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of this new pyramid teabagstootsmrs swanson up the stair
we dee wi you thentootswill we ask mrs swanson
toots smiling widely she patstootspicks up the basket and
jing bang to smelly aultootssmiling widely she pats toots
the icing won t wetootsm1128: mak a icing f1127:
er onywye ye ken thistootsfan he found oot sarah
i m nae wanted onywyetootsi dinna ken if i
gan to pull mysel thegethertootsan mak good use o
by nae gan to schooltootsi loved my school broomhill
you ken a aboot hospitalstootsmind fan you had your
a special occasion believe metootsyou dinna get a mannie
her voice slightly so thattootscan still hear her you
oh careful there you gotootsf1122: [throat] f1121: right i
for evelyn she was richttootsit didna dee me ony
up though i canna saytootsthat i feel ony different
we never thocht o thattootsdid we it doesna bear
mak o that at atootsit s never struck me
bit [inaudible] f1093: no thankstootsthat s a boy m1094:
it s meant to betootsdinna worry about it it
dinna fiddle wi that buttonstootsm1090: okay what does this
right up his backside sorrytootsyou didna want to hear
o han pause guid sakestootsi canna get a hauds
suppose i shouldna ca youtootsava it s a bit
a richt sotter o thingstootsfit wye should you get
to tell you the truthtootsif i min richt i
baggie wouldn t you saytootsas lang as the pot
oh me lang past bedtimetootsi should have gone to
couldna care less could youtootsfit a rare life you
at fit i m deeingtootsi m using my strainer
disappears she speaks good nighttootsshe goes and the lights
f1121: no there it goestootsthat s a fine little
aye f1121: that s goodtootsdo you want to keep
collect them ye ken thistootsi think i ve seen
na i maun be fairtootsit s only nineteen year
last six months have itootsi ve been to see
an you never tellt metootsshe opens the bottle of
that was a real shocktootsi can tell you a
yin or twa wee stutterintootsafore the oor haund makit
able to open the envelopestootsi m having a wee
as beenie heard thae weetootsshe kep on kickin geordie
you go and do thattootsi m no gonna answer
like evie look at thistootsthe last thing left in
for you she crosses totootsand pours some wine into
you ve got one missingtootsehm have we there we
do you think he wistootshe d jined a strike
a possibility div you thinktootswas he saying that he
nae sonatas skirls or cartootshere insteid a quaet foregaitherin
up with some difficulty ticklestootsand replaces her cup on
there een o these daystootsthat s the big question

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