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a lighted torch pit thistorchin the winnok bole an
lyke this takes a lightedtorchpit this torch in the
wind blows out the lightedtorchvalgerd terribly frightened takes torch
torch valgerd terribly frightened takestorchand lights it ai but
torch f1104: where s mytorchat f1103: i just put
needs new batteries f1103: yourtorchf1104: where s my torch
on the torch on thetorchf1127: fa had a torch
to stick it on thetorchon the torch f1127: fa
torch f1127: fa had atorchyesterday m1128: who f1127: who
nicht valgerd disconcerted take downtorchand closes window bole valgerd
tae heid him aff mytorchcaught the gliff o a
whan the gliff o atorchshowed twice frae the watterside
looks out valgerd takes atorchand places herself by the
moves to leave valgerd takestorchhesitates and goes quickly to
bluid valgerd rises to gettorchvalgerd oor pairtin is nou
man if he wanted atorchtae shine in ma eyes
m1108: can i get thattorchto shine f1107: no you
you can t get thetorchto shine m1108: i want
but don t douse thetorchof my tribe that still
enter banquo and fleance withtorchbefore him banquo hou s
first murderer strikes out thetorchwhile the others stab banquo
year f1122: mum is mytorchreally bright f1121: too bright
who f1127: who had atorchyesterday in the car m1128:
empty sepulcher past a pitchytorchoranging the stonework the walls
the fella an pit mytorchon him as he lit
back in i triet matorchahin e bits o furniter
then can i get thetorchf1107: wait come off the
and she became a humantorchimmolation like joan of arc
interrupts gie you me thetorchan leave me gunlöd the
and a servant with atorchgie me ma sword wha
can put it down thattorchand you can start making
free [?]cruella[/?] came with atorchoh i m scared oop
when they turn on theirtorchon it to see if
doctor i think put atorchon and and said oh
old toy box [inaudible] thistorchis not working f1111: what
i thocht then wi mytorchon him t hell ah
you can use as atorchan mp3 player ehm a
the glint o a weetorchor matches we had agreed
and the torches in yertorchye had tae have a
the other licht an cleektorchand gaff neist next wid
jist efter derk cairryin atorchan a bowl o rice
the mirrored gless o historchit wis gey eerie an
fur the len o aetorchwheech wei lent um hei

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