
m not really not feelingtoogood so my gran said
as i am not feelingtoogood this morning i have
time my legs were nottoohappy about the slog back
did not push the centrestoohard mr macintosh that date
both well and not workingtoohard take some time off
that day are you lonelytoohe enquired loudly not minding
not f1103: because you retooheavy f1104: but i wanna
f1093: watch that s nottooheavy m1094: which ain not
i m talking about childhoodtooi m not talking about
mean most in most casestooi mean it s not
this part of the assessmenttooi stayed not for an
must be something else nottooimportant or she d have
of their soul was nottooindigestible an experience for them
is clearly important that consultationtoois real and not tokenistic
dogs she s still nottookeen on them but otherwise
we ll not say ittooloud well i think maybe
auntie got one of themtoom1094: yeah not the sharp
tight and garish but nottoometallic sweater how her overall
dunbar trying not to gettoomiserable helen [censored: surname] was down
did not want to betooprescriptive although we had to
could not have been issuedtooquickly because it is important
m not rea- i mtoosceptical for all this kind
a christmas decoration but nottooseasonal we worked our way
not to take this yeartooseriously i went to an
it s irritating but nottoosevere i m taking medicated
grannie would not have beentooshocked this little show has
it you have been smokingtoosmoking is not a joke
ingredients mix with water nottoosoft sprinkle flour on tea
jack oh aye beaumont nottoosoon i hope jack soon
turns up i m nottoosorry that you re looking
properly made it s nottoostodgy m964: mm f963: mmhm
that they should not statetoostrongly that they actually like
up drill which are nottoosuccessful we are still edgy
from the blazing light nottootaxing i hope i am
who have had one acceptedtooth- this is not in
if not other health professionalstoothey deal with people with
liked in the north easttoothough not mutton fat and
tea cloth tie up nottootight boil for 3 hours
if we had not beentootired and dirty to enjoy
i m i m nottootroubled about when i ll
my eyes on the altartootrying not to see the
that we we re nottooused to in in skye
colourful that does not looktooutilitarian the document should give
elsewhere we are not doingtoowell in the secrecy stakes
way that i remember onlytoowell not inconsistent you mumbled
is redundant isa s nottoowell with her asthma i
better than the u ktooanyway i hope you re
no somebody that s notoobright they re no the
all we re trying totoobusy doing our own projects
f1095: right they re justtooclose put them a wee
keep yourself just as cleantoodear why you re forever
way f1121: you re gointoofast f1122: look this way
toys finished you re gointoofast m1090: [pages turning] i m
on crutches because they retoofat to stand up on
re f831: aye m842: tryintoohard it sounds ridic- i
tried agnes we aw triedtoohard see ye re brocht
me you re throwing ittoohigh there you go f1114:
lazy i think you retoolazy f1114: [exhale] f1113: put
f1113: i think you retoolazy i think you re
we re in the traintoom1092: how nina in there
and let deana come intoooh you re there as
s m608: why did m642: tooold m608: you re joking
tae think you re kindatooold tae be usin that
no teenie because they retooprood ronnie they dinna think
in scots they re grasshopperstoorigs are ploughed strips of
it s because you retooscared f940: ooh m941: when
hope you re noh gittintoosettled there zeb tess what
we re in was gettingtoosmall as well so it
also just watch your paperstoosometimes they re a wee
tie the buttons they retoostiffy buttons [inhale] f1101: right
camper i mean you retooused m811: i ve only
oh you re you retooyoung tae be a grandparent
re aboot twenty three yearstooyoung to ken that song
board why is fiona edgytoobecause i m edgy no
this another shot dimps fuckintoocomplicated aw this ah m
okay i m coming throughtoof1112: huh you can [inaudible]
i m seeing the farmtoof1113: would you like to
m p s f833: metoof835: oh i love that
a degree of honour theretoof963: while i m saying
[laugh] maybe i m thinkintoofondly o them maybe they
i think i m crazytoohowever after a few days
jimmy could nick a dictionarytooi m andrew robb and
again still nice things happentooi m going to meet
taste it [censored: forename] f1122: metooi m mixing it up
i ll have a blackouttooi m sure and we
paris seems he s greektooi m sure he ll
at this point more cuddlestooi m sure then punkie
i know i miss youtooi m trying to get
help grandma do the dishestoom1094: yes but i m
line dimps said that yincetoooften stew sayin ah m
you thank you because itoooh deana i m that
i went over i mtooold for that i i
no no no i mtooold for that nonsense m608:
right enough susan losing grampatooright i m upset saturday
soon be home i mtoorushed to think clearly i
preference for men i mtooselfish to have children i
mind you i m naetoosure aboot the piercin he
jist say i m naetoosure fa your mither s
mind you i m naetoosure that i ve got
at all i m terrifiedtoothat more may be on
nae guid weak ah mtooweak jilly stae here wi
mhor f1009: [laugh] i mtooyoung m1007: aye m1008: aye
m815: i m i mtooyoung to be a whisky
so on personally i mtooyoung to have read only
[censored: forename] is to be involvedtooat least as a reader
i stand f1121: no naetooclose to the edge [censored: forename]
day but [censored: forename] got uptooearly again f1134: i didna
woke me up this morningtooearly [censored: forename] did f1134: no
ye dae m1092: seen [censored: forename]toof1091: aye you saw [censored: forename]
f1122: aye [censored: forename] did ittoof1121: did she f1122: aye
the road that was enjoyabletooi met [censored: forename] in the
know but [censored: forename] s stilltoolittle eh f1130: like one
