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to examine which professor richardstouchedon in one of his
and professor richards have alreadytouchedon that in flagging up
enter eilidh eilidh ye haenatouchedthe cauld mutton maister malcolm
still full ma you haenatouchedthis tea efter a that
point that previous speakers havetouchedon it is becoming clear
previous meetings the committee hastouchedon the issue of phasing
guidelines which we have alreadytouchedon des mcnulty if locational
angus mackay we have alreadytouchedon my final question ministers
as brian adam has alreadytouchedon some of the points
housing partnership advisory group hastouchedon that issue a number
members the parliament has nottouchedon that issue in recent
in that direction kenny gibsontouchedon the issue of the
airdrie and shotts lab wetouchedon the issue of trying
on board seriously john mcalliontouchedon the wider issue about
knew the night yir seedtouchedmine ah just knew an
makin because if she dtouchedit i couldnae eat it
to eat you ve hardlytouchedit peggy there s nae
an let us live ittouchedma hert this piteous plea
the guitarist was still yellingtouchedthe guitar and the live
the eu liz and dermottouchedon big countries rights coming
eu s development members havetouchedon some of the issues
lyndsay mcintosh and kenny gibsontouchedon that there is a
final point which john mcalliontouchedon according to the estimates
different from ours as ittouchedslightly on housing as it
ben wallace and richard lochheadtouchedon that the view of
view on that you havetouchedon the conflicting evidence relating
o crabbie s never beentouchedsince that wee tootie we
the secret stew huv yitouchedthe drink since dimps pause
the tallest branch tae ittouchedmary s hand cried she
and so on mary scanlontouchedon the impact of hormone
john kelly margaret nicol hastouchedon an important point the
read our amendment the ministertouchedon that matter in her
am pleased that the ministertouchedon that matter of course
a robust idea brian monteithtouchedon the new opportunities fund
the paramount consideration keith hardingtouchedon justice issues which are
the number the sales youtouchedon the right to buy
developments the social justice committeetouchedon fuel poverty in connection
long stay nhs beds aretouchedon in the care development
to voluntary organisations and wastouchedon in the minister s
but which i believe istouchedon in the policy memorandum
in 2002 04 andrew wilsontouchedon indirect expenditure on schools
no expertise in these youtouchedon that in answer to
in the prison the ministertouchedon that relaxing the rule
aspects of language others havetouchedon that too the gaelic
truant we ve kind oftouchedon that we ve got
disease and parasite control wetouchedon that when we discussed
late this morning iain montgomerytouchedon the business community s
clarity in the process hetouchedon the errors in base
christine grahame and michael mathesontouchedon the position of the
attitude to life daniel hadtouchedon these ideas the first
identification problems that we havetouchedon who the hmo landlords
fit did ye there itouchedup a boodle on tienamen
moved nearer till our kneestouchedi let you have the
s saucer ach you hinnatouchedfit you ve got she
dis that maitter ah vetouchedpuiddoks monie a tyme it
t think they ve beentouchedthe day thanks freen i
an sae lonely death hastouchedme love s sae empty
in fact say if yetoucheda lassie that d be
grown quine faith she nivertouchedher ava if she could
kill them if they evertouchedmy mam p 36 apprehension
not know if i havetouchedtheir consciences if indeed they
else and if you gottouchedyou had to join the
virgins they will never betouchedagain in a lustful way
hour before either of ustouchedit maybe the owner ll
tomorrow before jimmy s boottouchedthat football but it was
hare after the frost hastouchedhis feet with fire the
don t really like beingtouchedgirls continued andy were snobs
stories today i was reallytouchedit s great knowing all
it archie nodded he wastouchedby the care and attention
their ain wee airt naetouchedbi scythe or plooshare a
can be seen as beingtouchedwith a certain air of
the main those have beentouchedupon but they deserve further
she wis cryin as shetouchedthe lang leaves o the
by him he could haetouchedit yon twa foxes met
for him would be bothtouchedmortified and infuriated by this
loued him yeirsell he haesnatouchedye yit a m young
we re gaun at hetoucheda hunnerd the noo i
a tight locked lid wetouchedthrough glass just as we
hung right straight doon justtouchedthe grund m608: uh huh
for a present his beardtoucheda candle i think the
side o the kist antouchedhis broo wi her lips
hint of his former englishtouchedvoice he said are you
wantin tae touch an betouchedbut they were f826: mm
game of tig when youtouchedsomebody and they were het
didna mak it e hannlebartouchedan iron stanchion an e
he says a nivir eventouchedit it wiz jist lying
link up in space itoucheda saturn v booster stood
rod tacturiency desire to betouchedsolaecisme error in grammar etiquette
millennium dome yeah and [censored: forename]touchedthe giant clitoris room f940:

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