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liam was cutting his firsttoothand both mr and mrs
smiling liam had cut histoothat last and all was
of raja who carried thetoothfor 55 years during its
was raja who carried thetoothfor 55 years he was
where i got my firsttoothextracted by the dr he
clytemnestra thespiosis jim extracted atoothpick from his jacket pocket
cheek dentist dentist dentist matooths sweet will i need
song the temple of thetoothin kandy sri dalada maligawa
recent years as with thetoothtemple the shrine and monks
at the temple of thetoothto receive a special blessing
free hand and reveals atoothjek a richt braw set
teem empty teen taken teethtoothfragment of a rainbow a
knew as a teeth atoothof a rainbow but with
of drum i walk thetoothto bring forth to the
would i had a soretoothand because i mean we
her i had a soretoothand she says well get
the honour of carrying thetoothelsewhere huge national parks have
wee teeth eeeeeh peggy ertoothedged bessie impatiently na na
s grannie had a sweettoothand liked to sup a
aneurin bevan would have opposedtoothand nail the increased means
to carry and parade thetoothat an ancient ceremony which
will the minister concede thattoothdecay in children is mainly
the job herself if atoothhad to come out using
whatever he did to thetoothi don t know whether
wad baith agree a stoonintooths the torture king in
he looked after the thetoothanyway and he s- he
gold filling on his fronttoothand that his breath smelt
was the address to thetoothache in these days of
was in pain with thistoothand i told her i
m822: ehm great big diamondtoothsaw an he he maks
never too long in thetoothgroan it must change his
did you not have atoothbrush f634: i didn t
this document with a finetoothcomb mr ingram the other
some reason one of mytoothhad gone a bit ba-
a bit lang in thetoothand gey ordinar jack ordinary
is like touching a brokentoothmy tongue sitting over a
in the buddhist world atoothsaid to have been snatched
relic in the east thetoothof buddha which reposes at
tracker s aged sixteen onetoothmissing sturdy western boots trying

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