it to [censored: forename] he stoolittle f1142: [inaudible] f1141: [censored: forename]
noisy this f1113: fitt stoonoisy fitt s noisy [censored: forename]
[censored: forename] f1118: come on bagtoosee come on bag f1117:
it turned out to betootypical for [censored: forename] very crowded
and at risk under 65stoobecause further efforts may be
o something that s significanttoobecause it just means that
they were to be fearedtoobecause their short term willingness
grand day for the bairnstoobecause they got to roll
the same down in londontoobecause they ve got barges
because those who had becometooclosely involved in the processes
park because it frothed uptoofast just with being carried
because the words involved occurredtoofrequently in the poem to
because it s got f641: toofull m642: four and a
with him because he istoogood geordie takes no notice
bill coming into force ittoois defective because it does
a local level because oftentoolittle attention is paid to
in england because it stoom865,: ah yeah okay yeah
centres because of course theytooneeded to bed in new
for jobs because they aretooold we should follow the
the afternoon because they weretoosoft to handle straight away
meals there because it wastoouncomfortable for him to reach
her amendment because it istoowide ranging well it ain
that s what i thoughttooyes yes yes because the
is quite an interesting placetooyou know because some of
afternoon she needed a resttooafter all time to think
this legislation perhaps it wastooambitious to think that we
i think dave uses ittooan it s amazing f606:
the era of it wastooand it made me think
think i ll have donetoobadly this term i ve
dark and cold and miserabletoobut i think i d
to see it dinna gotooclose what do you think
that it is often alltooeasy to think that someone
aye is he in ittoof958: i think he s
myself to be nothing seemedtoofanciful i would think about
[laugh] m1007: and i thinktooi remember being eh in
i ve heard that usedtooi think but m1004: ah
and esther was off sicktooi think she s got
some people think it stooinsular maybe to just m055:
mm i think that istoois it f1122: mmhm that
market a bit i thinktookevin s parents are away
think i had a snowmantoom1094: no f1093: what is
they put in the perfumetoono i think we d-
i ll think about thattooover the next few months
know what he says talkstooquick f1054: do you think
think he s been growingtooquick he is taller than
that sometimes you can gettoorelaxed and i think some
no ach f958: she stooshy no sh- i think
look f122: aye mmhm f010: toosmall i think it s
think i can do ittoothe course during term time
warmth i think he didtoothe power of human touch
her an anomaly black peopletoothink her accent funny and
i think jenny wren istoowee sae hame i did
she s cried over ittooall just to keep me
a a hoose in shetlandtooan she goes f606: mmhm
phoned her on christmas daytooand she s probably coming
but you must have beentoobusy to hear she introduces
mother breaks into a runtoobut before she can lay
have friends at the collegetoobut f1038: yeah f1037: she
i love him love youtoobye sweet bye she holds
nurse and bring the buckettoocalls mummy she is calling
watch she s a bittooclose f1103: oh okay then
but she s a bittooclose f1104: but she needs
s barbie is she intoof1112: uh huh f1111: where
the new andy usual alltoofamiliar routine she gives a
sure she said it wastooguid a chance tae miss
himself approvingly no doubt shetoohad been summoned to this
caused partly by tiredness shetoohad had difficulty sleeping still
and a writer and shetoohad those skills so there
peggy you ll push hertoohard one day she ll
very guid marriage he workedtoohard she was bored she
for them muriel entering shetoohas changed into work clothes
she is 48 and shetoohas dressed for the sun
so she remembered his nametoohe blushed lost yir voice
babysit them oh she stooheavy a lump she s
it f1111: why was shetooheavy f1112: uh huh f1111:
her she s in paintooi lift my face tell
maybe she s been coughingtooi put down the glass
it she was quite righttooin fact i recommend everyone
grand aunt had her treasurestooin the house she would
no phimister destroyed it herselftoojejune she said but wee
eh boat an she disappearedtooleavin chist two things floatin
as well f1122: she stoolittle is she f1121: aye
know uh huh mine minetoom1048: so like if she
hear you say she stooold for anything the phone
the eldest daughter nanse istooproud and selfish and she
f1148: and my mum wastooscared she might like get
p 80 janie fears thistooshe confides to gertie i
there was fear in theretooshe felt that she was
doubting thomas he was crumblingtooshe had all his secrets
face terrible and yet fearttooshe noticed that and stored
bitch pick up morag mousetooshe s been good messy
bored the mail is erratictooshe s flying home on
huh f1149: she would betooshe s interested in shopping
another letter from al yesterdaytooshe s really keeping herself
right i thought of thattooshe said what if i
her ciggies beastie likes themtooshe tells me so with
strap and she uses ittooshe will have her eye
saturday night dances about womentooshe would hear comments like
with the language she wastooshy to attempt to m608:
[inaudible] nae going she stoosleepy f1099: is she f1100:
she has a lady smelltooso andy tries to hold
breasts she s inside metoothe fiona in my head
saying back she is laughingtootheir bedroom door slams i
the iranian embassy she stootrigger happy anyway have a
to as a child shetoowas someone who liked to
ever she needs to itoowelcome angus mackay to the
the strap and mabel playedtoowell at schoolies for she
bound round i knew onlytoowell what she meant after
d likely be a snorertoowhat a loser she kept
party gear bright vulgar andtooyoung for her she has

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